Is it safe to stay in ketosis forever? | KCL21

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Episode Description: 

Is it safe to stay in ketosis forever? Is the goal of a keto diet to stay in ketosis so you can keep the weight off? What are the short and long-term goals with following a keto diet for weight loss and health? These are questions my clients asked last week, so we’re bringing the answers to you in this episode of Keto Chat LIVE!
Join Carole and guest co-host, Valorie Moses, for this fun, funny, and educational LIVE podcast episode. We’ll be answer questions live, so don’t miss this!


Carole Freeman:

Hey, we’re live everybody. Please join the show. I can see we’ve got people watching on YouTube. So, go ahead and comment that’s join the show. This is very interactive. But today, do you wonder if it’s safe to stay on the keto diet forever? Stick around because this shows for you. You guys, I’m so excited today. I’ve got a very special guest cohost.

Carole Freeman:

By the way, this is Keto Chat LIVE. I’m your host, Carole Freeman. I’ve got lots of degrees in nutrition and psychology. I’m also a board certified keto nutrition specialist. And you guys, today, the special guest cohost is Valerie Moses. Welcome Valerie.

Valerie Moses:

Thank you, thank you. Happy to be here.

Carole Freeman:

Susan is here. Welcome Susan from Chicago right on time. Excellent, excellent.

Valerie Moses:

It’s one of the Sues. Hi Sue.

Carole Freeman:

Yes. Valerie’s been one of the weekly viewers, and she got promoted to cohost. So, this is a new person. Literally Erica, hi from Charleston. Awesome. Hey, Erica.

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Part 1 of 3: Secrets to Sustainable Keto Weight Loss with Kristie Sullivan | KCL22

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Episode Description: 

Part 1 of 3: How to make keto weight loss sustainable. In part 1 today, we talk all about exactly why 95% of diets fail (yes, even keto!) and the mindset lie we’ve been sold by all the other diet programs out there.


Carole Freeman:

We did it. We’re live. Oh my gosh, Christie, we did it. We figured it out. We’re live. Hey, for those of you watching, have you had some success on Keto, but started to regain weight? Have you fallen off Keto completely and are at a higher weight than you started and you worry that you’ll never be able to lose weight and keep it off. Well, guess what? You’re in the right place. This is a show for you. So hang tight. We’re going to give you lots and lots of information today. Welcome, welcome everyone to Keto Chat LIVE. I’m your host Carole Freeman. I’m a board certified Keto Nutrition Specialist. And you guys today, do you know who we have our special guest co-host today? Kristie Honeycutt Sullivan. Dr. Kristie. Welcome.

Kristie Honeycutt Sullivan :

Thank you. Thanks for inviting me. I wanted to share my kitchen.

Carole Freeman:

Yes. I just had a little chuckle today. Cause as I was writing your name, I had never really paid attention to the irony that you’re… I’m assuming your maiden name was Honeycutt, has word honey in it.

Kristie Honeycutt Sullivan :

Yeah, it does. [inaudible 00:01:09] Yeah. It’s a hard name to have growing up as a kid.

Carole Freeman:

Oh, [inaudible 00:01:16]. I mean, kids find ways of making fun of anybody’s name, right?

Kristie Honeycutt Sullivan :

Yes, absolutely.

Carole Freeman:

We see we’ve got people watching live. So this is an interactive show. So please feel free to comment and join in. And I can see that there are people watching, but I can’t see who they are exactly until you actually comment. So feel free to comment. We’re going to [inaudible 00:01:42] you’re here interacting in the show. So welcome. Welcome. So Kristie, welcome to the show. This is your first time special guest co-host. Just for fun. I always have. I put the guests co-host on the spot and make them read the medical disclaimer. So are you game?

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Keto Revealed My Hidden Health Issues

Sometimes we don’t know how unhealthy we are until we feel better

This is exactly what Maureen realized after completing her 9-week keto program with me. 

Maureen is a 38-year-old busy mom of twins. Double trouble! 

