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What Kills Ketosis?

Are you following keto, eating all the keto foods, but can’t seem to get into ketosis or stay there?

In this show, I’ll share the top 8 ketosis killers that sabotage your fat burning state and keep you from getting the results you want on your keto diet.

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Carole Freeman: Hey, we’re live, everyone! are you trying to get into ketosis or stay in ketosis and having a heck of a time wondering what’s going on? Stick around. This episode is gonna be all about the top ketosis killers. Now, they may not be what you think.

I promise at least one of these is gonna be different than what you think it is. So welcome to Keto Chat Live. I am your host, Carole Freeman. I have a master’s in nutrition and clinical health psychology and also a board certified ketogenic nutrition specialist. A certified clinical hypnotherapist and I specialize in helping women 40 plus follow a keto diet for sustainable weight loss and optimal health.

And just so you know, this show is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not medical advice nor intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any condition whatsoever. If you have any questions or concerns related to your specific, Conditions, Please seek out the care of a qualified functional medicine doctor and get your own medical advice from your medical provider, please.

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And I go up there every year for my son’s birthday. So this year I’m going for a full two weeks, maybe longer. And I’ve got a bunch of comedy shows up there as well. If you follow me on Facebook, I just posted my show list, but I’ve got lots of shows in Washington State and some in the Portland area for your enjoyment.

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Alright, onto the topic of the day. Ketosis killers. All right. A couple of upfront disclaimers on this is that, lot of terminology people might say Oh, I got kicked out of ketosis, or this is even the term I’m using ketosis killer. Think of it actually as a spectrum though.

So there’s not, it’s not like a light switch. It’s not like you’re in ketosis or you’re not. It’s more of a a spectrum. Are ketones detectable in your blood, and they may be trace levels. They may be all the way up to, I don’t know, a five or a 10 at the really high end of the spectrum there.

So it is a spectrum. So the things I’m talking about generally are going to suppress ketosis and it’s gonna be dose dependent. And for example, if you ate 500 grams of carbohydrates, for most people, that is gonna be enough that it completely suppresses your body’s ability to be in keto. All the way.

And, but if you overeat carbohydrates a little bit, maybe you eat 20 grams of carbs at one meal, you may still have some ketones but it may be a lot lower than what it would be you been fasting. All these things that I’m gonna mention here as ketosis killers, think of them as ketosis suppressors.

What kills ketosis Top l ketosis killers

Are you following keto, eating all the keto foods, but can’t seem to get into ketosis or stay there?

Why Ketosis Gets Suppress

If you’ve been in ketosis is already. Any of these things may or may not suppress your ketone levels for you personally. That’s the other thing to know, is that it actually can be very case by case dependent. Whereas some people can eat 50 grams of carbs a day or a hundred grams of carbs a day and still remain in ketosis depending on their metabolic health, their level of activity.

Some people eating 10 grams of carbs in one meal, no matter what kind is gonna be more than their. Can tolerate. Case by case. Also, again, thinking of these as on a spectrum of things. And so here’s a fun fact. Here’s one you’re gonna think is on this list, but it’s not, I’m putting it right up front, is that for most people, Too much protein does not kill ketosis.

It does not suppress ketosis. This is something that we’ve learned over the years. I’ve been doing this work for over seven years now, and we’ve learned that turns out that was just a myth or misunderstanding in the beginning, that if your goals are weight loss and you’re otherwise a healthy person, which I know if your.

1) How about Too Much Protein?

Needing to lose weight. That’s a loaded term. But if you don’t have any other disease diagnosed too much protein actually, especially when your goal is losing. Is not going to be a ketosis killer. Now somebody has pretty significant type two diabetes, Advanced diabetes. They may be a little sensitive to protein and too much protein for them may suppress ketosis.

But for all the people that I’m working with, what I’ve found is that actually. More protein is better and it helps with retaining hair. You don’t get the hair loss. It actually accelerates weight loss, fat loss specifically, and many more benefits of that. Unlike in the beginning this work that when, 10 years ago, seven, six years ago, when this was really popular, we used to be.

Worried about consuming too much protein because it will kick you out of ketosis. It turns out that is just a myth that’s been perpetuated out there. So that is not true. Too much protein is not something you need to worry about. It’s not on this list of ketosis killers here.

2) Too Much Insulin

Now the number one ketosis killer is gonna be insulin.

There are a bunch of different things actually that will trigger insulin. And I’ve got them kind of different categories here too And I’ll, cover these in different ways here. So one of the things, the most obvious thing that’s gonna trigger insulin is too many carbs at one time.

Too Many Carbs at One Time Kill Ketosis

And so this is why. I don’t recommend saving up your carbs for one meal. I have my clients divide their carbs evenly throughout the number of meals they have during the day. Most of my clients are eating either two or three meals a day, and so we wanna spread out your carb total over those meals because it’s not wait watchers points where you can save them up.

You actually want to have them in the smallest possible doses throughout the day that’s gonna. Better chance of your body being able to actually sustain that ketosis level and so too many carbs at one time. And again, like I mentioned earlier, this is gonna be very specific to your metabolic health.

Some people can have. 10 carbs in a meal or 20 carbs in a meal if they’re metabolically healthy. And it’s not going to affect ketosis where some people, more than five or six in a meal is going to completely suppress ketosis for ’em. This is something that you’ll want to experiment and figure out what’s true for yourself.

Types of Carbohydrates that Kill Ketosis

The other thing is the different types of carbs. So it’s not just the amount of carbs, the total grams of carbs, but there are certain carbohydrate. That will cause a bigger insulin release will cause a bigger spike in blood glucose. And those type of carbs again, will cause more of a suppression of ketosis than other carbs.

So for example, maltodextrin gram for gram, it elevates blood glucose more than regular sugar. And so that’s an example of a type of carbohydrate that is going to suppress ketosis greater than some others. One of the. Rules you can follow with this type of carbohydrates is the more refined they are.

So the more processed and refined they are, the greater the impact they’re gonna have on suppression of ketosis. The more, the closer they are to the way they exist in nature, the way that they grew on this planet those are gonna have in general, the least impact on your Suppression of ketosis, your maintain maintenance of ketosis.

So think of it as again, that’s spectrum. So if you’ve got a a whole broccoli likely it’s not gonna, you’re, you can tolerate more of those carbohydrates, then you can, if you’ve. Chopped and puree and blended and cooked those, that broccoli that is gonna have a greater impact on blood glucose and insulin release.

More purified. And then if somehow I don’t, I’ve never seen it in the stores, but, wait, you watch if you’ve got puree refined broccoli powder that’s been stripped of all of its nutrients and now. Broccoli carb powder that may be the same impact as sugar. But I haven’t seen that in the stores.

But just wait. There’s new products coming into the market all the time.

Illness Raises Blood Glucose and Insulin

Another thing that’s gonna raise your insulin level is if you are ill, if you have any kind of a illness, virus or bacteria that you’re fighting. And it often or not often it does happen. So your blood glucose starts to raise as soon as your body starts fighting the whatever it’s fighting, and it’s before you’re gonna even have symptoms typically, and that also will raise your insulin.

And so during that time you’re Ketosis will be suppressed. So you can see this if you’re a regular checker of your ketones or blood glucose, you might have a time where you’re like, Wait, why is my blood glucose so much higher than it normally is? The other thing that people notice during this time as well is that they often feel more hungry.

They’re craving carbs, they’re hungrier, and that’s because insulin is higher and blood glucose is higher as well. And so you can see this pattern that it will typically happen maybe the week before you actually start to show some symptoms of. And illness that you have. Also too many ketones. This is a fun thing.

Too Many Ketones

Your body protects when everything’s working properly in your body. Too many ketones is just as dangerous as too high a blood sugar, and so your body will suppress your body’s creation of its own ketones. When you introduce anything that will stimulate ketones. So I’ve got this as a separate item here in a moment that I’ll go over a little bit more, but just know that if your ketosis level gets too high, that will suppress ketosis.

3) Cephalic Phase of Eating

Another one that can be a possible ketosis killer for people is the cephalic phase of digestion. When we anticipate that we are going to eat something, and this is by seeing it, smelling it, hearing it, or even just a little taste of it on our tongue, our body thinks we’re gonna get to eat that.

And so it starts to prepare for that. So this can happen if you work in an environment where you’re seeing a lot of base goods or high carb foods or fast food. You’re maybe you’re in an event that there’s a lot of these high carb processed foods in front of you. You’re in something where your friends are eating these in front of you.

Maybe it’s someplace you work. Sometimes people think the way that I, I deal with my cravings is I just look at it, I smell it. I just take it in. All of these things actually. So your body prepares that you’re gonna eat it. Your body isn’t smart enough to know that You’re just smelling it and you’re not gonna eat it.

It thinks you’re gonna be weak in this moment and eat it. And so it gets the digestive juices going. It prepares your body for ingesting that thing. And so one of those things, for some people, especially their extra insulin resistant, their pancreas may start pumping out some insulin in anticipation that they’re gonna need to digest all of that sugar.

That it’s, that you’re gonna take in take in and. For some people, just the sight, sound and smells of. High carb foods that they’ve eaten in the past typically may be enough to suppress ketosis. Now again, this is gonna vary from person to person. Likely it’s gonna be more tied into the more insulin resistant you are, the greater this is going to impact you.

And This is part of the reason why for my clients, I recommend staying away from the sensory input for any carbohydrates. Cuz not only is it gonna likely possibly increase your insulin, it also is going to perpetuate cravings. Cuz again, your body’s Oh, we are gonna eat this. And that starts the craving and desire part as well too.

Eliminate this possibility. Eliminate the cravings by just avoiding looking at smelling, seeing or hearing any of those foods that are Former Carby favorites of yours or in, Curiosity Foods for you.

4) Sweeteners that Kill Ketosis

Another top ketosis killer, some sweeteners. I’m gonna go over a bunch of them.

I actually really Dr. Nally. Dr. Adam Nally has a page on his website. Doc Muscles has a page where he goes through the research on all of these different sweeteners. I’m just gonna give you the highlights from that here.

And specifically we’re looking at non-nutritive. So non sugar sweeteners, no calorie sweeteners here. Of course, sugar as a sweetener and all those like nutritive sweeteners are gonna raise your insulin blood glucose. But these are considered non-nutritive, so typically they should not raise blood glucose.

But some of these do raise blood glucose a little bit and then some of them raise insulin independent of raising glucose or not. So I’ll go over these here. All right. IDM takes STRs while I eat keto. Okay. Yeah, no most drugs , I don’t suppress ketosis. But what you eat when you’re on drugs that may very well affect your ketosis.

Alright, so non-nutritive sweeteners here. Here’s the summary of what can and can’t affect ketosis. Aspartame also known as. Oh man. What one’s that? Equal, that’s what that one is. Does not raise insulin. Does not raise blood glucose. Now the thing is with. Desserty things that maybe say low carb or keto friendly, they often have a combination of different sweeteners in them, and so sometimes one of them may be okay, but the other one may be problematic.

This is also a case where some people are gonna be sensitive to these, even though the research says, Oh, this one should be fine. Some people are sensitive to these, this is what research shows about these, but also your results may vary. So if it doesn’t work for you, that doesn’t mean you should keep forcing yourself to try to consume it.

So aspartame research says that one’s okay, that it does not raise blood glucose, does not raise insulin. Acesulfame K or sometimes it’s abbreviated ace. K is another name for it. It does raise insulin so that one can suppress ketosis. It does not affect blood glucose though. Sucralose.

Itself is fine. This one also is known as Splenda. However, you wanna be really wary of other ingredients in this because sucralose, if you buy it as a powder at the store, the generic version or Splenda version is always gonna be mixed with maltodextrin. And we talked a minute ago about how problematic a maltodextrin is.

It’s worse than sugar. And so they get to label as saying, No sugar in. But it has an ingredient that’s worsen sugar in it. So read the label, anything with multiple dextrin, don’t buy it, throw it away if you already have it in your house. Another one. Is okay, is saccharin, it’s not as popular.

You don’t see it in a lot of products anymore. That’s an old school. No, no calorie sweetener. Stevia seems to be okay, but again, you wanna read the ingredients. Sometimes it’s mixed with other things. Sometimes there’s a powdered stevia that’s mixed with maltodextrin. Don’t use that. Monk Fruit is a very popular one.

However, it does raise insulin. It research shows that it does not raise blood glucose. But that may or may not be the case for you. But raising insulin though, that means that it can suppress ketosis. And so there’s another one here is Fructooligosaccharides. It may be abbreviated as f os on the label you’ll also see it as chicory or chicory root, cuz that is the source of it.

Also you may see it listed as inulin. All those are the exact same thing, different names for it. And this tends to be okay. But again even though research shows that it doesn’t raise insulin or raise blood glucose, I’ve found for a lot of my clients that it increases cravings. So there’s multiple factors here of things you wanna watch out for.

So just because it doesn’t suppress ketosis doesn’t mean that it’s gonna help you stick with keto long term and help you lose weight. Because if you eat this thing that has inulin or FOS in it and suddenly you’re craving all day long and you can’t stop eating it, you are going to overeat and you’re gonna.

You’re gonna kill your goal of weight loss in the first place. Erythritol is a type, a specific type of sugar alcohol. It often is blended with other things, so sometimes it’s blended with monk fruit or it’s mixed with stevia or other or inulin and. In general, this one research shows is okay, it does not raise insulin or blood glucose, however, some people have troubles with digesting it.

You may get some gas or bloating or other issues. And then in general, all other sugar alcohols, the way that you can recognize these things is that on the ingredient label, The last two letters of the word is gonna be “ol”, right? Xylitol, maltitol sorbitol, the list goes on. Almost all of those are gonna raise blood glucose and or insulin.

So they tend to be problematic. Also, they tend to cause severe digestive issues for people, and gas, bloating just, disaster pants as well. So issues with diarrhea. So a lot of people just like to stay away from those in general, not. They can be ketosis killer, but they can be a buzz kill as well.

Gotta deal with all that kind of stuff. Sandra’s asking, if you eat zero carbs, how long would it take you to get into ketosis? It varies. Basically you’ve gotta run through your liver storage of glycogen first. Most people, three to five days of keeping total carbs under 20 grams. So three to five days of following that you should be in ketosis.

But that doesn’t necessarily, mean that happens for everyone. So it may take longer. Then that may take less than that. But eating zero carbs the only way that you’re actually eating zero carbs is if you’re eating no food whatsoever, because all foods have some carbs in there.

So that’s a, a pitfall that people fall into is that I’m talking to potential clients and they say, Oh, I don’t eat any carbs now. But all vegetables have carbs in them. Even foods like eggs and. Heavy cream have some carbohydrates in there as well too, Sandra. So a lot of people think they’re eating zero carbs.

They actually are consuming many more than they think they are. And, okay, so let’s go back to this. Okay. Top ketosis killers I mentioned a bit ago that too high of ketones will cause will suppress ketones. And the main culprits for that typically are gonna be when you’re taking exogenous things that raise your ketones.

5) Too High of Blood Ketone Levels

So if you’re keeping carbs low, like Sandra’s question, if you’re keeping carbs low, your body’s in ketosis. That’s because it’s making its own ketones because there aren’t any carbohydrates. So ketones are an alternate fuel source. So if you’re in ketosis already, your body’s making ketones.

But too many ketones is not healthy. It’s a bad state for your body to be in. So your body actually regulates your ketone levels. And so let’s say you’re cruising along, your body’s making his own ketones, but then you. See this product that’s an exogenous keto drink or liquid. Also MCT oil, which is to promote more ketosis.

Your body will say whoa. We are already going along well making ketones. We don’t want our keto levels too high. Cuz again, that’s dangerous. So guess what? Your body releases insulin to suppress your body’s making ketones. It’s gotta burn through these ketones. So ketones are, A fuel source that our body can use and it doesn’t need too much of them.

And again, that’s a dangerous state for your body to being, to be too high of ketosis. So if you take a product that increases your keto levels, your body will release insulin in order to suppress your own body’s production of ketones to prevent your ketones from going too high. Once you’re following a ketogenic diet, that means that all these exogenous ketone products are not only.

Not gonna help you. They’re actually counterproductive because it’s suppressing your own body’s ability to make and burn ketones. Sandra’s asking if you eat eat meat, zero carbs. There are trace amounts of carbs in meat as well. And again, so most people. If you wanted to go a hundred percent carnivore it typically would take three to five days for your body to get into ketosis.

But again, that’s typical. I have no idea, for you specifically how long that would take.

6) Premenstrual Affects on Ketosis

Here’s another thing that can suppress ketones is premenstrual time. And so typically the week before a woman’s menstrual cycle for some women I’ve worked with a lot of women over the last seven years and for some of them so if you’re somebody who seems to have kind of that time of the month for you that week, pre-menstrually is a crazy feeling time where you have tons of cravings.

Maybe you’re really moody. That seems to correlate with the people that have, The biggest challenge with this is that some people’s bodies are more sensitive and so what’s happening during that time? It’s a building phase for female bodies. and so your body actually will raise your your blood glucose during that time.

Your insulin is probably a little higher as well because insulin is a building hormone and it’s telling your body to build. We need to build this vessel because there may be a baby that comes along and that increases cravings for those women. And again, it doesn’t happen for all women. But increases cravings.

You’re increasing your blood glucose, your insulin is higher, and this is gonna be a time where your ketones are gonna be lower. For some women so that premenstrual the week before that time that may be a time that your body is suppressing ketosis. And I instruct my clients during the time, if this is something that comes up for them, is to lean heavy on the protein feed yourself very well.

Again, acknowledging that we don’t wanna fight against what your body’s trying to do. It’s trying to you need to be well-nourished. So pick. The high protein foods the high fat foods that are your favorite. So this is the time to feast on your favorite keto friendly foods. Splurge on the expensive steaks the expensive cheeses, and just.

Don’t try to focus on, I need to lose weight right at this time. I need to lose fat. Just feed and nourish your body. Typically, what I’ve found for my women as well, that this is a struggle for them, that after two cycles on the keto protocol that I put them on they have a much easier premenstrual time that Their cycles tends to shift and go into alignment with the New Moon and that their cravings are lower and they’re much more able to stay on track with things after about two cycles of following my protocol.

If it is something in the beginning that is a struggle for you, it does get a lot better over time.

7) How Alcohol Affects Ketosis

Another thing that’s gonna suppress ketosis is alcohol.

Alcohol suppresses ketosis now it’s not just about the amount of carbs in it. So a lot of people say I drink vodka and soda, it has no carbs. So therefore I’m not suppressing ketosis. But alcohol in and among itself, even if it had zero carbs in it, will suppress ketosis. That’s just a fact of physiology.

And also this can, just this can be problematic for people as well too, because. You’re also suppressing your liver’s ability to make blood glucose. This physiologically makes you hungrier. It also can make you feel like you are gonna crave carbs a lot as well too. So just being mindful of alcohol on a keto diet, it is, can be counterproductive to your goals in a lot of different ways.

8) Cortisol Affects Ketosis

And the final one I have here that’s gonna be a ketosis killer is cortisol. There are several things that can raise cortisol in our body. And one of the ones I mentioned already is illness. So during a time of illness, cortisol is higher in the body as well. That’s another factor that’s going to suppress ketosis.

Lack of sleep raises cortisol so if you’re not getting adequate sleep even one night, or if it’s a chronic problem for you, this may be the culprit. If you have trouble staying in ketosis or getting in ketosis is examine your sleep. Acute or chronic stress, that’s a cortisol increaser as well. And a ketosis killer, a ketosis, suppressor and travel.

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So even if you’re going to a place that you love and you’re going on vacation, travel itself is just a stressor on the body. Raises cortisol. It very likely may suppress ketosis for you. Was well too. All right, so those are our top six ketosis killers. And again, they may not be what you thought. And next week’s episode, I’m gonna talk about the fear of failure.

This is something that I see in potential clients because working with ladies that often  they’ve dieted for decades. They’ve tried every diet under the sun. My last client that I enrolled to come work with me, she said that she said, I challenge you to name a diet I haven’t tried.

So this is how many diets these ladies have been on, and one of their top fears, it’s a, How do I know working with you is gonna be any different than what I’ve done before? They blame themselves for their failures. They blame themselves. I lost weight on the diet, so it wasn’t the diet’s fault, but some reason I didn’t stick with it and I gained the weight back.

That’s the diet’s fault. You need both. The diet isn’t just the weight loss part, the diet is the sustainability of it. Your ability to stick with it, to get the support, the education information about how you could actually stick with something long term. And so I’m gonna talk about. In my next episode, the fear of failure and the things that you need in place in order to not fail on your weight loss attempts.

