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We’re busting more myths about keto today! We’ll be discussing all the ways that a keto diet helps optimize digestive and gut health, plus all the other fun, silly, and random topics we discover along the way. Join us for some fun learning, won’t you?

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Keto diets are a ‘disease-promoting disaster,’ researchers warn


Carole Freeman:

Hey, everybody, we’re live. That’s my official start, I got to do that. So…

Simon Kaufman:

Hey, what up?

Carole Freeman:

Welcome, everyone to Keto Chat Live, the podcast that’s recorded live. So, we have show interaction with the audience. Oh, my God, wait until I tell you, Art, we’re trending. Art, we’re charting. I can’t wait to tell you that. I’ve got that in the update section. But, we…

Simon Kaufman:

We’re charting?

Carole Freeman:

We’re charting. We’re charting. What? Yes, Simon. I finally figured out how to find out where we’re at on the charts and our podcast. Wait until you hear the market that we’re in the Top 100.

Simon Kaufman:

We’re in the Top 100?

Carole Freeman:

Yes, in this specific market. So, I’m going to share with you in moment.

Simon Kaufman:

Where? Belgium?

Carole Freeman:

No, but… You might be on the right track there, so.

Simon Kaufman:


Carole Freeman:

Yeah. Welcome, everyone to Keto Chat Live. Like I said, the podcasts, interactive podcast, we’re recorded live. We’ve got a couple of people here join the show. Let us know you’re here. We can’t see that you’re here unless you comment. I mean, I can see you’re here, but I can’t see who. So, let us know what you’re here, where you’re joining us from. I’m your host of the show Carole Freeman, Keto Carole.

Simon Kaufman:

Keto Carole Freeman.

Carole Freeman:

Carole Freeman. I Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Psychology, and also a Board Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist, so glad you’re here.

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