She was finding it hard to keep her weight in check and when she finally came to me for help, her weight had reached 206lbs, which she felt was too much for her 5ft 3in frame.

When Maureen came to me she had never attempted keto before.

She was a complete newbie watching from the sidelines as many of her friends and family experienced keto success

But Maureen just couldn’t figure out how to get started on her own. Never mind how to be successful!

She felt lost.

Maureen had tried every diet under the sun but had limited success. 

One of her past diet attempts included working out with a personal trainer whose diet plan for her was mostly protein. At the time Maureen just couldn’t understand how anybody could eat that much protein!

Now, having worked with me, Maureen realized that the way she’d been eating was nearly 100% carbs

She had been surviving and trying to lose weight on a diet that had consisted almost entirely of bread and carbs with little room for protein. 

Now she realizes just how counterproductive that was. It was one of the biggest AHA! moments for her during her keto program. 

But it turned out not to be the only realization…

Maureen was super excited by the amazing results from working with me, one of which was finally being able to wear jeans again

This might not seem like a huge accomplishment on the surface, but Maureen had come to realize that most of her time had been spent wearing stretchy yoga pants which are VERY forgiving when it comes to a growing waistline. 

With many of us forced to work from home these days, living in stretchy pants means we can deny a lot of weight gain

So for Maureen to be able to get into, and comfortably wear, jeans again really showed her just how far she had slipped…BUT also how far she had come. 

Her body was finally getting back into shape thanks to keto! 

In fact, Maureen saw some amazing body change results over her 9-week keto plan. 

She lost over 7inches off her waist and a couple of inches in other places. But it was that specific and drastic change in her waist measurement that showed huge improvement to her metabolic health. 

The biggest indicator that we’re not very healthy in our body is that our waist measurement keeps increasing. 

So the fact that she lost 7inches off her waist AND in just 9 weeks is a great sign. 

Not only have things changed on the outside, with a smaller waist but it’s a clear sign that her internal health is much better, too. 

Some other improvements that Maureen noticed were that her skin is much less dry, her anxiety is less, in fact, she’s been able to half the dose of her anxiety meds. 

She also has so much more energy. Before the keto program, she had to take a nap every day and now she doesn’t need that. She can power through and not feel exhausted.

The other benefit of working with me was that as a trained medical provider, I can see certain things that other keto gurus might miss. 

We ran some labs on Maureen and we actually found out that she had undiagnosed anemia— an issue that her doc had completely missed! 

Being able to work really closely with somebody like me means that you are able to get healthier in a lot of different ways, not just lose weight

Maureen had been struggling with fatigue for such a long time and now she knows why. She is able to properly supplement and is on her way to resolving her anemia.

Maureen’s positive results just keep on coming…

Beforehand, she had suffered from terrible heartburn. She went from rating that as an 8 out of 10 for severity to a 2 out of 10

The headaches that she used to suffer have completely gone

Her sleep is 100% better. 

And her digestion is 1000 times better

In fact, bad digestion was something she hadn’t even known she had an issue with before. She had always just thought that it was normal to feel crampy and bloated with stomach aches after she ate a meal. 

She said that that was one of her biggest surprises from working with me— finding out just how poor her digestion really was! 

She was also really surprised and happy when she didn’t have a winter cold. Normally every winter Maureen would get a really bad cold and this year she didn’t get sick at all.

This result is totally in alignment with what we see in typical keto success cases. People find that their immune system starts to work really well and they hardly ever get sick anymore. 

So what’s next for Maureen?

Well, she said that the 9-week boot camp was just the tip of the iceberg

She’s so excited about her future that she’s decided to stick with keto for the long run. She’s even joined our Crew which is our long-term membership to support clients for a lifetime of success.

Maureen’s story is a great example of keto as a sustainable diet

She actually started working with me right BEFORE the Christmas and New Year holidays! 

A friend said to her, “I don’t think you should try to start a new diet before the New Year. Why don’t you just wait until January? Enjoy the holidays.”

