Keto Chat Episode 9: Bacon Taste Test

We’re back doing the hard work for you: taste-testing 6 different kinds of bacon. Hear our memories of our first time having bacon along with our tasting notes and assessment of these bacon varieties. Although we differed on our opinions of the best one, the loser bacon was unanimous.

Keto Chat Episode 6: Amy’s Keto Success

Carole Freeman, Ketogenic Nutritionist, interviews Amy, one of the participants in her 90 Day Keto Challenge Program, about her success on a keto diet. Inspired by Carole’s transformation, and after the pain of plantar fasciitis kept her from running for an entire year, Amy decided it was time to give a ketogenic diet a try.

Keto Chat Episode 5: Katie McKenna

Carole Freeman, MS, CN, CHt, ketogenic nutritionist, chat with Katie McKenna, LMHC, CN, about her use of ketogenic diet personally and with her clients. Katie McKenna is a therapist and nutritionist working in the Seattle area. In this video, she talks about her training and experience working with eating disorders.

Keto Chat Episode 2: Spomenka Vitman

Do you struggle with emotional eating? Do overwhelming feelings sabotage your attempts at eating healthier, like following a ketogenic diet? Carole Freeman, ketogenic nutritionist, interviews Spomenka Vitman, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor about techniques she uses to help people learn to feel and regulate their emotions in health ways, that do not involve turning to food to comfort, numb, or avoid feelings and emotions.

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