Well hello everyone. Welcome. I am here today to introduce to you Karen, she’s one of our newest graduates of my fast track programs. Welcome Karen.


She’s here to share her success and tips with you all. So Karen, just share with us who are you?

Hi, everybody my name is Karen. I am 47 and live in Columbus, Ohio and I’m a veterinarian and a mom of three and a step mom of three.

Oh, wow. Full life for you.

Pretty busy.

Yeah. Okay so take us back, a couple months ago, maybe almost three months ago before you started working with me. What were the things that you were really struggling with?

Oh, I was struggling with, of all the diets and food plans and things that I had tried, I found myself not knowing what to do. I felt really confused. I didn’t know what I was supposed to eat, what was good to eat, yeah, I just felt really lost and confused. And had just sorta given up. But felt terrible in doing that.

Yeah, a lot of people are there right now.

So what are the reasons why, what kinda things you were unhappy with about your health and your body?

Oh well, a lot of it was just how I felt everyday in general and how I felt after I ate. I always felt bloated and gassy and uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable in my clothes regardless of what size they were. They just felt uncomfortable. I was tired all the time. Yeah, just felt lousy.

And I always take a bunch of notes when people start too. So you’d shared too that your memory wasn’t as good as you liked it to be and you and your family like to be really active and you wanted to not only have the energy to be able to be active with them but also just feel really comfortable in your body and whatever you needed to wear for whatever activity you guys were doing, right?

Yep. I felt terrible all the time. Didn’t feel like I have energy to play with the kids and run the kids around and just be an active mom with them.

Alright. So fast forward now. You started my program a couple of months ago and … You’re feeling pretty good now. What are all the results that you’ve seen?

Well, sleeping is wonderful. I sleep like a rock at night. It’s terrific. I feel better in my clothes. My scale success, I’m down 19 pounds. Which is terrific.


My jeans feel good, my clothes feel good. I am not bloated and gassy anymore. I love the benefit of being in ketosis and not being hungry. I remember the first day that I went all day and I sent you a message I think at 3:00 and I said, I haven’t eaten all day and I’m not hungry, what should I do.

What’s wrong!

What do I need to do now. So that’s a huge benefit, my life has always revolved around food and that day was really strange. It was really pretty great.

Nice. And you shared with me too that your husband went shopping for a new flannel shirt for you this year.

Oh yeah. He bought two sizes smaller than he did last year. So he was real excited.

Really cool. So really great. And then you’ve decided also to stay on. So once my clients go through their initial program they have the opportunity to stay on for longer term support. So what are the main reasons that you decided to stay on with this for longer?

Well I think the biggest one is the support from you, of course. The questions and, I tried to do keto before on my own. Reading and looking into and when I found myself into, I can’t even give a situation but a situation I didn’t know what I do, I couldn’t seem to find the right answer. And I struggled and I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. And I remember I kept saying, I don’t know what to do now, I don’t know how to tweak this or that. So the support from you, the nutritional support and the emotional support from the group is I really enjoy a lot, so that’s what’s keeping me for … I feel like I have more to learn although things have been going really well, there’s always more to learn. So yeah, I wanted to keep that connection going.

Excellent. So the structure of my program, the different parts that are included, what kind of things did you like the most? What do you think really helped you get the results that you did?

I really liked your master classes with the videos to watch with each week. I learned a ton and I felt like I was in school again. Taking notes and writing everything down as I was watching, reading, and listening. I just felt like I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge through your master classes. I really enjoyed the weekly coaching calls. Talking to other people, or listening to other people who were in different stages of the program. There were a couple, I think a couple people that joined a week after me and then two weeks after me and there were a couple people that were in the alumni program and a couple people a month ahead of me. So it was really nice to be able to support others who were just getting started or a week or two behind me plus here get the support from the people who were further along. So I really enjoyed those weekly phone consults or coaching calls.

The meal plan was huge for me at the very beginning because I had struggled with all of the macros and the stuff when I was trying to do it by myself. So it was really nice to have that simple meal plan set up that I could choose, you know I tried to follow along and then I decided oh I don’t like that, but I do like that, so I could repeat meals again and it made getting started very simple.

Well, excellent. Sounds like you liked all of it. That’s great.

I do. I really did. It was a great program.

Oh good. I always promise the people that I’ve carefully crafted this with all the different parts that I find that really help people get the success. So congratulations again on your success and I forgot to say at the beginning that we’re actually revealing you as one of our newest peer support coaches as well.

Yay! I’m looking forward to that.

Yeah, so you get to be one of those people that we pair people up with for an extra layer of support and not that you know everything yet, but your experience in going through this and getting the success you have is invaluable in supporting somebody else through their journey of getting this all figured out too. So thank you so much. Congratulations again on your success.

I’m so excited.

Yeah, anything else, any quick little tips you have to share for somebody who’s either getting started or considering getting started with us?

Well one of the big ones going on with the peer support is use the support. Because it’s there for a reason and I called my peer coach the day before I started because I was panicking about the food thing and I didn’t know what to do and she was right there to help me out and talk me off the ledge a little bit. Yeah, the support has been really great, so definitely would recommend using it. And using your materials. It’s there for a reason and it was super helpful. And I printed off everything of the master classes so I could go back and look at it when I had questions or I got confused about something and it was right there. Yeah, just stick to the plan.

Excellent. Well thank you again. Congrats again, Karen. Welcome and can’t wait to see what else happens for you over the next year or so that you’re gonna be around with us.

I’m super excited to continue the transformation.

Alright. Well thanks for watching everyone. We’ll see you next time. Bye.


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