And how our brain tends to have this black and white thinking of all or nothing. So that’s gonna be the next episode. Fear of failure, how to overcome that, how to actually be successful on your weight loss attempts when you’ve failed so many times in the past. And so this episode we’ve talked about.

Top ketosis killers. I covered six of them. It’s not too much protein, not what you thought. Insulin increase sensory input of the cephalic phase of digestion. Some sweeteners, maybe a culprit. Too high of ketones in your body. Premenstrual time for some women. Alcohol too high of cortisol. Those are my top ketosis killers that may be sabotaging your results and your ketones.

Get Personalized Keto Coaching Support

So if you liked what you heard hear today and you like to get a more. Personalized support for your keto diet. I invite you to check out my website, KetoCarole.com. I have current openings for clients and working with a very small amount of people at a time. And I only work with people by application because I wanna make sure that they’re right fit for what I can help with, and also that I’m the right person that matches what their goals are.

My approach is very comprehensive personally tailored to each person’s needs. It includes a complete keto training program, easy meal plans, live coaching calls, email support, metabolic health lab monitoring, peer support, coaches, accountability calls, and so much more. It truly is the most comprehensive keto coaching program available.

I know that to be a fact. And so if you’re ready to stop messing around and you’re ready for the next chapter of your life, Where you are the best version of yourself, I invite you to apply to work with me. So visit KetoCarole.com, See if it’s a match, and remember, share the show.

Here we go >> KetoCarole.com << check that out, see if it resonates with you. If you’d like to apply to work with me. Tell your friends if you found this valuable, share this out cuz remember, help us grow the show and we’ll help you shrink. Thank you everyone for being here today. We’ll see you next time.

Bye now.

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(Transcript provided by Descript)

Hey, we’re live everyone. This episode is gonna be controversial, I promise you!

Are you conflicted about body positivity.

Is it wrong to want to lose weight?

Can you truly be healthy at any weight, in any body size?

This episode is for you. It’s gonna be controversial, and let’s do this!

All right, welcome everyone to Keto Chat Live. I’m your host, Carole Freeman. I have a master’s in nutrition and clinical health psychology a certified clinical hypnotherapist and also a board certified ketogenic nutrition specialist. And I specialize in helping women 40 plus follow a keto diet for sustainable weight loss.

Now let’s give you the little medical disclaimer so that lawyers are happy. This show is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. Is not medical advice nor intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any condition. If you have questions, concerns about your specific medical condition, please seek out a qualified medical professional your doctor. Thanks for joining the show.

Personal Update

What’s going on in my life? I got a comedy show tonight out in Ahwatukee, which is an area of South Phoenix, and so excited about that. Got some friends coming out. Should be a really great show. It’s gonna be really fun.

Last weekend I went, or last week I went to a wedding and then took a spontaneous trip to San Francisco for the weekend, and I just, I’m so grateful for the way that I’ve designed my business that I can serve my clients at a very deep level, get them results, provide them with support. That, as I understand it, is next to none. There’s no other keto coaching support program out there that has the as much support that we have, but I still go and travel and make spontaneous trips to wherever I want to go.

Also I moved into a new co-working space in Phoenix. And with this dedicated pod podcast studio, which I’m still learning, how to set up the equipment in. And so let me know what you think of the sound. This episode and our last episode are recorded in this or broadcast live from this new podcasting studio. So let us know what you think of the sound.

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One other thing we’re working on right now is that we’re, I’m making preparations for our membership’s virtual retreat. This will be the fourth one that we’ve done, and for people that are in my long term keto membership, which again, if you want us make changes long term.

You have to have long term support. So these ladies are very smart that they’ve joined and stayed on with me for long term. So we have our virtual retreat coming up, our fall one coming up October 15th and 16th. And today it was putting together the outline for the two days. And this is the fourth one we’ve done.

People absolutely love these. It’s meant to help us connect as a community and just uplevel our keto game. And take things to the next level and just feel really connected, motivated, and excited to keep going with things. We do not record the session. So they are in Zoom. They are virtual people can join all over across the country.

You have to be one of our members to be able to participate in this and we don’t record them. And this is the way of getting people to show up live and not say, Oh, I’ll just watch the recordings later. Also helps people be able to share in really authentic and honest way knowing that nobody else is gonna be watching it later and it’s only happening their lives.

So it creates a very safe space for people. We’ve got some, just some teaser topics that we’re. We’ve got, If I can move my page without ripping the cord out here. One of our peer support coaches, Dr. Cindy Ryan, is always a very popular speaker. She speaks all over the country and so we get to the privilege of having her on our virtual retreats.

Body Positivity Bad | KCL53

We always do a cooking class and. Get to cook together. It’s really cool. We’ve brainstormed some topics as well too. So we’re gonna be doing our top keto hacks for foods and coping and travel and meal and restaurants, and also some traps and pitfalls. I’m gonna be doing a label reading class as part of this as well, so help people figure out, are those foods at this store really?

Keto friendly. And one of our other peer support coaches is an avid CrossFitter, and so she’s gonna teach some couple of movement sessions for us. So not as intense as CrossFit, but the title, working title, the zip that comes with movement, and working towards. Holiday mindset. So we plan our fall retreat right before we head into the holiday season, which for a lot of people, can be really tricky of avoiding all of those high sugar, high carb foods that come along with the holidays.

And so much more. If you are listening to this and you were one of our. Keto lifestyle crew members, guess what? You get to attend for free. And on the first of the month when your email comes out, you’ll get the registration link to join us there. If you are a former client and feel like you’re missing out and having a little bit of fomo send me a message and I’ll let you have some information about how you can join us as well.

And if you’re somebody. It’s one of our have never worked with us. Also get in touch with us and let me I will let you know how you can actually participate in this as well. And finally, the other news information, new newness, new stuff here is that I did an experiment last week where we invited a few people to come as a guest under our group coaching calls.

Would You Like a Keto Coaching Guest Spots?

People that were considering working with us, considering, wanted to know what it was like to work with a keto coach. And it was a huge success. All three of the people that came as guests are now clients for us. And so it’s very exciting because they got to see what it was like to be immersed in our group of ladies that are all very successful on keto and that are continuing this as a long term journey and If you are somebody that would be curious, maybe you wanna be able to participate in our virtual keto retreat that’s coming up.

Or if you’re just somebody who’s stuck and maybe you’ve had some success on keto, can’t figure out how to get to the next level, or you did it in the past and it worked and now you can’t figure out how to get back on track. Reach out to us and will give you some information about coming on as a guest in one of our keto coaching calls.

Let me put the email that I would love for you to send a message to. I will put it on the screen here. Here we go, you can send an email to: Support@KetoCarole.com. Carole has an e on the end. Don’t forget that. And just let my assistant will be answering those emails and let her know that you would like to information about being a guest on our group coaching calls, or if you’d like some more information about how to participate in the virtual retreat or any other questions you’ve got, please send them right over there.

All right, let’s get back to, let me see the comments all of you have. All right, so again, welcome to the show. So glad you’re here. Those of you watching live, just pop a comment out there and let me know where you’re watching from, where you’re joining. I can see we’ve got some viewers on YouTube, so participate in the chat there.

And so glad that you’re here. But today’s topic, I’m gonna be talk, talking about the body positivity. Movement, trend, whatever you want to call it, trend or theme. And so I’m gonna talk about the training that I had in this. How I lived this and tried to teach it to my clients, what that did to my health and what it did to what it was like living in that body.

I’m gonna talk about how it’s affecting the people that are coming to work with me now and their mindset and how ashamed they are. And then I’m gonna, I’m gonna break it down and say what is wrong? Oh, this is the controversial part. What is wrong with the body? Positivity. Okay. So buckle up.

This should be. I have, I feel like I have one of the best nutrition educations that is available, especially for doing the work in the weight loss space because I have a master’s in nutrition and a master’s in clinical health psychology. It is a very unique degree that I’ve got. Two master degrees simultaneously.

Oh my gosh. I lived through it. It was very stressful and a lot of hard work. But I wouldn’t trade that education for anything because it exposed me to so many different really important topics and. I did learn during school about the, about intuitive eating, mindful eating, and the health at every size movement and research that’s out there.

Is Intuitive Eating Effective for Weight Loss?

So let me tell you what those things are and they have a lot of value, but also there’s a lot of things that they get wrong, and I’m gonna break those down for you here today. Intuitive eating, this is the concept that. That if we just slow down and we really tune in to what our body is telling us it wants that we will actually be able to have a healthy body weight.

We will eat foods that nourish us and meet our nutrient needs. But I’ll tell you what, , back when I was following this, I would walk through the grocery store every night. And the bakery section always called me and I would walk through all the desserts and I would be what is my body telling me it needs right now?

Often it was, pie or cake or cookies or something like that. And I’ll tell you what, none of those are meeting my nutrient needs at all. Mindful eating is a concept, and again, all of these have things that are very valuable and I use all of these. But I’m gonna tell you also that they got a lot of things wrong.

Their piece is missing, so I’m gonna say they didn’t get things wrong, but there’s big chunks that are missing that makes these, they don’t work unless you have some other things with them. Mindful eating is this concept that if we just slow down and we use the mindfulness principles, That we also will make the most healthy choices possible, and we will just eat foods at nourishes we won’t overeat.

So mindful eating involves being present here in the now. We’re paying attention to what’s happening, the food on our plate, paying attention when we eat it to the taste, textures, and sounds of it ,  not thinking about the past nor worrying about the future. We’re just here in this moment.

Mindful Eating Effective or Not for Weight Loss?

We only notice how it feels when we’re sitting or standing, and there’s no judgment. So another piece of mindful eating is that you’re not telling yourself you’re bad for eating something or you’re good for eating something else. There’s no judgment. It’s just food something that you’re eating.

It’s no t wrong, good or bad. You just are doing it. And so mindful eating says that poor choices come from not being present in the moment, not paying attention to how the food actually tastes in our mouth. It also says, When we judge ourselves for eating certain things or craving certain things and we say, Oh, I’m a bad person because I ate this.

That further perpetuates us making those choices. And then if we tell ourselves we’re good for doing something putting moral judgment on food is what perpetuates cravings and overeating and making those poor choices. When we feel bad about ourselves, we want food to the that. That’s not really why we make those choices Now.

It can actually have an impact on what you eat. There are some foods that we just are accustomed to eating. We shovel it in our mouth. We don’t actually pay attention to how it tastes or feels in our body. And so mindful eating, and again, there, there’s a lot good in these concepts and I use. With my clients, but without the proper context of the right foods that actually do nourish our body and moving away from things that are highly palatable and trigger us on a biochemical way to to overeat them.

These things by themselves are not enough to actually help us be a healthy body weight and make. Healthful food choices that nourish our body. And then the health at every size movement this is research based. There are a lot of practitioners out there that follow this at the end chronic dieting leads to people being food obsessed.

Maybe they can lose weight temporarily, but they always regain. And that by encouraging people to try to lose weight and to be in a leaner body, that is what makes them hate themselves. It makes their health worse, and that’s what makes people regain the weight and more. And so hell that every size says it’s much better to help people just learn to love their body as it is, and that they will be healthier, even if they’re overweight, they will be healthier than if they chronically diet and gain even more weight back and.

There’s, that’s also slightly incorrect. So they have a lot of research that backs this as well, where they say that, yes, when people go on, it is true that when people diet and then they go off the diet, they gain more back. That’s the way our body’s designed. It’s not the diet or the wanting to lose weight, hating your body that made that happen.

It’s just the way that our body’s designed. And so unless you can find a way of changing your eating habits permanently that you can stick with indefinitely, yes. If you go on a temporary diet, you will gain the weight back and more. That’s the way your body’s designed. That part is very true. The part that gets wrong with the health at every size though, is they do say that.

Does Weight Loss Cause Eating Disorders?

People can be healthy at any size that it doesn’t matter. You need to separate your health from your weight. And I’ll tell you what, like all my ladies that have lost weight, we run labs on them and they get healthier. So they were not healthier at the heavier weight. And also yeah, so let me talk about those pitfalls here in just a moment.

So those are the concepts that I learned, and again, I use. With my clients now, but we’ve gotta have them in a context that makes ’em actually work. So now I live this. I embraced this wholeheartedly. I believed everything that I learned about this, and so what happened to me and I was trying to teach it to my clients, let go of trying to lose weight that’s bad.

It causes eating disorders. It just makes you weigh even more. And so just learn to love your body just as it is. Let go of the fantasy that you can ever lose weight and keep it off. It was hard. It was a hard sell. I’ll tell you that , and what happened to me is that I ended up being. Over 220 pounds. I graduated with two master’s degrees.

My Weight Story:

Over the years following, I reached over 220 pounds. So I didn’t, I wasn’t trying to diet, I wasn’t trying to lose weight. I had zero focus on that. In fact, I was one of those people. That shamed people for trying to lose weight or ever going on a diet or ever trying to eat healthier? Not that’s wrong.

Not trying to eat healthier, but people that were actively trying to watch their intake in order to facilitate a lower body fat. And I thought that was, again, I believed everything that these concepts teach, and I believe that I was better and them. Because I was not trying to lose weight and diet, but all I was doing was continuing to gain weight and I ate whole foods.

I didn’t eat junk food, didn’t go to fast food. and ate whole Foods. But again, I would end every day night with a dessert. I was definitely overeating and overconsuming and I ended up with metabolic syndrome, which I’ll tell you what, not healthy at that size. My waist measurement was 40 inches.

I had high blood pressure, I had low HDL, I had high triglycerides. So those are the four, I’m sorry, four of the five criteria for metabolic syndrome. I also likely had blood sugar that was creeping up towards the diabetic range, so I almost had all five of those. Besides that, it was miserable living in that body.

And here’s one of the things. That I see that the hell that every size model gets wrong is they discount the fact that when people are a heavier body weight, a heavier body fat percentage than what’s optimally healthy for them, it doesn’t feel good living in that body. It says not just an extra heavy weight that you’re carrying around, but the metabolic state that’s in your body, the high insulin, the excess of inflammation.

And all the other factors that go into this. The body doesn’t feel good to live in. I had stiff ankles every time I woke up in the morning. My ankles were really stiff. It was hard to walk around. I had chronic heartburn. I had skin tags, which if you have those, I grew up in a family where everyone had them when we were just told that was a part of getting older.

It turns out it’s a sign of insulin resistance. So I had skin tags. I was constantly, I was food obsessed. All I ever thought about was what am I gonna eat next? I also would have cr blood sugar crashes, so I couldn’t leave the house without actually having some snacks. If I was gonna go meet friends for a meal, I would be obsessed with let’s go to the place that’s gonna gimme the biggest portion, because I need to eat a lot of food to feel hungry or to not feel hungry.

And even then, I probably wouldn’t be very satisfied. I felt tired after meals. I also, I had to buy bigger and bigger clothes. And it’s not, it’s uncomfortable to be walking around in that body and I was definitely headed towards type two diabetes. So it was not quality of life. And again, I was not, I was focused wholeheartedly on intuitive eating, mindful eating, and just not trying to diet or lose weight.

And all it did was making me gain more weight. So the trend that I see now is body positivity. Where. Especially the health at every size or just the concept of like your body’s size is not correlated with your health status. And I’ll tell you right now, I think that loving your body at any size is absolutely paramount.

I a hundred percent, a thousand percent agree with love yourself no matter what you look like, no matter what size you are. That’s the part of this that I a hundred percent agree with the women I’m working with. Are so ashamed of themselves. Their bodies, their attempts, they are trying to be healthier.

They are trying to be leaner. They’ve tried everything on the market, every diet, every program. And yes, they have fallen in the trap of losing the weight and gaining it back and even more. But that’s not because. They need to just give in and learn to love their bigger body and being overweight. So the part that I agree with is you are worthy, lovable.

And acceptable as you are, no matter what size you are, no matter what body percent fat you have, I a hundred percent agree with that. Body positivity is a great thing. We need to let women shake off that shame that they need to be a certain perfect thing that’s on magazine cover that’s photoshopped and totally unrealistic.

That needs to, that should stop. But what I’m seeing is, With the movement the other way of, Oh no, you can actually be whatever size and you can be healthy and you don’t need that. It’s wrong to try to lose weight because that’s bad for you. The women that are coming to me for help, they actually are often ashamed to admit that they would like to be slimmer, leaner.

They have been leaner in the past and they know that they felt better in that. And they’re ashamed to admit this because we’re living in this world now where it’s all about, nope. Just learn to love your body and let it be as big as it wants to be, and you can feel great, and there’s no negative side effects or consequences of living that way.

But these ladies know that’s not true. They have chronic headaches and low energy and food obsession. They’ve got aches, joints, and pain in everywhere in their body. They have different, some of them have disease diagnoses and autoimmune conditions. Not all of them do, but a lot of them do. They’ve, it’s just really uncomfortable living these bodies.

Should We Give Up On Weight Loss?

They know that because they’ve been slimmer in the past and they felt much better, and so it’s not necessarily the extra fat on their body. It’s about what is going on inside and the health consequences of the higher insulin and the inflammation and so on and so forth. And they’re ashamed that they want to be smaller, leaner, slimmer.

They’re ashamed to tell me this and I have to validate that. No, I get it. I get it. When you’re living in a body that’s unhealthy and has more fat on it than is healthy for you, it feel it’s a lot of burden to carry. It’s hard being tired all the time and having aches and pains and being food obsessed and then getting this message that’s bad to want to change that.

And they have a hard time facing the fact that am I supposed to just give up and settle with gaining weight each year, buying bigger clothes, adding more medications, and feeling more tired and uncomfortable in my. Is that the only option? So let’s talk more now about what those concepts got wrong and the problems I have with the.

Body positivity. Now I’m using that as a as umbrella term. And I told you at the beginning this would be a little controversial. So I, again, to clarify, I have zero problem with being positive about our bodies. In fact, I actually think that’s a wonderful thing. I want all of my women to feel amazing about themselves as a person and their body.

And you can love yourself. So what they get wrong is it’s not dichotomy. You don’t have to hate your body in order to want to lose weight. Jut love yourself just as you are and strive to feel good and get healthier. You can want to be the best version of yourself. And being a lower body fat in the healthy range actually can be part of that of loving.

So women’s bodies are generally healthiest at 22 to 29% body fat. So that’s where I help my clients set a goal to be somewhere in that range. Now, not all of ’em get there. They may not get there really quickly. But that’s what a realistic goal of a healthy women’s body fat percentage is. And in fact, puberty is actually triggered in little girls once they hit 22% body fat.

That’s the signal that tells their body it’s time to go through puberty and. This is why it’s happening younger and younger is because our children are getting heavier and heavier, more body fatted and much younger age than previously. So this is, it’s not the hormones and the milk or anything like that.

It’s the percentage of body fat. That’s what triggers puberty. And so wanting to lose weight, wanting, specifically wanting to lose fat is not inherently bad. That is not what causes eating disorders. It’s not what cause. The rebound effect of regaining the weight. Now again, for my clients, we’re checking metabolic labs at the beginning of their journey, and we’re watching that over time.

And they’re all getting better. It’s because we’re getting at the root cause of what’s causing the fatigue and the food obsession and the inflammation all of those things. And, people, they always feel better when they get their body fat. For example, one of my peer support coaches, Karen, she’s lost over 70 pounds and she figured out that her two twin grandsons holding both of them, they weigh less than that, but trying to hold them and walk around all day long.

it was a lot of extra burden on her body. It would be, of course, it would be hard to carry 70 pounds around all day long. Of course, it’s gonna feel easier to move around through life and do everything that you want to do from walking up and down stairs to putting your shoes on, to chase on your grandkids around.

Of course, it’s gonna feel easier to move through life with 70 less pounds that you’re carrying around.

Things That Do Not Cause Eating Disorders

And also losing weight itself and also food restriction is not what causes eating disorders. In fact, I’ve worked with several people on keto that have had diagnosed eating disorders and it actually improved their eating disorder. It removes the food obsession. It removes the constant hunger, it removes the blood sugar roller coaster That contributes to both those things, and we’re also The way that I teach keto, we’re removing hyper palatable foods.

So again, if you haven’t listened to any of my past episodes, hyper palatable food combo is fat and sugar together, or carbs and fat, or sweet and fat together that triggers our. To crave it, or brain to crave it, and it triggers us to overeat it. That’s the core of Binge Eating Disorder. And instead, we tell people that if you just love yourself, if you just have moderation, if you don’t feel bad about yourself while you’re eating it, and you just slowly eat it and enjoy it, you won’t struggle with binge eating disorder.

That’s bs. Our body, our brain, are specifically designed to crave those foods and overeat them. There’s no amount of self-love moderation or non-judgmental eating you can do that’s gonna make you not overeat those foods. So some food restrictions, some drawing a line in the sand. And I prefer, instead of talking about food restriction, I help my clients look at here’s all the foods that you can eat.

