Interviewee Bio: 

I’m a senior software engineer and entrepreneur.

I began a Low Carb, High Fat diet in April 2015 and have since learned everything I could about it with special emphasis on cholesterol given my lipid numbers spiked substantially after going on the diet. As an engineer, I spotted a pattern in the lipid system that’s very similar to distributed objects in networks.

I’ve since learned quite a bit on the subject both through research and experimentation which has revealed some very powerful data. With this new general theory, I’ve shifted around my cholesterol substantially without any drugs or special supplements of any kind.
Twitter: @DaveKeto



Carole Freeman:

Well, hey you guys. We made it. We’re live here broadcasting into our Keto lifestyle crew. And you may be watching us later as well too on YouTube and Facebook. So thank you so much for joining us. I am so excited to be here today with Dave Feldman who is a personal friend, but also an amazing, amazing guy. I call him a cholesterol investigator. He calls himself a senior software engineer and entrepreneur. So welcome Dave. Thank you so much for being here.

Dave Feldman:

Thank you for having me Carole.

Carole Freeman:

I miss … Every time I get to do one of these interviews now in these current times, I miss you guys even more because we can’t see each other in real life. But it’s good to see you virtually. I met you Dave, what is it, going on, five, six years ago at the very first Low Carb USA conference.

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