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Stress can be a real ketosis killer and send you back to your old carby habits! Join Carole with special guest co-host, comedian Erik Escobar as they discuss ways to train your body to be more relaxed despite life’s stressors so you can stick with your healthy eating habits and avoid regaining weight.

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Carole Freeman: [00:00:00] Welcome. Welcome to the show. We’re live everybody. Welcome to keto chat live. You guys have amazing guest co-host today. I’m so excited. I’ve been trying to get him on for a while. Eric Escobar, everyone. Hello. Hello. So great. Welcome. Welcome to the show. Today’s episode, the stress throw you off the rails.

Carole Freeman: Is that the number one killer of your ketosis journey? Stressful things cropping up around the corner. Stay tuned because this show is for you and for us. It’s all for all of us. Welcome to keto chat. Live everyone. I’m your host Carole Freeman, a master’s degree in nutrition and psychology. I’m a board certified keto nutrition specialist and mice.

Carole Freeman: My, my honored up my honored. I don’t know how to introduce. I grew up in Oregon. I have terrible manners. I don’t know how to do this stuff. My special guest co-host today is Eric Escobar. He’s a comedian and a keto success story from [00:01:00] what he’s told me. And I’ve seen the before and after, so it’s amazing.

Carole Freeman: But Eric, just for fun, I always have my guest, co-host read the medical disclaimer because we want to make sure that we don’t get in trouble on these shows. So are you willing to. Jump in and read that,

Erik Escobar: you know what Carol, it would be my honored. It would be my honor to read this medical disclaimer.

Erik Escobar: Let’s do it. Hey friends, this show is meant for educational and entertainment purposes. Only. It is not a medical advice nor intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any condition. If you have questions or concerns related to your specific medical condition, please contact your doctor. Don’t hit us up.

Erik Escobar: My, the most degree I have is in theater. All right. That is not medical at all. I can teach you how to do a breathing exercise, tongue twister, but seriously, contact your professional for help. Please contact your personal health care professional, too much coffee and honored. Let’s get this going.

Carole Freeman: I love it. Love it. Those of you watching live, join in comment. I can see that we have people watching live, but I can’t see who you are until you actually [00:02:00] comment. So this is an interactive show. If you’re just joining us, let us know where you’re joining from. And you’re going to be part of the. Don’t worry.

Carole Freeman: We won’t make you come on camera, unless, unless you really want to, but wait, you have a degree in theater. So does that mean you could play a doctor on TV? I can, I

Erik Escobar: could play a doctor in your local community theater basement production. That is the highest of my credits. But yeah, I actually, I studied film and theater for my undergrad and I have my masters in performance studies with a focus in comedy.

Erik Escobar: So that was really cool. Very fun. It’s a thing, but this is how much of a thing it is. It is a thing that is very stressful. Go into college, go into grad school. You have late night term papers. You have to study for things all the time and you stress. All the time I put on so much weight, especially in grad school, because I would have these papers that I didn’t do until the night before, also three in the morning.

Erik Escobar: I just hate eating ice cream sandwiches and buckets of bread, just buckets of bread. And that definitely paid the price for [00:03:00] it.

Carole Freeman: she’s a regular glad you’re here, Susan.

Erik Escobar: I really hope there’s some Keto or carbless Giordano’s or Lumo noddies if there is any deep dish pizza that is not filled with carbs.

Carole Freeman: Did you just mention Lou Malnati’s I love Lou Malnati’s I might go have that for dinner tonight. The conference I’m at actually the reason I even heard about it, so well, I personal check-in let’s just get to that. Let’s get to the personal check-ins. I don’t know. I always feel like I need to officially announce the different segments of this show, but it’s just going to flow.

Carole Freeman: We’re going to have a great time here. So just joining us. She gave us a comment, let us know where you’re joining from. Welcome to the show. So glad that you’re here. This show today, the topic, along with featuring the amazing Eric and talking about his degrees in theater and comedy we’re going to talk about stress and how stress can be a killer of ketosis and some really quick, easy techniques that you can do to turn off that stress [00:04:00] response in our body.

Carole Freeman: All wait. So I was talking about the conference that I’m at so personal check-in for me, I’m attending a marketing and automation conference, which for a lot of you may sound like super snoozy boring. And and the reason I’m there is because a good friend of mine in the keto space, Tyler Cartwright, some of you watching may know him.

Carole Freeman: He’s half of the keto gains team. Tyler’s lost about 300 pounds on keto and maintain that he’s a beast. And yeah, so he’s he told me about the conferences here in basically in my backyard here in Phoenix. And I don’t remember why was I talking about that? I don’t know. So we’ve got

Carole Freeman: into the pizza trying to figure out where to go and for dinner. So another person that’s lives here locally is Dr. Ruiz, who is also he’s my personal doctor, but he’s also a part of the keto gains community. They’ve got a. Dr concierge service online. And so anyways, we’re thinking about where to go for dinner tonight.

Carole Freeman: And I was like, we got [00:05:00] to go to Lou Malnati’s and get the crustless or the, they call it the, do they call it crustless piece of pizza, I think. But it’s,

Erik Escobar: I believe so. It’s cheese and sauce and all kinds of

Carole Freeman: delicious crust instead of a regular crust it’s made with ground sausage. So it’s like a deep dish.

Carole Freeman: Have you had that?

Erik Escobar: No, I didn’t know. That was a thing

Carole Freeman: you’ve got to ask it’s I don’t know if it’s on all their menus, but you’ve got to ask for ahead of time. Cause it takes them like 30 minutes to prep it. They hand make it but yeah, so imagine the regular deep dish pizza, but the crust is a hundred percent ground sausage and then all the toppings of.

Carole Freeman: Oh, my God. It is a great dinner. It’s a great breakfast. Yeah. I may get to eat that later tonight. So anyways

Erik Escobar: this is the most heartbreaking thing for me. It’s oh, Illuminati is the favorite all around. I love it. Susan knows what’s up. Meat crust. So I have a buddy, his name’s Easton Gauge. He’s a wonderful comedian out of California.

Erik Escobar: But he has family in Chicago and I went to Chicago. Did some shows there. And he, this was before I was doing keto and he hit me back up and he was like, [00:06:00] did you have Lou Malnati’s and I’m like, yeah, it was one of the best pies I ever had. And he’s oh, what’s your address? Couple of weeks later, he sends me some frozen Lou Malnati’s

Carole Freeman: pies shipped anywhere.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. It’s beautiful.

Erik Escobar: And I was like, Easton and you didn’t need to do that, man. I appreciate the gift, but really it’s, you didn’t need to do that. He’s no, you don’t get it. His cousin married into the Malnati family and he gets frozen pizzas sent to him, like probably like once a month. Wow. And I’m like, it is so horrible.

Erik Escobar: Cause he is super fit. He’s got a 30 pack. It’s not even the six-pack abs very athletic. And I’m like, you’re probably crushing. Lou Malnati’s pies once a week, twice a month, whatever it is. And you look great. I’m very jealous. I wish I could do the same thing.

Carole Freeman: I realized, as you’re saying the name of this restaurant, it sounds.

Carole Freeman: Illuminati. It does. Cause I was like, which restaurant are you referring to? Lou Malnati’s. Which if you say it west [00:07:00] coast style it’s it sounds like Illuminati. There is a

Erik Escobar: lot of history to both

Carole Freeman: get flagged for whatever sounds like, but a Chicago pizza, maybe it’s maybe that’s not really the guy’s name.

Carole Freeman: It’s a code name. I don’t know.

Erik Escobar: Maybe it could be Illuminati. His name could also be Con Spiracy. You never know. He just has this just as bad. He was like Illuminati was one less worse.

Carole Freeman: Awesome. Awesome. Okay. I’m checking. I sent an reminder out to people to join. I just forgot to check. Cause I asked him if you’d like the link, let me know, but it looks like Lynn found us.

Carole Freeman: That’s good. So she was the one that was asking for the link. So I see you’re here, Lynn. Yeah. Okay.

Erik Escobar: Lynn, our favorite.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. So if anybody, I’ve been announcing in the last couple of episodes, but I have a new texting number. If you would like to personally connect with me, if you’d like to get reminders, when we go live here send me a text.

Carole Freeman: Oh, I think I’ve got the banner. I can pull up and get real fancy here. Oh, here we [00:08:00] go. 7 0 4. This is the fun. I didn’t pick this number. They assign this to me. Look at the last about 5, 3 0 9. You know what? That’s for America, right? Are you old enough to know

Erik Escobar: 5 7, 5, 3

Carole Freeman: 0 9 G Jenny, don’t lose my number 5, 3 0 9.

Carole Freeman: You got to sing it, but it’s, it’s the Arizona version of that 600 to 704, 5, 3 0 9. Join me by text. I send out a reminder when we go live each week and if you’d like to connect also, if I’m going to do comedy someplace, other than around here, I’ll send you a reminder out that I’m going to be doing that as well.

Carole Freeman: I’m going to go see Eric,

Erik Escobar: hopefully it’s the Arizona version because this Jenny has tattoos and loves menthols. That’s fine. It’s definitely.

Carole Freeman: Do you have a Jenny tattoo, Eric?

Erik Escobar: I don’t. I should get a Jenny tattoo. I’ve never dated a Jenny, but you know what, maybe one day I got, I thought about this 20 years ago, just for you.

Carole Freeman: Okay. Now the next question is, do you have a tattoo for every girlfriend?

Erik Escobar: No, I think that’d be a whole, I would [00:09:00] be a travesty. I can’t afford the tattoos. I definitely can’t afford the tattoo removal for that. I, so talking about tattoos, I get a tattoo. Every state I perform in, I got about, I think I just hit 22.

Erik Escobar: I might be at 21, but I actually have a lot of love for Arizona. Cause in Arizona, I got two very meaningful tattoos. The first tattoo that I got was my wonderful dog who’s since passed away, but probably the most meaningful tattoo I have in my body. And the second one, the tattoo artist in Arizona is actually the guy who worked on my back.

Erik Escobar: So my back is being done by an Arizona artist. Who’s now living elsewhere, but it started in AZ. So I’m repping AZ for that one.

Carole Freeman: Interesting. Cause there’s somebody that I met that lives here that actually flies back up to Washington state to get his tattoos. It’s a two very prominent tattoo places.

