Robin is a 47-year-old mother living in Canada and in just two months of working with me she had achieved some amazing keto results

She lost 18lbs. 

Her skin was clearer and brighter.

She had no more asthma issues and her allergies were completely gone

The hip pain that she’d been having and the arthritis in her elbows also disappeared

On top of all that, she dropped a ton of belly fat!

For Robin, this had always been mission impossible.

Having struggled with her weight for years she had tried countless other diets and NONE of them got rid of her belly fat. But here she was, at the end of her program with me and she was experiencing a dramatic drop in her belly fat for the very first time. 

After the program, Robin confessed that when she first came to me she had been somebody in search of her own solution for weight loss

She had even gone so far as to get her own certification in weight loss and nutrition coaching. 

And even then she hadn’t seen the results that she got with me! 

Her results are just some of the reasons why Robin loved my keto program and approach so much. Another huge factor was just how EASY it was to stay on track

It was so easy that in the last two weeks of the program… Robin was actually able to go on vacation! 

She managed to still follow the program AND get really great results. 

Ask yourself, what diet plan have you experienced that gave you that freedom?

For Robin, dieting had always been a black and white endeavor where you’re either on the plan or you’re off plan. Her experience was that when you go off plan, you completely derail. 

The next thing you know you’re looking for another diet or another way of eating. 

And the cycle begins again.

When Robin started my keto program, she suddenly realized it was VERY different

It was so easy!

Following my approach, Robin found that even when things got a little hard for her, she knew exactly what to do to get back on track. 

Using what she learned, she could easily correct any little mistakes she’d made, and was able to really quickly get back on track

Another amazing result Robin noticed was that she was down two sizes smaller, in just two months. Before when someone tried to take a photo of her, she just wanted to hide in the background and not be seen. Now she’s really enjoying seeing photos of herself. 

“Before I found this program I did not even know if there was a solution. I was getting close to giving up all hope. Now, I feel amazing. I’ve been fighting with my weight for over 20 years. I’m a complete believer in your program and your approach.”

What was it exactly about my program that worked for her?

Robin said she loved the fact that she didn’t have to do any calorie counting. It was just really easy to eat and be satisfied. That, and being able to talk with the other ladies in the program… 

“Talking with other ladies that were in the same boat just helped me learn so much. I loved being able to check in with my girls each week. 

In the beginning, I was in disbelief, listening to the stories of women that were further along in the program. 

They were saying things like “I’m in my ninth week and I just lost 20lbs”. I was thinking, Yeah, right. That won’t be me. But it was and here I am!”

Robin experienced a massive turnaround, from not believing that people were getting those results on keto to realizing them for herself.  

Robin had three main takeaways from her keto experience with me…

  1. It is EASY to stay on track when you know how to.
  2. The group support is so motivational and inspiring- it’s priceless!
  3. You’ve got to have a little faith…

Robin is not just a keto believer, she’s a keto achiever!

You could experience the unbelievable but very real results as Robin and “her ladies”. 

If you’ve struggled to lose stubborn belly fat, or maybe you’ve tried to take your weight loss journey into your own hands and had no joy, then get in touch with Carole today. 


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