End Emotional Eating with Keto!

Kristi is 53 years old, a busy mom of two, a real estate agent, with a husband that travels a lot for work. Like most ladies I work with, Kristi wears many hats, with a busy, stressful life. And also like many women in that situation, she was not the number one priority in her own life. 

She was somebody that had never had weight problems in her early life, even after having kids. She was always really active and had found it really easy to get back to her lower weight of 140lbs. 

However, seven years ago, she moved to a new town and started to gain weight. As she gained weight, she became more isolated and ashamed of her body. 

She was trying keto on her own but the more info she gathered, the more she researched, the more confused she got. 

She did download my free seven-day meal plan to start, but then life got in the way… she ended up having a hysterectomy and the pandemic hit and that had her stuck at home. So her weight just went back up

She was miserable, and wouldn’t even travel with her husband because she was too embarrassed to be seen out in public. 

She was in physical pain, her back and feet hurt and she was worried that she might have gout in her toe. 

She had no energy, she was hungry all the time but then when she would eat she would just become more tired. Yet, at the same time, she had trouble sleeping, and when she did finally get to sleep she experienced sleep apnea

She had depression and anxiety and was really just feeling hopeless and ashamed of herself. 

And again, this is somebody who had never had a weight issue for the majority of her life. So she didn’t recognize herself and that was causing a lot of social anxiety

She didn’t want people to see her the way that she was. 

In high school, Kristi had been a cheerleader and the homecoming queen and now she was just totally ashamed of the way she looked. 

Society can make people feel terrible about themselves if they aren’t maintaining a thin, healthy body. She felt like a complete failure. 

She wanted to be active again. Her family has a boat, and she wanted to feel comfortable in a bathing suit, live on the lake, and be out on the water! 

But it was more than her physical appearance. Kristi’s doctor had told her that all of her labs were getting worse and worse which was really stressing her out.

She just wanted to feel healthy, have healthy gut function with healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. 

Another issue that Kristi was experiencing was stress urinary incontinence

(Interestingly, this is something I see regularly in my work that completely resolves with keto.)

Ladies are often told that this is a normal part of life after having children. But as it turns out, everyone I’ve ever worked with who has this before going keto, the issue completely went away. 

I pointed this fact out to Kristi during her consultation, that this was going to be something that would go away for her, too. 

Kristi had plenty of problems she wanted to resolve, but she also had specific obstacles to overcome

Kristi had trouble with late-night eating and a habit of drinking in the evening as a way of unwinding. 

To be able to break those patterns, Kristi knew a cookie-cutter approach wouldn’t work. She needed something that really was specific for her, that was attuned to her goals, and that is exactly what I offer my clients. 

Even though everyone has a standard way of starting out, I work to customize and individualize absolutely everything. 

I take into consideration everybody’s unique biochemistry, their lifestyle, their tastes, and preferences. When people work with me, they get a fully customized keto approach made just for them. 

Of course, Kristi still had a lot of questions and doubts.

How long is this going to take? 

Will it work for me? 

Will I even be able to lose weight at all? 

I worry that I’m broken. 

How many calories should I eat? 

How often should I weigh? 

What apps should I use? 

How do I customize this for me… 

And on and on and on…

This is one of the things that I see when people are looking for a keto coach–they have so many questions. But the more they read online, the more stressed out they get, and the more overwhelmed. 

So fast forward two months later, Kristi lost 29lbs in just two months. And lo and behold, her stress urinary incontinence was much better

She even went on vacation during her program and lost another 2.5lbs during that time, which she said was unreal!

“I’ve never gone on vacation and lost weight. It was fantastic. I had no temptations. I’m just amazed at your approach, that I could go on vacation and not even feel tempted by any of the food.” 

Kristi just felt really great being able to walk, exercise, and be active on her vacation. She feels stronger, like she’s in the zone and dialed in.

Despite the stressors that she had going on, she felt calmer and on an even keel. She was able to just let go of things and now she realizes that she can’t control certain things, so why should she worry about it? 

She added that my keto approach also got her completely away from emotional eating and that was definitely one of the biggest things that she got from the program. 

She had thought she’d have to do a lot of work to be able to get over emotional eating, but all it took was following the 10 rules that all my clients follow. 

Now, she’s getting a lot of compliments, and her family says she looks so great 

One of the things that felt really empowering to Kristi was that she could explain why she was doing what she was doing and what the benefits were. That was really empowering for her. 

Instead of just following some diet or meal plan, she felt so empowered knowing the WHY, having that understanding and being able to explain why we were doing things a certain way. And also why they were so effective. 

And she definitely saw how effective they were!

Kristi had so many takeaways from the program, but her “big three” were:

  1. Following a keto diet can have unexpected results beyond losing weight. (She never knew it could resolve things such as stress urinary incontinence!) 
  2. Doing keto correctly (Carole’s way), doesn’t just help you deal with emotional eating, it stops it completely.
  3. And you can follow keto even while on vacation, and STILL lose weight.

If you’re a busy mom like Kristi, your emotional eating is putting you in a vicious weight gain circle, your health is beginning to stress you out, and you don’t recognize yourself any more…

If this sounds familiar, then click the APPLY button to work with Carole!

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