Carole Freeman: Apparently. I don’t know. So

Erik Escobar: I feel like it’s one of those things where if you find a tattoo artist where you vibe with them, you like their art. They’re good people. You want to support them. You would rather [00:10:00] fly back to Washington or drive six hours to work with them and get it by someone who you don’t know.

Erik Escobar: Maybe it’s the street shop. You know what I mean?

Carole Freeman: I get that because my eyelash technician back in Seattle, when I moved there, moved from there year and a half ago, I was, I struggled to find, I was debating whether I wanted to fly back and get her to work with me again. But I’ve since found somebody here.

Carole Freeman: It took me quite a while, but. I

Erik Escobar: have a stress dreams about like my favorite restaurants closing down, like when you have like a spot that you like, you’re like, I hope this, the owner doesn’t die. It’s really a, oh my God. I hope this place stays open forever. I hope we can always ask him

Carole Freeman: whatever.

Carole Freeman: It’s the same with skincare products and other things for me personally, I don’t know for all women, but for me personally, it’s there’s one thing I find that I love and I’ve had things discontinued. So now I buy five of them just in case they discontinue them.

Erik Escobar: I’m not a, I’m not a big smoker anymore, but I used to be a smoker and then I was vaping and there was this one vape flavor I loved.

Erik Escobar: And then they cut it [00:11:00] out to market. And I was vaping for a year and a half at long time without a cigarette. And as soon as they cut that out of the market, I went back to cigarettes before I quit. And I was like, oh my Lord, this is horrible. This you deleting, this flavor is giving me cancer. This is all your fault.

Erik Escobar: It’s all

Carole Freeman: I’m gonna sue you. Welcome to our health podcast. Everyone glad you’re here. We’re

Erik Escobar: talking about the lungs and now we’re in the highs. We’re in the highest I’m clean. I’m good. I’m great.

Carole Freeman: Susan says she has stress dreams about Topo, Chico being out of stock. Okay. Are you Susan? We need to know your flavor.

Carole Freeman: Is it like, are you just the pure original or do you like the grapefruit or the lime? Tell me your flavor you got to have. So I feel sad when people have never had Topo Chico. I’m like it’s a sparkling mineral water, but the key, I think, is the glass bottle. The reason I know the glass is because in the past, when I was just doing YouTube interviews with different keto people, we were doing a streak where we would do a taste test of different keto foods, every episode.

Carole Freeman: And my guest, I would have. And we would taste test things. [00:12:00] And so one of the episodes was about heavy cream and we literally were doing little shot glasses of heavy cream, and we got like the organic and this carton. And then we got the glass ones and the glass ones, even if they weren’t organic, we’re like, oh my God, blow your mind so much better tasting.

Carole Freeman: So plastic stuff, or carton stuff is lined with this plastic. And I think you can taste it. So I think that’s one of the reasons why Topo Chico tastes so good is because in glass instead of a plastic bottle

Erik Escobar: I just learned from a bar I went to recently I’m a kind of a vodka soda man these days.

Erik Escobar: So back in the day I would drink beer. And a lot of people, a lot of bartenders, they don’t like hearing cans. Cause it can, if you store it for, a month, couple months it’ll start the can, will affect the flavor. But if you put it in a glass bottle, you can keep that beer for a year and it will, the flavor profile never changes.

Erik Escobar: It just stays how it is unless you’re putting it. Hot seller or something. And if that’s the case, bad bar,

Carole Freeman: totally tangent, but there’s a lot of information coming out now about how bad plastics [00:13:00] up in plastics for us to consume are like, it just plastics gets into our cells in our blood and causes a lot of bad stuffs.

Carole Freeman: Oh, look at this. Look at this magic. Susan puts together sparkling coffee with two plain Topo Chico Nutpods and element chocolate, salt. Okay. Fun, fun facts. Isn’t about the element salt. So I mentioned that I’m at this conference this weekend, Tyler Cartwright of keto gains is also one quarter owner of element company too.

Carole Freeman: So full circle here or I don’t know, it’s a figure eight, cause we’re not even halfway through the episode yet, but yeah, I’m hanging out with one of the the co-owners of element and chocolate. Salt is amazing. I actually, I love chocolate salt in my coffee every morning with the club soda.

Carole Freeman: That’s like a European or like an Italian version. I know with if you go to real coffee shops, if you get a machiatto, they’ll give you a little glass of clubs soda on the side as well, too. So I would love

Erik Escobar: to hear from Susan, but I also want to hear from Carol, what are these Nutpods? And I’ve never heard of these Nutpods before.

Erik Escobar: What are those?

Carole Freeman: So [00:14:00] it’s a terrible name. Whoever’s in the marketing department for this company. But it’s a non-dairy creamer. That’s low fat, low carb. Basically. They usually have no carbs and they don’t have any sweeteners in them. So there are a bunch of different flavors, but no sweeteners. So they’ve got like vanilla and around the holidays, like last year I saw like cotton candy.

Carole Freeman: They’ve got like a caramel they’ve got. And so if you’re trying to avoid all sweeteners, it’s a nice way to have a lower calories. They’re thick. So they’re like cream, but not as much calories as real cream. And

Erik Escobar: My nut pods are pretty thick too. So I understand

Carole Freeman: then the name Nutpods for a creamy liquid that you pour out

Erik Escobar: I’m sure it’s light and sticky as well.

Erik Escobar: That’s wonderful. I love

Carole Freeman: it. I, I don’t know if they’re going to change that name eventually, but it’s a weird it’s it’s odd. Yeah.

Erik Escobar: I actually saw an article. They actually were changing the name pretty soon to a penis juice. So it’s a little better than Nutpods

Carole Freeman: I know [00:15:00] there’s another product that blows my mind.

Carole Freeman: I’m going to see if I can find it really quickly without getting I like that. It’s that? That is not

Erik Escobar: Nutpods and Google. Probably not the best.

Carole Freeman: Oh my God. This is not the images I wanted to see that there’s this milk. Okay. I realized that it. Oh, okay. So I’m Googling what the label looks like to me, but that is not what it really is.

Carole Freeman: Okay. Okay. I got to

Erik Escobar: check this out though. Only because I have a huge sweet tooth or I had a huge sweet tooth and I feel like it was so difficult to, whenever you get that little craving, nine times out of 10, I was just like, whatever, I’m not going to have any sugar it’s okay. But every once in a while you want something and you feel so guilty if you have a cookie or if you have a brownie or whatever, what are the things that you can really like latch onto sweet wise that guilt-free, or at least minimally, guilty.

Carole Freeman: Okay. Hey, speaking of poor, namely poorly named products, this is another one. Let’s see. Can you see that? But does it look like

Erik Escobar: I, from far away it looks like [00:16:00] apple, but I was

Carole Freeman: Googling.

Carole Freeman: I was Googled. Don’t do this folks. Please don’t do this, but I was Googling. Nipple milk to try to find an image of this product. And that is I saw some images I can’t take back. My, my brain is ruined now. And to be

Erik Escobar: fair. That was actually my first ever modeling gig. So thank you for supporting nipple milk.

Erik Escobar: Just take out the hairs, just take out the hairs I guarantee you it’s a good time.

Carole Freeman: All right, Tonya. I saw something I didn’t. I know. Okay. Anyways, this is the time I should actually introduce Eric to everybody 20 minutes in modeling gigs. He’s so famous for, in his multiple degrees. So I met, so Eric is a standup comedian.

Carole Freeman: I don’t know if you can tell how hilarious he is, should be obvious right now, but I met him the beginning of 2020. My comedy production company in the Seattle area, we moved to some virtual events. My co-producer Derek Wolfe knew [00:17:00] Eric from probably Etsy, Bravo, right out in Pullman, Washington. I don’t know.

Carole Freeman: Maybe you don’t even remember, Derek, but

Erik Escobar: Derek meeting story

Carole Freeman: that I’ll share later. Okay. He recommended Eric to come on to our our virtual events and we were so lucky to have. Eric is actually a big deal in comedy and is a pretty, I’m just a person. And if you’ve been on TV, I’ve seen, game shows and stuff, but we got so lucky because at the beginning of everything being shut down, we want to be careful the words we use.

Carole Freeman: So we don’t get flagged anything, when things were not open very much for comedy we were lucky because all the comedians didn’t have work anymore. They couldn’t have their regular gigs. Everything had been canceled. And so we could book some people that were pretty big for, okay, no pay.

Carole Freeman: Cause we were like, oh, we don’t even know how to make money at this.

Erik Escobar: They paid me nipple milk for years.

Carole Freeman: It was positive. You get a lifetime supply of Nutpods and nipple milk. Yeah. So delicious. Yeah. So I met Eric virtually. Initially, and I still lived [00:18:00] in the Seattle area. You were in LA probably at that time.

Carole Freeman: And Derek and I were both in the Seattle area. And so we got to have him on a show. So if you go on my Facebook, you’re going to find an episode where Eric is on a comedy show that are produced in the beginning of 20, 20 fast forward to, so I moved to Phoenix, Arizona area June of 20, I guess it was the same year, 20, 20, 20.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. It must have been the same year. So fast forward, like six or seven months later. And I’m in an open mic in downtown Phoenix. And I see this guy and I ma yeah, El Charro hipster. It’s a coffee shop slash bar slash restaurant slash vegan restaurant slash everything. They’re trying to be everything.

Carole Freeman: They’re a really cool place. And I see this guy and I’m just like, wow, he looks like this Eric Guy that. He’s like half the size of what the PSI guys I saw online that can’t be him cause he lives in LA and then we started chatting. And I think you said are you Carol [00:19:00] Freeman?

Carole Freeman: Yup. And so just this small world thing that we were in the same place at the same time. So another nice thing of everything shut down in the west coast, California, but a lot of the California comedians were coming over to Phoenix to be able to get some stage time because things were a little looser in Arizona.

Carole Freeman: And so full circle. I got to meet Eric in person randomly the random, the same night not same night, but just a random night at a comedy open mic in Phoenix, Arizona. So now we’re going back to virtual a year later, a year and a half at this point. I don’t know, probably almost two years later.

Carole Freeman: So anyways, that’s my long introduction. Welcome Eric. Everyone. I’m happy to be here. I

Erik Escobar: feel so old, but it was crazy. Cause I remember being like that has to be Carole Freeman. There has to be Carole it’s Keto Carole. There she is. But we knew each other from Northwest stuff. So just like you were like he’s from LA.

