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Is it safe to stay in ketosis forever? Is the goal of a keto diet to stay in ketosis so you can keep the weight off? What are the short and long-term goals with following a keto diet for weight loss and health? These are questions my clients asked last week, so we’re bringing the answers to you in this episode of Keto Chat LIVE!
Join Carole and guest co-host, Valorie Moses, for this fun, funny, and educational LIVE podcast episode. We’ll be answer questions live, so don’t miss this!

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Carole Freeman:

Hey, we’re live everybody. Please join the show. I can see we’ve got people watching on YouTube. So, go ahead and comment that’s join the show. This is very interactive. But today, do you wonder if it’s safe to stay on the keto diet forever? Stick around because this shows for you. You guys, I’m so excited today. I’ve got a very special guest cohost.

Carole Freeman:

By the way, this is Keto Chat LIVE. I’m your host, Carole Freeman. I’ve got lots of degrees in nutrition and psychology. I’m also a board certified keto nutrition specialist. And you guys, today, the special guest cohost is Valerie Moses. Welcome Valerie.

Valerie Moses:

Thank you, thank you. Happy to be here.

Carole Freeman:

Susan is here. Welcome Susan from Chicago right on time. Excellent, excellent.

Valerie Moses:

It’s one of the Sues. Hi Sue.

Carole Freeman:

Yes. Valerie’s been one of the weekly viewers, and she got promoted to cohost. So, this is a new person. Literally Erica, hi from Charleston. Awesome. Hey, Erica.

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