Keto Chat Episode 134: Cross-fitter Finds her Keto Groove to Lose 35 lbs


Interviewee Bio:

Rita Ott PSC Bio

I live in Corcoran, MN (a northwest suburb in Minneapolis) with my husband Leo, and chocolate lab Molly where I work for General Mills.

As much as I hate to admit it, struggling with weight has been part of my life since high school. Over the years I have tried many different types of diets. Some were successful, but the positive results were always short term.

When I moved to Minnesota in 2006, I was finally able to figure out how to make fitness a regular part of my life. For the last 3 years, I have been attending a CrossFit gym and absolutely love it! But even after many years of regular exercise, I still couldn’t resolve all of my issues with weight. At the start of 2020, I decided I finally wanted to figure out the weight issue.

I was turning 50 in December and wanted to finally solve this by then. I tried Keto on my own and quickly lost about 15 pounds. But then I hit a wall and it seemed like nothing I tried work. I was 2 months away from my birthday and nowhere near my goal. I started looking for a coach and found Keto Carole. Her program was easy to follow and filled in all the gaps I was missing. So far, I have lost 32 pounds and over35 inches. I am also sleeping better and no longer wake up every night with leg cramps. All this time I thought they were a result of my CrossFit classes! I still have a long way to go, but know I am well on my way to reaching my ultimate goal of mental freedom from worrying about my weight.

I look forward to supporting others in their Keto journey.


Carole Freeman:

Well, hello everyone. Thanks for joining us today on this episode of Keto Chat. Today, I’m here to interview Rita. Welcome Rita.

Rita Ott:

Thank you. I’m glad to be here.

Carole Freeman:

Excellent. Just going to be sharing her keto journey with us, with working with me and hopefully being inspiration to at least one person out there. So Rita, can you just give us a little intro of yourself, tell us who you are, where you live.

Keto Chat Episode 133: Should I Worry about my Cholesterol on Keto?


Interviewee Bio: 

I’m a senior software engineer and entrepreneur.

I began a Low Carb, High Fat diet in April 2015 and have since learned everything I could about it with special emphasis on cholesterol given my lipid numbers spiked substantially after going on the diet. As an engineer, I spotted a pattern in the lipid system that’s very similar to distributed objects in networks.

I’ve since learned quite a bit on the subject both through research and experimentation which has revealed some very powerful data. With this new general theory, I’ve shifted around my cholesterol substantially without any drugs or special supplements of any kind.
Twitter: @DaveKeto



Carole Freeman:

Well, hey you guys. We made it. We’re live here broadcasting into our Keto lifestyle crew. And you may be watching us later as well too on YouTube and Facebook. So thank you so much for joining us. I am so excited to be here today with Dave Feldman who is a personal friend, but also an amazing, amazing guy. I call him a cholesterol investigator. He calls himself a senior software engineer and entrepreneur. So welcome Dave. Thank you so much for being here.

Dave Feldman:

Thank you for having me Carole.

Carole Freeman:

I miss … Every time I get to do one of these interviews now in these current times, I miss you guys even more because we can’t see each other in real life. But it’s good to see you virtually. I met you Dave, what is it, going on, five, six years ago at the very first Low Carb USA conference.

Keto Chat Episode 135: Why Your Keto Diet Could Trigger Oxalate Detox

Interviewee Bio:

With over 30 years in the health and wellness field, Sally K. Norton is a consultant, writer, educator, and speaker who specializes in helping people overcome pain and fatigue by avoiding or limiting plant foods that contain a natural chemical called oxalate.

For over 30 years, she struggled with her own seemingly unanswerable health puzzle: “Why would a person who knows how to build health have so many health difficulties that she cannot overcome?” When she finally discovered the cause and the path out of misery, she committed to teaching and reaching out to others stuck in a similar frustrating situation.

Sally holds a nutrition degree from Cornell University and a Master’s of Public Health degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She worked in the field of Integrative Medicine at UNC Medical School as Project Manager of an NIH-Funded project for expanding medical education to include more awareness of holistic and alternative healing arts.

Sally has published popular articles in academic and popular journals and appeared In numerous interviews (including with Dr. Joseph Mercola) discussing the widespread but little-known harmful effects of oxalates in our food.