Erik Escobar: He doesn’t look the same it can’t be Eric. I was like, yeah, Carole’s a Seattle lady. She’s no way [00:20:00] she just hanging out at this, Phoenix, Mike and and it was crazy how it all worked out. So I want to share quickly how I met Wolf, how I met Derek, so it was

Carole Freeman: Nobody here will know but I want to hear the story.

Carole Freeman: So just

Erik Escobar: tuning in, just bear with me for a minute and 20 seconds. So I was on the road in the Northwest and we were, I was actually so when I go on the road and do comedy, I teach a lot of improv. So I’ll do improv workshops at colleges, high schools, and I was trying to teach an improv workshop at U of I.

Erik Escobar: So I reached out to you. Have I reached out

Carole Freeman: to you. University

Erik Escobar: of Idaho. Okay. Yeah.

Carole Freeman: So I believe they’re in universities in Idaho.

Erik Escobar: I know. You can only get a degree in potatoes

Erik Escobar: and I hit up their improv team and I didn’t get an email and, or an email back. And I think they have their activities director. And I was like, Hey, do you know the improv team person? And they’re like, oh our site’s a little behind, we haven’t had an improv team in three years and I’m like, [00:21:00] oh great.

Erik Escobar: That of course you don’t. And they’re like, but the person who used to run it, he lives in Seattle now. So even though you can’t really do an improv thing over here, maybe, something in Seattle. So I hit up a Derek who was in Seattle and he was like, oh, If you’re trying to get something by U of I, if that’s part of like your run, we can get you over in Pullman.

Erik Escobar: So we actually ended up doing a show in Pullman. Derek had a spot, and I remember it was so crazy, cause it was like, we’re going to go here then here. And we ended up in Pullman and I had a buddy who lived out there and this guy lived in no joke. It was the smallest room you could ever picture tiny

Carole Freeman: bedroom.

Carole Freeman: I think he still does. Still does.

Erik Escobar: And his name was Matt and I love Matt to death and Matt would always put me on a different guy, but oh, it gets better because Matt, he always put me up whenever I was in Spokane area. He lived in Spokane. But this time I was traveling with two other comics. And Derek came in from Seattle and was like, Hey, do you have a place you could crash for tonight?

Erik Escobar: And we’re like, yeah, sure. So five giant men [00:22:00] get into this tiny shoe box of a room where literally like almost lying on top of another. We all sleep. Get some rest. Derrick goes back to Seattle. I don’t know where we went, but it went from not knowing Derek super well to literally cuddling with him. For an evening.

Erik Escobar: It was beautiful. It was absolutely.

Carole Freeman: You guys are very close friends then. All right. He never,

Erik Escobar: he’s great. I’m the Cougar he’s the Wolf or actually I’m sorry, You’re the Cougar we’ll figure it out. There’s a Cougar involved. He’s the Wolf. We’ll figure it out.

Carole Freeman: Oh Derek if you see this someday. Miss you. Bye. Oh, that’s so great.

Carole Freeman: Hey, if you’re just joining us, let us know where you’re joining from. Give us a comment. Welcome to the show. So glad you’re here. The other cool thing was that when I met you there at El Charro hipster, cause I didn’t recognize you. Cause you were, so you were half the man you were before I was even virtually, I could tell such a difference.

Carole Freeman: Like you’re like I lost weight. I’m been doing low carb. I do doing keto. So tell us your story. What, what made [00:23:00] you start that? What results how’s it going?

Erik Escobar: So a couple, there were a couple of ways where I lost a lot of weight. I think I really attribute the keto lifestyle. 98% of everything came off.

Erik Escobar: But as when you do comedy, especially on the road and it was really exciting for a few years, Because the road work was just so constant. You eat horribly, you can’t find, just like a quick salad, let me get some greens or I have a kitchen. So let me cook something up. It was always, Jack in the box every day.

Erik Escobar: Carl’s Jr every day. And you’re doing, you go to the bar and they give you a couple of beers. You feel a little buzz and the rest of the comms oh, let’s go have a fourth meal. Let’s have dinner again at midnight at 1:00 AM. And you go to Denny’s or you go

Carole Freeman: to any of these places I’ve been with comedians are like, it’s time to go to Denny’s.

Carole Freeman: It’s like it’s two in the morning. Exactly.

Erik Escobar: And if you want to eat healthy at Denny’s, it’s oh, the healthy meal over there is bacon and eggs. You know what? It’s not even a healthy meal, just the healthiest version of what you can get at Denny’s so when I got [00:24:00] off the road, I wasn’t eating as bad. It was crazy.

Erik Escobar: I wasn’t drinking as much. It was a pandemic when the pandemic hit or that the crazy time hit. I just ate less because I wasn’t out and about and traveling and, drinking as much or anything like that. So that was a huge hit to, I saw the weight come off very quickly and I told myself,

Carole Freeman: like disruption of your baseline eating habits, then

Erik Escobar: exactly.

Erik Escobar: It was just a complete, like whoop. And I told myself, you know what, I could still eat horribly. Or if I’m off the road and eating better, let’s really take it seriously. You know what I mean? Like I was doing 50% eating better. Let’s go a hundred percent. Around that time, I actually got diagnosed with a high blood pressure and I’m Filipino, I’m Latino.

Erik Escobar: It’s an, a lot of my family history. A lot of us have it, but for me, If you need medication, take your medication. I didn’t want to be in a place where I had to take high blood sugar, high blood pressure pills every day. It wasn’t something I wanted to do. And I [00:25:00] felt the best way to get around that is to lose the weight because the weight was the reason why I was, having not the best health issues or having health issues.

Erik Escobar: So I ended up doing keto very religiously for probably about a year. And now I don’t like saying I’m keto because every once in awhile, I might have a carb and I’m not as conscious of it. I’ll slip back in. That’s the thing like with keto, you can have a great three weeks and if you have one bad day or two bad days in your mind, you’re like, what was the three weeks for?

Erik Escobar: I was so good for a long time and one thing throws it all off. So for me it was very like, I have to keep on it because I’ll feel more regret getting off it or having a cheat day than I would if I, just kept it.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. Yeah. Oh, so talk to us then about, so your double cultural heritage about tortillas and rice.

Carole Freeman: A lot of people think oh, I can’t do keto. I can’t ever give up those things. What was that like for you? Like how do you navigate that?

Erik Escobar: [00:26:00] I think the way I really looked at approaching Keto was, so I’ll preface this with saying you can have a keto lifestyle and eat great. There’s a lot of great food out there.

Erik Escobar: There’s a lot of hacks you can do. You don’t have to hate eating, but the way I looked at it, it was like food. Doesn’t always have to be a celebration. I think when I was pushing 300 pounds, now I’m about 180 5, 1 90 food was always like, oh, I have to have this. This place has a great bacon cheeseburger with avocado.

Erik Escobar: I have to have that, oh, this place has a crazy pasta thing. I need to have that. And it’s yes, you can have your fun days, but food is. You don’t need to eat a great meal four times a day. You can just, snack on it. Have what’s healthy, have what’s good. And being Filipino and Tino, there are a lot of tortillas.

Erik Escobar: There’s a lot of rice. And I think when I was growing up, I was like, there’s no way I can have chicken adobo without rice. There’s no way I can have a burrito, without a huge tortilla and rice, but you know what? You can still have those flavors. You can still have those beautiful [00:27:00] foods. Just cut out the carbs instead of a burrito, have a burrito bowl without rice, no beans.

Erik Escobar: Instead of having, a giant thing of deep fried Filipino pork some lechon or whatever, have it, and just don’t eat the whole pig, have part of the pig just to go and don’t have rice with it. Like you can still enjoy your food. Just don’t think of it. Like you have to have this no, sure. That might add a little extra, but you don’t need it.

Erik Escobar: And you can still have a great time just putting in no carbs.

Carole Freeman: Oh that’s so true. Like focusing on where the flavor comes from and you’re still eating the part of it that actually has the flavor too. And I saw identify with what you’re talking about, how your like just your outlook on how food plays a role in your, where it used to be.

Carole Freeman: Like it was food centric everywhere you would go is always like, where are we going to eat first? That was the way I was before I changed my eating habits as well. It was like everywhere I would go. The first thought was I would plan out all the places I wanted to go to eat. And every, everything of a trip was planned [00:28:00] about the food.

Carole Freeman: And my first time traveling after changing to low carb keto, I actually, ironically, I lived in Seattle. I was traveling to Phoenix, Arizona, and I had the whole trip planned and it was a day or two before I was leaving. And somebody says oh my God, are you going to go to this place to eat?

Carole Freeman: And what about this place? Have you thought about this? And it was I had this huge aha light bulb moment where I was like I hadn’t even thought about where I was going to go eat. And that was the first time in my entire life where I just hadn’t even thought of food. I was just like, I’ll figure it out when I get there.

Carole Freeman: But it was no longer food was no longer controlling every action and moment. And I wasn’t food obsessed anymore. And I’m like, that’s freedom. And there’s so many great keto options down here in the Phoenix area. Have you heard of taco spot? I don’t know how long it’s been since you’ve been over here, Eric, but tacos hot spot.

Carole Freeman: Now give it to me. They make they’ll make cheese tortillas. So it’s all the good [00:29:00] flavors on the inside, like you’re talking about, but the shell instead of corn tortillas made with fried cheese. Oh, so you get the crispy cheese luis! Very like any, all the other ones. My favorite, the Barea.

Carole Freeman: Cause you got you can’t okay. Yes. Yeah. And you can get the dip cause it’s all the fat and stuff of the meat and everything like that. So good. Shout to taco spot in a, they’ve won a Chandler and they’ve won in Tempe now. And I’ve it’s so great. Yeah. So here’s the

Erik Escobar: other thing too. I feel like I love Mexican food and if I go and sit down at midnight and eat a giant burrito, I feel horrible the next day or because of all the sugar and carbs in it.

Erik Escobar: I have to like pee like three times that night, because I just had a bunch of like sugars into the system. And now for me, it’s I love food. I love it. But is it worth feeling how I feel after a big bowl of ice cream or after just rice on rice? It makes me [00:30:00] pee. It makes me like, like tired.

Erik Escobar: It puts me in a weird funk where if I have like a good burrito bowl, no carbs or a good salad with some chicken or steak or whatever you put on it. I feel like a human, like feeling regular. I used to think the way with my diet habits, everyone just felt bad all the time. You know what I mean?