Focus on what you do. Like the foods that I can coach my clients to eat, I’ll tell you what, they could have unlimited food accommodations. They would never have to eat the same meal again for the rest of their lives. There is so much variety, they’re not deprived. And once they get to the point of no longer being food obsessed, no longer overeating, plenty of energy free from aches and pains, freedom moving around and feeling so much better in their body.

They don’t look at it as a restriction either. They look at it as freedom. So this is, again, this is where these concepts are getting things wrong. They have pieces missing, and the truth is you can lose weight and keep it off if you find the right approach, a way of eating that you can stick with indefinitely the rest of your life along with the right kind of support.

Because guess what? Our whole world, our food supply is all designed to make us overeat. It crave. And not be able to have moderation. So it’s not the concept of losing weight, it’s not trying to lose weight that makes these things, It’s the foods , it’s the food fault. So again, I’m a hundred percent for loving your body and yourself exactly where you are, and you don’t have.

Give up on trying to be the healthiest version of yourself, right? So when somebody wants to try to climb Mount Everest, we applaud that. Oh my gosh, what a feat of human human achievement. Good for you. Or somebody wants to do a marathon, somebody wants to be a do an Iron Man or one of those tough mutter races.

Good for you. You’re trying to see what you can achieve in your body. It’s within the parameters of what would be considered a good thing to do. We’re so proud of you for doing that. Why then, is it something that we consider to be bad, that people are trying to achieve a healthy body fat percent? Achieve the healthiest version of their body.

How Can I Help You With Your Keto Weight Loss!

Now again, I’m not helping people trying to get to that bikini body where they have a six pack on a woman’s body. That’s just not a healthy body fat percentage for women. It’s not sustainable. I’m helping people get to a body that feels good to live in their labs reflect that they’re healthy on the inside as well, and they’re free.

Of all those aches and pains and just the things that don’t feel good to live. And so while I agree with body positivity in that you should love yourself, you are lovable, your body is perfect the way that it is, and also if it doesn’t feel good, it’s okay to attempt to lose weight and to get the right support, and they’re figuring that out and not giving up on it.

What do you think about that? What do you think about that? All right. I can’t wait to see your comments. I hope that nobody has any hate messages. Again, I appreciate the messages of the health at every size, mindfully eating, intuitive being. Those are things that I do bring, but again, they’re missing.

They’re missing some really important pieces. So let me tell you about how I then bring in the health at every size. Okay. Again, I believe that you are lovable and you should be positive about your body at any size, but the piece that’s missing is that it’s okay to try to lose weight and get the right support and get that figured out.

Intuitive eating when I use this all the time with my clients, in the context of a whole Foods well formulated ketogenic diet, you can absolutely use intuitive beating. I have my clients. Eat until they’re hungry. They stop eating when they’re full. That’s intuitive eating. They select foods that they enjoy , like,  and eat what sounds good within the parameters of a whole foods well formulated keto diet.

They don’t eat foods that don’t sound good to them ,maybe they’re hungry for a meal and so then they look within the refrigerator or at the grocery store. What foods sound or look good to. You can absolutely use intuitive eating, then it’s wonderful.

Also Check Out: Top 5 Reasons People Fail on Keto

There’s no amount of ounces of water that I have my clients drink. When you’re thirsty, drink some water. If you’re not thirsty, you don’t need to drink a certain amount of water. Again, in the right context, these concepts are amazing. The mindful eating as well. When you’re eating a whole foods well formulated ketogenic diet, can let go of judgment

because a lot of my ladies have been told that they’d eat very little, eat lots and lots of vegetables. But if you’re eating vegetables is making you feel bloated. You aren’t enjoying it. Mindfulness in this case is gonna be about how does it taste and feel in your mouth? How does it feel in your body as you’re eating it and digesting it?

Which of those foods align with you and make you feel good? Which ones don’t make you feel good for long term? Those are, that’s how I’m using mindful eating with my clients in the right context.

All right. Looking forward to hearing,

hearing your thoughts on all this. I saw a comment the other day in a Facebook group from dieticians that were saying how there are some people out there, they’re promoting health at every size, but they also are trying to help people lose weight. And how that’s heresy. It’s the antithesis of it, but the health is, every size model does actually say that you.

Engage in movement and eat healthfully because it feels good, and I agree with that as well. That’s another thing intuitively that I have my clients do, is that when they feel like they have lots of energy and they want to go do movement or exercise or activity, whatever you wanna call it, I encourage them, do something that feels good to you, that you enjoy doing that feels good in your body, not because you need to burn a certain amount of calories.

You need to do that to lose weight, do movement because it feels good and you have the energy to do it. So that’s another example of how I bring those concepts into what I do.

All right. We’re coming, wrapping this up here. So please leave your comments, questions. Hopefully you can see how well rounded my approach is and. I’m taking the best of all these things. So really the approach that I have is very unique. It’s very common learned and mushed it all together into a wonderful, very comprehensive approach that does take count psychology about chemistry, the neurochemistry, the hormones and labs, and so much more.

Really go my ladies, be the healthiest version of themselves and feel mentally and physically as good as they can. So next episode I’m gonna have a guest on. I love her so much, Amber O’Hearn, and we’re gonna talk about the keto diet, sleep and satiety. So come back for our next episode. Today, we talked all about body positivity.

We talked about the parts that I like about it, the parts that they’re getting right. We talked about the parts that they’re getting wrong and we talked about what the whole picture looks like and. It’s actually gonna help people actually be the healthiest version of themselves. All right, So if you liked what you heard today and you’d like to get more personalized support for your keto diet, I invite you to check out my website, KetoCarole.com.

Join My Keto Program!

I do work very closely with my clients. It is the most comprehensive keto program that’s out there. It has the most support available for any weight loss program. I do only work with my clients by application. So since I’m working so closely with them, I work with people by application. We do a very thorough vetting process to make sure that it’s a match for both of us.

And so if you’re ready to stop messing around, you’re ready for a next chapter of your life where you can be the best version of yourself. If you’re somebody who’s really successful in all the area, other areas of your life, but this is just the one little piece you’re like, Why can’t I figure this out?

You probably are really good. Fit to work with me. So apply to work with me, visit my website, KetoCarole.com, see if we’re a match. And again, right now we’re offering some guest spots on our group coaching calls so you can really, thoroughly get a taste of what it’s like to work with us. And that’s all for now. Thank you so much for being here today.

Remember, share this. If you found this interesting, if you found this helpful, share it with a friend. Help us grow the show and I’ll help you shrink. Thank you all for being here today. We’ll see you next time. Bye.

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Carole Freeman: We’re live, everyone.

Are you ashamed to tell anyone when you start a new diet? Do you hesitate even trying to change your eating habits out of fear of failing yet?

Guess what this episode is for you.

LIMITED TIME: Guest Spots in Our Group Coaching

Another update here before we get into the show topic today is that I decided to do a little experiment where I’m opening up some guest spots on my group coaching my keto coaching calls.

So normally the only people that get access to those or people that have or current members going through. Program that I work through with people. Very comprehensive program that has full training and lots and tons of support. And as part of that they get twice weekly group coaching calls with me, small groups.

And so I thought I’d just see if there’s some people out there that were. Curious about maybe what it’s like to work with a keto coach, but weren’t quite ready to take the full dive and wanted just a little taste of what it’s like to work with me. And so I currently have three people.

Yeah. So I opened up I’m just gonna do one spot per call, so I’m limiting that. Cause I want it to be, It is primarily for my current clients also. Oh. So people that have finished my front end program are welcome to stay on for the back end membership as well. So those are the only people that typically can have access to me on those calls.

And so I’m doing a little trial to give some guests spots out. I have those booked up for next week already. And I’ve got another person that. The point of trying to schedule the one spot. Potentially have two spots a week. And again, this is meant to be, it’s not meant to be like just free coaching or anything like that.

It’s meant to be you’re considering getting a keto coach. Maybe you’ve listened to a lot of my episodes in my podcast and you are curious what it would be like to actually work with me and. It’s a next step in that process of seeing what it’s like. Just get a little trial run with us.

Not only get my support, but be able to hang out with my keto members that are very successful and you get to hear their motivational stories and get tips from them as well too. So if that’s something you’re interested in I’ll give you contact info at the end of this show if that’s something you would like to just try it out and see what it’s like to hang out with us in real time live where you can actually talk to all of us.

Fear of Dieting Failure

All right, let’s go on with the show topic today. So today’s topic is about fear of failure. This came up, this idea for this topic came up because I’ve been I speak with everybody. Personally one on one on a Zoom call before they become a client with me, and they spend at least an hour with them.

Typically, sometimes it goes an hour and a half to two hours. And I really want to understand the journey that people have been on the goals, why it’s so important to them to lose weight and keep it off. Specifically why they’re looking to trying keto specific needs that they have. What are the obstacles?

What are. It about their lifestyle that makes it so that they have everybody has unique needs about how they need to have a dietary approach that will fit their lifestyle. So many dietary approaches out there make people just, oh, change everything and then it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, right?

So have you ever done those programs where you got bars and shakes and things like that? And so what if your friend’s having a birthday party and you can’t go to the restaurant for their birthday, or you just go off your diet? I spend a lot of time talking with the people before they become a client.

And this way I know that I can help them. I know what their struggles are. I know what they’re looking for, what they need, and that way I can make sure that I’m the right person to help them with all that. And because I’ve spent so much time with people, and I’ve been doing this for six, And a half plus, maybe seven years.

Now, that’s a lot of people. I’ve talked to a lot of ladies, so I really understand the ladies that I work with. I understand their struggles, what they’ve been through. And this topic idea came to me after, it’s a common one that people have that I’m afraid to try again.

I’m afraid to work with you , afraid to try keto ,  afraid to try to lose weight in general. A lot of people have that fear because they’ve failed so many times. The ladies I’m working with have dieted for decades, most of their adult life and name a diet. They’ve done it. , so some of them, a lot of them have that.

The percentage of how much that fear impacts them though varies from person to person. I talked to a lady recently that she was almost paralyzed with that fear of, what if I fail again? And for her, she thought it was something wrong with her. So maybe you identify with that as well. Maybe everybody’s on this, the spectrum somewhere of maybe they have tiny bit of fear that they might fail.

Gain the weight back, not be able to stick with it. Or maybe they have a hundred percent fear and they’re paralyzed. That’s where this woman was. So anywhere you’re at on that continuum, I’m gonna chat about this today hang out with me. Give me a, if you’re watching live s put a comment in the chat box here and let me know.

It looks like I can’t see who’s live on LinkedIn, so I don’t. Brand new this week is, we’re broadcasting to LinkedIn. That’s a new one. We typically do in our Facebook group, we do to my YouTube channel, and we’re doing it to LinkedIn, my LinkedIn profile this time. But that’s brand new to me. It doesn’t show me who’s watching from there.

If you’re watching live, I don’t know how that works. So anyways, if you. Watching from LinkedIn, give me a comment as well, but just tell me where you’re joining us from. I do love this to be an interactive conversation here as we’re going along. So feel free to add comments, questions in it as we go.

And yeah, so this idea for this topic came after I had chatted with this woman, and again, she was nearly paralyzed with fear of failing. And so I realized this is a really important topic. We need to talk about because it’s not actually your fault this whole thing of. You go on a diet, you lose some weight, maybe you can stick with it for two weeks.

And I’ll tell you what, I was a terrible dieter before could never stick with anything very long. I remember trying Jenny Craig, the terrible little food, the tiny little portions, and was like, I’m starving on this , can’t stick with this.

I made it a day or two, or a meal or two. ,don’t know , and couldn’t stick with anything. Maybe some of you are good at sticking with something for months and months. Part of why my approach is so comprehensive is because I know for people. It can be really hard to make those changes. It can be really hard to stick with it long term. And so when I started my approach knowing that I was a bad dieter, I wanted to throw everything I’d ever studied about behavior change, the psychology of appetite, regulation the biochemistry of that, neurochemistry of it and cravings and so on and so forth.

And I wanted to throw the kitchen sink, everything I’d ever learned. Into my approach. And so that’s what I makes what I do. So unique, and I’m just going to share so much with you all tonight. I’ve missed you so much. It’s been way too long. So and where was I going with that? All right we chat there.

Okay. The fear of failure and You can stick with a diet for a short period of time, but your body is designed to get fatigue from dieting, restricting, and losing weight for a really long period of time. And so it’s really normal then that your body wants to try to regain the weight and. Most diets out there, they have this fantasy, this fallacy that you have this, it’s a temporary thing you do, and then you get to keep the weight off.

It’s magic. It’s a quick fix. Let me just, I’ve got some out an outline here. Let me go forward with that a little more. Thoughtfully here instead of just my rambling thoughts about this. Yeah, so like I said, one of the biggest fears of the obstacles of women that I work with is fear.

Fear at failing at dieting. And they’ve tried everything under the sun. Our bodies are really designed to gain that weight back.  I know that you think there’s something wrong with you, so if this is something that is a fear for you, it’s not you. I’ll tell you, everyone I talk to that they thought there’s something wrong with them.

They have the fantasy that everyone else out there is able to lose weight really easily and stick with it, and it’s never a problem again. But I’ll tell you what, almost everybody has this struggle. And so you didn’t fail the diet. The diet failed. Okay, so we’ve been totally brainwashed by the diet industry.

Now I’m gonna talk about four different things, four different things. Lies, myths brainwashing portions of the diet industry. These are the things that are failing you and not the other way around. So the diet mentality. Temporary. It’s a black and white thing. It’s something you go on and you go off.

Why Diet Mentality Set Us up for Failure

The fantasy that is a quick fix and there’s something wrong with your body, that is why you’re gaining weight. And so the diet fixes that , then number four then is no long-term support. So let’s talk a little bit more in depth about each of these areas where all those diets out there that you’ve tried before, where they’ve failed you.

So the diet mentality is that. And with my clients we’re working really hard at unraveling this. Okay, so gimme a yes in the comments or a why. If you’ve ever followed a diet that had this kind of mentality where you have to eat very little and you just have to get used to the fact that you’re gonna feel hungry, you’re gonna feel deprived and.

You’re going to it, you’re going to eat in this way, that’s totally unsustainable because that’s how you have to lose weight. You’re gonna have probably shakes and bars and meal replacement things and very special unpalatable, not tasty things. And that’s just what a diet is. You need to have a shake in the morning or a smoothie or something blended up so you can just chug it cuz you’re too busy to make a real.

And that’s how you can get through it. And since you have cravings all the time, you need those sweet shakes and bars and other snacky things in order to be able to stick with it so that’s all the diet mentality. Oh, and you need to eat six times a day and you drink your. Bo body weight in ounces of water.

I could go on, You need 47 servings of fruits and vegetables every single day. You need to eat small little portions, eat a giant salad and a tiny portion of meat, eat meat like it’s a condiment. Okay? So all of that is the diet mentality is what I call it. Is what you’ve been lied to about how to diet, how to lose weight, how to eat in a way that you lose weight.

And then the number two thing that I said that. How you’ve been brainwashed by the dieting industry is that you’re taught that this is something temporary. You do, It’s terrible. It doesn’t taste good. It’s not satisfying, but that’s okay. You don’t have to stick with it very long. We’re told that it’s a black and white thing.

The Fantasy of Magical Weight Loss Transformation

You’re on your diet or you’re off your diet. The only way you can suffer through the miserable food you’re eating, and the hunger is knowing that you don’t have to do it forever. Okay, This is another lie. This is another lie that. And that you can magically then transform back into maintenance, right?

So you stick with this crazy, unsustainable way of eating to lose the weight until you lose the weight. And then your body, you will be so motivated because you hit that number on the scale. You’ll be so motivated that will. Take over everything biologically that happens in your body and overcome all of that.

Magically it’s like a wave of a wand that you’ll just keep the weight off, that you can go back to eating the foods that you were eating before. You can eat what you ate before that made you overweight. But now it’s magic. It’s magic now that once you lose the weight, you will be motivated to keep it off.

Quick but Temporary Fix

Okay. Give me a yes if this is a lie that you’ve told yourself before. We all have my ladies think, before they work with me they think that as well. The number three lie, brainwashing lie that you’ve believed is that it’s a quick fix. There was something wrong with you. That’s why you are overweight.

Why everyone else out in the world can just eat whatever they want and they don’t have to be conscientious of what they’re eating, but there’s something wrong with your body and you need to fix it. And by losing weight, that will fix your body. It will fix what’s broken, and then you won’t lo won’t gain the weight.

Have you thought this too? Give me, gimme a yes. If that’s one of the ones that you tend to fall a trap you fall into too, you think of yeah. No, I just it I can’t wait to go back to eating X, Y, Z again. I can’t wait to have my cupcakes and fries again. Because, Once I lose the weight, my body will be fixed.

Long Term Keto Diet Support from Carole Freeman

It won’t gain the weight. And the number four brainwashing lie of the diet industry is there’s no long term support. And this kind of, they all kind of overlap, right? So it’s a temporary thing, it’s a quick fix. It’s not something you need to do forever. This is all fantasy world. Again. This is how diets have failed you.

It’s not your fault. The truth is however long you want to keep the weight off, that’s how long you have to make a dietary change. So we have to face the fact that whatever you were eating before is the culprit. Your poor eating habits, the highly processed, refined foods, the overeating, the wrong combinations for your body, that’s what caused the weight gain and.

You have to change, have to eat something different than you what you’ve been eating, and you can’t just do something temporarily and then it fixes everything magically. You can’t, You have to have a permanent change. So I don’t care what way of eating that you want to do, that’s your number one step is find a way of eating.

It’s different than what you’re doing that’s gaining the weight. Find a way of eating that you can sustain that you would like to Maybe that maybe you feel like you don’t know how to sustain it, but the food tastes good and the satisfying you enjoy it and you could see yourself eating that way indefinitely.

Okay, so that’s step one. How you have to get away from this. Moving out of the fear of failing is identify a way of eating for you that is something that you could see yourself sticking with indefinitely. For the most part. Maybe there’s some occasional breaks in there. But for example, I’ve got I’ve got a lady on my email list.

I don’t know if she listens to my podcast or not, but she’s on my email list and every once in a while she checks in with me. Interestingly, so our sons were in Boy Scouts together and my son is now 27, so I’m sure her son is somewhere around that age. And I knew her from, oh, I went, 20 plus years ago is when I knew her.

And so she updates me every once in a while that she’s been following. She doesn’t want to, she doesn’t wanna do keto. She says I like my carbs. And so she’s been following She’s been following nom and that’s more of a psychological, it’s like calorie counting plus a little bit of psychology in there portion awareness and things like that.

And she’s lost 98 pounds, and I think at this point it, maybe it’s been a year or so, and she’s in the maintenance phase of the program and I think that’s great. She identified that she didn’t want to do something where she had to restrict carby foods. And so I told her that something that where you’re due calorie counting, so if you don’t.

Find a Way of Eating That Fits You

Follow certain foods that you overeat and to overeat you’re gonna have to count calories. And so for her, that seemed like a better choice for her lifestyle, and it’s working for her. So I’m so happy. So that’s your number one step of the fear of failure is finding a way of eating that fits that you can see yourself.

Indefinitely because guess what? However long you wanna keep the weight off, that’s how long you have to change your diet. Okay. So we gotta get rid of the ideas temporary? Nope. From day one, when my clients are working with me, we’re actually figuring out what is their baseline way of eating that they can stick with because we’re eating in a way that we’re getting rid of cravings, we’re using natural appetite regulation by certain parameters of what we’re eating.

So they get. As much as they want of certain foods because they’re naturally satisfying. They taste good, feel fill them up and want to stop eating when they’re done. They don’t have hunger and appetite all day long. We’re looking at different cues that cause us to have cravings and things like that.

So we’ve got a full parameter here that teaches you how to eat in a way that kind of takes us back. Before we had all these industrialized, highly processed, highly palatable food combinations and. While we call it keto, it’s more of just going back to an ancestral way of eating that is in alignment with how our bodies are designed to work.

And that ends up being really individual for each person. And so again, number one, we gotta get rid of this temporary quick fix thing. Diet mentality. Let’s see. Let me just go through all four of these and bust these down into what you really need to focus on. So diet mentality. This is one for my ladies.

I’ve gotta break this, right? So we’re not doing bars and shakes. All of those things actually just encourage overeating. How many of you done Slim Fast Diet where you do two shakes and a sensible meal? I tried that too. Those shakes were not filling at all. In fact, I ate, I drank one, and then I wanted a full meal.

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There was nothing about those that were satisfying. It was just like, okay, that tasted like chocolate milk. Now where’s my food? Never worked for me. I have to break them of that. For some of them they’re used to. That’s what a diet is. If I’m losing weight, I have to have bars and shakes, and I have to be hungry and I have to drink a ton of water, and I gotta eat all these vegetables.

