28-Day Fast & Easy Keto Meal Blueprint

Do you struggle to stay keto 100% of the time because you’re:

  • Running out of meal ideas and getting bored with the food?
  • Spending too much time planning, prepping, and cooking?
  • Tired of cooking recipes that take too long, require fancy ingredients you’ll never use again, and don’t even taste that good?
  • Falling into old habits because you’re too busy to plan and prep food?
  • Getting too hungry and giving up because you don’t have anything fast and easy to grab and go?
  • Frustrated by having to make different meals for all your family members?
  • Spending hours searching Pinterest, blogs, and cookbooks for meal ideas?
  • Struggling to figure out how to meet your macros by combining various recipes?
  • Confused by running out of certain macros by the end of the day, but you’re still hungry, so you have no idea what you can eat for 2 grams of carbs and 40 grams of fat (or some other odd left over amount) that doesn’t equate to any real food?

Hi, I’m Carole!

I’m a Certified Nutritionist and have been following a keto diet since 2015. I’ve lost nearly 60 pounds (and kept it off for more than a year) plus I healed a whole bunch of other stuff in my body. As I started keto, and with all my experience over the years working with nutrition clients, I knew that a HUGE key to success on keto was going to be figuring out how to make simple meals that hit my macros, and were very fast and easy to make. No one has time for complicated meals!

This is one of the biggest pitfalls and challenges I see people struggle with when trying to start, or stay on track, with their keto diet. People buy all the cookbooks, download the sample menus (with complicated recipes), buy fancy ingredients online that they only use once, and spend hours and hours searching Pinterest for the perfect keto meals. It might be fun for a little while, but soon, real life sets back in and they get tired of spending 30, 40 minutes, or more, making each meal. Then soon they are slipping back into old eating habits because they get hungry and give up!

Here is one of my TOP SECRETS TO STAYING 100% KETO

Fast and easy meals that literally take 5 to 10 minutes to make! For all my clients, and myself, this is a huge key to success! Who has hours to spend each week planning, prepping, cooking, and cleaning to stay on keto? I’ve pulled together my (and my clients’) favorite, go-to meals into one keto meal solution, that also includes all the other resources to get on track with fast & easy keto meals.

Introducing the 28-Day Fast & Easy Keto Meal Blueprint

The Keto Meal Planning Solution that helps you:

  • Save tons of time every day with 5 to 10-minute meals
  • Enjoy the convenience of 100% real food ingredients you can get at any regular grocery store
  • Streamline food prep with super easy, grab-and-go food items and meal ideas that don’t require any cooking so that you can pull together the perfect keto meal at a moments notice
  • Simplify your life with easy meals that your whole family will enjoy and won’t trap you in the kitchen forever
  • Free up hours per week (or each day!) no longer looking for the perfect keto recipes
  • Easily hit your macros each day without having to calculate percentages!
  • Create unlimited meals with my Foolproof Keto Meal Formula
  • Never run out of meal ideas with 84 fast & easy, mix and match meal ideas that can ultimately turn into 1,000s of menus

What’s Included:

  1. Four Weeks of Fast and Easy Meal Plans
  2. Weekly Shopping Lists for Each Menu
  3. Fast & Easy Keto Master Shopping List
  4. Keto Carole’s Foolproof Meal Formula
  5. Fast and Easy Meal Planning Template
  6. Bonus #1: Three How-To Videos: How to Set up Cronometer, How-to Setup My Fitness Pal, and How to use a Precision Xtra to Check Blood Ketones
  7. Bonus #2: Craving Crusher Hypnosis audio recording

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The Fast & Easy Keto Meal Blueprint

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