Erik Escobar: Oh, you wake up feeling annoyed. You had a big meal and you feel like you need a nap or you feel like groggy, but no, you can feel good if you want to

Carole Freeman: feel good. Oh, that reminds me of. So Eric, are you on Tik TOK? Do you watch tik toks at all? Are you

Erik Escobar: Tick tock with one tik tok so I’m not in the game, but I liked the game.

Carole Freeman: Go click. And watch Eric’s one Tik TOK here, but there was one, there was a video on there. I don’t know, a day or two ago I saw by a registered dietician that was talking about, diet, fads and why they’re so bad. And she said that the keto diet is bad because it starves your [00:31:00] brain. And that’s the whole purpose of a keto diet for epilepsy.

Carole Freeman: Is it starves your brain? And so if you’re starving your brain, can you imagine how much your brain doesn’t even function correctly and how low energy you’re going to have and how you can’t think? And I was just like, you have never you don’t nothing about this, then you’ve never tried it yourself, right?

Carole Freeman: Because you noticed. My client this morning she’s about two weeks into Keto her first time. And she’s I feel so calm. Like my mind is on fire. I have so much energy. I feel so alert and calm. And I’m like, that is the Keto magic on your brain. So this registered dietician saying how brain is starved on keto nothing about what you’re talking about.

Carole Freeman: So I feel

Erik Escobar: such a miraculous I guess it would be it is a boost of energy, but it’s not really necessarily a boost of energy. It’s just the absence of feeling lame. You know what I mean? If I carb it super hard, I need a nap or I just don’t feel good. I need a cup of [00:32:00] coffee, you compensate the feeling of feeling bad with let me just get all like hyped up because I’m so sleepy right now where I, even though I love coffee and it’s great switching to a keto diet, I haven’t had to coffee as much in the afternoon. You know what I mean? Cause I’m not like lethargic at two o’clock.

Erik Escobar: Cause I just ate, like a giant sandwich. Yeah. Valerie.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. What you’re talking about, it’s actually the high carb causes insulin spike that causes all of your blood sugar to be stored in your fat cells. And that’s what makes you feel like I’m going to go take a nap because your body is busy, storing energy instead of actually releasing and burning it.

Carole Freeman: And whereas in ketosis, you’ve got this even blood sugar all the time. So you have, and you have access to burn fat for fuel. You can burn ketones for fuel. And so you with this very. Energy source. That’s going sources that are coming out all the time. So you don’t have those crashes and dips and things like that.

Carole Freeman: Valerie has always got really funny stuff to say. So I think she’s secretly a comedian, even though she’s never been one, but she’s a friend of mine used to [00:33:00] call that overly full and tired feeling after a burrito, the meat sweats, and Nope, it’s the wheat sweats, dude. That’s so true. I’ve seen people are like, oh, I can’t eat too much steak because oh yeah, I get the meat sweats afterwards.

Carole Freeman: It’s you’re right. No, it’s a potato in the bread that you had with it. And then the dessert and the beer probably that’s causing the wheat sweats. I love that. Valerie. That’s

Erik Escobar: fun. I was eating like a king when I was doing a more strict keto diet, because I would go to Korean barbecue probably once a week.

Erik Escobar: And still shed the weight. It was crazy. You’re like, oh, what do you do? It’s oh man, I’m probably once, twice a week, I’ll get Korean bbq like, how are you not gaining weight? It’s nothing. But just like me whenever I’m like I don’t have rice, I don’t have beer. I don’t have, the rice paper.

Erik Escobar: Like I just eat the chicken and the beef or whatever until I feel good. And it was crazy. Cause they were like, how are you? How are you losing weight? Going to Korean barbecue all the time. It was like, what?. And the same thing. I wouldn’t like sweat. I remember before I go to Korean barbecue and I would sweat like crazy.

Erik Escobar: Cause I was having the beer and I [00:34:00] was having all the racks and I was having all the potato salad when you cut those out. You’re like, I feel good. Even though I just say two pounds of brisket, why does this make sense? I don’t know, but God bless Keto

Carole Freeman: God bless Keto so good. I’m talking about brisket. It makes me miss

Carole Freeman: austin, Texas. So I haven’t, oh my God. In a while

Erik Escobar: I feel like when I went to Houston. For about two, three years ago. And I probably gained five pounds in two days. It was wild. I had a great time. I had a great time, but it was a party city when


Carole Freeman: came to food. So Austin, Texas, are you at Terry Black’s or a Cooper’s barbecue.

Erik Escobar: You know what? I’ve only been to Houston. I haven’t had the Austin chains. I haven’t had the Dallas Fort worth chains. I haven’t had, I’m only, I know. And Houston they had a chain called Papas, so Papa’s barbecue that Papa do that Papa something else. So Papa’ s big. They had really good food.

Erik Escobar: And then I forgot where we went, but I was asking everyone where’s the best barbecue. And they referred me over to a gas station. [00:35:00] So it’s a gas station and I’m like, what the hell is this gas station I get in there? Giant line, best barbecue ever had. I totally forgot the name, but I want to hear about these Austin spots.

Erik Escobar: What’s your favorite?

Carole Freeman: Terry blacks is iconic and it’s an hour. Wait, just to get inside Jeez Luis the beef rib is like blows your mind, right? Like the bone is the size of my arm and it’s like basically an entire pot roast on this beef rib. It costs like $47, I think to get one, jeez, Louise I’m blowing.

Carole Freeman: Cause everything’s by the pound, right? Like the beef rib, the beef rib. Amazing. It’s worth the wait you’re, in the summer it’s 97 and 3000% humidity. You’re just sweating the entire time waiting outside to get it. It’s like a Disneyland ride. The line to get into Terry blacks. And the smoke is billowing out of the restaurant the whole time you get inside and they have Topo Chico there, Susan yeah the beef [00:36:00] rib, I don’t know what else they have all the other things, but the meats

Erik Escobar: nuts sacks though, are not,

Carole Freeman: the only real protein sources that this place. Yeah. Terry Black’s is iconic there. Cooper’s also is, I think it’s not as well known, but also it’s probably one of the ones the more locals are going to go to. I know there’s other ones there, but those are the two that I absolutely.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. So you’ve been comedy in Vegas. And then let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see. Wait, have I, oh my gosh. You had to have your all I’m like, I have not done in Vegas, but I met Brett Ernst in Vegas and he gave me a guest spot here in Phoenix at standup live. So not yet. Not yet. I have an offer.

Carole Freeman: There’s a barbecue place. That’s in Vegas Rick’s Rollin Smokin Bbq. I I have an imitation that I can go next time. I’m there. So in, in December, actually [00:37:00] 17th, 18th, I’ll be there, but see, that’s not a Wednesday. I’d have to go a little bit earlier anyways. So I got Steve.

Erik Escobar: Steve is the best. He’s a super great guy.

Erik Escobar: He’s a wonderful producer here. It’s a super good show, but the, my favorite, here’s the thing. As comics, we travel, we go different places and we’re excited for the comedy. We’re excited for a fun show, a good audience, a nice high off that when I do Steve show I’m excited for the comedy, but I’m really excited.

Erik Escobar: For the barbecue. Cause what they do is they have a, I think it’s 40 bucks. All you can eat for an hour, anything on the menu and you can get like 10 desserts. You can get all the sides, whatever you want. They will give it to you as long as you eat it in that hour. And everyone’s obviously, you’re going to get some chickens, some pulled pork, some brisket, whatever.

Erik Escobar: I don’t do that. I go there. I get the all you can eat. And I order three beef ribs off the top. I don’t want brisket. I don’t want chicken. Give me just all the beef [00:38:00] ribs. That’s all I want. I love

Carole Freeman: it. That’s smart. You’re getting your money’s worth then that’s well here’s the

Erik Escobar: thing, a beef rib over there and the prices might be different now.

Erik Escobar: But I remember the beef rib was like 10 bucks and it’s a, well-worth at 10 bucks. It’s the best 10 dollars for a beef rib want to be. But it’s 40, 45 for all you can eat I’m going to have more than four beef ribs. So just give me the all you can eat and only bring the beef ribs. I’m going to take a nap in the corner afterwards. No meat sweats, but maybe just a quick belly

Carole Freeman: rub.

Carole Freeman: That’s all I need. So you’re talking about the wed- You’re talking about a location in Vegas, right? So I believe

Erik Escobar: there’s only they’re only in Vegas, but I want to say there’s two, there might be two roll them smokes. The one that shows that shares the parking lot with the pawn stars pawn shop. So it’s cool.

Erik Escobar: You see it and it’s fun.

Carole Freeman: I was going to do the next

Carole Freeman: downstairs and and lose Eric. Are you still here? Oh, is it my internet? I see you. Can you see me now? I can hear you. So [00:39:00] I’m from Rick’s you too much barbecue up there. You just take the elevator down. You’re good then.

Erik Escobar: So you’re yeah. You’re AOK no stairs for me. I also love Susan is in

Carole Freeman: Austin. You said Black’s barbecue.

Carole Freeman: So is blacks different than Terry blacks, or you saying Terry’s blacks is the place. So cause fourth street. We’ll see what she says here. So

Erik Escobar: How adorable would it be if there was Terry Black’s barbecue. Terry’s barbecue. Tara’s barbecue tea, blacks, TBS.

Carole Freeman: I, why would they not, if you’re a marketing genius, that’s what you would do.

Carole Freeman: They’ve done that here in Phoenix with the Mexican restaurants. So they’ve got Roberto’s Julio burritos. There’s 10 different versions of this. Roberto’s all the Berto’s same thing. So when was the original? I don’t know which one was the original, but there were so popular. They did all these spinoffs of it.

Carole Freeman: I, that’s a really fun, random story about just naming something after a popular name. So if you want to be the famous comedian, you should be. Erickson Escobar. Then you could just piggyback on that. [00:40:00]

Erik Escobar: We gotta have Eric with a C Escobar, Eric, ESCOs going up E bar you squared.

Carole Freeman: Okay. So yeah, so Susan saying that

Carole Freeman: terry Black’s is where it’s at. Yeah. Tasty, tasty, Susan, how did you start a second job to afford Terry Black’s barbecue? Did you do the beef ribs? Like what was your favorite cut of meat there? So Eric, do you know Joe Joe Rogan, you’re going to go out and hang out with him and you could go then you’ve got an excuse to go to Austin.