Sally has published a cookbook of low-oxalate recipes available on her website, sallyknorton.com. Her book explaining the dire health effects of eating too much oxalate and how to overcome them will be published in 2021.
Mini-CV (see full resume for more details): Bachelor of Science from Nutrition Science Cornell University, Ithaca NY. Master of Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill CV available upon request.

See video of my presentation to the Ancestral Health Society (9/2017), as well as links to my podcast appearances and interviews here: https://sallyknorton.com/interviews-talks/

A brief 3-minute video with clips of me at various speaking engagements is available here:

Again, podcast interviews are mostly linked to the website: https://sallyknorton.com/interviews-talks/.
YouTube Playlists: https://bit.ly/3gssKg0

The Bottom line Health picked up my article, “Lost Seasonality and Overconsumption of Plants: Risking Oxalate Toxicity” with this item, published August 15, 2018: “The Toxin Hiding in Superfoods”

The journal What Doctors Don’t Tell You published an article in February 2020 about oxalates by Cate Montana that includes a lot of great information about oxalates: https://www.wddty.com/magazine/2020/february/how-i-beat-my-back-and-joint-pain.html



Carole Freeman:

Hey, welcome everyone to another episode of Keto Chat. I’m your host, Carole Freeman, and today oh my gosh, we were chit-chatting, because I’m here with my good friend, Sally Norton, Sally K. Norton. And so, I’m excited.

Carole Freeman:

We’re going to get a little… We’ll try to be official here because we’re trying to catch up. We haven’t been able to see each other in a while. So, Sally K. Norton is the… I’m just going to say you’re like the current world’s expert in oxalate toxicity. I’m going to just crown you that designation right now. That’s in my mind. So, we’re going to talk all about oxalates, what they are, how they accumulate in our body, how some of the things we’ve been told are the most healthy for us, actually probably aren’t the most healthiest, and wherever else this journey takes us, but welcome, Sally.

Keto Chat Episode 132: 4 Steps to Overcome Sugar Addiction with Bitten Jonsson

Interviewee Bio :

Biography and Resume

Bitten (Britt-Mari) Jonsson
DOB November 28, 1952
Address below.
+ 46 70-643 73 73 Cell
Facebook: BittensWay
Twitter: Bittenjonsson
LinkedIn: Bitten Jonsson

Bitten Jonsson, R.N., Addiction Specialist, SUGAR/ADDIS-Certified, is a forerunner in this field in Sweden, an international lecturer, and has frequently been seen on TV and Radio in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Bitten is trained in the USA and has developed a special treatment method, involving Integrated Functional Medicine and Orthomolecular Medicine together with American Addiction Medicine, Twelve-step based programs, and Traditional Medicine. Bitten has written 3 books about sugar addiction: “Sockerbomben I din hjärna ” (The Sugar bomb in your brain ) her first book, was published in 2004 and revised in 2010 and 2016. The Sugar-Free Cookbook, published in 2006, and updated in 2018. The books have all been very well received and one version is also published in Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Germany. She has also further developed SUGAR , the evaluation instrument for sugar/food addiction. Bitten Jonsson was a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) in the USA and NAADAC, USA ( www.naadac.org) for many years, and has been on the Board of Directors of the Food Addiction Institute (FAI), USA www.foodaddictioninstitute.org, since 2010.

2007 – to date
CEO at Bittens Addiction Corp. Developing new methods for teaching, lecturing, and coaching professionals, tutoring, and treating addiction, especially sugar/flour/food addiction.

The hands-on developer of policies and procedures for sugar addiction treatment and professional training.

Board of Director role, in charge of working to influence WHO’s group for developing ICD 10 (11), (International Classification of Diseases) to include food addiction as a diagnosis, Bitten is working alongside a team in the USA, within the FAI, that works on achieving the same for DSM5.

Developed SUGAR®, a mapping instrument based on ADDIS to evaluate if a client has a pathological use of sugar/flour/food, together with Dahl & Dahl. Reference: Börje Dahl Ph + 46 70 600 84 96 , www.addis.se

On the expert panel for Diet Doctor www.dietdoctor.com answering questions about sugar addiction since 2013.
Reference: Dr Andreas Eenfeldt ph. +46 70 973 39 50

A faculty member of INFACT, Iceland. Reference: Esther Helga Gudmundsdottir, Ph + 354 699 2676

Developing guidelines for sugar addiction treatment, teaching a one-year training for professionals since 2012. Reference: Dr. Jen Unwin.