Maureen was of course concerned, but I asked her… 

Why wait another 6-weeks to feel better? 

Waiting will only mean gaining more weight and then starting the new year having to lose more weight than where you’re at now. 

Why not give it a shot? Go through the holidays and start off AHEAD of where you would have been!

Maureen, being the good sport that she is, was open to trying that. 

And it worked out beautifully for her! By February she had lost 17lbs. Had she waited, she probably would have gained that much or more. 

Maureen’s great results have spurred her on and she’s going to be with us for the next year for ongoing support to get all the way to her weight loss goal AND maintain all the benefits she’s already enjoying. 

So, just as I asked Maureen…why are you waiting to feel better?


Why Keto Products May be Sabotaging Your Success | KCL20


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Episode Description: 

Exogenous ketones, delicious keto snacks cookies cereal and white bread, and keto supplements abound everywhere we look today! Are they helpful? Are they really keto? How do we know? Join Carole today with guest co-host Cavin Eggleston, as they discuss the ins and outs of keto products.


Carole Freeman:

But usually we just start out with some random chit chat until the people show up and then I always say, oh my gosh, we’re live! Everybody we’re live!

Cavin Eggleston:

I love when it’s you have to push a button to be live and they act shocked that it happened like, oh my gosh, why did this happen this way?

Carole Freeman:

Don’t spoil the surprise Cavin, this is the magic.

Cavin Eggleston:

I will pull back the curtain on Keto shows.

Carole Freeman:

Keto chat live.

Cavin Eggleston:

I just jump between them.

Carole Freeman:

Hey, everybody we’re live! Do you want to know what Keto products to avoid for max results on Keto? Oh, that’s redundant, who wrote this copy? Keto products to avoid to max your results on Keto, stick around because this shows for you. Hey welcome everyone, like I said, we’re live. This is Keto chat live. I’m your host, Carole Freeman. Oh gosh, I got some degrees and letters after my name and way too much debt to prove it, kind of know a thing or two about Keto. And welcome today we have a very special guest, co-host Cavin Eggleston, everyone.

Cavin Eggleston:

Yeah. I have none of those qualifications to talk about these things. So it’ll be good.

Carole Freeman:

Here’s your official clappy welcome.

Cavin Eggleston:

Yeah. Oh, I feel so… emojied. It’s always good.

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Too old to lose weight? I’m 20lbs down and counting!

Ann Marie is a 68-year-old woman or in her words, “pushing 70”! 

She was almost up to 190lbs, having put on a lot of weight over the years, especially around her tummy. She desperately wanted to lose the weight. 

But she was told by doctors that at her age, losing weight was going to be EXTREMELY HARD. 

They said she should just get comfortable as it was just natural that her middle be a lot bigger than it was when she was younger.

Instead of being a motivation killer, their words only spurred Ann Marie on

She had tried everything in the past. 

She tried counting calories, the point system, she even tried programs that required gulping down protein powders. But not only were they really expensive, she couldn’t tolerate them as they made her really nauseous.

Every new diet she tried, she could barely lose 5lbs

She was starting to lose hope. 

That’s when she reached out to me for help with keto

Suddenly, Ann Marie went from feeling desperate to feeling in charge! 

During our group support sessions, Ann Marie found comfort in the other members’ experiences, which were just like her own. 

Seeing their keto success, really helped keep her on track.  

That track took her from barely being able to lose 5lbs on other diet plans to dropping from 190lbs to close to 170lbs…

That’s almost 20lbs in just 2 months!

You see, Ann Marie was tapping into the 3 diet success essentials

These are things that people on ANY diet program need in order for long-term success

  1. Constant contact with the community
  2. Ongoing education
  3. Periodic check ins

Through the weekly group meetings, Ann Marie was meeting people who were successful on keto and were a rich resource of support and motivation for her.

The information training we did together also taught her how to keep the weight off, how the body tries to regain the weight, and how to make long-term behavior changes

Having that insight was invaluable as it meant she could understand her own body and how keto works.