Carole Freeman: You

Erik Escobar: know what all he’s on my speed dial. Let me, I hit him up after the podcast. See what’s going on. We’ll get some barbecue. I I have a lot of love for my time when I was in Houston. I loved going to Texas. I love the food. Everyone I met was super cool, super nice, but I hadn’t been back in years and of all the states to either go back to or new states to go to Texas is high on the list because I worked there twice, but I worked there before I was getting tattoos in every state.

Erik Escobar: So I had to go back to Texas and get a Texas tattoo. Maybe it’ll be. Terry Black beef rib, just one [00:41:00] bread on my arm.

Carole Freeman: It’ll be great. Susan says she’s ribs all day long now again, how did you finance your rib addictions, Eric? I actually have a really important question for you right now.

Carole Freeman: I’m wanting to know. I want to know, where did you steal that elementary school photo background that you have? So

Erik Escobar: here’s, I share this every once in a while. This is great. When COVID first, when the pitch things started, when the things started Avia, I was super grateful cause I was doing zoom shows, got to do yours, did a couple of other ones, but I needed to have a green screen.

Erik Escobar: I wanted the green screens because everyone had the cool virtual background with their Venmos and their Instagram handles. So I went out and money was tight. As you said, we weren’t getting a lot of gigs. So I bought some green spray paint to make a green screen, but I only had enough money to buy enough spray paint for a splotchy.

Erik Escobar: That doesn’t cover anything. I literally just had [00:42:00] enough spray paint just to get the exact amount. If I push this a little back, you’re going to see all the white, it was not the best move. I should’ve been sprung for the

Carole Freeman: other spray paint. Oh my gosh. You guys throw Eric some money in his Venmo so he can afford to buy another spray.

Carole Freeman: Can it’s always a gray. It looks blue to me is a green it’s

Erik Escobar: teal F I remember being like this looks green spraying it, not green, but I already committed. I already committed

Carole Freeman: for green screen or does it need to be more green than that?

Erik Escobar: This works pretty well. I feel like with the new string yard technologies, zoom technology, all the virtual platforms, they’re pretty good.

Erik Escobar: Where if you have stuff in the background, you can still do a virtual background, but I like just if it can be a solid color as much as possible, boom, let’s just do that.

Carole Freeman: I’m dying here. So I asked Susan how she could afford to eat ribs all day long in Austin, Texas, at Terry blacks. Look at her answer.

Carole Freeman: Lots of those of you listening. Lots of boyfriends. That’s yeah. If you get a friend and some ribs. That’s

Erik Escobar: how I [00:43:00] afford my Nutpods all my

Carole Freeman: boyfriends I’ll bet the the boyfriend Susan would say it was totally worth it. They probably feel like they got the better end of the deal.

Erik Escobar: So Carol, I want to, this is what I would love to do. We’re talking a lot of barbecue. We’re talking a lot of food, I think. Can I introduce a little game? Can we play a little game?

Carole Freeman: Sure. I also have to get to our topic of stress. So what’s your game too though. We talked about, we don’t have any hard outs we can keep chatting.

Carole Freeman: What’s the game. This is what I

Erik Escobar: would like. I would like to start Eric and Carol’s keto restaurant. Let’s each throw in an app, an entree. No dessert, no, to just an app, and entree. So you do an app. I do an app. You do an entree. I do an entree and then we can we’ll we’ll team together and create our own dessert.

Erik Escobar: How about that?

Carole Freeman: Live right now, we’re doing restaurant planning. Is that what you’re proposing? Yes.

Erik Escobar: Okay. So super bowl because I’m in a very like barbecue mood right now. You want to start

Carole Freeman: out? I’m going to start. Okay. One of my starter courses would be a CAPRISA salad. [00:44:00] Beautiful fresh Buffalo mozzarella whatever, some local seasonal, fresh, maybe heirloom tomatoes Bari Ani, olive oil.

Carole Freeman: I’m very picky about my olive oil. That’s a very Italian, I buy olive oil. That’s shipped in Mariani, alibi. Some fresh cracked sea salt and pepper and some fresh, Basil on here. So you got the foodie, nerdy is going on. I started a course. I love it.

Erik Escobar: I want to go with the Keto vibe. So I would do maybe like a, I don’t want to do a brussel sprout, but maybe if we did some type of crispy sauteed spinach, a pancetta a little bit of a pork, maybe a little bit of a balsamic drizzle.

Erik Escobar: I’m a goat cheese guy till I die. You know what I mean? It’s maybe just like some type of creamy cheese. So they got like a crispy, green, little bit of pork, not a lot of, bit of pork, a little bit of goat, cheese, little balsamic maybe some cherry tomatoes just to add color. Boom,

Carole Freeman: delicious. If you, I don’t remember what type of [00:45:00] cuisine does this, but the fried basil on top that like.

Carole Freeman: I put that, I’ll put that on mine. So my CAPRISA is not fresh basil, but fried basil on top.

Erik Escobar: Perfect. I’m also gonna throw in a little red pepper, a little bit of red pepper flakes, maybe even like a red pepper or a, like a hot olive oil, some stuff

Carole Freeman: Let’s see if we can get a sponsor for our new restaurant, actually 50 grand, 50 grand.

Carole Freeman: Speaking of this? I forgot I at the show actually has a sponsor. I it’s brand new. So I’m going to make sure I mention it notes. I’m going to put this in my notes here. Mentioned sponsor. Spot is a new website. They’re providing the transcripts for my shows now. So if you’re reading the transcript on YouTube or on my blog later on.

Carole Freeman: That’s who’s providing that. And so thank you very much for your support. Mention the sponsor on the show and putting that in my outline here. Thank you very much for keto-spot. They there [00:46:00] are providing all kinds of keto content on there. So anyways, speaking of sponsors, that’s, who’s providing transcripts for the show, but if anyone wants to sponsor our new restaurant concept okay, so we’ve got Sesay from Italy.

Carole Freeman: Hello. Welcome to the show. I lost Eric. I hope he’s going to come back. I don’t know what happened here. But we’re in the middle of playing a game about what are we going to have as our restaurant. Hey, you know what? This might be a good time that I can go into the teaching topic. For some reason, technology is not.

Carole Freeman: Eric’s friend right now, but lost. Oh, there he is. There he is. I don’t know what

Erik Escobar: happened.

Carole Freeman: You’re back. I was starting to go into my teaching topic. And, but you’re back. So we’re going to continue the restaurant game. So we’ve got Sesay I don’t know how to, I’m not Italian, so I don’t know if we’ve got an Italian viewer right now.

Carole Freeman: So welcome to the show. We could be your brother’s here. Italian brother there. Eric,

Erik Escobar: can you that’s actually my twin. Yeah. Yeah.

Carole Freeman: Thanks for inviting him to the show. Next we’re moving on to entrees. Is that yes. You get an

Erik Escobar: entree, I get an entree. What’s [00:47:00] yours.

Carole Freeman: Oh, okay. Okay. Just a coffee. There’s a restaurant actually here that doesn’t matter.

Carole Freeman: I think their chicken drummets that they like whittled down, like the French style,

Erik Escobar: you know how they cut the top and he like

Carole Freeman: I’ll just do that with a cauliflower puree. And how about a fresh herbed butter drizzle on it. How about that?

Erik Escobar: I love it. I actually just had some of those chicken lollipops couple of weeks ago and

Carole Freeman: ciao. I don’t, can you pronounce your name? Sesay I’m guessing. I don’t know how to say that, but

Erik Escobar: please let me know phonetically and we’ll get it

Carole Freeman: American.

Carole Freeman: We don’t know how to say anything correctly. Eric ran after a second check on his Nutpods. Yes, Valerie’s. Nope.

Erik Escobar: That’s great. For mine, I was also going to do a chicken thing. We’re gonna double up on the chicken. I think it’s okay. I would love to do like a Southern fried chicken salad. But I remember having a fried chicken a keto fried chicken, where instead of flour, they cooked it in [00:48:00] chicharons in like pork skins.

Carole Freeman: Yes. And if you blend the chicharons with a little bit of Parmesan cheese. Oh my

Erik Escobar: God. Oh my God. So that’s going to be the chicken on top of the salad, regular salad, nothing crazy. You know what I mean? Maybe a little bit of corn, little tomato. I’m not the biggest black olive guy who can throw that in, but all the funds, other than salad stuff.

Erik Escobar: But the star, since chicharon Parmesan fried chicken, that’s what,

Carole Freeman: and interestingly people know, we haven’t even mentioned bacon at all. Everyone thinks everyone has to be about bacon in the keto space, but

Erik Escobar: I was going to say bacon with my appetizer, but I thought I’d level up and do the pancetta

Erik Escobar: you know what I mean? It’s like sounds fancier.

Carole Freeman: I have a couple of days ago at steakhouse here meeting. Keto gains element guy and the doctor we had, they had a pork belly appetizer on there as well. Fried pork belly, little slab of, yeah, that was good too, but that’s [00:49:00] an obvious one. So for sure, what was the assignment?

Carole Freeman: Were we supposed to do two entrees? And you said no dessert, or what are, what was the other

Erik Escobar: let’s do this. We don’t even talk about dessert. I’m down to throw another entree in there. If you want to throw in another entree,

Carole Freeman: we go. If you’ve got one, I don’t let me, I gotta think about it. Cause I I don’t want, I want to do something original, right?

Carole Freeman: Like unexpected for sure. Yeah.

Erik Escobar: I think for, I can go with my entree, so my entree would be. Almost a little bit of a small plates, topless vibe, some kind of cheating because I’m throwing in a couple of other ones, but there’s this great Filipino dish called sisig s I G and a sisig originally back in the olden days was it was almost like, like a chunky mango salsa like fruits and stuff like that.

Erik Escobar: A little bit of vinegar, but when the Spaniards came in, they actually all the Filipinos were throwing away the pig heads, so they would use the pig head, cut it up, chop it up and almost make like a spicy, chunky

Carole Freeman: Sizzly, fajita.

Erik Escobar: He just chopped [00:50:00] meat and salsa dish, a little tomato, a little onion.

