Keto Chat Episode 19: 12 Months on a Ketogenic Diet

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It’s been a whole year on a ketogenic diet, a year of total transformation. After a car accident in 2014, I was bed ridden for 3 months with symptoms from Post Traumatic Hypopituitarism. After doctors offered me no treatment options, I sought out a way to help heal my brain.

Keto Chat Episode 17: Adapt Taste Test

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Have you been wondering what Dr. Eric Westman’s Adapt Bars and Coffee Shots taste like? Or maybe you’ve been searching for a low-carb snack bar that doesn’t raise blood sugar? Mikayla and Carole tasted 3 different Adapt Bars (Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Lemon Cheesecake) and 2 flavors of Coffee Shots (Vanilla, Hazelnut) for you in this video.

Keto Chat Episode 16: Mikalyla uses Ketones for Mental Energy

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Carole interviews Mikayla, nutrition intern at Hypnotic Nutrition, about her discovery and use of a ketogenic diet. Listen in to hear how she discovered keto in the first place, what is was like following keto while in college, and the health benefits she’s noticed along the way.

Keto Chat Episode 15: Heavy Whipping Cream Taste Test

What do you do for fun on a Friday night? A nutritionist, dietitian, and nutrition intern taste tested 4 different kinds of heavy cream. The Hypnotic Nutrition taste testers are back again sampling heavy whipping cream. Along with Carole and Mikayla, this time we also have guest taste tester Daniel Andras, Registered Dietitian and self-proclaimed “fat snob”.

Keto Chat Episode 13: John DePalma Optimizes Olympic Performance with High Fat Diet

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John DePalma is an interesting guy with a fascinating life story! He’s an instructor at Seattle University and physical therapist and along the way in his very athletic life, he discovered, by listening to his body, that a high-fat diet was better for long-distance sports than the high-carb dogma of his day.

Keto Chat Episode 12: Butter Taste Test

Nutritionist Carole Freeman gets together with her intern Mikayla and Jim Kellner, Hypnotist and Comedian, to taste test 4 different kinds of butter and share their favorite ways to incorporate butter into their daily meals. Does Kerrygold butter live up to the hype? Which one tastes like butter-flavored butter?

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