Featured Guests:

Jack Slattery

Jack Slattery was a stand-up comedian until the great cancelation of 2020. He’s an avid user of psychedelics and has been practicing transcendental meditation for over a decade.

Becky LeBright

Becky is local mindfulness- and nature-based Expressive Arts Therapist in Washington. She focuses on integrative, creative, strength-based approaches to all that arises along our journeys.

Website: http://innerphoenix.wordpress.com

FB Page: @InnerPhoenix


Carole Freeman:
Well, hello and thank you everyone for watching. We had some kind of an issue with the other one. Our guests are coming shortly. Thank you for being here. Hopefully you’re going to see this here, so welcome everyone to another episode of Keto Chat. Tonight’s episode is going to be focused on mindfulness. Oh no, it’s not working. (silence)

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