Erik Escobar: So I would want to do like a sisig three ways. So it’s still, keto one would be traditional. So it’d be just, pork, maybe a little onion, a little garlic fried up, in your little steam pan. The next one, let’s go with a. Maybe we can go with a more like spicy vinegary sisig maybe throw in like a, like some pineapple or some type of acidity in there.

Erik Escobar: So we got a spicy one and then the third one, I would say let’s not even do pork. Let’s go off the map. So we’ve got two pork ones. Let’s do maybe like a beef one, like almost like a steak, fajita but in that Filipino style

Carole Freeman: like fly in Terry Black’s beef. Oh,

Erik Escobar: God, cut it off. Chop it up. I have to call my boyfriend to see if he can afford to send me something, but I’ll sell a couple of my Nutpods we’ll figure it out, but yeah, that’s mine trio, a Filipino sisig then different ways.

Erik Escobar: No carbs. Lot of [00:51:00] grease very

Carole Freeman: delicious. Wow. Okay. I’m going to cheat a little bit. There’s a company Senna’s seafoods that sent me a gift box of Alaskan fish. One of their recipes is for halibut that’s in this a it’s thicker than a soup, but more like a puree type of thing.

Carole Freeman: Okay. I don’t know what it’s called, but like halibut in some kind of a dill, a puree or something, and

Erik Escobar: they, no one uses it. Dill is the best. Oh, it’s.

Carole Freeman: And it the recipes. So actually she invited me to redo the recipe and she’ll post it on our blog. So this’ll be coming comment below if you want a copy of this blog when it comes out, but basically I’m going to redo the recipe cause she’s got it with Alaskan dill some other things and then potatoes as the base to make the soup like a pureed chowder type of thing, but I’m going to do cauliflower instead.

Carole Freeman: So it’ll be like a delicious halibut with some kind of yummy fat on it. And then the [00:52:00] base that’ll be in like one of those bowls in the restaurant that’s really shallow

Erik Escobar: fish.

Carole Freeman: It’ll be like a dill cauliflower puree. That’s going to be the base, the stuff I don’t know. Yeah, so that would be my second kind of half Chidi.

Erik Escobar: No I love it. I’m just popping. Cause you said dill. I love.

Carole Freeman: This is fun. So Valerie saying that I cannot tell you how many people think that keto consists of like Velveeta wrapped hot dogs all day long. How did you know what I ate for lunch? I love hearing you talk about all the yummy keto options, right?

Carole Freeman: So obviously we’re both foodies. I can tell Eric would not be even proposing this challenge or game. I have actually, I don’t know if you know this about me, Eric, but the school that I got, my degrees app, they had a full culinary arts program as well. So part of where I learned all this stuff is the best year of university.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. So I I TA I was a teacher’s assistant, not the teacher’s pet. Those are different things. I was a teacher’s [00:53:00] assistant, so I actually have pretty good culinary background. So this is a fun challenge, but you’re right, Valerie. So many people think of it, but I’ll admit I’ve had Belvita wrapped hot dogs.

Carole Freeman: That’s delicious. Great.

Erik Escobar: Real quick. Before we get into stress, have you heard of one world in Seattle over in CA. No, not at Capitol hill over

Carole Freeman: in I’ve heard of Capitol hill

Erik Escobar: hill. Yeah. So it is, I want to say it’s the culinary school at, I think it’s Seattle community college and it’s crazy. Cause they only have a lunch service, but all the culinary students make you amazing delicious food for the same service.

Erik Escobar: And I think it’s even like people who who like need like more like on the job training, which is going to be servers. How to be buses, how to be hosts, stuff like that. If you don’t have a job for it and it’s crazy. Cause you can get like this amazing meal for 10 bucks, like a $40. Whew. For nothing, check out one

Carole Freeman: world.

Carole Freeman: That’s great. Another one I’m like trying to figure out how I even know about this, but I think it’s like in [00:54:00] north Seattle, the community college there, and I think I know about it. Cause I had before I was trying to figure out what the heck I’m going to do with my life. I applied to be an instructor at that college doesn’t pay very well, but I think there’s another one.

Carole Freeman: In a different neighborhood in Seattle, that’s a very similar thing where you can get some really delicious high quality food cause it’s the students that are preparing it. So yeah,

Erik Escobar: at least you can afford one world with that job. At least you can afford that. Cause it’s cheaper. Oh man. Going from a deliciousness to,

Carole Freeman: I have to deliver.

Carole Freeman: Cause I promised everybody at the beginning of the episode, this episode is about stress management, relaxation. So we got to go there too. If you’re just joining us right now, give us a comment, let us know where you’re coming from. So we’ve got we’ve got New York, we’ve got Chicago, we’ve got Italy.

Carole Freeman: We’ve pretty much covered the whole planet. We got to get somebody from Antarctica. I have yet to have anybody join us from Antarctica. I didn’t mention it earlier too, but this show has been charting. We’re like top 50 in Poland and Greece. Oh, I [00:55:00] love the fact grease. It’s ironic that. Grease on a Keto show.

Carole Freeman: Like they love it. Anyways, so Italy, that’s the first time actually last week. So a lot of times because of the time difference, right? I’ll get email notifications that people watch the show, maybe like 12 hours later. Last week we had somebody that reported in that she was in Indonesia watching us later.

Carole Freeman: So we’ll have people all over the hello planet, Hello. Welcome to the show. But Hey, we got to get to the wait this has been so fun, but I have to deliver, I have to deliver the promise stress and ketosis, everyone. Let me know is, so this is actually the most common reason that people will fall off of keto is that they’re doing really well.

Carole Freeman: Something stressful happens in their life. And then our brain is just wired to go back to the eating habits that we’ve had the most of our life. So it’s normal. If you’ve experienced that it’s frustrating. It can be really hard to get back on. And this topic is really relevant now because for a lot of people [00:56:00] in around the world, but also in the U S as we’re going into the holiday season.

Carole Freeman: And for a lot of people, that’s the most stressful time of the year ever. Family expenses, a lot of other reasons that are going on in the world. But this can be the time where people are under a lot of stress and this doesn’t have to be the time where you throw in the towel and give up all your healthy eating habits and all the progress that you’ve made.

Carole Freeman: It, this feels like a. Boring transition after all the fun we’ve been having here too, but it’s so important. It is so important to make it fun. And that’s why I’m here.

Erik Escobar: Don’t put that stress on me. I’m getting really stressed out, kick

Carole Freeman: yourself out of ketosis without a little bit of background understanding what happens is like when, so our body has, you can think of it as two primary states that we’re in. We’re either in the stress re I’m going to draw on this side, the stress response which is the fight or flight, right? We’re all like the saber tooth tigers and ITAs.

Carole Freeman: Our boss is going to fire us. You’re about to go on stage for, in front of Eric’s what’s the biggest crowd you’ve performed in front of? [00:57:00] Ooh,

Erik Escobar: probably around 2000.

Carole Freeman: You’re about to step on that stage in the theater, 2000 people, the audience stress, that’s a stress response, right? When your body’s in that moment.

Carole Freeman: It is not digesting anything. It is meant to be like this occasional blip that we go through where something really is really stressful. It’s a temporary, I did this training. And so it’s backwards on stream yard. Cause it’s I’m raising my right hand, but it’s on the left side. So bring me up. Something really stressful happens momentarily.

Carole Freeman: And then we recover from that. And then we’d go back into the other state, which is rest and digest. And it’s also the state we’re in where we’re healing and our immune system works. So again, because this is a temporary thing that’s supposed to happen. Occasionally it shuts out off most processes in the body to respond to this threat that could kill us.

Carole Freeman: Now, stepping on stage in front of 2000 people never killed anyone. I don’t I don’t think so, but

Erik Escobar: I’ll do [00:58:00] some

Carole Freeman: research. But it feels like that level of intensity. And so it’s meant to be this short term thing. And then we just go right back into this. Everything’s okay. In the world, we’re going to go back to resting.

Carole Freeman: We’re digesting our food where our immune systems working. We’re healing all is good in the world, right? So most of the time our bodies are designed to be in the state most of the time. But what is modern world living? We’re constantly in the stress state. We’re always in the stress state. The reason that this is not healthy for us is not only is it suppressing immune function, which that word is not very popular right now.

Carole Freeman: We might not have any more viewers here. But it also suppresses health and renewal and also weight loss, fat loss. So a lot of people want to be able to maximize our weight loss. Those stress hormones also turn on cortisol and suppress a lot of our our ability to burn fat as well.

Carole Freeman: This state also raises blood sugar. The stress response is also keeping your blood sugar nice and high because your body’s [00:59:00] okay, we need all the resources possible to fight the saber tooth tiger to survive this stage of 2000 people, hoping they laugh at us. So blood sugar elevates as well, which also suppresses ketosis.

Carole Freeman: So hopefully you can see why the state should be. You’re only temporarily in and you want to come back into the rest and digest state as, as quickly as possible. There’s a couple of phrases, stress management, relaxation, which one sounds better. They’re the same thing. I like relaxation training because it sounds more relaxing.

Carole Freeman: Let’s do some stress management. There’s a lot of negative connotations with stress management as well. I used to think of man like I guess I gotta meditate an hour a day. That’s the only option who has time for an hour of meditation a day. Plus let’s be honest. Meditation is boring. It’s boring.

Carole Freeman: I don’t know if you love meditation. I’m not crapping on that or anything like that. If you’re good at it, that’s great.

Erik Escobar: But I’m a transcendental meditation guy, [01:00:00] like 20 minutes a day, max people who meditated for an hour and a half, I’m like, what are you doing? I feel at 20 I’m like, that was good.

Erik Escobar: Go about my day. I can’t go longer than that.

Carole Freeman: 20 minutes a day. That’s amazing. And also I’m here to give you some techniques actually that are so quick and easy, no training. You don’t, it doesn’t even take 20 minutes a day. If you can work up to Eric’s level, maybe that’s part of the reason why you’ve been able to shed so much weight and keep it off.

Carole Freeman: Is that you’ve got your I’m in my

Erik Escobar: chiller zone,

Carole Freeman: relaxation training going. Yes. Yes. So very important healthiness overall for being able to keep your weight off. Good for you, meditation. All right. There’s a reason I had you. It’s all synergy coming. Yes. Yes. So stress is bad. Okay.

