woman smiling saying she barely had time to breath but Carole made keto quick and easy

Keto quick and easy! I barely had time to breathe, but Carole made keto quick and easy for me!

Cheryl is a 50-year-old woman who lives in the South. She had been 130lbs most of her life but then she started to gain weight as she got older. She was now living in fear of developing diabetes and when she looked in the mirror, she no longer recognized herself. 

At that moment, Cheryl was losing all hope. 

She felt rotten and was starting to experience low energy and lots of pain in her knees and feet. She was even having trouble bending over to pick things up when she dropped them.

It was as if she was getting older and older by the minute

When Cheryl came to me, her main goal was to lose weight and get back to who she knew herself as

Like many women I work with, Cheryl felt trapped in her overweight body and just didn’t feel like herself. 

She felt as if the outside didn’t match who she was on the inside

“I was wearing giant T-shirts from Walmart and friends didn’t recognize me and I was embarrassed to be seen by them.”

Cheryl had been trying and struggling to figure this out all on her own; she felt so overwhelmed and confused. 

She was looking for somebody, a trained professional, that could just tell her what to do

When she found me, she still had some concerns

She wondered, “Is this something that only I can do? Would it safe for the rest of my family?”

Cheryl is the only cook in the house. In fact, Cheryl does so much for her family. 

She does everything!

She works full time and she’s the caretaker for her whole family. She’s the only cook, she shops and cleans and pretty much does everything that runs the whole household. 

So she really was in need of something that was simple, easy, and quick. 

Her home life also meant that Cheryl was in the habit of not putting herself first

She was used to not taking care of herself and putting everyone else’s needs before her own. 

But there was something else at play… 

Cheryl also wasn’t sure she believed in herself. 

She was thinking, “What if this doesn’t work?” 

She was feeling desperate, but she had so many doubts.

Can I even do this? 

Is it too late for me?

Am I a hopeless case? 

Should I just give up on myself? 

Should I just resign myself to the fact that I’m going to be overweight the rest of my life?

But working with me soon banished all of Cheryl’s doubts!

After nine weeks of going through my initial program, Cheryl lost nearly 23lbs and 11 inches off of her whole body. 

She said she has experienced a tremendous increase in energy

Before she was having to take a nap in the afternoon but now she has the energy to get through the entire day, no problem! 

She has had a huge boost to her morale, confidence, and mood

But one of the biggest shifts she had was in her mindset. Suddenly, she’s thinking, “This is possible! I can see myself getting all the way to my goal weight!”

Cheryl learned how to make keto quick and easy.

Another key to her success was joining an “accountability pod”. 

My programs have a lot of different built-in support and accountability. I provide lots of layers of support in different forms and one of those is our accountability pods. 

These are daily check-ins that Cheryl said helped her in ways she hadn’t expected. They really showed her that this is something she was going to have to work at and commit to for the long term. 

Cheryl’s story of success just goes to show that keto can work for YOU

Whether you’re somebody who has always struggled with your weight or whether that struggle is only a recent thing. 

If you’re somebody that is used to caretaking for your entire family, and you don’t think you even have time to take care of yourself, YOU CAN DO IT. 

You too can learn how to make keto quick and easy.

Support wasn’t something that Cheryl was used to asking for herself but she found that it was absolutely essential to be able to get the results. 

Taking the time to care for yourself, even though you have a busy life, is absolutely essential. 

Cheryl did her fast track program about a year ago and has continued working with me ever since.  

In her first nine weeks of the program, she lost 23lbs, but fast forward a year…

And she has lost over 70lbs in total! 

She’s not only been able to do this but she’s inching her way closer and closer to her ultimate weight loss goal. 

She’s found time the entire year because she’s accepted that really she’s worth the time and effort, and she is evidence that keto works if you get the right kind of support and learn how to keep keto quick and easy. 

Cheryl learned so much from completing my keto program, but her main lessons were that keto doesn’t have to be so time-consuming, it can easily fit into your routine, but also that taking the time to do that in the first place is essential for your health and well-being. 

And finally, that losing weight and keeping it off IS POSSIBLE, no matter how huge a task it might seem in the beginning. 

If you’re somebody that does everything for your family, and you feel like you don’t even have time to breathe, let alone take care of yourself, or have time to change your eating habits, you absolutely can do this. 

Not only “can” but you SHOULD do this!

Because if you’re the primary caretaker for your family, and you don’t take the time to take care of yourself, you’re not going to be there very long to take care of them. 

Cheryl now has the energy to take care of both her family AND herself. You can too.

Contact Carole today and see how she can teach you how to keep keto quick and easy and your health and weight loss goals.

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