For years, Lori battled what she described as an “obsession with food,” including an all-consuming sugar addiction.

(Of all the challenges I see in my work this one’s a biggie. It’s so common, so powerful, and it’s one of THE primary pitfalls that knock people off the keto wagon, over and over again.)

She was terrified of turning into her mother—aren’t we all?—who struggled with obesity and a myriad of other health issues.

“I had a few friends who were doing keto and seemed to be getting results. One of them recommended a book for me to try, but the farthest I got with it was giving up sugar and flour.”

After a few unsuccessful attempts at a self-guided keto plan, Lori found a super-restrictive diet and tried to force herself into submission: Overeaters Anonymous.

“Honestly, that only made things worse. There were so many strict rules and regulations around what NOT to do, that you end up obsessing about food nonstop.”

On the surface, Lori’s primary goal was weight-related; she wanted to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, like we all do.

“I literally hated myself when the scale would tip 170.”

But there was something deeper at work than just the numbers on a scale.

Lori wanted to be free of her constant obsession with food, and she needed relief from those intense sugar cravings. She was also concerned with her focus and overall brain function, and eager to prevent things like Alzheimer’s Disease, which ran in her family.

But even more than that, she wanted to love herself. She wanted her self-esteem back.

As the primary chef and meal provider for her non-keto family, she found it impossible to maintain the keto lifestyle. She kept starting and stopping, and after a few years of this, she finally decided it was time to enlist some help.

Spoiler alert: it was me! 😉

After two months on the program, Lori had lost 20 pounds, and 8 inches off her waist (which is pretty remarkable, considering she’s only 5’3”).

But—as so often happens with the keto diet—she also noticed improvements in areas she never expected…

Her gums were no longer inflamed and/or bleeding. Her rosacea went away completely. Her arthritis pain improved significantly, as did her sleep; and her gas, bloating, and stomach cramps went away for good.

She even stopped having hot flashes!

And as for her sugar addiction?


This is one of my favorite things to help people overcome, and here’s why:

A lot of popular keto approaches try to recreate your favorite high-carb foods with “keto friendly” versions, so you don’t feel deprived or left out.  

It’s a nice sentiment, but that approach actually keeps you addicted. It’s like putting a band-aid on the craving, instead of getting RID of it altogether.

When you “satisfy” a craving with something that tastes sweet (even if it’s technically keto-approved), you reinforce the craving.  

That’s why my program is designed to get rid of cravings, not just postpone them, nor invite them to come back again the next day. I taught Lori what triggers cravings, so that they never happen in the first place.

And THAT’S how you untangle yourself from a lifelong sugar addiction.

“I am THRILLED. If I could go back in time and tell myself, ‘Pay this woman this money, and you’ll love yourself and be really happy!’ I totally would—but I also know, I wouldn’t have believed in myself enough to follow my own advice.”

—Lori D.

High five, Lori! 🙌

Do you have a story (or a question) about food obsession and/or sugar addiction? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Big hugs,


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