How To Make Keto Quick and Easy

We gotta scrap that, throw it in the garbage. We’re done with that. So we’re gonna eat real food. I teach them how to eat in a way that’s make it so fast and easy and simple. That it’s just as fast as making one of those shakes. It could be as easy as grabbing a bar because you’re just grabbing food.

For example, for me, I have hard boiled eggs in my fridge and I have sliced cheese, and I have sliced deli meat all the time. Those are stables, and so anytime I want a quick and easy breakfast, my first meal of the day, I can grab some hard build eggs and some sliced. Or even mozzarella string cheese.

Okay, meal is done. That’s faster than making a smoothie. That’s faster than making a shake. It’s just as fast as grabbing a bar and you can eat it on the go to if you don’t even wanna stop and eat. So we’re getting rid of the diet mentality. We’re switching to eating real food. Real whole foods simple.

Real whole foods. And if you don’t like meal prep, I’m teaching my clients let’s make this fit your lifestyle. Do you do me a prep? Now, if you don’t, let’s make it so that when you go grocery shopping, you’re buying things that are already prepped for you. Somebody else has done the prep, they’ve sliced the cheese, they have hard welded eggs for you.

They’ve sliced the deli meat. On and on. Make it just as easy as that. But we’re gonna have to switch to real foods because that’s what’s gonna help bring in natural appetite regulation. Anytime we’re eating these highly processed things, like I mentioned the slim fast shake, highly processed, sweetened, all those things trigger eating more, not less.

So we’re gonna undo the diet mentality. We’re gonna let go. . The next thing we’re gonna do is you gotta do is get rid of the idea that it’s temporary. So I talked about this one already. This was the first thing I was giving you a reality check on is that, However long you want to lose weight, keep the weight off.

How Long Do You Have To Maintain Your Keto Eating Habits?

That’s how long you need to stick with your new eating habits. Okay. A again, this is the brainwashing of the diet industry is that they say no. Just a temporary thing. You just do this crazy restricted thing. A very dear friend of mine, I love her to death. And I don’t really like to work with my close friends and family.

They do what they want to do. If they wanna work on keto, I’m here to help them, but I’m not going to try to convert anybody. But she’s working out with a personal trainer and they gave her this crazy diet plan, which is I don’t remember Nine cups of vegetables a day, and they have to all be raw and meats, but no fats at all.

And so it’s basically like meat and raw vegetables. And I’m like, Oh girl, she’s gonna have so much gas . But and, but also I’m sure that she’s going into it as well. It’s just a temporary thing. I don’t have to do this forever. It’s not gonna taste good and I’m gonna crave all the stuff I normally eat But it’s just temporary and she’s also going to it as well as I gotta start it next week.

So I’m gonna eat all the bread and carbs this entire week cuz I won’t be able to eat them on my temporary diet. All right? So get rid of that idea. If you wanna lose weight and keep it off. If you wanna not fail at weight loss, you have to make a permanent. You have to find something you can change indefinitely.

And I often use on the show, I talk about the I with a gym membership, right? If you wanna be fit, that you have to go workout regularly, you have to do cardio, weight training, whatever it is. You wanna do your Zoom classes, you have to do that all the time. If you wanna stay fit, we know that if you go work out for six weeks, It isn’t Oh, I don’t have to ever work out again.

Temporary Weight Loss Diet

I’m so fit now the rest of my life, my muscles will just stay this way. My cardiovascular training will stay this way. We know fitness-wise that we have to do it as long as we wanna stay fit. Why have we bought this lie with the dieting world that you do a temporary diet. That’s how you lose weight and keep it off.

Why have we bought this lie? Why have we bought this lie? So you need a permanent change. Find a way of eating that you enjoy. Now, all my ladies that work with me, they choose keto. I’m not trying to convince them of that. I’m working with people that are seeking that out because they get the satiety from the protein focus.

We’ve got adequate fat that triggers different hormones as well, that triggers satiety and all the other things that we’re doing to make it tasty and satisfy. And turn off the cravings and lower the appetite. So it’s so easy to stick with. So find whatever it is that you wanna stick with. And the next one.

So number three then, is that quick fix thing. We gotta stop the idea that the short term crazy diet is what fixes why you’ve gained weight. That’s not true at all. So the reason, the reasons that. Gain weight are, they’re multiple, but we live in an obesogenic society, basically. Is the ground floor reason for this is that all the foods around us, and I was looking, listening to a podcast today, that the guy was saying that 60%, the average US citizen, 60% of their calories come.

Highly processed, ultra processed foods. So 90% of the grocery store, right? So not the perimeter where the vegetables and the meats and the natural fats are, but everything in the middle. It’s all the highly processed foods. 60% of people’s calories are coming from those things and all those ultra processed foods, q overeating, they have low satiety, meaning when you eat.

They don’t ever make you feel full. You don’t wanna stop eating them, and they’re also hyper palatable. So it’s two things. They don’t make you feel like you wanna stop eating and they make you feel like you wanna keep eating them. Those are actually two different things, but they couple together, so you overeat them.

High in calories, so they’re carbs and fat together. That highly palatable combination that cues you to overeat it. We also do very little expenditure of energy or muscles or anything like that. You literally can sit in your bed and order food or shopping. You can work from your bed. Now you don’t even ever have to leave to your bed except to go to the bathroom maybe.

And so we don’t have. Exercise that we’re doing. That’s a small portion of it,

but mostly it’s the food environment. There’s, there’s multiple other factors, but that’s most of it is the food choices we’re making. And Also our bodies are wired. Our brain is wired to seek out food. Never stop after one bag of Doritos. All right. Is this my kid or just somebody else who happens to

Yeah. Get the bigger bags than you then you don’t ever have to stop. Yeah, there’s a reason why, the Lays slogan is. I bet you can’t just eat one. Maybe they change that slogan. I don’t know if they still have that anymore. So highly palatable food environment that we live in and our bodies, our brains are wired to seek out food, especially high calorie density foods, and to eat as much as possible.

Our bodies for most people are designed to gain fat as much as possible, cuz most of human exist. Food was pretty scarce, and so our bodies have been designed, evolved over time to. Eat as much food as possible, move as little as possible, and to gain weight for the times when we wouldn’t even have any food.

Ah, now, fast forward to today, when we have so much food that’s so cheap and available in excessive quantities, that’s why you gained weight. It’s not that you didn’t go on a temporary diet to fix it, so this idea that it’s gonna fix what’s wrong with your body, no. Your body’s doing exactly what. Meant to do.

It’s supposed to do, it’s wired to do, to eat lots of food and gain it. So there’s no diet that’s gonna fix how your body is designed and wired to do it. So you have to eat in a way that is going to be able to be sustainable, not a quick fix. All right, And then the fourth one is also probably one of the most important ones, is no long term support.

Again, because they’re temporary, you do it short term. Again, using the gym analogy, however long you wanna be fit is how long you have to work out. However long you want to lose weight and keep it off. That’s how long you need support for. And because our bodies are designed our brains and our bodies are designed to overeat and gain weight and we live in a world where there’s that food is just to reach away.

How are you gonna manage that? How are you gonna stick with it? Most people say, Oh, I can’t, ketos too hard to stick with. It’s not sustainable. Guess what? Every way of eating that’s healthy is too hard. Unless you have the right things in place, you need that support. Now. When I looked at, I need to make that noise, stop.

Let’s see if I close it. If it will stop making those noises. I don’t know if you can hear that or not. Hopefully not. And Two years ago when I developed my long term support membership for my clients, I looked at the research and research shows that one of the most important things that people get when they are able to lose weight for a year or longer keep it off, is that they get that support for a year or longer.

And so this is because you have to have that community, you have to train your brain that you behave like these people and not like all the other people in the world that are overeating, highly processed. So the support is really important. One, it’s gonna help you break through plateaus. So having the support not only of an expert that can help you know what to do and how to find the way that’s sustainable for you, your personality, your lifestyle, your specific body needs, but also having a community of people that are successful as well, that are doing it, that are fighting the current and they’re going against the trend of overeating.

80% of the population is . So the support that I’m talking about then is two things. An expert guide, a coach, but also a community of people that are successful that you can lean into and that you can. Copy their behavior. Have you ever heard the phrase that your income is the average of five closest friends?

Guess what? Your eating habits are the average of your five closest friends. So make your closest friends people that are successful. So whether you work with a keto coach like me, or whether you find that community yourself that you can hang out with make sure that is part of your equation.

Again, these were the four things that need to happen. That, No, the four reasons why you failed at diets in the past. It’s again, it’s not that you failed, the diets failed you, and then basically we swap those around and those are the four things you have to do differently in order to succeed. All right, so

let’s see. Okay, covered that. Let me look at this. All right, so again, let me just recap. You’ve been brainwashed by the diet. Industry into thinking that it was your fault that you failed a diet, but it’s not true. There are four things that they lied to you about that you need to do the opposite of. So ditch to the diet mentality.

Stop doing shakes and bars and sweets and things like that. Eat real food. Get rid of the idea. That’s a temporary thing. That’s crazy. Doesn’t taste good. Find a way of eating that you. That’s conducive to weight loss and health that you could potentially see yourself sticking with indefinitely. Get rid of the idea that a diet fixes what’s wrong with your body.

Your body’s doing what it’s designed to by seeking out food and overeating it and get some long term support. And just another little plug for the experiment I’m doing, I said at the beginning of the top of the. I’m doing a little experiment where I’m inviting guests to come on my coaching calls. So we’re allowing one person per call.

I’ve got them booked up already this week. And but if it’s something you’re interested in, if you’re thinking about, maybe that’s what’s caused the failure in the past for you, is you didn’t get the right support supporting expert that can help you navigate. The water’s a finding a way of eating that fits for you, but also a community of people that are successful that you can make your five closest friends.

Professional Keto Coaching Support

And so fear of failing at weight loss. Again, it’s not your fault. The diet failed you, so get the right things in place. So if you like what you’ve heard here today you’d like to get a little more personalized support for your keto diet. Again, if you’d like to try out what it would be like to have a keto coach by being a guest on one of my small group coaching calls reach out.

So send an email to support@ketocarole.com. Carole has an E on the end. It’s the very fancy French spelling of Carole, send an email. Let us know that you’d like to try it out. You’d like to see what it would be like to have your five closest friends as successful keto people that are sticking with it and not failing at weight loss again.

All right, so if you are one of the people that are ready to stop messing around and get ready for the next chapter of your life where you’re the best version of yourself. Send us an email, come check out what it’s like to work with us and all the other successful keto people. Alright, that’s the wrap everyone.

Today’s topic of fear of failure at dieting and the four things you need to flip on your head in order to get the success that you want so you can get a diet that works for you. You’re not the reason that it didn’t work. Thank you all for being here. I will see you again next time. That’s all for now.

Thanks. Bye.

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Carole Freeman: Oh, hey, we’re live, everyone. Now, are you like most of my clients? And you’ve had successful weight loss diets in the past, you’ve lost a lot of pounds, but for some reason you always gain it back and even more. Do you wonder what’s wrong with you?

Do you feel like it’s your fault? Would you like to learn best strategies for avoiding regaining the weight? Then this episode, as you stay tuned today, I’m sharing the tricks our body plays, on us, to get us to regain the weight. It’s not your fault how we are designed to regain even more. And the three things you need in order to overcome this yo-yo dieting cycle.

Welcome everyone to Keto Chat Live. I’m your host, Carole Freeman. I’ve a master’s degree in nutrition and clinical health psychology. I’m also a certified clinical hypnotherapist and a board certified ketogenic nutrition specialist. I specialize in helping women 40 plus follow a keto diet for sustainable health and weight loss. Medical disclaimer. This show is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not meant as medical advice or intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any condition. If you have any questions or concerns about your specific medical condition, advice for yourself, please seek out the care of an integrative healthcare professional to get the support that you need.

Different studio. Look here today, it’s. Phoenix, Arizona. If you don’t know where I’m, where I live currently, and it’s a rare, cloudy, rainy day that looks like we’re actually gonna get the monsoons. It’s supposed to be raining all week, and this is actually no lights. This is a hundred percent natural light.

I, it’s actually cooled off enough. I could open the shades in the window , but it’s making me look so washed out. Like it’s really weird that it’s, it looks like I have 14 bright lights on me, but seriously, it’s just, I played with the lighting a little bit, but there’s not much I could do except close the curtains and sit in the dark in here.

Anyways rain coming to, to Phoenix and the locals love it. We need the rain. That’s what keeps the ecosystem going. But I move from Seattle for a reason, so I can’t say I’m not a little disappointed, but Alright. So interactive show. Please join me here. I’ve got a question for you.

How many times have you told yourself this, if I lose the weight, I’m gonna be motivated, and that’s all that I need to be able to keep the weight off. Maybe it didn’t work last time, but this time, if I lose the weight, that’s what is gonna motivate me, and then I’m gonna keep it off.

Raise your hand, Give me, gimme a why in the comments, or a thumbs up or a sad face, whatever feels appropriate for you that you’ve told yourself that lie in the past. I’m here to help you dismantle that a little bit today about, that’s not what keeps the weight off. And just personal check in.

I already talked about how we’re getting rain here. How exciting. Also I’ve got a lot of comedy shows coming up in the next few months. Really excited about that. And Arizona, Oregon and Washington. And so in August and September, I’m gonna be up in the northwest Oregon, Washington area. So if you’re interested in checking out my comedy, follow me on social media so you can find.

Keto Carole on Instagram and or Facebook and I post my show dates there. So that’s probably the best way to find them. So next I’m gonna share a little client success story spotlight. I’m so proud of my clients. So I’ve got a new one that just graduated my Fast Track program, and she’s staying on to get the long term support she needs, which is a lot of what I’m gonna talk about in the show today.

Yo Yo Dieting : Why do we lose But Gain Even More?

In today’s episode, Carole shares the tricks our body plays on us to get us to regain the weight, how we are designed to regain EVEN more, and what we need in order to overcome this yo-yo dieting cycle.

What Should I do for Weight Loss : Client’s Story :

So I thought it was really appropriate that I share. So I’m just gonna call her B for her her privacy. But. B story is that, she was somebody that was always, curvy. Maybe a little chubby as a teen. But like a lot of us looking back at photos realizes well, maybe I wasn’t as overweight as I thought I was, but how many of you can also identify with that?

As a teen you thought you were overweight, needed to lose weight, but then you look back now and you’re like, Oh, I only knew. And so tried a lot of different diets. Of course, like all my clients, Started keto on her own, which again is very similar to a lot of my clients and had some results, but just seemed like things could be better.

And then it got to a point where it just didn’t really seem to work anymore. And confusing about am I doing total carbs? Should I be doing intermittent fasting? Is this the healthiest way to do this? So she reached out for my help , after just seven weeks amazing results, but also very common for my clients as well, who follow the plan and structure and support that I’ve got.

And oh B was also somebody that had struggled with chronic. Fatigue syndrome for a decade. And a lot of people are given that diagnosis and they’re not really given a lot of options of how to change that. And they just have to feel. That’s just part of life and there’s not much you can do, but just get used to taking a lot of naps.

And just within seven weeks, B’s chronic fatigue was pretty much gone. She no longer needed a naps in the afternoon. She had tons of energy and just a new lease on life when you think that you just have to get used to being tired all the time. And then you get the gift of energy.

Oh my gosh. Just a brand new life. Glowing skin, deeper sleep, being able to sleep longer. And so be with somebody that was a light sleeper and she just thought maybe that was just who she was part of her constitution. But it turns out that was just an indication that her metabolic health was just not as good as it could be.

And achieving deeper sleep, she’s no longer waking up to every little noise. And she lost a total of 12 pounds total on her keto journey and free of all gas and bloating. So all of her digestive issues just completely went away, and she just feels and looks so much better in her clothes and no longer mindless eating.

So a lot of the focus I have is on, the psychology as well as the. Nutrition of keto and the things that I teach my clients end up getting rid of the food obsession, the cravings. So she said she was just free of mindless eating. And one of her goals in working with me is that she wanted to move to a place where food was just a fuel and it wasn’t entertainment , it wasn’t something to she did cuz she was bored or just obsessed with food.

And she says she’s no longer. Filling the void with food. So any gaps in life or time or mental thoughts, it’s no longer food that she turns to for those things. Completely free of all cravings and. She said that health was her first thing that she was going after, and she certainly got everything on her list that she was hoping that would get better.

And again, I mentioned that she’d stayed on for long term, so she did my initial comprehensive program and then stayed on to stay a member of our community for that long term support. Yay. Give it up for B I’m gonna give the clappy hands here. Excellent, Excellent. All right. Today’s topic, Yoyo Dieting.

Why can we try numerous diets and not lose weight?

All right. How do we, Why? Why has this happened to us? Why can we try any number of diets and lose weight? And I’m sure everyone here, so if you want to enter in the comments, what was the diet that you thought Oh, this is it. I lost so much weight. And here’s, so here’s what I hear people say, and I’ve been doing this work for with my clients, six and a half, almost seven years.

And I’ve interviewed every one of them personally, at least an hour. I spend with people before we decide to work together. And I’ve heard all the stories of all the diets, right? They’re all the diets. hundreds and hundreds of them and. This story is really common that people will say Oh, the x, y, Z diet.

That worked really well for me because I lost 30 pounds. I lost 4 million pounds in three days. So there’s this fantasy that we have, that we measure the success of a diet based on how much we lost during the short time we were on the diet. And then we make a break, and after we stop the diet, We gain the weight back, and I’m gonna talk about why that is here shortly.

Change Of Mindset:

But I want to change your mind today and help you realize that the diet, whether the work diet worked or not, includes the time after the diet. Okay? There’s a million ways to lose weight. The most important thing is keeping it off, right? Being able to change your habits, change your diet to something that is sustainable, something that you were willing.

To commit to indefinitely. And so I want you to now realize that all those diets that you thought worked, it wasn’t you that failed. It was the diet that failed you because the diet that really works, the dietary change. So diet just means what you eat. The diet that works is one that includes all of the after as wealth in for the rest of your life, the rest of your life.

Okay, so those diets didn’t work. I want you to realize I’m gonna, I’m soap boxing it today, or I’m gonna be standing on a, I don’t know if this is soap boxing. I don’t know. I’m taking a stand here. This is something I believe really strongly and I want you to come along with my thought process here is that dial failed you.

If it didn’t help you, stick with it indefinitely. If it was something that was so crazy and unsustainable just the way that it was, 500 calories a day, or you only eat grapefruit and snow cones, I don’t know. Everybody’s gotta make at new diet every year. If the diet is foods that.

Artificial Food without Nutrients:

Are not nourishing. So if their foods, products that you get from the diet where they have to have a bunch of vitamins and minerals added to them, cuz there’s no nutrients in them naturally if there’s stuff that’s so tasty or so limiting calorie wise there’s any number of things, poor nutrients, you’re not getting your nutrient needs as a human.

All those things, those are never meant to be sustainable. So I want you to toss all of those out. Toss ’em out. I’m want to support women. Men that are so wise, they’re wise enough to know that the only thing that’s really gonna work is something that I can do now, and I can see that I could potentially live this way for the rest of my life with the right support.

That’s what is a diet that works. That’s what works. All right, you are you following here with the idea that so many people are like, Oh, that diet worked really well, but I want you to know that the diet needs to encompass from the day you started for the rest of your life. That is the diet you’re looking for, and you have to stop lying to yourself that diet worked.

Cuz it didn’t, it failed you. So that’s part of the problem of why we think that certain, that diets work and we yo-yo, and gain it back is because, We’re doing something unsustainable, then we go back to our old eating habits, and regain the weight. Then we look for our next diet, and it’s the yo-yo.

Sustainable Keto Diet:

Okay. And I have a bunch of notes here, so I wanna make sure I’m covering all the points. All right. So the only diet that actually works is the one that helps you sustain it. And I know we want the fantasy, We see the, I lost 4 million pounds in two days. We gotta let go of that fantasy. Now my clients lose weight really quickly, but we gotta realize that we’re not going after the thing that gives us the hope of losing the fat, the weight, the fastest.

You want to go after the approach that helps you lose weight as rapidly as possible, and also sets the stage for long term sustainable dietary change. So time to reframe your dietary expectations. And stop blaming yourself. If you keep living the fantasy that all you need is some magical diet that’s gonna take the weight off and motivate you, that’ll motivate you to stay with it.

Okay. Then it is your fault. I’m sorry. Okay. You can stop blaming yourself though if you start to move to this place of realizing that you need to look for something that gives you everything you need.

Why Do We Regain the Weight?

