About Jim Kellner

Jim Kellner overcame severe stage fright, introversion, and being ‘painfully shy’ to become recognized as a dynamic and charismatic entertainer and speaker.

He used hypnosis to overcome severe depression, a lack of motivation, and to lose over 60 lbs remaking his life completely. He then pursued a childhood dream in becoming a hypnotherapist and has helped thousands of people change their lives.

He is a professional comedy stage hypnotist and speaker. To learn more about hypnosis check out his TEDx talk, ‘If You Can’t Be Hypnotized, You Lose’. And for something fun check out ‘Kids Meet A Hypnotist.’

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Carole Freeman:
And we’re live. Welcome everyone to our Keto Lifestyle crew second guest expert of the month. You guys, I promised you that you would get one guest expert a month. And this month, we’re giving you two of them. Oh my gosh.

Jim Kellner:
What? It’s great.

Carole Freeman:
Okay. There may be some people watching this later that don’t know who the heck we are right now. My name is Carole Freeman, and I am a keto nutritionist. I specialize in working with women 40 plus to follow a keto lifestyle for sustainable weight loss. That’s what I wanted. Lifestyle for lifestyle. You wanted to have a lifestyle. Anyways. And today, I’m here with my very good friend, hypnotist Jim Kellner.

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