And with our periodic check-ins for both weight and waist measurements, Ann Marie was able to SEE her progress in action. 

It also gave her a chance to explore the more subjective side of keto, what other things are improving in her life, like mood, cravings, and appetite

“Being able to see the effects of keto beyond the scale is a HUGE motivator.”

With those 3 things present in her keto diet plan, Ann Marie was able to prove those doctors wrong! 

After 2 months of working with me, all her clothes are fitting better. She says it’s like going shopping in her own closet, putting on clothes that haven’t fit her in 6 or 7 years. 

“Being able to button up those jackets from the past was like a real badge of honor!”

Not only is she able to wear things that haven’t fit for years but she’s also gone shopping for a pair of jeans for the first time in as long as she can remember. AND buying them in a much much smaller size. 

Other surprising things for her were little things like jewlery on her neck looks prettier due to less fat around her neck, her shoes fit better, her hands are less puffy and the bingo wings on her arms have shrunk. 

As well as all of those amazing results, the reduction in her waist measurement was phenomenal…“I can’t believe I lost 6-7 inches just on my waist alone!” 

She’s also noticed improvements in her sleep and her skin. That was one of the things I personally noticed when I met with Ann Marie for her graduation video call. 

She was GLOWING! 

Her skin just looks more radiant and she had this certain sense of calm and peace on her face that wasn’t there before. 

I mentioned this to Ann Marie and she laughed, adding her friend has also commented “You are so upbeat! I want whatever drug you are on!”

Her moods have certainly improved and Ann Marie has also noticed a difference in how she is able to handle stress. She feels so much calmer and more peaceful during times of stress. 

Ann Marie experienced another unexpected benefit of her keto program… 

Since she is the primary cook in her house, cooking delicious keto meals resulted in her husband also losing a lot of weight, even though he wasn’t following the program.

Ann Marie went on to describe her biggest aha moment of our working together.

Before starting the keto program she thought that she could just reduce some food groups instead of cutting them out completely. 

She thought she could reduce the potatoes or reduce the amount of bread she ate and still be in control. But what she found was that actually completely eliminating those foods makes it SO much easier

A lot of people have the mistaken idea that when you cut foods out or restrict yourself that’s what causes you to feel deprived

But as Ann Marie says, it’s actually FREEING!

The cravings for those foods completely goes away when you’re no longer eating them. As Ann Marie found out, eating none of those foods works so much better than trying to keep a little bit of them in your diet. 

So what happens now for Ann Marie? 

She said it’s a no-brainer… 

After my starter 2 month program she’ll be staying on for continued support with the long-term membership. 

She knows that that’s going to give her those three things that people need for long-term success— constant contact with the community, ongoing education, and periodic check-ins.

“I’m not at my goal weight yet, so I definitely want to maintain the results I’ve already achieved but I also want to get to my goal and then keep that weight off.”

Ann Marie has got this figured out. 

Have you? 

Get in touch and I can help you do just that.

How the Keto Diet Optimizes Gut Health | KCL19


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Episode Description: 
We’re busting more myths about keto today! We’ll be discussing all the ways that a keto diet helps optimize digestive and gut health, plus all the other fun, silly, and random topics we discover along the way. Join us for some fun learning, won’t you?

Article referenced in this podcast:

Keto diets are a ‘disease-promoting disaster,’ researchers warn


Carole Freeman:

Hey, everybody, we’re live. That’s my official start, I got to do that. So…

Simon Kaufman:

Hey, what up?

Carole Freeman:

Welcome, everyone to Keto Chat Live, the podcast that’s recorded live. So, we have show interaction with the audience. Oh, my God, wait until I tell you, Art, we’re trending. Art, we’re charting. I can’t wait to tell you that. I’ve got that in the update section. But, we…

Simon Kaufman:

We’re charting?

Carole Freeman:

We’re charting. We’re charting. What? Yes, Simon. I finally figured out how to find out where we’re at on the charts and our podcast. Wait until you hear the market that we’re in the Top 100.

