Keto Chat Episode 29: Kalleen Henderson Teaches Tapping to Freedom from Cravings

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Check out Kalleen’s story as she shares her unique gifts with the world. Get in touch with Kalleen: Come do keto with me!

Keto Chat Episode 26: Olive Taste Test

The keto chat crew is back taste testing delicious high fat, low carb keto foods for you, and this time we have guest, comedian, Amos Mack. Find out what he does with pimentos (which we found out he HATES!). Connect with Amos: Come do keto with me!

Keto Chat Episode 23: Meat Sticks Taste Test

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More delicious keto-friendly foods eaten right on camera. Carole and Mikayla sampled Epic’s bacon bar and chicken sriracha, plus three of Vermont Smoke and Cure’s meat sticks. Which tasted the best and which ones need more fat? Epic Provisions: Vermont Smoke and Cure: Come do keto with me!

Keto Chat Episode 22: Kegenix Exogenous Ketones REVIEW

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I tried Kegenix’s exogenous ketone supplements and compared how they affected my blood ketone levels to MCT oil and coconut oil. Kegenix is a direct to consumer (yay, not an MLM!!) company that is making an exogenous ketone supplement.

Keto Chat Episode 21: Jasson Used a Keto Diet to Heal Ulcerative Colitis

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Jasson Zurilgen, co-founder at Heroics Training Systems, chats with Carole Freeman about his journey to health using a ketogenic diet. Ulcerative colitis is a devastating auto-immune disease that took a great toll on Jasson’s life. Heroic’s coaching approach is truly whole-person. He integrates high-performance physical training techniques with the mental coaching to support the best mind-body outcomes.

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