Do you ever feel like you’re trapped by your own food cravings

Like, you feel you could make progress IF ONLY you weren’t a stress-eater or boredom eater, a slave to your own impulses.

You’ve tried so many diets before, maybe even keto, and maybe you’ve even had some success. 

But then life gets busy again and before you know it you’re back to where you started. 

Or worse.

It’s SO frustrating feeling like you have so little control of your own body.

This was exactly how Annie felt when she started my keto program. 

But just 7-weeks in, she was begging to share her success story with you!

While I usually do my client graduation interviews at the END of the keto program (you know, when people graduate!) Annie was just so excited that she couldn’t wait.

To be honest, neither could I because even though Annie had just passed the 7-week point, she was already down 22lbs! 

When someone has so much enthusiasm and pure JOY pouring out of them, then who am I to say no? 

Let me share Annie’s AMAZING keto success story with you…

Meet Annie. 

She’s a 41-year-old busy mother of two teenage kids. If you have teenagers then you’ll know just how hard that can be! 

Annie had fallen into the stress-eating trap that sucks the life and soul out of you.

You know it too, right? 

But, since starting her keto journey with me, Annie has found that her energy levels are through the roof! 

Not only is her get-up-and-go back with a bang, but Annie has also experienced massive positive changes in her relationship with food. 

One of the biggest improvements is in her own mentality towards food and her eating patterns. Before, it was a case of “Live to Eat” but now Annie just looks at food as fuel. It’s not the be-all of her existence, just something her body needs to do the things it does. 

That’s it! 

Through our coaching sessions, Annie learned that when it comes to food she has the power of choice. The whole idea of being a stress eater or boredom eater was just an excuse. 

Actually, it was something way bigger than that… 

She realized that her body was not able to access its own fuel stores. In order to get into the ketotic state to be able to burn fat as a fuel, she had to put to use some of the psychological strategies that I gave her. 

It was her eureka moment! 

Now, Annie feels like she is in TOTAL CONTROL. 

The spell was broken!

If she feels hungry, instead of being a slave to the urge to eat carby foods, she’s able to make a choice based on what is going to make her FEEL good— emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

This switch in mindset is what makes her feel so empowered!

Before starting my coaching program Annie was worried about feeling deprived and having that FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). She’s come to terms with the fact that she is a recovering sugar addict but instead of the internal dialogue of “Poor me, I’m missing out”, Annie is now looking forward to being 1 year sugar-free in the near future. 

Setting an achievable goal has not only made her feel even more motivated but the mind-shift from viewing yourself as “being deprived” to “taking control” makes her feel EMPOWERED!

Like you, Annie had tried keto diets for weight loss before but it never seemed to work

I wanted to know...what made this time so different?

For Annie, it was my approach to the psychology side of keto that was so transformative. 

I help you understand the “WHY” side of things. 

Coming to terms with why you do certain things can help you address all of the psychological parts needed to change habits for the long term instead of just following some rote diet that you can’t sustain. 

One other amazing side effect for Annie has been seeing the influence her personal journey has had on her husband and her mom. Her hubby is down 12lbs and counting even though he hasn’t been following the keto plan that strictly! 

Both of them have been able to EASILY give up desserts, which has also been a huge help for Annie at family gatherings. 

But, she says, she’s mostly just happy to see how healthy they are becoming. 

Want to feel as empowered as Annie? 

If climbing out of the stress-eating trap and rising above the woe-is-me diet mentality sounds like something you’d like to try, then we should talk!

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