At least not for most people.

What’s most likely holding you back from getting sustainable weight loss results is: 

lack of structure 


actionable information.

That was precisely the case for Patricia and several other ladies I’ve successfully worked with in the past few months to hit their goal weight with a well-formulated keto diet.

Patricia, a 76-year-old mother and grandmother, came to me overwhelmed and lost on why all her weight loss efforts failed terribly.

Like most people, Patricia had tried every diet under the sun.

She tried intermittent fasting, eating just two meals a day.

She also gave the HCG diet a shot. The HCG diet is as restrictive as they come. You’re restricted to no more than 500 calories a day.   

Though the HCG diet helped Patricia lose some weight, she gained it all back — and then some more!

At 180 lbs and seriously worried for her health, she signed up on the diet doctor website.

Like the other programs she’d tried, there were no coaches, structure, or clear strategies in place to help her meet her weight loss goals.

She needed to do something fast. I mean, having a history of a heart attack, she was terrified and scared for her health.

In addition to her heart attack history, she suffered significant pain from arthritis in her back that didn’t allow her to walk far or sit for too long.

She also suffered from insomnia and sleep apnea

Patricia also had cravings for crunchy foods and alcohol that made it difficult for her to get into ketosis no matter how hard she tried.

She wanted to drop a few pounds and become healthy, vibrant, and energetic.

She wanted to have mental clarity and vitality.

She strongly desired to become healthy for her kids.

She didn’t want to groan or wattle anymore while walking across the room.

To achieve all of these, Patricia knew she needed a coach, a clear strategy, accountability, and support. 

She was thrilled to find all of these and more when she came across my website and signed up for my keto program.

While working with me, Patricia found no resistance or lack of motivation whatsoever as she did with all the other programs she’d tried in the past. 

It was easy compared to everything she’d tried before.

She found it easy to show up, work hard, and stay committed… 

She attributed her ease of sticking with the program to the clear strategy and level of support she received during the course of the program.

Nine weeks into the program, Patricia became a whole new woman.

She lost over 18 lbs of weight, 12 inches off her waist, and even dropped a whole dress size!

Her arthritis pain reduced, as well…

On a scale of 1 to 10, she reported the pains to reduce from an 8 to a 5.

She also reported her sleep apnea to reduce from an 8 to a 6, while her energy impairment went from an 8 to a 5.

What made her feel proud the most was receiving compliments about her new looks from her husband

She felt proud receiving those words of approval from him.

Patricia is now feeling healthy, positive, and stronger.

She feels super glad that she enrolled in the keto program!

If Patricia could do it, YOU can too.

It all begins with two things:

  1. Deciding enough is enough!
  2. Find and follow a proven system to achieve the lasting keto weight loss results that you seek.

Are you ready to make the bold move?

What’s on your list of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH? You know the things you’re sick and tired of suffering with… 

…like how Patricia felt with her weight gain, pain, arthritis, sleep issues, and health concerns.

What’s on your list of WHY you want keto success? What’s holding you back?

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