Simon Kaufman:

We’re in the Top 100?

Carole Freeman:

Yes, in this specific market. So, I’m going to share with you in moment.

Simon Kaufman:

Where? Belgium?

Carole Freeman:

No, but… You might be on the right track there, so.

Simon Kaufman:


Carole Freeman:

Yeah. Welcome, everyone to Keto Chat Live. Like I said, the podcasts, interactive podcast, we’re recorded live. We’ve got a couple of people here join the show. Let us know you’re here. We can’t see that you’re here unless you comment. I mean, I can see you’re here, but I can’t see who. So, let us know what you’re here, where you’re joining us from. I’m your host of the show Carole Freeman, Keto Carole.

Simon Kaufman:

Keto Carole Freeman.

Carole Freeman:

Carole Freeman. I Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Psychology, and also a Board Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist, so glad you’re here.

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Working With Carole was the Missing Link to My Weight Loss Success

Ashleigh is a busy mom, in her 40s with a high-stress and intense job working 12-hour shifts. She travels a lot for work and for pleasure, so when it comes to cooking elaborate healthy meals, she just didn’t have a lot of time. 

She had always been a bit of a yo-yo dieter. Every time she lost weight she would gain it all back again…but with reinforcements

Even though Ashleigh was fit and loved to exercise, it just didn’t seem to help her lose any weight. The more she gained, the less active and the less motivated she became. 

It all got to the point where Ashleigh was feeling really frustrated. She felt like her body size was holding her back

She wanted to do more, go places, and experience more of LIFE…

But, the way she was, she just didn’t want to be seen

Not only was her weight and size affecting her self-esteem but she was also struggling with sleep, mood swings, and low energy. She also complained about having a lot of inflammation in her body. Her fingers were always swelling, and she constantly felt bloated

On top of all this, Ashleigh was very heat-intolerant which caused her to sweat all the time and made her even more self-conscious.

With all of this stacking up against her, Ashleigh was at an end-pass

All she wanted was to feel like the best version of herself. But instead, she felt like her body was putting limitations on her life.

She knew it was time to take drastic action…but what and how?

Whatever she tried, she knew she was going to need some outside help! 

Her work environment had always been a huge obstacle to her weight loss. Not only did her long shifts make healthy cooking difficult, but she was always surrounded by lots of carb-heavy foods that her colleagues would bring in. 

Even being at home was a challenge, with her hubby and two teenage boys and their carb-eating habits to contend with. 

If she was going to be able to resist the temptation and fight the cravings, Ashleigh knew that “alone” was not an option. 

As a yo-yo dieter, she had come across keto before but had found it so confusing. 

“I was always wondering if I was doing it right? What am I supposed to be doing with these percentages and macros? I tried to read up on it but just didn’t know how to get it to work for me. It all seemed so complicated and I didn’t have the time to figure it out on my own.”

In her confusion, Ashleigh turned to using a lot of the so-called “keto products” that try to recreate high-carb foods, like keto cookies, peanut butter, and sugar-free candies. She thought that these substitutes were keto and would help her lose weight.

That was until she started working with me and learned the truth! 

Now she realizes that those processed keto products only make you overeat because they taste so good! They were just stoking her cravings, not removing them. 

They may be labeled as keto-friendly but they actually contain quite a few carbs which add up pretty quickly, especially if you’re not tracking them.

Once I helped Ashleigh see the keto-light, there was no stopping her!

After two months of working together, she’s down 14lbs and has lost a total of six inches from her body, two of which are off of her waist. 

As well as her pants and shirts all being too loose, Ashleigh saw some amazing results! 

The back pain she experienced before when she was exercising is all gone. Her sleep is much better, her moods are more stable, and she has lots more energy

The swelling she was experiencing from the inflammation has considerably subsided. She experiences way less bloating, in fact, she no longer has bloating after eating AT ALL! She’s also more heat-tolerant now so she doesn’t sweat as much.

All of these changes brought so much more quality to her life. Before she was just so uncomfortable and self-conscious but now, she feels FREE!