So why does this happen? Okay, so let’s talk about those diets that you do. Start with the intention that you will want to stick with it. Let’s talk about why it is so common that you start to gain the weight back, even with the best of intentions, even when you feel like you’re doing everything right.

And then I’m gonna give you the three things you need in order to make that change to be able to lose the weight and keep it off. All right? So why does it happen? I’ve got bad news for you. Our bodies actually work. Our bodies are wired. Those of us that struggled with weight, our bodies are wired to try to regain weight.

They want to. It’s bad news. I know. Most of human existence on this planet, food is really scarce. And so those of us that are alive today have descended from people. That we’re able to survive when food was scarce, because when food was plentiful, we could eat it and store fat and then make it through the times when there was food scarcity.

And so most of us that are alive now have descended from people that have that as a talent . So your body’s really talented. You should appreciate how talented your body is and.

Typically the pattern, and this is validated by research, Kevin Hall’s research that he came out with following the people that did the Biggest Loser. And also a lot of people that I’ve talked to have the same pattern. People wonder Some reason about six months, we lose weight rapidly in the beginning.

Then about six months things start to level off. So this is again something a dietary change that you’ve been able to maintain for that period of time. And the weight loss stalls, we think we’re doing everything exactly the same ,then guess what? The scale starts to go. That’s when you get really frustrated.

So a lot of times when the plateau hits is when most people get frustrated and give up, Why am I doing this? It’s not even worth it. And if that didn’t do it for you, then as soon as the scale starts to go up, that usually does it for people. Wow, it’s not even worth it even though I lost 60 pounds. What’s it worth sticking with this for?

So there’s a lot of different factors that go into why that is. Okay, So what’s going on? Why does the weight loss stall at about six? Some people it happens even sooner. Sooner. So one of the things that contributes to this is metabolic slowing. As you lose weight, your body burns less calories.

Additionally, most people who are doing weight loss diets and even a lot of people that are doing keto the wrong way, are eating too little protein. And when you eat less and less protein, you’re losing lean mass in your body and your metabolism is gonna slow down. So if you’re eating the same stuff that you have, You’re gonna start to gain weight also, that wasn’t bad enough.

Your appetite will actually increase as well. Cuz again, your body doesn’t want to lose weight forever. And so you lose weight and that happens long enough. Your metabolism slows, your appetite increases. Usually it’s a gradual thing that happens. We think we’re eating the same portion size, we would swear I’m not eating anything different.

But often if we were honest with ourselves. If we weigh and track to measure everything, there’s a little bit of a calorie increase there. Maybe you started snacking a little bit more , you started snacking in general , you’ve added more recipes in ,you’ve added some nuts and seeds or Maybe you have added more alcohol, calories and so on and so forth.

So we think we’re eating exactly the same. But when you coupled increased appetite, That’s trying to get you to eat a little bit more. And the slowed metabolism, that’s one, That’s two factors that go into regaining weight, stopping weight loss, but also regaining weight. Also, we live in an obesogenic environment.

Why Should We Avoid Keto Products?

Let’s face the facts folks. All of the foods, almost all the foods and even most of the keto products are on the market. They’re actually designed to make us overeat, to crave them, to be obsessed with. How easy is to keep weight off if you’re constantly food obsessed, craving and overeating them? It’s really hard.

Also, we, it’s so convenient. You can just pick up your phone. You don’t even have to leave your chair or your couch to get food delivered to your house now. It’s really expensive, but you, it’s so easy to get food delivered. You can get groceries delivered. You can get any fast food restaurant delivered almost any time of the day.

It, so we don’t have to do any exercise. We don’t have to put any energy out in order to get food or sustenance for ourselves. And there’s so many other factors that go into the fact that our whole environment is designed to make us overweight or promotes obesity, and also that carb monster in our brain when you, Now, a lot of what I teach, if you’re a frequent podcast listener you’ll know that I talk a lot about the things that make us crave and obsessed with food, and so I teach my.

What those are. We eliminate those in the beginning and that’s what gets rid of the cravings. But as you go along, you often start to experiment with those things. And if you don’t do it intentionally or slowly enough, you can turn that carb monster on back in your brain that’s food obsessed and is talking you into eating food.

So it’s always there. So it’s never gonna go away, but as you get to that six month mark, and for a lot of people it happens even before six months. Where the carb monster just starts to bargain with you and tell you things like you’ve been so good. You should have one. A little bite won’t hurt.

You deserve a treat. You’ve been so good for so long. So and so’s eating that. They got there on their Instagram. I can have one too. I can have just a couple. The carb Monster lies to you. It wants you to get back on the carbs. Also, another thing that happens that I’ve seen to about that six month part is that anytime we start a new dietary approach where it’s all new, it’s novel, we haven’t figured out how to make really super tasty foods yet, or we haven’t got really into recipes or anything like that.

In the beginning it’s more limited, it’s novel. We aren’t as familiar with it. And so almost any dietary change you make initially will result in weight. . And as you get more comfortable with it, as you start to learn recipes that fit within your parameters and your rules of your dietary in intervention your diet, you will start to develop ways of eating that are more palatable.

So you maybe add more variety. You add recipes, you add desserts, and these are all things that are gonna trigger more eating. So you get, as you get more comfortable with any dietary change. You will start to eat more. And another reason that people will lose weight for a while and then regain it is that through stress or emotional eating.

Now this is really common, especially the last couple of years in this world. A lot of us know that food is really effective at helping us cope with stress, helping us numb out, avoid, or dissociate from overwhelming feelings of either good or bad. When you go through a period of time like that, you’re gonna revert back to food as your coping mechanism when you have no other skills available.

And so when people have no other skills, when they haven’t taken the time to learn and develop alternate skills for coping, dealing with handling stress and overwhelming emotions and feelings, then they turn to the food that turns the carb monster back on, and then they start to regain the weight. And this, let’s face it, folks life, even though when we think Oh, we got it all together, everything’s gonna be fine.

Now, knocking on wood there’s some, life is ups and downs. There are gonna be stressful, period. They’re gonna be lows, they’re gonna be highs, and it’s just life. And so these are skills that we need to develop. So that’s another reason why people fall off the wagon or why people will regain the weight after they’ve had successful weight loss tips.

And the other one that I said a lot in the beginning of this was just the fact that the lie of a diet being this temporary thing, that will fix everything. That we just follow this restricted protocol for a. We don’t have to worry about doing it forever and have to change everything.

We could just do this a little crazy little thing for a short period of time, and that fixes everything. Okay? So the lie of the diet is the fix, whereas the truth is we need a long term dietary change. That’s the real fix. All right? Those are my top reasons why. Okay. Oh my gosh. Are you feeling depressed now?

Don’t Feel Hopeless!

Do you feel like, Oh my gosh, it’s hopeless. What am I gonna do? It’s not. This is what I specialize in helping with. And so I’m here with the three things you need. So this is research based. This is what, when they look at across all dietary change, and again, the big thing is finding something that works for you.

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Not everybody needs to follow keto or low carb. There’s a million ways to lose weight. But again, the litmus test I want you to look at is is this something that I can see myself doing indefinitely? Because that is the commitment you need to make. And so when they look across all diet interventions, again, things that people are following to lose weight, those who are able to keep the weight off, three things in common.

And I’m gonna, I just remembered. One note I had to add in here for myself and, okay, so the first one that they found that is essential, and this is actually what I teach my long term clients. This is the support that I give my clients in order to stick with a long term dietary change low carb keto.

Measures I take for my clients:

And so number one is frequent measures of success. So not only your body weight, but body measurements. Food logging as well. Now, I’m not saying you have to flog your food forever, but when your measurements start to show you that something’s a little off, that’s your, the scale’s going up, your waste has increased.

That’s time to get back on track with doing a little double checking with some food logging that often can be just the little tiny bit of thing that gets things back to where they should be. Okay? So frequent measures your body weight, your physical measurements of your body. And also I wanna see regular labs for my clients as well, because that can show us when things, maybe they’re thinking everything’s fine, I’m doing everything fine.

Maybe their weight is even the same. But if they’ve been like eating things more often than not, that are not the healthiest for them, that’s gonna start to show up in their lab markers. And so that’s why I wanna see those depending on what. We’ve seen in the labs last. A lot of my clients, I’m seeing something every six months, but depending on if something’s a skew, we may be doing it more frequently than that.

And so you need those measures of success. So for one, those are gonna be much more motivating when you see that you’re maintaining that success. But also it helps you see a small change that indicates that things are going awry and it’s easier to make small little tweaks to get back on track than it is to turn the whole ship around.

And so again, these are the three things that research shows that people. That succeed in long term weight loss that they have in place. Okay, So multiple measures of success and frequently doing those. Don’t wait until you’ve gained 20 pounds back to go, Oh, I guess just step on the scale . Okay, so number one, frequent measurements.

Number two is they get ongoing education. There’s a lot of reasons why this works or why it’s important, and so you get immersed in the topic, you’re staying relevant and you’re brainwashing yourself into Okay, this is the dietary intervention that I follow. I do this.

I’m vegan people, they’re reading about vegan stuff. They’re going to vegan restaurants keto people. Immerse yourself on the topic. Learn as much as you can about it. But also, again, this is what I bring to my clients for their long term success as. Is that I’m doing a a monthly new training on anything from nutrition to diets, psychology, all the different things that they need in order to be successful.

Another topics of ongoing education is learning new skills and techniques. And again, things like dealing with emotions and stress. Other people need a lot of help with negative thought patterns. They may get stuck in like always focusing on the negative, and that can that can hinder your success and long term sustainability as well.

So there can be some changes and shifts there. Just some examples of new things that can be things that you’re gonna learn and also you wanna understand. So part of the ongoing education is just understanding how your brain is working against you, how your body is working against you to. Try to regain the weight, try to talk you into eating more, trying to get you food obsessed again.

So that’s number two of the three things I found of the research finds that people need for long term success. And notice how none of this is, lose the weight and that will maintain you. That doesn’t work, . Okay, so number three, again, this is universal across all dietary interventions. What do people need to lose weight and keep it.

Number three is weekly meetings, weekly support. At least weekly, could be more than that, but weekly. And it’s not even that bright out. It’s like very cloudy. All right. So weekly support. Why is this important? Why is this necessary? Probably everyone here has been to something where you’ve gotta go to a weekly meeting, right?

And you’re like, Oh, this isn’t helpful. I promise you my meetings are very different, very motivational. But that’s a whole other thing. But the reason this is important, and if you resist this, and this is often something that people are missing as well. Like they do the diet on their own. Maybe they get somebody, a friend or family member to do it with them for a while, but soon that person gives up and then they’ve got nobody else doing it with them.

And it’s nearly impossible to stick with any dietary change. That no one else in your family’s doing or friend circle at all. Like it’s hard to be a lonely island to do something all by yourself and there. So the reasons for that is that, know, belonging to a successful group of people that are doing what you’re doing promotes you doing that as well.

When we feel like an oddball and we’re the only one in the whole world doing something, like humans are designed to copy the behavior of the people that are around them. They’re designed to thrive and live a long time when they have a group of people that are their close. Friends, family cohort that are all doing something right?

So imagine living back in caveman times and One, people started running away from a saber tooth tiger. But then there was a loan, I’m gonna do my own thing, Joe, who was like, I’m not running from the tiger. I’m gonna run towards the tiger. Okay. Joe died, right? Joe died . But all the people that copied the behavior of everyone else, they escaped.

I just saw, okay, so again, the monsoons are hitting right now in Phoenix, Arizona. I just saw a flock of birds all fly together into a palm tree here. So the winds are blowing really hard right now outside I, I got the shades open and just debris of palm trees and tumbleweeds and everything is blowing down the streets.

If you’ve never been to a storm in the southwest, Oh my gosh, is something else. So everything’s blowing and everything’s taking shelter right now, and I just saw this flock of birds all fly into a palm tree. Guess what those, They’re probably gonna live through the storm because they copied the behavior.

They saw one fly and the other one copied that. And they all were like, Hey, I’m like that bird. I’m gonna go be safe and be in there. So this is a secret weapon to your success. So many of us resist. I’m somebody who was like, I’m not a group follower. I don’t need anybody. , but you’re gonna be so much more successful if you find a group of people that you copy and that you all hang out together and you support each other.

Okay? So be like the birds in a monsoon storm in the southwest and stick together for your safety and success . And so more depth on this. The psychological aspect of this is that we have mirror neurons. All animals have these and no matter what you don’t even have to be the same species of animal, but when you hang out with others other animals, you copy their behavior.

Okay? If anybody has a baby in their life a newer baby grand baby, your own baby, random baby you can interact with. There’s a fun little thing you can do to them when they’re very young and they aren’t even talking yet, is that just start sticking your tongue out at them slowly and repeatedly.

And just do that and soon. The baby who can’t even sit up, can’t even move its arms or anything like that, the baby will cop your behavior. I dare you somebody find babies and report back about this. It is, it’s a really fun little party trick, if you have babies at your parties. And so this is the mirror neurons of all animals.

Is that we, whatever we see, we copy. It’s not a choice, right? That baby didn’t go, That looks cool. I’m gonna try to stick my tongue out. The baby has no awareness of what it’s doing. That’s just how we are wired and it’s how we actually learn to survive, be healthy and we’re designed to connect and copy the behaviors of people we see.

And this also happens if you’ve ever been, let’s say you’re at a Mexican restaurant and somebody’s got chips for the table. And you’ve been doing really well on keto for a while. and I’m like, I’m not gonna have any chips. I don’t want any chips. And then all of a sudden, like you just notice that your arm is going towards the bowl of chips.

Everybody else is having some, and you notice your arm is going toward it. Maybe you even have one close to your mouth and you just wake up and you’re like, What am I doing? Why did it even grab for that? I didn’t even want that. That’s mirror neuron activation as well. And this happens in food advertisements.

Did you know that food manufacturers, they know about this. That’s why they put people in ads eating the food they, or drinking the thing they want you to crave. And so have you ever noticed that you’re doing fine and all of a sudden on TV comes a commercial? Do you have TV anymore? Hulu ad or maybe an YouTube ad or something like that and there’s a food ad and then all of a sudden you’re like, Oh man, I can’t stop thinking about that thing.

Especially if you saw somebody eating that. You need to offset that, right? So this is why the weekly meetings are so important, why they’re so powerful. I tell my clients it’s a way of recharging your willpower battery at a subconscious level. And so when you’re doing great, hang out with the other people so you can help recharge their battery for them.

But also it recharges yours. Keep that battery topped up. We don’t need to have a low running battery when we’re going out there in the rest of the world. Come, get involved in a group weekly meeting. You gotta see the people. And even when and when you’re struggling, if you’re like, I can’t even think of the next little step to take guess what?

If you just go and hang out with those people that are successful, you’ll get your battery recharged as well, and you can start going back to maintaining those habits that you really want. Also, there’s so many other valuable reasons why that weekly support is important. And again, if you’re just joining the, I’m going over the three things that research shows that people need to have in place in order to keep the weight off that they’ve lost.

So in order to sustain their dietary change. And so we’re talking about the third one right now, weekly support. And I’ve covered a lot of reasons why, but there’s more. So one is brainstorming, troubleshooting issues. Another one is continuing motivation. So when you’re gathering with people that have had success, that’s motivating.

I send out a weekly newsletter and there’s several different categories on it, and the category that always gets the most clicks is the success stories. And it’s motivating to hear how well other people are doing. It also gives you that accountability, right? You’ve gotta show up and you’ve gotta face these people that you’ve built a connection with.

They’re your friends, they’re your peers, and. It’s positive peer pressure. You want to also be able to report that you’re doing really well. And so that’s just a snapshot. Just some of the reasons why that weekly live. Interpersonal community is so important. I’ve just recently joined a business mastermind, which I’m so excited about.

I’ll just shout out to Jamie Bright. I, it’s such a great thing. And as an same thing happens as an entrepreneur. Like I work for myself from my home. I don’t have other entrepreneur friends that live where I live, that I hang out with on a daily basis. So this mastermind is a way, the same thing I’m talking about with this weekly support, it’s, oh my gosh, I gotta hang out with other successful entrepreneurs.

We brainstorm, troubleshoot, We get motivation from each other, and then we have that accountability, right? For me, it’s Oh, I told these people I was gonna take these actions and now I wanna show them that I’m an action taker, that I’m gonna follow through, and it’s really motivating. And so I have that for my, So think about this in your life, any area that you’re struggling or feeling kinda lonely and why am I not?

Getting further on this, why is it hard for me to take these actions? And I’m not saying that’s where I was in my business, but examine your life. Where is it that you’re falling short of the things that you know you need to do? , but you just feel kinda like you’re the only person doing it. Nobody else gets it.

Okay. So this is where that weekly support that group support the community of people that are doing the things that you want to do are so important, right? So it’s one of the reasons why CrossFit is so popular, so successful people stick with it for so long, is that you’re part of a group of community and you belong and you don’t want to leave that it’s so wonderful and supportive when you find that right kind of group, right?


All right, so let me just recap. Your body wants to regain the weight. It does, and it does so in subtle ways that you don’t even notice. So even when you find something you can stick with long term, your brain starts to trick you. It starts to get you to eat just a little bit more. It slows your metabolism a little bit.

And you couple that with the environment that we live in that is designed to make us regain. Guess what? The diet didn’t fail you, you didn’t have the right things in place in order to get it to work. So maybe I should add number four in there. Okay. So I kinda did that. So here I’m gonna just

re reassign a number to my numbers. Okay, so at first I have three things that you need for let’s, Oh, let’s do it this way. The three things you need in order to see succeed long term with weight loss, and then one bonus. One. Okay. So the three things are frequent measures of success, having multiple measures of success that show you early on that you need to make some changes to get back on.

Ongoing education. You need to learn new skills and techniques to not fall back into your old habits. You need a weekly support ongoing. Oh, here’s the thing that I need to add to that. I, for, I put a note and I just remembered to put say this, is that, so research shows that you get that weekly support for a year or more.

Again. So all the diet lies have told us that no, you just do a short period of time. You don’t need long term support. So research shows that people who were successful long term, guess what, They have long term support. So I look at this as as long as you want to keep the weight off, that’s how long you need the support, right?

Long Term Support

How many times have you done in the past where it’s like, Nope, just short term, I don’t need it. I promise you this is one of the keys to long term sustainability. I’ve got my most successful clients have been with me some of them almost over four years now. And they. Are consistent and they get all of these things, and I’ll tell you, they’re peaceful and happy and they’re so glad that they’re maintaining this and they’re not fighting with themselves looking for another diet to get the weight off again next year.

Lean into that fact that this is, if you want long term results, you have to have long term success support and, okay, so then the fourth one I said I I was changing it now to three plus one, bonus one, the fourth one is finding a way of eating that you can stick. The rest of your life and embracing the fact that long term results also take a long term change.

We can’t do something temporarily and expect it to be permanent results, right? You don’t with your roof on your house, it needs to be rebuilt every so many years. I don’t know. Is it every decade? You need to, you need maintenance on it. The birds all flying together again to the tree is very cool.

And alright, so embrace the fact that it takes long term change. And so think about that. What is it that you can see yourself sticking with for long term if you have the right support? All right Next week’s episode, the next show coming up. I’ve got the top ketosis killers, and these are not what you think.

Obviously too many carbs and sugar, but I’m gonna give you the ones that you don’t even know could be sabotaging your results. And so thank you for tuning into this episode, Yoyo Dieting, Why it Happens, Why it’s not your fault, and how to overcome it. The three things and one bonus thing that you need to stop regaining the weight.

So if you like what you heard today, And you’d like to get some more personalized support for your keto diet, for your health, I invite you to check out my website keto Carole.com. Let me put that on the screen here. Carole has an E on the end. It’s the very fancy French spelling, so keto Carole.com if you’re just listening to us.

And I go much deeper with my clients and I do have a limited space as to, as how many clients I can work with at one time because I do work so closely with them. Therefore, I work only with people by application only. The program I have, the approach I have is very comprehensive. It’s personally tailored and includes a complete keto training program.

Easy meal plans, live coaching calls, so that weekly support. Again, all those things I told you need email support, metabolic health lab monitoring, peer support. Coach we round you with loving support and cheerleaders and lots of the group support, mirror activation, mirror neuro on.

So much more. It truly is the most comprehensive. Keto coaching for sustainable weight loss that is available. Absolutely. And so if you’re ready to stop messing around and you are ready for the next chapter of your life where you are the best version of yourself, I invite you to apply to work with me.

So visit my website. Read what I’ve got there, see if that resonates with you. And so see if we’re a match and go ahead and fill out that application. I appreciate you being here so much. And share this with a friend. If you’ve got some value out of this remember, help us grow the the show and we’ll help you shrink.

Until next time, everyone. See you soon. Bye now.