Managing several groups on Facebook, two support groups for sugar addicts, and two for professionals in order to spread the message.

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Keto Chat Episode 131: Denver’s Diet Doctor Shares Biggest Mistake People Make when going Low Carb

Interviewee Bio :

Dr. Jeffry N. Gerber, MD, FAAFP is a board-certified family physician and owner of South Suburban Family Medicine in Littleton, Colorado, where he is known as “Denver’s Diet Doctor”. He has been providing personalized healthcare to the local community since 1993 and continues that tradition with an emphasis on longevity, wellness, and prevention.



Carole Freeman:

Hello, and welcome, everyone. We’re live here in the keto chat crew or keto chat group, keto lifestyle crew, keto chat episode, all that stuff. Anyways, I’m Carole Freeman. It says it on the screen. You should know that. And today, our very special guest is Dr. Jeffry Gerber, all the way from Denver, Colorado. Welcome.

Dr. Jeffry Gerber:

Hi, Carole, and everyone listening.

Carole Freeman:

Those of you that don’t know, Dr. Gerber is co-author of Eat Rich Live Long, one of my top… Really, this is my favorite keto book and I recommend it non-stop. He’s also Denver’s Diet Doctor. And so, welcome, Dr. Gerber.

Dr. Jeffry Gerber:

Yeah. Thanks again, Carole. We’re just doing this in between patients today. I still see patients and enjoy it, after 30 years, still going strong.

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Keto Chat Episode 130: How To End Your Carb Confusion About Keto Diet

Interviewee Bio and Links:

Book: End Your Carb Confusion

Eric’s Bio:
Eric C. Westman, MD, MHS, is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University. He is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine and founded
the Duke Keto Medicine Clinic in 2006 after eight years of clinical research regarding low-carbohydrate ketogenic diets. He is Past President and Master Fellow of the Obesity
Medicine Association and Fellow of the Obesity Society. He is an editor of the textbook Obesity: Evaluation & Treatment Essentials and co-author of the books Cholesterol Clarity, Keto Clarity, and
the New York Times bestseller, The New Atkins for a New You. He is cofounder of ADAPT Your Life, an education and product company based on low-carbohydrate concepts.

Eric’s Links:
Website: http://drwestmanonline.com/
YouTube: ADAPT Your Life
Twitter: @drericwestman
IG: @ecwestman

Amy’s Bio:

Amy Berger, MS, CNS, is a U.S. Air Force veteran and Certified Nutrition Specialist who specializes in helping people do “Keto Without the Crazy.”™ She has a master’s degree in human nutrition and writes about a wide range of health and nutrition-related topics, such as insulin, metabolism, weight loss, diabetes, thyroid function, and more. She has presented internationally on these issues and is the author of The Alzheimer’s Antidote and The Stall Slayer: Seven Roadblocks to Keto Fat Loss and What to Do About Them.

Amy’s Links:

Blog: http://www.tuitnutrition.com/

YouTube: Tuit Nutrition – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmDz-SYYhoerycynsCm7L8g/videos
Twitter: @Tuit Nutrition – https://twitter.com/TuitNutrition

IG: @TuitNutrition – https://www.instagram.com/tuitnutrition/



Carole Freeman:

All right. Welcome everyone to this episode of Keto Chat, I’m here with wonderful people, Amy Berger, Dr. Eric Westman, welcome everyone. They’re here to talk about their brand new book that’s coming out End Your Carb Confusion. If you guys have been living under a rock, and you don’t know who these two people are, let me just read their bio for you. Oh, oops. Let’s see. I had that pulled up and then I closed that out. Bear with me a moment here. Okay. Dr. Eric Westman is an associate professor of medicine at Duke University, he’s board certified in obesity medicine and internal medicine, and founded the Duke Keto Medicine Clinic in 2006, after eight years of clinical research regarding low-carbohydrate ketogenic diets. He is a past president and master fellow of the Obesity Medicine Association, and fellow of the Obesity Society. He is editor of the textbook Obesity: Evaluation and Treatment Essentials, And he’s co-authored the books, Cholesterol Clarity, Keto Clarity, and New York Times bestseller, The New Atkins for a New You.

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