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Cindy Ryan

Peer Support Coach

Cindy Ryan

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Cindy’s Journey

Dr. Cindy Ryan is a wife, mother of three, Mimosa (her grandma name) to two sweet boys. I am a breast cancer survivor. I learned of the Keto diet from my son, a high school football coach. He recommended it because of Keto’s long term health benefits, especially related to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease (my mother has been recently diagnosed.)

On my own, I gleaned information from the internet and did what I now know was lazy Keto, just less carbs, some fat and not enough protein. I lost weight briefly and then regained it plus some. I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. It all was made worse by the cancer fighting drug I was on that blocked hormone production.

In March of 2017, I decided I need a coach and found Carole Freeman (Keto Carole). Her program was easy to follow and she provided the emotional support I needed. I learned the science behind Keto and why a cheat wasn’t just a cheat, it was throwing off my whole metabolism.

I began to experience the wonder of Keto eating from a lack of hunger, increased energy and weight loss. Along the way, my blood pressure went down and my doctor discontinued my daily blood pressure medication. I’m also no longer taking medication for heartburn. I’m still on the journey but I feel wonderful.

Professionally, I am a Christian pastor, writer and speaker. I have a doctorate degree from Texas Christian University in Pastoral Counseling. Because Ketogenic eating has been so transformational for me, I am excited about supporting others in this amazing journey.

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