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Scott Dikkers Life Changing Low Carb | KCL48

Scott Dikkers Life Changing Low Carb

How does a low-carb diet change his life with comedy writer Scott Dikkers?

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(Transcript provided by Descript)

Carole Freeman: Hey everyone. We are live. Are you a fan of satirical comedy? Like The Onion? Do you get inspired by stories of successful people and the lifestyle factors that play into their success? Guess what this episode is for you stick around because my guest today is the one, the only Scott Dikkers. Oh my gosh.

I’m so excited that I have him coming on today. He’s an American comedy writer, speaker entrepreneur. He’s the founding editor of The Onion. You’ve all seen the goals, the headlines and. He’s also gonna share how a life changing health diagnosis led to a radical diet change and share how that impacted his life.

So welcome everyone to keto chat live. I’m your host, Carole Freeman master’s degree in nutrition and clinical health psychology. I’m a board certified ketogenic nutrition specialist on the side. I do some standup comedy. And so I love when I can have a guest come on that merges both of those things together, health and.

Comedy together. And so I specialize in helping women plus follow a keto diet for sustainable weight loss, and we gotta plug in the medical disclaimer here real quick. And this show is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not meant to be medical advice, no intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any condition.

Even though they say, laughter is the best medicine. We can’t treat you today. And so if you have any questions or concerns related to your specific medical condition, Seek out your primary care healthcare practitioner to take care of that for you. As you’re joining the show, go ahead and leave us a comment.

Let us know where you’re joining from. Join the show. And first up I’m gonna do a news segment. There is really big breaking news in the keto low carb world. And. I’m gonna share it. I’m gonna address it. I debated last week. I decided not to bring it up, but some people don’t know some people maybe have heard and some rumors and things like that.

So I’m gonna share with you all the sad shocking news of Jimmy Moore. So he is the 50 year old, former host of LivinLaVida low carb and other podcasts, plus he’s author or co-author of. Keto books such as keto clarity. And if you haven’t heard the news he was arrested on June 23rd, 2022 as a fugitive from justice in South Carolina.

Then he was transferred to Virginia and charged with this is the part that’s really shocking is seven counts of carnal knowledge. Of a 13 slash 14 year old, where the perpetrator is three plus years older than the victim. And so the carnal knowledge, it’s Southern legal euphemism for sexual contact.

So AKA, this is their statutory rape law that’s there. And he scheduled for his arraignment hearing on June 8th, 2022. And if you’re not familiar with who Jimmy is, he originally lost 180 pounds on low carb. 10 plus maybe 10, 15 years ago. And unfortunately he’d appeared to regain the weight.

In recent years, he did claim to be a carnivore recently on his Instagram and Facebook. And oh, I’m gonna make some bad jokes about he’d. To carnivore to the carnal degree. That’s alright. That’s gross everyone. And this year, 2022, he was publicizing that he was doing a 365 day ice bath challenge on Instagram, where he would go live every single day taking an ice bath.

And he was trying to show that it was gonna promote weight loss. And that experiment has come to an end now. Fortunately, because he is in jail, he’s no longer able to continue that. He went on a six month sabbatical. He very publicly went on a six month sabbatical in 2019, taking a break from all social media.

And he emerged at the end of that sabbatical announcing that he and his wife were divorcing and that he was rebranding himself as the man of real. Which was weird. And even though he had clearly gone the, just for men look where he’d dyed his beard and his hair, it was eyebrows even it was pretty stark.

And so unfortunately the seven counts of carnal knowledge, the dates of those incidences overlap with this medical dates. And so that is great news in the keto low carb world. And they’re, we’re seeing some of the, his authors and co-authors are asking the publisher to take the books off the shelf.

So it’s been pretty shocking news hitting the low carb community. This is not anything. I excited and I’m quite shocked. And I’m gonna go ahead and bring on my guest now, Scott Dikkers and I gave him the option. He can comment on this story if he likes or. He can pass him. We’ll just go onto his interview.

Everyone welcome Scott Dikkers

Scott Dikkers Life Changing Low Carb

How does a low-carb diet change the life of comedy writer Scott Dikkers? Join us as we talked about Life Changing Low Carb!

Scott Dikkers: thanks for having me on Carole.

Carole Freeman: Thank you so much. And any comments or would we rather just go into the interview?

Scott Dikkers: Well, I just wanna say I’m horrified. I don’t know that person, but every time I hear stories in the news and it happens so much where somebody had sex with a child, I’m just like, I wonder, like what kind of world do I live in?

What, who are these people? It’s just insanity and it happens way too much. So horrifying, horrific, and very sorry to hear it. What can we do? We’ve got all these Q Andon idiots out there. Who think that Tom Hanks is raping children and meanwhile, there’s actual child rapists out there that nobody stops.

Carole Freeman: Yes. Yes.

Scott Dikkers: If we could redirect all that stupid energy somehow and actually stop real pedophiles, we should do that.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. Yeah. I, it looked like he I think as a midlife crisis, he should have just got a Corvette instead of these terrible decisions.

Scott Dikkers: Don’t abuse a child.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. Yeah. Prayers go out to the victim and family.

I hope that justice is served and this is the. One and only time that this happens, that he does this. So

Scott Dikkers: yeah. The tragedy is that, kids don’t recover from that. That’s a life sentence. And it’s just horrific. But on that hilarious note.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. Yeah.

Scott Dikkers: Let’s talk about comedy.

No, we don’t have to talk about comedy. We can talk about food.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. I wanna talk I didn’t give you any pre notes, but I wanna talk about how you got into comedy writing, as just sharing who you are and kids on that. And then, the other half of it, we can talk about your dietary change.

So I connected with you watching Joel Byer podcast live. And he came on as a guest on my show in the past, talking about him, giving up sugar, giving up on sugar, giving up sugar. And you two mentioned that you’d had a significant dietary change and had gone primarily lower car blow carb. We can talk about that more too.

And so I was like, oh my gosh, the perfect. I always want to find how do we fit comedy and dietary change together. So anytime I can have a guest that can talk about both of those I’ve. I’m excited and I’m a huge fan too, so I feel so lucky to be talking to you. And I have one of your books here. I’ve read all how to write funny series and just fantastic books.

So thank you. Thank you. Yeah. So thank you so much for being here. And I’m so sorry that the news of the day is not a funny topic.

Scott Dikkers: Yeah. When you do news parody and news comedy, and this is, was always my experience at The Onion. Was, we would look at talk shows like late night talk shows whenever there was some horrific tragedy in the news.

All those guys could go on their talk show and they’re all guys. And they would say, oh, I can’t be funny tonight because this terrible tragedy happen. But at The Onion, we couldn’t do that because we didn’t have a personality that would come out. It was a fake newspaper. Or a fake news website.

And we had to put something funny in there. Otherwise we wouldn’t have wouldn’t have a product that week. So it was always a real challenge when something like that happened and mass shootings were this thing that dogged us every time there was a new mass shooting, we’d have to do the really painful and horrific task of what can we come up with?

That’s like funny. That, that’s at least taps into people’s rage and provides some sort of outlet for their emotions. Cuz sometimes that’s all comedy is just like a way to cope. Yeah. And we understood our role in that. And then this writer, Jason Rotor came up with this great headline that The Onion has used repeatedly every time there’s a mass shooting now.

I don’t know the exact wording, but it’s something like, “‘No way to prevent this,’ says only nation where this regularly happens.” And we just reinsert new details. Every time there’s a shooting. And every time that story runs, it like hits the point home further. And after the Aldi shooting, The Onion ran that story everywhere on its whole website.

Every story was that story with a different set of details in there, cuz there’s a mass shooting. At least once a day now in America. So that, that not only was a real great cheat for The Onion real great way to not have to think of new jokes, whenever something tragic happens, but it allows us to communicate this satirical point, perhaps in a more meaningful way.

By just showing the maddening repetition of this problem. So it’s just something we have to deal with in the comedy business, especially comedy that responds to current events, a space I’m used to and. my job could be a lot harder. I’m not a brain surgeon, nobody gets hurt when I do it wrong or do something that’s not funny,

Carole Freeman: the finding the absurdity and the fact that it’s happening

is what you’re for.

Scott Dikkers: Yeah. There’s always some kind of target for humor. No matter what’s happening now, sometimes people aren’t ready to laugh. It’s too soon for them or whatever, but eventually laughter is gonna get you out of the tragedy and it’s gonna allow you to move on. So whenever people are ready, that’s when I try to be there with a few jokes,

Carole Freeman: yeah. And that’s an that an ongoing theme in standup comedy is some standup comedians will say it’s my therapy. I go on stage and I can process stuff. That’s happened in my life. I certain a lot of the things of my jokes are been things emotional and jokes out of them process. Feel more empowered, the situations that I didn’t have any power over.

And then there’s other comedian like no standup should not be therapy. You need to go get therapy and leave the stage for humor. Where do you stand on that whole debate?

Scott Dikkers: I think it’s a little bit of a cross between the two and it depends on your comedy persona. I generally am more the latter where I just want to do entertainment but in the process of me entertaining people.

I think I’m also like helping myself. It’s a great type of healing to share your trauma and have an audience connect with you about it. But that’s the key ingredient the audience has to connect with you. They have to think. It’s funny. I have seen some comedians, especially comedians starting out who are just up there doing therapy.

And it’s really not that funny. And that’s the greatest sin. If you can do therapy and have it be funny, wonderful. Like you. Go nuts. And I think almost any comic is getting some kind of therapy out of doing comedy. Even if it’s not directly talking about their problems, just that connection that love they feel from the audience.

That’s, sometimes for comedy people, sometimes they’re a little weird, they’re a little reclusive or shy or antisocial or awkward or whatever. That’s the closest thing they get to. A genuine human connection in their lives.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. So therapeutic I’ve noticed a couple of different primary archetypes of people that do stand up comedy.

So there’s people that are overconfident and just like to be the center of attention. And they always think they’re funnier than they are. And there’s the type that you just mentioned that is a little more socially awkward or shy, and they can step into that persona on stage and be something that they in their regular day to day life or not comfortable being.

Scott Dikkers: Yeah. Yeah, I think you’re right. The, it runs the spectrum basically from extrovert to introvert. And the ones who are the extroverts who love the party and they love being there with all those people. They really don’t even have to be as funny because sometimes it’s just the sheer energy of being on stage and joking around with people.

Is so exciting and electrifying for everybody involved. They do a lot of crowd work, but if you read their act after the fact, you might not actually recognize any jokes. ,

Carole Freeman: I like to think that I have written, I have jokes that work, but, I’m sure there’s plenty of my non-fans out there. That would agree with you that it’s, that’s very funny.

Scott Dikkers: always how it’s. But, the winning formula is combination of those two. You love the crowd. You love being there. You love all the energy and you have good writing. You have good material. That’s that those are the best standups.

Carole Freeman: So how did you get interested in comedy? What’s your early story and influences?

Scott Dikkers: I got started really early. I was probably four years old. When I maybe earlier, when I discovered that doing, being funny was a way to get love and attention and kind of my only way. So I pursued that pretty heavily.

Carole Freeman: Talk about therapeutic .

Scott Dikkers: Yeah, exactly. I would make little cartoon books and drawings and would act silly and do silly voices and stuff.

And that continued, like that was my. Chosen personality, I guess you could say, I really went all in on that became a real class count clown in school. And when I got outta school, I knew that I really didn’t know how to do anything else. I would, I was gonna have to figure out some way to make a living out of this.

Couldn’t imagine having a job where I was sitting at a desk or doing manual labor or something, I just couldn’t imagine not doing comedy. That’s when the real challenge hit me, cuz no, nobody tells you like how to break into comedy. Nobody tells you how to make money at it. And back then when I was 18, we’re talking about the early to mid eighties, there was no internet.

You couldn’t look this stuff up. I lived in the middle of nowhere. I lived in a small town in Wisconsin. The odds were stacked pretty heavily. My family didn’t have any connections. we had no money. There was really no, no anything. So I started drawing comic strips and I sent them away to the big syndicates.

And eventually I set my sights lower. I started sending comics to actual newspapers and I got one published in college newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin. And that comic strip really took off and I was able to start making a living doing. and in tandem, I also started paring my proclivity for doing silly voices, into doing radio commercials and voices for video games and stuff like that.

So I had these two comedy careers. In my early to mid twenties, I was humming along pretty well. And that’s when these two guys who wanted to start a humor publication approached. because I was like the big man on campus with my comic strip in Madison. They wanted me involved in this new publication and I jumped right in.

I thought they were really smart, charismatic guys, loved the idea of doing a humor publication. And I thought it was gonna be a magazine, like mad or national Lampoon or something. But the only way we could affordably print this thing was on newsprint. It was the cheapest kind of paper you could print it.

which I thought was really lame. We couldn’t even do color. It was just embarrassing and, form function, followed form. So we made it a fake newspaper cuz it was on newsprint. And for many years we, oh and then those two guys left after a year and sold it to me and one other, two other people and we bought out a third.

And so it was me and my business partner who sold all the ads. And I had to fill all the pages for a few years. I built a writing staff and really didn’t know it was ever gonna go anywhere. It was basically paying for itself. We were paying for the printing by selling local ads.

Carole Freeman: So you had ads in it. I get, I’m gonna get trying to figure out where they real or were they not?

Scott Dikkers: Oh yeah, that was a big problem for us. We used to have coupons for local businesses. Local pizza places on the bottom of the paper that you could cut out and people wouldn’t use the coupons because they thought they were fake and the coupons, communicated to the advertisers that, Hey, there are people reading this, you should spend more money on advertising here.

So we had to beg readers, to actually use the coupons. We really pushed those hard and. It took a few years before people finally realized, oh, and actually one thing we did, we created the back half of the newspaper, we created the AV club, which was reviews of movies, TV shows, which legitimized and grounded the whole enterprise and made people stop asking if the coupons were fake

So the AV club was like this tool to take, get people to take us seriously. And. Then the internet came along about eight years after the, after we launched this newspaper and we’re just, we’re humming along. We’re making a little more money selling a little more advertising and the internet just, we took everything we were doing in print and we just put it on the computer on a website, low and behold, we become the world’s first humor website and everybody’s writing about us.

Wanting us on their TV shows like we were suddenly like the biggest new thing in comedy. And it was I hesitate to use the word overnight success cuz we did work for eight years tirelessly before that point but it was amazing to suddenly have this small local newspaper have a potential audience of billions of people all over the world.

It was amazing.

Carole Freeman: Did your overhead. decrease by going online or did it increase? Cause a lot of times people think oh, it’s free to put stuff on the internet.

Scott Dikkers: We had to pay $400 to get the domain, The Onion.com.

Carole Freeman: Okay. Oh, somebody already owned it. Okay. Which nobody, right? Oh, just back then.

It cost a lot more to get domain.


Scott Dikkers: Yeah, there was no GoDaddy. There was no like website where you could go to get domain. You had to find someone who knew how to do all this. Oh, okay. And they had to set up servers for you. It was like very proto internet age. And my business partner was like $400.

What is this thing? What is a website? Nah, we’re not, I can’t justify the expense and eventually convinced him to invest the $400. And other than that, no, there was no real difference. Most of our efforts were still in the print public. For the next 10 or 15 years, the internet was really just an afterthought.

Carole Freeman: It sounds like the story of NFTs now where people are like, what is that? Do I really need it? Is it gonna be the next big thing?

Scott Dikkers: Exactly. Yeah. These new things come along, nobody understands what they are and it behooves us to at least learn enough that we. Capable of like maybe dipping our toes into it.

So I did that. I created an NFT and sold it, and that was a really interesting experience. I learned so much and I’m glad I did it. but I don’t know. I still don’t really understand much about it.

Carole Freeman: Oh, so like I mentioned this book, I’m I familiar with your, how to write funny series. So if anybody is stand up comedian, excellent resources, but also if you’re somebody who’s wanting to write for TV or online or any of the other places would be a comedy writer, excellent series of books.

But I was really pleasant. I looked at your whole biography or. What’s it called bibliography? I don’t know. What is it? List of all the books? Yeah, bio. Okay. Yeah. And my favorite title, I didn’t know this before, but here’s my favorite title of all your books. You are worthless, depressing nuggets of wisdom.

Sure. To ruin your day like that just fits with the satire that I grew up with in my family. Great. how do you do you have a list of all kinds of ideas or how did that book particularly come to be.

Scott Dikkers: I sure do boy. Talk about therapy. That book was therapy for me. I was really going through a midlife crisis.

I was really depressed and my wife left me and I was homeless and I just dumped all my darkest thoughts in this book. And sold it to a publisher who thought it was really funny. oh my gosh. And it’s one of my better selling books. Like it, it it remained in print, I think for 25 years. And crazy.

Yeah, really crazy. Oh,

Carole Freeman: I didn’t even look up. So is it one of those that like there’s copies that are like heirlooms that it’s, a hundred dollars or more? I should look it up. I

was just like…

Scott Dikkers: I don’t think it’s one of those. Okay. The, yeah the rights just reverted back to me because when you sign a publishing deal, sometimes after 10 or 25 years, you get the rights back, which is great nowadays for Amazon.

Cuz now I can put it on Amazon. And I make a hundred percent of the money. Amazon takes a small cut, like 30%, but my God with a major publisher, they take 85, 90%. There’s a reason. Amazon is a Mo monopoly. They really make it easy for authors to make money. I think I’m

Carole Freeman: gonna I, I’m gonna look it up and see if I can get a copy and send it to my dad for father’s day.

I think that will be gift.

Scott Dikkers: Yeah. And let me know how that goes.

Carole Freeman: I’ll set the context that I interviewed you first. And, but also if I just send it to him without any context, it’s probably even funnier. Oh, I,

Scott Dikkers: yeah. Cause here, so with that book, the cover like looks like a self-help book.

There’s like a beautiful flower on there. It’s very flowery lettering. You are worthless, and when it first went on sale in stores, it was in the comedy section and I always. That was the wrong section. It should be in the self-help section. . So I took it from the comedy and I always move it to the self-help section.

Cuz somebody’s depressed. They’re in self-help and they’re looking at all these books. I want ’em to laugh. I want ’em yeah. To feel good. So they see this book and they crack up and I got so many letters from people who read that book and said, oh my God. I was so depressed and your book just made me laugh till I cried.

It was like the best therapy I could have ever got. Those are letters that, every comedian dreams of, yeah. Hearing people’s depression.

Carole Freeman: Oh, that’s great. Yeah. I wish I would’ve known about it growing up. I grew up with. My grandmother gifted my dad. The, do you remember the books that truly tasteless joke books, which most of them now are canceled?

They’re totally non PC jokes.

Scott Dikkers: Oh There’s a few PC jokes in my book as well. Okay. few non PC jokes. Yeah.

Carole Freeman: The n my mom tells a story of, apparently I took those books to school for show Intel. I don’t remember this, but and she got a call from this teacher, the principal, or something about how inappropriate it was. I was bringing.

Scott Dikkers: Wonderful. Good for you.

Carole Freeman: That’s my early influences.

Scott Dikkers: I’ll tell you this. Nobody’s interested in an appropriate joke.

Carole Freeman: So you did good. So let’s see. Some of the questions I had written out you’ve already just naturally answered. So let’s talk a little bit about your diagnosis too.

When did you get this digestive news that you had something going on in your lower region that was not working correctly?

Scott Dikkers: yeah, so I was probably 40, early forties when I had a baby wife and I had made congratulations. . Thank you. And he was our pride and joy of course. And then about a year or so into his life, he stopped thriving and he started to get really sick and he lost weight and he was upset all the time and he was an early talker.

So he could tell us, that his tummy hurt, typical American story. We took him to a lot of doctors. Nobody could figure it out. Finally, somebody tests him for celiac disease, turns out that’s what he has. And we put him on a gluten-free diet. He’s fine. And he turns around.

So the doctor said you two are his parents. One of you gave it to him. You should get tested. So I got tested. My wife got test. And she didn’t have it. And I had it, so I just didn’t know it. I just thought that having an upset stomach was like part of being a living human. I thought that’s just how things went.

I thought having all sorts of bad skin and other sort of miscellaneous ailments was just normal. And so I went on a gluten free diet and nothing really changed for. I was expecting to see a night and day transformation, like my son had, but he was one and a half. And when you’re one and a half, you’re like a, you’re like the Wolverine, you just heal from everything.

Miraculously. You’re like a hundred percent collagen. But for me, because I was an old man, nothing was changing. Nothing was happen. And I did this for two or three years, basically eating the standard American diet gluten-free version. And I don’t know how I got down the rabbit hole of trying to eat healthier, but I did, and I like went online and I found people who were.

saying, look, if you wanna really take care of your body, you have to not just get rid of gluten, but you have to get rid of all this processed food, all these grains. I remember seeing a video by Dr. Cola way backwards, said, yeah. The way to clear up your skin is just give up all grains, no more rice, no more any of that stuff.

