Interviewee’s Bio:

Kim Howerton is a Keto Coach and recipe creator who works with people who have spent much of their life struggling with their weight. She feels uniquely qualified to do so, as that is how she spent most of her own life. From her first diet at 8, her life became defined by her weight – and her inability to lose it.

Until she found Keto, and all the excess weight fell off magically and she was transported to a size 6 with a closet filled with designer labels all donated for free in praise of her magical accomplishments. Just Kidding. Like all real life stories, it was a bit more complicated than that.

In truth, Kim finding Keto was indeed an incredible life-changing experience. She’s lost over 80 pounds, and now enjoys the kind of health and life she never dreamed would be possible. But along the way there’s been a lot of tweaking, unlearning, relearning, experimentation and deep work that has allowed her to finally feel in control of her health. She credits the messy middle of Keto – where she felt like she was flailing and failing, with the skills that taught her not just to solve her own struggles, but to empower others to solve theirs.

She now runs programs specifically designed for folks who seem to have lost their “easy” button.


Welcome, welcome everyone to our bonus guest expert interview for this month. My dear friend, keto expert, Kim Howerton, has been doing a really cool self-experiment and the information, I just had to share it with you all. So, I wanted to… I’m so grateful she said yes when I invited her to come on and share what she’s been doing, because she could just keep all these secrets to herself. And so, welcome Kim.

Carole Freeman:

First off, will you just tell a little bit of your back story. I met Kim probably almost six years ago now. Was it at the first low carb conference in San Diego? I don’t remember.

Kim Howerton:

Probably thought maybe five. I don’t know. Yeah. I’ve been keto for about five years so that’s why I think it’s probably more like five.


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