About Marylou Hopkins:

Marylou Hopkins started her journey fourteen years ago. She had an amazing opportunity to be a stay at home mom (her first true passion). She then realized her true calling was to be a nurse and help others. She was given an amazing opportunity to work with a bariatric surgeon and assisted her patients in the journey of bariatric surgery. She spent four years following patients through the rigorous process of preparing and having the surgery. Through the years of surgical experience she watched as her patients would most often have amazing success with weight loss that was not possible prior to the surgery. After some time she began to see the other side of bariatric surgery, the regain. She began to dig deeper into why this would happen. What options were there for her patients that had successful weight loss after surgery and then this amazing tool seemed to stop working. She then met Dr Eric Thorn, a cardiologist that wanted to help his patients with metabolic syndrome by changing their food.

After meeting with him and hearing how he had recommended dietary changes for patients and was astounded by the results she chose to assist him in beginning a program within the cardiology practice that would be the beginning of a life long passion. She opened the metabolic health and weight management program eight years ago. Her training has given her the opportunity to learn from many experts in her field including Dr. Eric Westman, Jackie Eberstein and many more. She trained with Dr. Westman in his clinic in Durham, NC in 2012. Her experience gives her the opportunity to have an individualized approach to finding the best options to help each client sustain the recommended changes. Her coaching meets the needs of the individual client and helps them navigate the ever changing environments that can cause many to lose their way.



Carole Freeman:
… and we’re going. Countdown, and we’re live, everyone. Welcome everyone, welcome you keto crew members. I am so thrilled, excited to be here, our very special guest expert this month. You guys, did you notice we’ve got two this month? I promised you guys one a month, and this month we have two because I just couldn’t wait to get Marylou in here.

Carole Freeman:
So today, we have Marylou Hopkins, she is a real life nurse, cardiology nurse, and she’s a keto coach. I know a lot of you are really, really excited for her to be here. So welcome, Marylou.

Marylou Hopkins:
Thank you for having me, I’m really excited.

Carole Freeman:
Where are you joining us from?

Marylou Hopkins:
I am from Norther Virginia, so just outside of DC.

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