And I remember just bulking at that ho I can’t give up grains. That’s the. important staple of my diet sandwiches, pizza, hamburger, buns, brownies, cookies. How am I gonna give up grains? And low and behold, I find myself trying this and I’m just like floundering, cause they don’t teach you how to eat in America.

Scott Dikkers Life Changing Low Carb

How does a low-carb diet change the life of comedy writer Scott Dikkers? Join us as we talked about Life Changing Low Carb!

He teaches you the proper way to eat.

Carole Freeman: The food and back then they were teaching us to eat mostly grains

Scott Dikkers: yeah. And the food pyramid is a joke created by the dairy industry and the meat industry. So I just experimented and I tried the raw food diet for a while. That was a nightmare because my stomach really hadn’t healed.

So I’m literally scraping it with all this raw vegetable fiber. It was terrible. And. Eventually I settle on this thing. And of course I tried paleo, but I settled on this thing. That’s what I call paleo. Plus it’s a very limited diet where I basically only eat vegetables, but I puree them. I steam them and puree them.

So I’m basically eating warm baby food. And then I eat clean meats cuz I went vegan for many years. And couldn’t sustain my health. I basically shrank. And I looked emaciated. Some people need meat, or if you are gonna go vegan, I think you really have to be a professional nutritionist to get all the amino acids that you’re supposed to get.

And I am not that person. I did take a nutrition class, but I was never able to do all the work necessary to get all the nutrients I need from a purely vegan diet. I decided I was only gonna eat clean meats. I was gonna buy meat from farmer’s markets where I knew the farmer. I knew that the animals were pasture raised, happy.

I didn’t wanna eat any factory farmed meat figured that was, if I was gonna eat meat, that’s how I was gonna do it. And so I was on that diet and I found my equilibrium. I found that was working for me and I really did start to feel healthier. My stomach didn’t hurt after I. My skin cleared up. I got, had more energy.

Like I just felt healthier, . And so that remains my diet to this day. I basically eat warm baby food and a little bit of meat and all I do is I puree a different vegetable. I put in some really good fat Sesame oil is my favorite. It’s like a tablespoon or so, and I make a little soup and obviously salt and pepper, all kinds of spices.

And. I have also introduced other like baked foods or semi raw foods I’ll occasionally eat a raw carrot or sweet potatoes. And as far as the vegetables go, I mix it up. I eat a lot of green vegetables, but obviously eat a lot of like purple vegetables and basically anything I can find.

There’s only a few things that are just like, so I, and then I got into obviously all the really super healthy stuff, like chlorella, Lina. And the bitters of green vegetables. And I think I took a break from sugar, even fruit, sugar for three or four months at one period. So I only ate vegetables and meat for three or four months.

And I remember coming out of that and eating a strawberry and feeling like I was eating a a banana split at dairy queen. It was the sweetest. Most amazing flavor I’d ever tasted. And then I realized, oh my God, that’s what the human body is supposed to think of a straw. , it’s supposed to be a treat

And so that’s how I operate today. I do have a little bit of fruit every couple of weeks as a treat and that works for me. And then on occasion, because I’m a human being, I have a complete cheat meal. don’t eat gluten. But I do, I will make gluten free brownies or cookies, or I’ll go out to Culvers and I’ll get the gluten free bun on a hamburger.

But I’ll tell you even to this day, like I can’t overdo it. Like I have a certain bucket. And if the bucket overflows I’m outta luck. So I do have to always come back to my baseline of puree, vegetables and clean meats and healthy fats. So yeah, that’s what I’m doing. And it’s really working for me because.

I feel healthier than I’ve ever felt in my life. And I’m nearly 60. So feeling good, feeling really good. Yeah.

Carole Freeman: Oh, that’s amazing. I love the stories, Scott it’s and it’s so similar to a lot of the people that I know in the keto space. It’s a similar story of they tried all the things myself, raw food, vegetarian, vegan food combining and similar to you.

It. I would get very sick anytime any of those came along and now I follow primarily whole foods. Extremely, low carb keto, most of the time. And similar to you. It’s you just, you feel so miserable when you go off of it. That’s is that your primary motivator? Because so many people say, oh, it’s not sustainable to change your diet.

That and I would argue that your, the way that you eat mostly is more restrictive than the way I would eat. And that’s the criticism that keto gets most of the time is, oh, it’s just too restrictive. Nobody could ever stick with that. But what is. What keeps you going? What keeps you motivated to stick with it?

Scott Dikkers: Number one, I’m just an insanely disciplined person. and if I set my mind to something, I can do it, especially if I know what the benefits are. And so I know what the benefits are of this diet. I never get sick. Everybody around me has a cold or the flu or whatever. I simply don’t get it. That’s worth it to me.

Yeah. I feel like it’s keeping cancer at bay, because I feel like I’m no doctor, I’m no scientist, but I’ve read enough about this to feel like there’s more than a causal link between all of the toxins and poisons that we eat in our food. Being a contributing factor to all the cancer that we see in the world.

Because the amount of poison that we eat has increased at pretty much the same rate as cases of cancer have increased. The liver, our livers are just way overworked trying to detoxify it from all this crap that we put into our bodies. Every time I go to the doctor and get a checkup or whatever, I don’t have cancer.

So we’ll see how long that lasts. But I’m feeling like this is kind. good insurance. In fact, I don’t have health insurance. My diet is my health insurance. So occasionally something will happen to me. I’ll get an ear infection. And over the past two or three years, I think that’s about it. I had got an ear infection.

And oh. And I had to go and get a, like a spot on my back removed cuz it was a potentially non benign. Whatever deal from me getting sunburn when I was a kid or whatever. And so I pay for those out of pocket and I’m saving so much money on health insurance. The idea that I would pay some crooked company, hundreds of dollars a month.

And this whole like Obamacare thing infuriated me so much because the Democrats had a chance to pass a. National healthcare plan, but they went with this Republican plan that was just a giveaway to the insurance companies and the medical industry where we’re forced now to pay for this insurance.

I think Trump is a fascist and I hate everything he stands for, but I’m glad he got rid of the mandate for Obamacare, because I didn’t like that. I don’t wanna have to pay money to these crooked companies. I wanna make my own decisions about my own healthcare. Wow.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. preach, preaching.

Yeah I’m big fan of functional medicine, doctors and absolutely love. My clients have to pay out of pocket for, and some of them are like, why should I have to pay for that? When I have insurance? It’s if you want a gym membership, you pay for that. If you want the best food, the healthiest and cleanest food, you gotta pay more for it.

And so it’s about what you care about. You take care of yourself and I agree our. Healthcare system is just not dead care is what I lovingly call it’s exactly what it’s. Yeah. It’s just keeping you just above, not dead or just above dead. And yeah,

Scott Dikkers: if you can walk out of the hospital, you’re fine.

Carole Freeman: Yeah.

People think that they’re protected by that, but I’ve got amazing stories of my clients that are referred to I’ve won primary. Functional medicine doctor that I refer most of my clients to and just amazing stories that people were like, oh, my doctor’s got me covered. And then he’s found these things that their doctors overlooked that were glaringly obvious in the labs that I even saw.

That’s not normal. Let’s get you checked out with him. And he digs and digs until he finds it. And just some, cancer, personal health information for my client, but like just like life changing, altering things that. The noted care was not gonna find . Yeah.

Scott Dikkers: What a wonderful concept, the idea that a doctor would be there to make sure that you have optimal health.

Yeah. That’s what I love about functional medicine. I go to this doctor and I’m basically fine, but she runs all these tests and finds all these little, vitamin deficiencies and stuff and she puts me on supplements and then retests me. Yeah, I just feel like I’m in absolutely the best health of my life.

Thanks to a good diet, a good doctor. Basically removing myself from the totally corrupt Western medical health insurance system and feeling really good about.

Carole Freeman: and you probably spend less on that care than you would on insurance, premiums and deductible

Scott Dikkers: and yeah. I’m getting off real easy.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I love it. Let’s see. So how, so it sounds like this dietary change, like the beginnings of it were close to 20 years ago or so not quite, but about,

Scott Dikkers: I would say. Yeah, it was a process, so I yeah, started probably 15 and I settled on my current diet, maybe eight to 10 years. Okay.

Carole Freeman: And how did a, that impact your mental clarity, your work, your career, your ability to think clearly?

Like what, is there a big difference between stuff you created pre finding the perfect diet for you versus after?

Scott Dikkers: Yeah. Good question. I don’t know that there’s been necessarily a change there. I do feel like I, it helps me with my energy level. So I just started this new comedy podcast and I’m on episode 14.

Now it’s a weekly show where it’s just me in front of the camera, trying to be funny. And it takes a lot of energy and a lot of work. And for the first. 12 weeks. I think maybe 11 weeks. I had to pull an all nighter once a week just to finish the show cuz I was learning how to do all the animation and the editing and everything else, the sound.

And it was a learning curve. And I used to pull all nighters in my twenties at The Onion fair amount, even did a couple of all weekenders. , which is like where you don’t sleep from Friday to Monday. Wow. When The Onion was on deadline and I used to have to recover from those, a couple of days of just like lying around sleeping.

And, but now, like I just I get right out of them, like one night’s sleep of six hours and I’m good to go again. So yeah. I feel like it’s in, it’s increased my energy, which has then increased my productivity. I can actually do more. Which is amazing and wonderful as far as mental clarity. Yeah.

I’m not sure. They always used to say that if you keep your mind active that’s like your that’s exercise for your brain. So as you get older, you’re gonna retain that mental agility. And I’ve always been writing jokes and trying to come up with jokes. And I feel like that’s really good brain exercise.

Maybe I’m sure the diet doesn’t hurt,

Carole Freeman: Maybe you started it right at the time where you otherwise would’ve had more mental decline. You caught it just in the time.

Scott Dikkers: yeah. And I do feel like I, I have a fewer memory lapses than I used to have. Like just like little oh what was I saying?

I used to do that a lot more. I still do it a fair amount, but not as much. And so hopefully that’ll improve with time and not decline.

Carole Freeman: Excellent. Oh, I’m loving this so much. And alright. We we finally got a comment. This is, I don’t know if this is a real person or not. Proverbial one says, hello.

Hello, proverbial one. Welcome to the show. You’re just in time as we’re about, about ready to wrap this up. So Scott, was there anything else that you were hoping to share or hoping I would ask about before we wrap this?

Scott Dikkers: Now it’s your show. We can talk about whatever you want. oh, and

Carole Freeman: that’s a real person.

All right. Good to know. I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for joining. Thanks for coming and where can people find you where you’ve got a lot of different places that people can find you, where would you like people to go? And I’ll add a little banner.

Scott Dikkers: Oh, thank you. I am in the computer. I’m my YouTube channel is Scott Dikkers around and that’s where my new podcast is.

I’m also around.com. No, it’s just Scott Dikkers around on YouTube. Scott Dikkers.com will find my my website. I have another website where I teach people comedy that the books that you held up that’s HowtoWriteFunny.com. And I’m on Twitter at, I think if you just Google Scott Dikkers, you’ll see it all.

Even if you spell my name wrong. Oh, that’s great. Yeah, that’s that’s one thing that the internet has gifted me is people can get my name wrong. Now. It doesn’t matter.

Carole Freeman: Just any Scott Dikkers if you’re just listening, just try search you’ll find him. He’s not hard to find pages and pages.

he’s older than the internet. I am, there is

Scott Dikkers: one other, there’s one other Scott Dikkers in the world and he’s my age and he lives in Maryland. Oh. But he he doesn’t really do much online, okay. I’m the only game in town.

Carole Freeman: There’s one other Carole Freeman that at least comes up on the internet.

She was like in parliament in Canada or something like that.

Scott Dikkers: Oh my goodness. She spell it with the E too. Yeah. Yeah.

Carole Freeman: Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah. And then of course there’s Carole Baskin, but that’s a different, last name. So

Scott Dikkers: that’s . Yeah. And you don’t wanna be associated with that person?

Carole Freeman: Proverbial one is keto for six years.

Congratulations. I just celebrated my seven year anniversary. So we’re siblings there. Recently had VSG. I don’t know what that means.

Scott Dikkers: I don’t know what that is

Carole Freeman: here. Very something good. Successfully. Good. Very successfully. Good. I think that’s what that means. oh, this has been fun. Everybody come back. So this was a special episode on Tuesday to typically we’re doing shows on Thursday. So Thursday this week on what is that June? June 9th. The episode is gonna be about the secrets to ending emotional eating.

I’ve got a program that I’m launching. And so I’m gonna share with you details of that. And I wanna, oh, weight loss surgery. Oh, okay. Weight loss surgery was that proverbial one had, I’ve got some clients that have after they’ve had. Weight loss surgery. They start to gain the weight back and then they found keto afterwards, too.

So congratulations God. You’re doing well. Proverbial one. Thanks for joining the show. Thank you to our guest Scott Dikkers. Thank you for being here. And let me put the. Just search for him online, Scott Dikkers around is his new podcast and it’s very fun. I’ve watched a couple of episodes of that too.

Check out his books. I’m gonna go now. Search for you are worthless, depressing nuggets of wisdom. Sure. To ruin your day as a father’s day gift. Perfect father’s day gift. And so everyone thank you for joining us. If you’re struggling with keto, I’m here to help visit my website. Keto Carole.com. Apply to work with me if you’re struggling and remember, help us grow the show and we’ll help you shrink.

Thank you again, Scott, for being

Scott Dikkers: here. Thank you,

Carole Freeman: Carole. Thanks for having so you all next time, everyone. Bye now.

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Transcript provided by Descript

Carole Freeman: Hey there. How are you doing today? We’re live everyone. Welcome to the show. I’m by myself today and solo, no guest cohost. I’m excited to be here. Hey, tell me where you’re joining from type of comment. Let me know. You’re here. The show is interactive. And you went on the shows about today. Are you a woman trying to lose weight on keto?

Have you read every blog post watched every video out there by, oh, all the male keto gurus. There’s a lot of them. And you just felt like something was off. Like they were missing the boat and you wonder if women actually need a different approach to keto than. This episode is for you. Stick around and learn the three things that I’ve seen for seven years of coaching, thousands of women, the three things that women specifically need to succeed on keto.

So welcome everyone to keto chat live. We’ve got a thumbs up already. I love all the interaction. So join the show. Let me know where you’re joining me from. I can tell I have people like watching, but I can’t see who you are until you actually comment. So let me know. You’re here. Welcome you to the show here.

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Keto Coaching for Women with Carole will give you knowledge about emotional, hormonal, nutritional, and community needs of women.

Welcome to keto chat. Live everyone. I’m your host Carole Freeman. Master’s in nutrition and clinical health psychology. I’m a certified clinical hypnotherapist and also am a board certified keto nutritions specialist. I specialize in helping women 40 plus follow a keto diet for sustainable weight loss.

Now the part the lawyers want to hear the show’s meant for educational and entertainment purposes only it is not medical advice nor intended to diagnose. Prevent treat or cure any condition whatsoever. If you have any questions or concerns related to your specific medical condition, please seek out the care of your personal health.

Healthcare. Professional. Nancy is here from San Diego. Welcome Nancy. So glad you’re here. She’s one of our regulars here for the show. All right. Hey, if you feel so inclined support the show, if you’re watching on YouTube, you can do a Superchat. I’ll give you a shout out. And if you’re on a Facebook, a review of the show is really helpful too.

And you’re listening later on any of our podcast platforms, give us a review five stars if you enjoyed it. And that helps out get more get the word out to more people. Just a little. Personal note, how are y’all doing, how y’all doing? I have my next comedy show is going to be in Ahwatukee, which is an area of Phoenix, Arizona May 26th, 2022.

So if you’re in the area, come out and have some laughs. It’s a good time out there. It’s a great show. And we’ve got a lot of local comedians on the show out there. Some really great, funny people that are actually friends of mine. So I have a new little segment for the show today. I often get free product samples.

Companies want me to review they’ll give me a sample of a product for my honest review. And I’ve got a few of them I’ve been sitting on because if you’re a woman, you might appreciate the fact that oh, if I’m going to do something on video, it takes a little more effort, got to actually shower today, comb my hair, put a little bit of makeup on.

And so I thought, why don’t I actually just wrap this up in the show? So let me know if you like this segment or not. I’ve got One, one company I’m going to talk about proper goods sent me some soup to try. So I’m going to tell you about the two ones that they sent me, and I’m going to chat about salad and go.

That’s a local fast food salad restaurant. That’s here in the Phoenix area. I’m going to share with you my experiment with them for this last week. And. And then I’ll tell you what’s coming up next week. Cause I’ve got another product coming next week. So proper. Good. Let’s talk about proper. Good. Okay.

This is just the labels from the soup, cause I already ate the soup and I’ve just been procrastinating on doing the review. And so this is a new company. Proper good. They provide. So imagine hanging down from here is a kind of a plastic pouch that the product is in. And so they have a full line of products.

Most of them are not keto friendly. Okay. So I’ll just put that caveat in to start with they’re a company that they seem to be trained to, to check all the boxes for every dietary preference. So they have some soups that are vegan and some that are let me see if they’ve got it on here.

Gluten-free I don’t remember on their website, everything they’re trying to beat everybody, but basically two of them are keto friendly or potentially keto friendly and everything else on their site is not okay. So if you go and look what they’ve got going on, they’ve got carby things. They’ve got oatmeal and other soups that are not keto friendly.

So just keep that in mind. If you go look at the website, this is not a keto company, but as a company that has a couple of products that are keto friendly. So right now you only order from their website. They don’t have it. They’re not selling it in stores anywhere cause they’re brand new. And, but let me tell you about the pros.

So the two products that are keto friendly, creamy chicken soup and broccoli, cheddar soup. Now these are really high quality ingredients. So the things I liked about these were very high quality ingredients, not garbage in here. And so for example, the creamy chicken. Is chicken bone broth. So that’s one of the cool things, as well as they’re using bone broth as a basis that are just water and vegetable broth chicken heavy cream.

Okay. So that’s rare in a soup. Usually it’s going to be some fillers and starches and things like that. So actual, real cream they’ve got their onions carrots, coconut oil celery, garlic xantham. Carrot fiber. That’s just a little thickener in there and sea salt, Rosemary extract. So cool is Rosemary extract is actually a very natural preservative and Rosemary extract is very antimicrobial antibacterial.

And so they’ve done a really good job at using completely natural ingredients in here. Black pepper chives and parsley. So impressive clean list of ingredients in there. Very high quality. Probably the problem is that to scale this kind of a company, typically the ingredients get cheap. And if they ended up getting bought out by another company, they’re gonna end up having to put cheaper ingredients in there.

So right now they’ve really impressively quality ingredients that are in there. So the nutrition breakdown. Oh my gosh. I’m going to have to put these on I’m 51. Now everyone I’ve tried. Try as little as possible to read these, but that’s tiny. All right. So we’ve got 360 calories in one pouch, and that is 27 grams of fat.

This is really small 11 grams of carbs. Total three grams of that is fiber and 19 grams of protein. As a one serving this, if you’re okay. This could work as a, if you’re doing two meals a day, because the carb count in this is high enough that it wouldn’t be something that I would recommend for somebody doing three meals a day 11 grams of carbs that’s problem with any.

Product is it’s hard to keep the carbs low when you’re trying to fill up a pouch of food. And so the the carbs are a little high, so you’d have to have this as a two a day, but with only 19 grams of protein in here, you’re going to need some more protein to add in there to make a full meal. So this could be like your side dish to go with some other protein that you’re having.

And but just know that all by itself, as a single meal, it’s not going to quite fit for what I recommend for my clients or what I see working. But again, the ingredients are really quality. The taste was really great. These are really well created. I do think that the sodium intake, the sodium content in these is too low.

I definitely had to put a lot more salt in these and especially somebody who’s on keto, your taste buds want a lot more salt. And so it’s only got, let’s see what. Let’s see sodium. Oh, six 60 milligrams. So that’s about a quarter of a teaspoon in a whole, one of these. I recommend at least another quarter to a half, a teaspoon of salt in these to make them taste phenomenal.

But again, thumbs up as a good starter place. And if you’re somebody who just wants to have some soups on hand, oh, they’re also, they don’t need to be refrigerated. So just in the container, you put them in your cupboard indefinitely. You can either just pour it into a pan to heat it up.

Or you can boil the pouch in some water and also they recommend, or they suggest that you can just tear the top off of the pouch and put it in the microwave and heat it up in that container there. So that is the creamy chicken has actually much more protein in it than the broccoli cheddar.