Carole Freeman: Okay. Stress is bad. Should be something temporary in part of your relaxation training, your stress management assessment protocol. You want to do a little inventory. There are stressful things in your [01:01:00] life that you can change and control. There’s stress that you cannot. So you want to get honest with yourself and list off all the things that are causing you, stress in your life.

Carole Freeman: Are they something you could change? Could you quit your job? Could you start a new job? Could you change what time you go to work? Could you I don’t know, maybe stop rescuing kittens with three legs and having to stay up all night to feed them. Some people have an affinity for constant level of stress and chaos.

Carole Freeman: That’s a whole other topic, but good for you. If you rescue those. I love animals myself, but that’s just an extreme example of, if you find yourself, you’re always like, everything’s so great. Relaxing. Let’s go adopt a puppy. Valerie sharing this hits home for me, I’ve worn a continuous glucose monitor in the past and have experienced a 10 point spike in blood glucose just from having a stressful work meeting. So true. Yes, that’s that way, this side stress response, your blood, your body is so smart.

Carole Freeman: It’s just we’re going to have to fight something off in this work meeting. We better get more blood glucose in place so that [01:02:00] we can actually have the fuel to do it. So true. So honestly analyze what can you do in your life to change and reduce stress? I think Eric, not that you wanted to go on the road less, that wasn’t your choice, but that was something that really did reduce stress when you were able to stay home more.

Carole Freeman: So doing your meditation to, now that you’re able to go out and go on the road, Do you do? So how do you incorporate that when you are on the road? How does, how do you maintain your relaxation training when you’re doing really stressful? So I

Erik Escobar: do a type of meditation. They call it TM, transcendental meditation, and it’s supposed to be if you’re killing it, if you do it twice a day, once in the morning, once at night, but it’s intended to only do roughly around 20 minutes at a time.

Erik Escobar: And I remember hearing, if you don’t have 20 minutes to meditate and Zen out, feel better about yourself in a good head space, you’re too busy. And I’m like, that’s a crazy statement. Cause I’ll wake up and from waking up to right before I go to sleep, I’ll be like [01:03:00] all over and like finding 20 minutes just to get in a less stressful Headspace.

Erik Escobar: It’s worth it to carve out, get up 20 minutes earlier. You know what I mean? Like it’s definitely easier said than done, but when you see the benefits, you feel great and you’re like, oh, I’m not stressed out all day or not crazy.

Carole Freeman: I could give up 20 minutes of Tik, TOK and eight.

Carole Freeman: Probably I can

Erik Escobar: give up two hours of Instagram a day, but I don’t, but I don’t. I scroll, scroll, scroll scroll. I also feel and this is going off what we were saying earlier. Just like when you are, when you’re on the road, you’re definitely eating a lot. You’re not super good.

Erik Escobar: So for me drink a lot of water, just drink a lot of water. I think that’s definitely a part of a healthier lifestyle, a better mental and physical lifestyle. Because a lot of times I found, I thought I was hungry. I’d be like, I’m starving. I like, I need to eat something that I would eat like a mcdouble or a bunch of fries or something like that.

Erik Escobar: When really I was just. You know what I mean? And it’s just oh, I had a glass of water and I’m not stressed out or weird, like [01:04:00] hydrate. I think it’s the big thing is it ha everything has to be intentional. You can’t just be like, oh, I’m gonna go and travel and not plan anything out. You know what I mean?

Erik Escobar: I’m like really set that alarm to wake up a little early, and bring your hydro flask, bring some extra water. When you are stressed out, when I’m stressed out, I eat, but I eat whatever’s around me. So I plan ahead instead of bringing a bag of chips and, ice cream or candy, like no I’ll travel, some vegetables that, and we’ll hold maybe some chicharons things that have like minimal carbs in them.

Erik Escobar: Some maybe nuts, anything like that. If you’re going to stressy at least put yourself in a situation where you’re stress eating better things than, jack in the box,

Carole Freeman: you traveled with ice cream, that’s hardcore. Black, dry ice and all that kind of stuff. No, as well,

Erik Escobar: this is what I did.

Erik Escobar: This is what I did. I would go and get super thirsty late at night after a show. So I’d pick up like a gallon of water, a litter from seven 11 and you pass by that little ice cream freezer section. You’re like, ah, I can get a Choco taco. I’m fine. I can [01:05:00] get, four pints of Ben and Jerry’s oh, I should probably go home.

Erik Escobar: Now.

Carole Freeman: This is horrible. So Susan also, she says, I love meditation. I get 20 minutes of Headspace a night. So that’s an app for those of you that don’t know Headspace. Another one that’s really popular is called calm C a L M. That’s another one. If you need a little guided that’s I’m somebody that would do well with somebody guiding me into that relaxation.

Carole Freeman: Eric’s killing it. So he just uses himself to guide himself into that. So pro process as well, the

Erik Escobar: record, my meditation, and then just play it back because I am so egotistical I love my voice. No, I don’t know.

Carole Freeman: You’re amazing. You’re killing it on the stage in front of 2000 people next step, 10,000 people.

Erik Escobar: Oh my

Carole Freeman: Lord.

Carole Freeman: Oh, I love it. I’m going to hear some transcendental meditation Headspace calm apps. I’m going to share now three really easy techniques that anyone can [01:06:00] do. They don’t take 20 minutes. Actually. Most of these are one minute thing. So if you’re like, I don’t have time. I’m too busy.

Carole Freeman: It’s too hard. My wife mind wanders. This is for you three simple little, one minute techniques to reduce stress. The cool thing about this, the stress response versus the rest and digest. Is that it’s like a light switch and you can actually turn it off immediately. And so that’s why these techniques can be so powerful is that you don’t have to spend well, 20 minutes is great and you’re going to get a lot more benefits for that you don’t have to do.

Carole Freeman: Is that a difference of zero or 20 minutes? You can do these one minute things as like gateway relaxation techniques so that you can start to learn to be more relaxed. So the way to combat the things that are stressful, that you have no control over is to train your body, to be relaxed, despite the stressors going on.

Carole Freeman: So who’s ready. Who’s ready to learn. Three, one minute stress, relax, relaxation, stress management, techniques, [01:07:00] relaxation techniques. So one of them, there’s actually a Ted talk about this. I call it the victory pose. I never remember what she causes it, but, and the lady, somebody in the comments has got to tell me who her name is.

Carole Freeman: Cause I always forget who it is, but there’s a Ted talk about this. And this lady noticed that around the world, when ever anyone won a race or anything, they put their arms up. Yay. I just want to imagine somebody who’s running a race and they just won. Yay. I won. So I think of it as the victory pose, right?

Carole Freeman: You won something. So she wanted to find out why is this a thing that around no matter what culture you’re in, this was something people just do. So she studied, and found that holding her arms in that position for one minute, decreased your stress hormones by 30% dramatic difference. So easy look, Eric just did it.

Carole Freeman: And he just learned how to do it. We all are born knowing how to do this actually. So easy. So anytime [01:08:00] a Valerie, going into your work meeting or anyone else who’s having your, before you go on stage in front of your 10,000 people, I’m just going to set that intention now because that’s going to be your next a theater.

Carole Freeman: You just stand backstage. Arms up. I will do this actually. I’ve never, I’m trying to think. What’s the biggest crowd I’ve been in front of probably around 300. Yeah. Yeah. So I will, I do that as well. If I can get some where I, nobody sees me backstage, I will walk around and put my arms up like that and you can feel, and if you hold your arms up, now, everyone who’s watching right now, just hold your arms up.

Carole Freeman: For those of you that are watching, we’re actually holding our hands up straight above us. Like we just want to race. You can feel like when you put your arms down, you can feel the tingles of everything. Just like calming down and relaxing in your whole body. So this is clinically proven to reduce stress.

Carole Freeman: So that’s a quick, easy one. Anytime you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed or anytime, you know that you’re going into something that like usually causes you a lot of anxiety or stress, do the victory pose quick and [01:09:00] easy. Give me a yes. In the comments. If you love it, if you just did it another one, number two.

Carole Freeman: It’s something I call taking a mental vacation. Now, for those of you that don’t know, I have a certification in clinical hypnotherapy. It’s not something I do a lot of, but there’s some really easy techniques. If you don’t like the word hypnosis, just this is an imagery, a guided imagery, a visualization, it’s the same thing, but without the with 50% less, whatever that some people get hung up on about the word.

Carole Freeman: But so the cool thing about our body is that we, it can’t tell the difference between what’s actually happening on what we’re imagining is happening. So on the stress side of it, if we’re worried about something that might happen, like this is where anxiety comes in is we’re future casting, the worst possible scenario outcome.

Carole Freeman: So if we’re imagining negative stuff happening, we’re anxious, our body is in that anxiety is actually the stress response. We’re worried about the [01:10:00] worst case scenario. They’re going to laugh at me, maybe Eric scenario on stage of 2000 people. They’re never going to laugh at me. They’re going to hate me.

Carole Freeman: They’re gonna they’ll never ask me back this headliner. I don’t know. Maybe you were the headliner this, Booker’s never going to have me come back. All that stuff is like future casting, anxiety. Your body is reacting as if all of that is true, that you’re imagining in that moment. So the opposite side, we can do exactly the same and tell our body that really good stuff is happening right now.

Carole Freeman: So all of you right now, give me a comment. I’m going to ask Eric as well. Where is your favorite place to be on vacation? Where is it that you’re the most relaxed you’re in love with life and yourself? Everything’s. I’m

Erik Escobar: a huge theme park guy, huge car guy. And I would say

Carole Freeman: rollercoaster. Oh, I feel great.

Carole Freeman: Victory pose.

Erik Escobar: I would say like being at Disneyland, sitting on a bench on main street, and just like people watching and be around the energy. Everyone’s so happy. Something like that would be perfect for me. So [01:11:00] just like pretending you’re on main street, just visualizing that, taking that fun and that would

Carole Freeman: be mine.

Carole Freeman: Perfect. Perfect. I’m a big beach vacation, tropical location. I dunno. I’ve never been there, but like Fiji or Bahamas or something like that would be for mine. I’ll, we’ll see what everyone else says is there the trick to doing the guided imagery to tricking your body into thinking you’re actually in that that place right now is to bring in all of your.

Carole Freeman: And so I’m going to leave out the taste part because a lot of times our vacation imagery is about eating junk food or something. So we’re going to leave that one out. So the trick is Eric

Erik Escobar: food at Disneyland. Are you saying there’s junk food

Carole Freeman: and have actually didn’t realize that? Oh my gosh. So you get to go to main street Disneyland on your park bench.