After completing my keto program Ashleigh was super excited to realize that she was no longer food-obsessed or controlled by cravings. Those keto-friendly cookies are a thing of the past!

Beforehand, she hadn’t been able to exercise as much as she would have liked. Now she has the energy and the motivation to do 45 – 60 mins three times a week now and she’s loving it! 

Working with me has allowed Ashleigh to see keto as a lifestyle and not just a diet. In fact, she said, “Anytime I think about going back to my former eating habits, it actually makes me feel nauseous!”

For Ashleigh, the most valuable takeaway from my keto program was the guided information. She told me that the video resources and information on salt were so valuable— they were the missing link to her weight loss and why she hadn’t been successful on her own before. 

Ashleigh found that having someone by her side to help cut through the confusion of keto was all she needed to break the yo-yo diet cycle and to live her best life. 

What’s stopping you from experiencing the same? 

Get in touch today!


Busting the Top 10++ Keto Myths and Why Penguins Don’t Wear Speedos | KCL18


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Episode Description: 
Today we’re bustin’ all the top keto myths! From too much protein, to not enough fat, macro percentages, to how many ketones do you need for the best weight loss, to what supplements do you need, we’re knocking out a lot of keto myths that keep you from being successful!


Carole Freeman:

Coming on as a guest in a couple of weeks. Oh, hey, everybody, we’re live again. Welcome everyone to the show. Oh my gosh. I forgot to write the opening question. You guys wondering what the …

Simon Kaufman:

Unbelievable I can’t even work under these conditions.

Carole Freeman:

Yeah. It’s so terrible. You had to fly, almost leave the country like six hours … Five, six hours on a flight and still not leave the country.

Simon Kaufman:

Yeah. Exactly. I’m here in Hawaii, everybody.

Carole Freeman:

Today’s show, we’re going to be busting all of the top keto myths. If you are confused, like my fan, Simon here, stay tune. Listen to the show. We got it all over. I got 10 probably going to be more. But I got 10 of the top keto myths. We’re going to be busting wide open, busting, busting. Is that the same thing? Anyways …

Simon Kaufman:

In all fairness, I’m confused for lots of reasons. Not just the top 10 keto myths.

Carole Freeman:

Okay. Okay. Okay. Good. Good. Good. Well, welcome to the show, everyone. Welcome to Keto Chat Live. I am your host, Carole Freeman. I got lots of letters I could put up last time of my … after my last name, board certified keto nutrition specialists, blah, blah, blah, and the hilarious co-host.

Simon Kaufman:

Simon Kaufman, blah, blah, blah.

Carole Freeman:

Those are some good creds you got.

Simon Kaufman:

Yeah. Well, blah, blah, blah.

Carole Freeman:

Speaking of blah, blah, blah, do you want to do the blah, blah, blah disclaimer?

Simon Kaufman:

Yeah. We got a medical disclaimer for you so you don’t die. We’re doing this for you. This show is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not meant to … diagnose treat, cure any condition. If you have any medical condition illness disease or taking any medications, please contact your medical professional. If you just messed up in the head, you’ll probably enjoy the show. Welcome.


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Ready for 60 and in the Best Shape of Her Life

The thing with trying keto on your own is that results can be so ridiculously slow!

You put in the effort working your butt off (or trying to!) at the gym, but somehow, the results just refuse to come. 

You start to think you’re the one doing it all wrong. That you’re the problem.

Well, I have news for you…


And you are not alone. 

This was exactly how Yvonne was feeling when she started my keto program. 

Yvonne is a 59-year-old lady and she wanted to celebrate entering her 60th year by being in the best shape of her life. 

Signing up for my keto program was a gift to herself. This was her time and I was so excited to help her achieve her goals!

Yvonne is 5ft 8in and her starting weight was 220lbs – which incidentally, are very close to my stats when I first started my own keto journey! 

Like all of the people I work with, Yvonne got wonderful results

Here’s her success story!