So let me read the nutrient breakdown on this. And so this one of only 250 calories for one pouch. So it’s a hundred calories or 110 calories less than the other one. It is 20 grams of fat, 10 total grams of carbs with three grams of fiber, only seven grams of protein in this one. So the protein and this one is just coming from the cheese that’s in here because there’s no actual other protein source in here, probably some of the, from the bone broth.

So we’ve got a chicken bone broth Broccoli heavy cream onions, carrots, coconut oil, cheddar cheese, garlic xantham gum natural cheese flavor. Buttermilk protein or I’m sorry, buttermilk power, butter, natural flavors, natural cheese flavors, sea salt, Rosemary extract, white pepper, turmeric and paprika.

So again, this one’s very low protein, and so this would be a great side dish for some of the protein sources, same thing with this one, really high quality ingredients, very tasty. And I do, I would recommend. A lot more salt added to it for all the flavor blooming and a, this would be a great side dish again, with more protein added to it.

Yeah. So any questions about any questions, folks about proper? Good. So thank you proper. Good for sharing that with me again, very high quality. I really enjoyed them. Miss the brand name joined late. So the brand and this is proper good. And again, the whole company has a long line of pouched food.

So soups and things like. And but not everything that they make is keto friendly. So only two of their products are keto friendly. That’s the ones that they sent me for review very high quality ingredients very tasty. Again, I would recommend that these are a side dish with more protein and also add more salt to them.

The carb counts, Nancy, each of them, one of them is 10 grams. One of them is 11 grams total. So they would be something that you’re doing a two a day meal plan. To stick with 20 total carbs, or you could cut each of these in half and have a small portion of it and add them to some more protein. Yeah.

All right. Also I wanted to share. Experiment. I did last week with there’s a local it’s like a fast food place, but it’s only salads. That’s here in the Phoenix area. I’ve been down here two years and I had not yet tried them. And so the place is called salad and go. And so I’m pretty sure this is only a Phoenix thing, but Nancy.

Oh, actually the answer you moved from San Diego. Didn’t you let me know if there’s any of these in your area. But I did an experiment this last week. I was supposed to go grocery shopping on Saturday, set myself up for success, but it was like, you know what, I’m going to try that salad and go place and just check it out and see if this will work for a meal a year.

A year, no, a week of meal prep for me. So this place has all salads and you can completely customize them and they have some pre-made versions. You can still customize everything on those. And then they have a build your own type of salad place or salad combo. And they’re the proteins. They offer our chicken grilled chicken.

They’re grilled chicken with some Buffalo sauce on it. Tofu. No protein or avocado, literally on their menu, you can choose avocado. That’s not a protein folks and it tasty. And maybe if you want. Use this as a, just a solid basis aside and use your own protein that would work. And so what I did is I went and got five salads and they have the option to do extra protein.

So most of them I did do extra protein cause there’s their standard amount of protein on them ends up being about 19 or 20 grams of protein. And I’m typically eating two meals a day. So I need to have at least 40 grams of protein per meal. And I found that again, this is the first time trying these and I found that the amount of lettuce that they give.

Way too much, way more than I would eat in one sitting. And that’s kind what the filler is, but they’ve got a lot of different variety of toppings and things like that. So I went with five of their pre-made salad combos, made a couple of adjustments on them. Double the protein on all of them. And I found that they, most of them portion size wise, we’re about two meals for each salad I got and the standard salad without the double protein is $5 and 76 cents.

And you can get two dressings for that. It’s an unbelievable bargain. And if you do the standard lettuce amount standard salad, and then you just double the protein up, it ends up still being less than $8 for the double protein. And so it was, I ended up buying five salads and they were the equivalent of two meals, a piece.

So I got 10 meals for less than $40. It was pretty cool. And the dressings on the side, which is what you really need to have if you don’t want your lettuce, To garbage. And so I basically I’m, today is Thursday. I got these on Saturday last week, I’m down to my last salad. And so it’s done. It’s done well.

It’s served its purpose. I actually got pretty tired of just chicken though. So chicken and Buffalo chicken are the only proteins that I would have. And I got pretty tired of that. So I’ve got some other proteins that I’ve swapped in and out. And I think for next time, maybe I’ll do some. The avocado is the protein.

So actually no for the same price, you can get the chicken. So I would think I would get that, hold it on the side, maybe rotate in some other proteins for myself. So anyways, it was a hit, it was a good, a big success. And I’ll tell you, I’ve been, it’s been easy to stick with keto for the week because I set myself up for success with those meals.

Every time I opened my fridge, I’m like, oh, I’ve got these salads I can choose from that are A good dose of protein on there. And Facebook user, I don’t know who this person is because they don’t have their name on there. So the streaming platform that I use, unless you’ve given it permission to share your name, it will only show you a Facebook user.

So if you want to remain private yeah. That’s just fine. If you’d like to share who you are, what your name is. You’re welcome to type that in the chat as well, too. Sounds cool. I’ll see if they have anything like that in this state. And yeah, so the proper good is something that you can order online, delivered anywhere in the United States, I assume.

And then yeah. Salad and go is going to be a Phoenix thing as far as I know. Next week what’s Kathy. Hi, Kathy. How are you doing? Welcome to the show. Glad you’re here. So up next, I found, I, again, I’ve lived in Phoenix for two years and I just found out about this local company called the Sapiens Kitchen and they do paleo and keto meals.

They actually have a restaurant and they do meal delivery service. I only found out about this because there’s a local keto group here that said. Ask some question. And then this company said, Hey, check us out. And I was like, I’m going to go check you out. And they do this meal delivery service and the meals look really great.

Keto Coaching for Women

Keto Coaching for Women with Carole will give you knowledge about emotional, hormonal, nutritional, and community needs of women.

I’m going to assume that the veggie portions are maybe a little too high in carbs, but they offer the option to order separate proteins all by themselves. So I ordered every single meal combo that they had as a keto option. And I think off the top of my head, that might be six of them. And I ordered all the other separate proteins that they sell as well.

And so this is going to be my experiment for next week. They deliver it to my zip code and so they come next Wednesday. So the next, our next show that we’ve got, I will have had at least a couple of the meals to be able to review for you. So that’s coming up next week, everyone. So let me know if you liked this segment where I review products that I’ve been sent for sampling and review again, if you’re just joining us.

I often get contacted by companies that say, Hey, we’ve got this thing where you try it for an honest review. And if it’s something that at least at a glance and ingredients that they’ve got is something that I would possibly recommend for my clients. I’m happy to do and I thought, why not wrap it into the show here?

Glad you all are here. All right. So you’re ready for the topic of the show. This today’s episode is about the three things that women need to succeed on keto. And again, this is my experience. Next week is my set. Oh, how many fingers? Seven year anniversary of my keto journey. Can you believe it? I can’t believe it’s been a long seven years, everyone.

And so I’ve literally worked with thousands of women. In that time. And I’ve noticed that they actually have different needs than men have. And in the very beginning of my journey, I didn’t think that was true. I was like, nah, it doesn’t matter. The same keto approach can work for men and women. You don’t need any difference.

But I found that women actually have three specific things. There’s three specific types of support that they need that is different than most men. Thank you, Kathy. I’m getting the congratulations. Thank you so much. All right. So who wants to hear the three things you want to say here? Three things I’ll give you I’ll name three of them, but I’m going to go a little bit deeper into what I mean by each of those as well.

So one thing that women need most women need that’s different than most men on keto is that they need emotional support. They also need hormonal support and they need community support. And again, this isn’t. This doesn’t apply to every single person, but in general, again, the last seven years I’ve been doing this, the thousands of women I worked with and a few men I’ve worked with a few men is that women need those three things.

And I’m going to go into a little bit deeper about what I mean by those and what that looks like, why they need that and so on. And so let’s talk about the emotional, real support. First. Now women need. For their emotions. We are a little more feeling, people, emotional people in general, and we need support for whatever comes up on this journey.

Food means a lot of different things to us. We. Our caretakers. We show love with food. We receive love with food and we put a lot of work and effort into care-taking for there. Other people around us. And a lot of our emotions and feelings are wrapped up in what we eat. And most of the ladies that I’m working with have historically put themselves last.

They always care for everyone else first and their needs come last and they prioritize all of the funds for the rest of their family and the well-being of the rest of their family. And then they also feels guilty about ever spending any money on themselves. And except for, they tend to be the primary food shoppers, the fi primary food preparers.

That’s not always the case, but that tends to be more so with women than men. They end up because they don’t want it. They feel guilty. If they spend money on themselves, they still feel guilty. If they do anything special for themselves, they’re not spending all their time to take care of their family.

They end up that food ends up being the one thing they give themselves permission to spend money on. Cause that’s just the food budget. That’s for everybody. Nobody’s going to notice that. And so we ended up using food to cope with feelings and emotions, and it can be very effective food.

Especially high carb foods can help us feel very numb, avoid or dissociate from uncomfortable feelings. And also it can be something that we use to celebrate how we express feelings. It’s how we have a good time and it works until it doesn’t work. And a lot of ladies I’m working with are okay, this isn’t working anymore.

I want to do something different. I want to learn different techniques and. So let me know. Is that something that resonates with you? Are you like a lot of the ladies that I’m working with where food ends up being the one area that you’ll allow yourself to spend more money on, and it’s the one thing that you feel less guilty about using to help yourself cope and soothe your feelings?

So women, they need to understand that’s what’s going on. So they need support for their emotions. They need empathy for how they’ve lived their lives and. When they’re at the point where they’re ready to do something different instead of using food to cope with things as they need help being able to develop their emotional intelligence and the whole set of skills that most of us never learned about how to actually have feelings, identify them, validate them and not need to numb out or avoid or sooth our feelings just.

And so this is develops over time. It takes work to develop your emotional intelligence. And so that’s what I mean by women need that emotional support. So that’s number one that women need different than what men need on keto is they need help and support for their emotions. All right.

Number two. Hormonal support. And this is two different things, actually. So one is going to be during their PMs time. So their pre-menstrual time they need I’ve found that some women, their, this isn’t true for all of them, but some women are very vulnerable at that time. And I’ll talk about why. And then the other part of hormonal support is something more recently I’ve learned from the doctor that I refer a lot of my clients to is.

Our hormones are very sensitive about feeding times and also about amount of protein that we have. And so intermittent fasting may not be the best option for women and trying to fast and try to get down to two meals or only one meal a day or fasting day or two a week or three days a week. It may not actually be the best thing for women.

So let’s talk about each of these separately too. Pre-menstrual time and. That part of our cycle, where our body is building up our uterus, it’s getting ready for a, the body hopes. It’s going to have a pregnancy it’s preparing for it every month. It doesn’t know if that’s in your cards or not, or if that’s your priority, not your body just goes through that cycle every month.

And so basically it’s a building phase, right? So your body is building up that organ, your uterus, and it needs lots and lots of nutrients to do that, especially things that are blood building. So Chinese medicine does a really good job at looking at this as that’s a building time of blood building phase.

And so things like red meat very highly nutritious foods are what your body. And often what happens during this time is that women feel some of the women I work with and I’ve noticed that not everybody struggles with this, but some people have a much more ravenous period in their pre-menstrual time than others.

And basically it’s because your body needs lots of nutrients. It needs calories, nutrients. Red meat or the oil iron and things that are in red meat. And so we get hungry or in that time, how many of you have that pre-menstrual time where you’re just like craving carbs. You want lots of food. And some of my clients ended up having really struggling during this time.

And so for them, what we want to do is actually that time when that kicks in that extra hunger that you’ve got, you want to honor your. You want to feed it? You want to nourish, you want to reassure that your going to feed it, what it needs. So focus on very nutrient rich foods. Don’t put any limitations on them.

So for example, I really recommend a lot of red meat during this time for most women, because it is something that contains all the nutrients that you need to build up a healthy uterus. And it doesn’t work to just ignore this if you’re like I don’t want it to grow. So I’m just not going to eat it.

Your appetite. Overpowering everything else. And so a Facebook user crave chocolate and red meat every month. Yeah. I’ll just say don’t fall for the traps. So there’s some people out there in the internet, that’ll say oh, you need chocolate because it has magnesium in it. No, that’s not what your body’s.

If you’re, if you were craving chocolate, you could eat pure. Unsweetened cocoa powder and that tastes terrible. It’s the sugar, your you’re craving and your body associates chocolate with the sugar. So that’s why it’s craving that red meat is great. Eat as much as you possibly can. Just know that what the sugar craving is doing is that it’s wants that insulin spike from the high carbs, the high sugar foods.

So that’s very building, it actually causes your body. Build things and build up and retain fat and fluid and things like that as well in anticipation of that, a nice, healthy, juicy uterus forming. And so I instruct my clients at that time to have on hand as much of the. Your favorite protein sources you possibly can indulge.

This is the time to indulge in, you still want to stay with keto friendly things. So keep the carbs low, but all the other foods that are your favorites have lots of them on hand don’t limit any of them and just treat it as your feast time. You need to feed your body. You need to nourish it.

And this week we’ll pass. And then you can go back to your focus with trying to reduce your intake and lose fat as a primary goal. So you’ll get three weeks out of the four of the months that you get to do that. But for the women that is, this is again, this isn’t for everybody that they struggle with this, but some of them do and that they do, we got to feed the body, we got to nourish it.

We got to honor what it’s telling you. And then the other three weeks of the month that we can go forward with with the. Facilitating fat loss in your body. And so Facebook user, and I can’t tell if this is still all Kathy, cause all it shows is just Facebook user. So this might be Kathy or might be somebody else, but what are your post-menopausal recommendations?

Yeah. So that kind of fits with the next one. I’ve got the next one for hormonal support is both for women that are still menstruating, but also post-menopausal women as well. Is that intermittent fasting? May not actually be the best thing for women’s hormones. And so again, these are the three different types of support that I found that women need in order to succeed on keto.

The we’re on the second one here, which is hormonal support. So intermittent fasting. So it turns out that women’s hormones are much more sensitive nutrient wise than men are. So for example, men can eat one meal a day, skip a day of eating and their hormones don’t get tanked. For the most part, women are much more sensitive and they need to eat not all day long, but regular intervals.

So for most of the women that I’ve worked with two or three meals a day ends up being optimal, but. Not going to be a benefit to trying to eat less times during the day, cut down to one meal a day. And it actually may cause disruption to. Thyroid and other hormone production. And so prioritizing, so this is again, recommended for post-menopausal as well.

Number one, prioritize protein. You need to get at least 80 grams of protein a day, and that’s on the baby minimum side for women. Most women that I’ve worked with need a lot more than that. A hundred, 120 grams a day is going to be more optimum. So be protein centric in your meals. That this is a hormonal support.

Okay. So protein, rich foods, especially natural ones. The ones that they, as they grow in nature, they actually tend to come with the most vitamins and minerals that our body needs and in the form that we need. So protein centric and eat that first at each of your meals. If you can’t. That much protein in and two meals.

You need to have three meals a day. So this is again, recommendation for post-menopausal and for pre premenopausal women. And this is ends up being our first step in, in meal planning is how am I going to get enough protein in each of my meals per day, and however many meals a day. You need to have that in order to achieve that goal.

So again, intermittent fasting for women may not be the best thing for their hormones. And so we’re looking at when I’m working with my clients, we’re looking at different labs and things like that in conjunction with the doctor that I have them work with and to optimize hormonal health. So that’s number two thing that I found that women need in order to succeed.

So you down keto and the number three thing that I’ve found that women need to succeed on cue. Is community support. And again, this is two layers. So each of my three points have two things underneath them. And so the community support part of this is like I talked about a little bit earlier is that women are the caretakers, the organizers, the feeders in our community.

They need somebody that recognizes that, and that can support them in that role on an ongoing basis, instead of saying, Nope, you just need to stop being who you are. You need to stop being the community hub of your family. How can we help them do keto in a way that they can still honor that role that is meaningful?

And the other part of the community support is not only helping honor what the women’s role is in their own community is that they need community support of other successful keto people. And so they need loving, compassionate sisters that are on their keto journey, cheering them on for success.

And part of this as well is going to be that mirror neuron support. So if you’re a follower of the show, you’ve heard me talk about that before. Humans actually all animals copy the behavior of other animals that they hang out with. And our brains are wired this way. We have specific neurons in our brain called mirror neurons that copy the behavior of other things that we see.

And so this is how, birds can all fly in a flock together. They just copy the behavior of the bird in front of them. This is if you’ve ever seen those adorable videos where one animal gets raised by another type of animal, and then they adopt their behavior. That’s what’s happening is that their brain sees that and it just copies up behavior.

I saw, when did I see the other day? It was a a goat that had been raised by a dog. And so then it had these dog like jumping around anyways. It was very cute. It was adorable. So if we want to be successful on keto in our regular community of people is not keto. And you keep falling off in social situations.

Guess what, there’s a way to offset that is to, by having a community of successful keto people, keto sisters, that you’re hanging out with so that your brain can copy their behavior. So this is why. For when I work with my clients. So we have group support, we have zoom calls where people can see each other, they get motivated, they can hear the success, but they get that mirror neuron activation as well.

That helps their brain go, oh, I’m copying the behavior of these ducks, these geese, these lemmings, these these sheep or. People there they’re keto sisters in there. Copying that. So again, just to recap, I’ve found that women need three things different than men. And again, some of the men that I worked with, actually, they end up their personality type is one that does well with this type of support as well.

So these are the three things that I found that the women that I’ve worked with needed that are different than what men need. So they need emotional support, both just for empathy and support of their emotions. Help with developing their emotional intelligence so that they can learn other ways of coping with life, rather than using food to cope and Sue their emotions and feelings.

They need hormonal support, both those for premenopausal women for PMs support, but also then exploring how many times a day is going to be best nourishing their body to not hormonally signaled their body. That. They’re starving and they don’t have enough nutrients to be healthy. And then the third part again, is the community support.

So both support for their lifestyle and honoring their role in their own community in their lives. And also then having a community of supportive keto, successful sisters that are cheering them on and activating their mirror neurons in a positive way. All right. How are y’all doing? Questions.

Which, which were those resonates with you? Have you been trying keto on your own and are you getting all three of those met in your life? Is it something that’s, you’ve got a big aha where you’re like, ah, that’s, what’s missing. That’s what I haven’t been getting. Correct.

Now’s the time the show. I want you to share your aha with me about what you’ve learned so far on the show. Give me a comment I can see. We’ve got quite a few people watching this live here, so please join us. Let me know. What’s your aha. What’s your takeaway from what I’ve taught you here today? So I’m up next, next week show.

I’m very excited about it. So it’s going to be episode number 46 46 is my seven year keto anniversary show. You don’t want to miss that. I’m going to go over my journey for seven years. Results. I’ve seen lots of client, examples of success, all the things that I’ve seen, not get better for other people.

And also I’m going to share the things that I’ve changed my mind on. So what’s different now about how I teach keto, how I live keto myself and how I bring it to my clients than I did seven years ago when I started this crazy, awesome journey. So that’s next week. So tune in next week. Show is going to be on May 19th, 2022.

Join us live on YouTube or on Facebook. If you can’t join us live, we’re going to have it up on the website and also on all the podcast platforms as well. Very soon after that. Today’s show we covered the three things that women need to succeed on keto. So again, we need the emotional hormonal and community support to be successful.

And so that wraps up our show for today. So if you’re struggling on. You’re missing one or two or three of those things in your life. I’m here to help. I work with my clients by application only. So check out my website, ketocarole.com. And let me put that up here. Carole is the very fancy French spelling.

It has an E on the end. So ketocarole.com. Check that out. If, what you’ve see there resonates with you. I have a couple of spots open for clients, and again, I work with my clients on the application and work very closely with them to get them the results that they’ve been striving to get on their own.

And so it does support the show. If you’ve enjoyed this content share with a friend also, I’d appreciate leave us a review on iTunes or on Spotify. And remember. So we’ve got one more comment here. Oh, here we go. Okay. So Stephanie “prioritizing protein resonates with me. I have to have three meals a day struggling and getting 70 grams a day”.

Appreciate reinforcing this. Yes. Actually in our client group call last night. That was actually one of the things that we were talking about is how do you get that protein in Stephanie Lynn? It’s women historically, we under eat protein. And especially when we’re trying to diet lose weight, that we eat very tiny portions and we try to eat as little as possible.

So part of that, we have to overcome that. And once I find the ones, my clients actually are getting enough protein, their protein appetite increases, and that it’s much easier, but there’s a lot of tricks that we talked about too, that can help you get more protein into and. It’s Kathy again. Great show.

So good to see you, Kathy. What a nice surprise. All right. That does it for the show. Everyone. Thanks again for watching. And again, if you need help or support on keto, check out my website, ketocarole.com and remember, help us grow the show and we’ll help you shrink. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you all next time.

Bye now.

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