Carole Freeman: I’m going to go sit in Fiji. So just imagine what it looks like there, all the colors, the shapes, the sights of everything around you. What [01:12:00] does it sound like for me? I’m hearing the gentle waves. You’re hearing the bustling children, maybe the characters. I don’t know everyone.

Erik Escobar: Let’s go here. Let’s go there.

Erik Escobar: The

Carole Freeman: cheerful music, they have the people sweeping the street and cleaning up the garbage every moment. Then what do you smell? Crisp, clean air, a little bit of mist. I dunno, beachiness. What are you smelling Eric? A little bit

Erik Escobar: of popcorn, but I’m not tempted. I am not tempted on it. My it’s not tempted.

Carole Freeman: And then what do you physically feel? What’s the temperature on your skin, maybe like for you? What do you feel under your butt? You can feel the bench. Maybe I feel the sand in my toes. There’s

Erik Escobar: a specific curvature to like the Disneyland benches that I I can literally feel like you’re talking about how it takes you there and then, you for me when I put your Disneyland, it’s not really necessarily during the day, but it’s like at night, you got a cool breeze alarm LA light [01:13:00] or LA night.

Erik Escobar: Oh, I’m already feeling better. Don’t need to meditate today. This is great.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. You imagine you’re at. So I recommend for my clients that they print out a photo of the place that is their mental vacation. I like that. Put it on your, put it on your desk, put it on your computer or someplace in your car.

Carole Freeman: And so this is something you can do any place anywhere. Don’t do it while you’re driving. Maybe when you’re parked or stopped, but you can just, it’s free. You don’t have to book any tickets. You’re completely safe of anything that’s going on in the world right now. But you can fly without any any tickets you can go anywhere you want in the moment and your body will react as if you’re right there.

Carole Freeman: Then you would just activated your relaxation there. So Valerie was saying she loves the mountains, trees, trail, waterfalls cabin. Yes. That’s very relaxing. Very Northwestern reminds me. She also told us that when we’re doing our victory pose, we looked very victorious and we win [01:14:00] any flavor.

Carole Freeman: Nutpods only like perfect. Eric, if you ever try them, you got to tell us your favorite flavor.

Erik Escobar: I will not hold back. I will send in all the emails.

Carole Freeman: It would be great. All right, I’ve got one final, one minute relaxation technique that anyone could do any time. And this is I don’t really have a name for it, but it’s basically like using your senses to bring yourself into your present moment in your body right now.

Carole Freeman: Whereas we just use our senses to go on a mental vacation of someplace. We enjoy to go on vacation. This is about bringing yourself into this present moment. And the reason this is so powerful is because remember how I said the anxiety is future casting. You’re worried about all the worst case scenarios of what could happen.

Carole Freeman: You can’t actually be anxious if your focused on what’s happening in this very moment. So they’ve said that depression is you’re regretful about all the stuff that happened in the past, and you’re ruminating on all the stuff you did [01:15:00] wrong. You’re guilty, shameful of all that. Whereas anxiety is future casting about all the bad stuff that could happen in the future.

Carole Freeman: Worst case scenario of everything bad that the place of being in peace and calm is this very moment in your body right now. So this could be called mindfulness. Some people don’t like that word either. So I’m trying to use very generic language that doesn’t trigger anyone. So this is using your senses to be in your body right now.

Carole Freeman: You can’t be anxious. You can’t be in that stress response if you’re in your body right now. So some tricks for this are using senses sensory things. Okay. What’s your favorite smell? Do you have an essential oil? Do you have a candle that you love lighting that and noticing that smell right now, what’s a texture that you like.

Carole Freeman: So maybe these little fuzzy avocados I’ve got back here, you can also get a little square of cloth. So actually in the for some autistic people, having a really [01:16:00] soft textured fabric is something that grounds them in the moment all all what’s the F what’s all contained the continuum of I’m trying to think of the right phrase for the autistic versus normative processing anyone on the continuum anywhere you can no. Your brain, all your negative brain processing, wherever you are on the continuum.

Carole Freeman: The sensory feeling can be something anyone can use. Some people don’t know this, but how I got into keto in the first place as I was in a horrific car accident. And I had really significant PTSD being in a car. One of the techniques that my therapist taught me was she gave me this cush ball.

Carole Freeman: Does anybody remember cush balls? Those plastic spiky socks. Yeah. She gave me one of those. And for years afterwards driving the car, I would have that and touch it. Okay. So remember that the stress response is worried. So part of PTSD is you’re anxious about you. I’m going to crash or I’m [01:17:00] going to die.

Carole Freeman: And so touching the cush ball that texture would bring me back into this moment and out of the worry and anxiety and the stress. And so find some kind of a fabric that you like, or some kind of texture, anything that can be hard, spiky soft just something that’s unusual, and that can help you bring yourself into this moment as well.

Carole Freeman: So sense. Physical senses, but also just feeling, what does it feel like right now? What is your chair right now? I feel like Eric, like sitting too long, maybe

Erik Escobar: I always got a numb, but though,

Carole Freeman: what are your toes feel like on the ground with your hands? Feel like maybe on your thighs. What do you hear around you?

Carole Freeman: For me? I hear a fan right there. I hear Carol’s beautiful voice. I hear Eric’s voice. What else do I hear? I don’t think I hear anything else. So those are some tricks then about bring yourself back in your body and just take a deep breath. Feel it go all the way down and take a big [01:18:00] sigh. Ah, all Sid Ramos.

Carole Freeman: McClone Hawaii. Never been, but would love to be, see that beautiful water and beach. That’s perfect. You don’t even, it doesn’t even have to be someplace you’ve ever been to take that mental vacation. The cheapest, most satisfying vacation you’ve ever had, because let’s be honest how many times you’ve been on vacation where things didn’t go as planned, your mental vacation can be perfect every time Louis.

Carole Freeman: Oh, that’s what that was. Okay. I don’t know what that was about. All right. And yeah, so we got it in Eric, we got in this and then it was

Erik Escobar: training. We went through how to be more stress-free of a restaurant that we will have an investor in, hopefully after this episode this has been very eyeopening and I’m so grateful.

Erik Escobar: This is great time.

Carole Freeman: I’m so grateful that you took the time to be here. I know we’ve been I’ve been wanting to have you on for a while with just to share your success with keto. You’re such an inspiration. You’re so fun. This was so fun for us to hang out. [01:19:00] Everyone tune in next week. I actually have a guest co-host is going to talk.

Carole Freeman: Body positivity. And how personal style about how you don’t have to wait until your ideal. You don’t have to be a supermodel or a sports illustrated cover model to actually wear clothes that you feel good in. And so that’s what I’ve got coming up for our next episode. And like Eric said, we just talked, we talked so much about stress.

Carole Freeman: We talked about so many great things. You did a great recap. That’s so great. You know what? You’re great. You’re born to be a co-host Eric, where can people see you work? And what do you got coming up? What where can they get in touch if they want to know, see more of you? I have a

Erik Escobar: lot of fun shows coming up.

Erik Escobar: I always hear people over to my note over to my there. Wait, hold

Carole Freeman: on. Do you have a website?

Erik Escobar: It’s just at Eric Escobar on Instagram. That’s ERI, K E S C O B a R. I have a lot of fun shows coming up. I’ll be. I think I’m going to be in Kentucky. I’m going to be up in the bay area tomorrow. Do an Idaho.

Erik Escobar: Hell [01:20:00] yeah, there it is. So if I’m ever where you are, come on out, we will share a vodka soda together. Nice and list minimal carbs. Say you heard me on keto chat and then we can talk keto stuff and how great Carol is. I’m just so happy to have all of you tuning into

Carole Freeman: this amazing show. Eric’s got so many great shows coming up.

Carole Freeman: Every, every time I see his list of shows, he’s got coming up. I’m like, oh my gosh, he won’t even have time to ever come on my show.

Erik Escobar: Mom’s basement. Grandmother’s basement. Mom’s basement again, shower. Great list.

Carole Freeman: I’m so grateful. You’ve been here. This has been a blast. The last 90 minutes just flew by. Yay.

Carole Freeman: We get our own whatever flavor of Nutpods that we choose. Valerie’s going to pick it for us. We’ve got so SITA is Sita. Is that how you say that? She lives in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville. I think I know how to say that to Louisville. Wait, are you going to, did you just say you’re going to be in

Erik Escobar: Kentucky?

Erik Escobar: I am. I’m over the comedy caravan date

Carole Freeman: in specific with your date. [01:21:00] I got to go get my calendar.

Erik Escobar: You know what hit me up on Instagram and we will make sure

Carole Freeman: to find Eric here. I’ll put it back up. Eric Escobar on Instagram and you can find his dates. Oh my gosh. How cool would it be? See it, it gets to see you in Kentucky.

Carole Freeman: Oh my gosh. I can’t wait to hear about that connection. That’s awesome. I would love IF Sita saw me. Valerie. Valerie’s got some good ideas. Oh yeah. Fuzzy slipper socks. That’s another sensory thing by yourself. The most soft, comfy slipper socks. That’s another good sensory one peppermint tea. Oh, I love it.

Carole Freeman: That’s another one. Very, a flavorful. Scented candles, vanilla and Amber some, we have a vanilla candle right

Erik Escobar: here, a vanilla candle. Look at that. That’s a great great

Carole Freeman: call, Valerie. If your your prop department is all on point there. That’s amazing.

Erik Escobar: Can we get the Amber candle?

Carole Freeman: You get the slipper socks to there too yeah.

Carole Freeman: Okay. See. Yeah. Yes. They said it right. SITA. All [01:22:00] right. Excellent. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait. Tell me about how you guys go and you go and meet Erica. Your club Highlands and Louisville. You’ll love it down there. Lots of eclectic folk folks here.

Erik Escobar: So I’m an eclectic man. So it’ll

Carole Freeman: be great. Thank you everyone for tuning in, we do this live every week, 4:00 PM Pacific, but also on everywhere you listen to podcasts.

Carole Freeman: This is episode what episode was this number 26. So we’ve got lots of episodes. If you enjoyed this, go back and listen to all the other ones, come back and watch it live. Eric. Thank you so much. Appreciate it, everyone. Have a good day. We’ll see you next time. Bye.

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