Yvonne had tried keto on her own but because her results were so painfully slow and insignificant, she was convinced that she was doing something wrong. 

She thought of herself as just being a slow loser and this negative self-image ended up demotivating her and knocking her off the wagon, time and time again. 

In fact, she struggled to stick with it so many times she had started to call herself a “wagon-fallen-off-er”! 

When following keto on her own the best results she ever achieved was 30lbs of weight loss that took her several years. Even though she was working out five times a week, she just wasn’t losing weight quickly. 

She was confused but she just wrote it off as being something wrong with her.

Then she met me! 

I assured her that things would be very different this time around because I have an excellent track record in helping people just like her (and just like YOU). 

I help people who are not getting remarkable results with keto, get tremendous results with keto!

So while in the past, she only managed to lose 30lbs over a several-year period, within just TWO MONTHS of working with me…she had lost 12lbs

That’s 1.5lbs per week!

A MUCH faster rate of weight loss than she has ever experienced on her own. 

I asked Yvonne, “What are all the things that you notice have got better for you over the last couple of months?”

She replied, “Oh my gosh, so many amazing things in my life have improved!” 

She no longer suffers from the migraines that used to plague her. 

Her heartburn is all but gone AND she’s no longer taking medications for it. 

Her joint pain is considerably better and her confidence is now through the roof

There was one other really interesting thing that she noticed…

“I don’t know if it’s anything to do with keto or not, but I’ve noticed that my resting heart rate, which used to be really high (close to 100), has dropped about 20 points! Is that something to do with keto?”

YES! It absolutely is.

I explained to Yvonne that when your body is stuck in carb-burning mode, it’s a lot of work for your heart and requires a lot of oxygen.

When you switch over to burning fat as your primary fuel, which is one of the many things that keto does for you, your heart rate will lower because it doesn’t have to work as hard or exchange as much oxygen and carbon dioxide. 

She said, “I’d been doing keto off and on for years but this time has been way more intense and so much more effective.

For Yvonne, it was the strategies that I taught her, the program, and its structure that helped yield results much better than anything she had ever been able to figure out on her own.

Her biggest takeaway from working with me was that an increased salt intake was the number one thing she needed to do. 

This is something that is so often missing on other keto diets and programs, but it’s super important and it made a HUGE difference for her. 

Yvonne also shared that her urinary incontinence is completely gone and one fun thing she noticed was that now, she’s a REALLY fast typer and is able to get so much more work done!

As well as all these positive changes in her life, she also has visible physical results… 

Yvonne lost a remarkable 5 inches off her waist AND another 5 inches off her hips!

Her pants were literally falling off her. When she ordered new pants off the internet, she thought they were going to be way too small, but as it turns out, even those were baggy!

Yvonne is a great example of how it is NEVER too late to get in the best shape of your life. 

There is no such thing as a slow loser and YOU are never the problem. 

All you need is the right keto program!

With the right information and the right keto tools, you CAN stick with it and you WILL see fast results that make so many positive and lasting differences in your life!

Ready? Get in touch!

Why bugs are getting fat, how to handle cravings for crunchy, protein leveraged hypothesis | KCL17


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Help with my Crunchy Cravings!


Carole Freeman:

Is it working? Testing, testing. Are we live? We’re live, everyone.

Simon Kaufman:

Hey, y’all.

Carole Freeman:

Welcome to the show.

Simon Kaufman:

Good to be here.

Carole Freeman:

What is this show? What is this show called?

Simon Kaufman:

Keto Chat LIVE.

Carole Freeman:

Ooh, yeah. Welcome everyone. Are you crunchy… Oh, wait. Who wrote that? Who wrote this script today? Are crunchy snack cravings killing your keto success? Ooh, look at all those hard case consonants. This is a great jokes [inaudible 00:00:29]. What are-

Simon Kaufman:

Can you say that three times, fast?

Carole Freeman:

Oh, I don’t know. Let’s see. Are crunchy snack cravings killing your keto success? Are crunchy crack… Nope.


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