Waking up tired most mornings? Suffering energy dips and having to snack multiple times to get through the day? Experiencing mental fogginess? Grappling with stiffness and pain in the joints – when you know you’re too young for that? Well, all of these were Allison’s sad reality.

In addition to the above, Allison (a happy client of mine) also suffered from PCOS. Her menstrual cycle was irregular. She feared she was close to developing type-2 diabetes. Due to her excess weight, she felt like a stranger in her own body. The same way most people struggling to lose weight feel.

Can you relate to these things? If you can, I’ve got good news for you…
You can turn things around and create a new reality for yourself…

You can go from struggling with these things to becoming the best version of YOURSELF and living your best life ever. The way it happened for Allison — within nine weeks! Here’s how everything changed for Allison…

Before giving birth to her three sons, Allison struggled with infertility. To enable her to take-in and deliver naturally, her Doctors placed her on keto. Due to her successful birth through the program, Allison saw the power in keto. She decided to adopt it as a long-term lifestyle. There was one problem, though… All the contradictory information about keto flying around the internet got her pretty confused and overwhelmed. As a senior director at a major corporation, she was super busy, ate out most times, so needed something easy to follow. In her own words, “I want to put my eating on autopilot and watch the weight fall off.” Quite a tall order. Yeah?

Did it play out that way? Continue reading to find out 🙂

When Allison came across my website and read about my nine weeks keto program, she immediately knew it was for her. Over the next nine weeks, I taught Allison everything she needed to understand about keto, drew up a plan for her, and pushed her to follow through with the program.

Guess what?

Before the end of the nine weeks program, Allison lost 20 lbs. But that wasn’t all…
Her PCOS symptoms vanished, her joints pains are gone, and so are her T&J symptoms (which wasn’t in her original list of goals before we started the program). Allison now feels super great about her body. She no longer feels sluggish and tired. She’s now so energetic that she engages in light exercises whenever she’s chanced — even in her office! She now feels grounded, clear-headed, and in control of her eating habits. She has also witnessed significant improvement in all areas of her life: her keto and relationships with her husband, kids, workers, and friends.

Overall, she has a more positive outlook on life. Thanks to the “easy to follow” system she was exposed to while she worked with me.
Allison has gone on to sign up for one of my advanced programs for further guidance,
mentorship, and longer-term support to help her live a sustainable lifestyle.

She’s now pursuing a goal of dropping 20 lbs more to get to her goal weight.
Will you like to transform your life as Allison did?
Will you like 2020 to be the last year you’d have to worry about weight loss and the baggage that comes with it?


Then you have to start by making a decision.

A decision to learn and stay committed to a plan. Now, there are two ways you can approach this:

1. Spend the next couple of months reading blogs, watching hours of videos on keto, then try to draw up a workable plan.

2. Sign up to work with me and have an “easy to follow” system (that has produced transformative results for Allison and countless others) handed over to you. Just implement and get results over the next few weeks—no waste of time, no guesswork!

If the first option is your preferred choice, I respect that. I wish you the best of luck. If the second option sounds good to you, click the “Apply to work with Carole” Button — after walking over some details with you. Whatever you choose to do, remember that your health is essential. Treat it as such. Make a move!

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