Carole Freeman:              Hi, Carole Freeman, Hypnotic Nutrition. Hey, I just wanted to give you a little video, tell you about my experience with taking Kegenix products. Now I just want to full disclosure, they sent me these samples to try out and I was super, super excited to try them out because if I’m going to recommend something to my clients I want to make sure that it’s a great product. Again, I was super excited to try them out. They have the product that’s available on their website to public, they sent me that first to try out, and then they also sent me a sample or several samples of their special Rx Powder Blend, which is one that is only available to healthcare professionals. Now I’m a certified nutritionist in Washington state, so I qualify as a healthcare professional. I can take insurance for nutrition services, I can see people in person and over the phone, so I qualified as that.

The main difference between the two products, the one that’s available on their website to the public has exogenous ketones, it has MCT oil in it, amino acids, and a little bit of green tea extract in there. The Rx Blend though, has all of that plus it has a proprietary blend of fat burning herbs, and so I was especially interested in trying that. In the past I’ve done self experiments … Oh wait, I also want to disclosure, now this is my experience, this is how my body reacted to taking exogenous ketones, this specific blends. You may or may not have similar experience, you may have completely different experience, so again this is just my experience. I’ve been following the ketogenic diet for over a year now. My morning ketones tend test somewhere around 1.5 up to 1.8, times as high as 3 or so various times throughout the day, so that’s where I send to be on my own without any extra supplementation, without MCT oil, or coconut oil, or anything. I have checked in the past, when I do about a tablespoon of coconut oil, I can get about half a point, so .5 millimolar increase in my ketone levels. If I do a tablespoon of MCT oil, I get double that so usually about a point increase.

Now what a lot of people don’t know is that our bodies correct too high of ketone levels. Ideally, what is thought to be nutritional ketosis optimally is somewhere between one and three millimolars, and the interesting thing is that it’s not the higher the better and our body has corrective mechanism that protect our ketone levels from going too high. If they go too high, that is what is ketoacidosis. Now it is very, very far from what this optimal nutritional range is. Ketoacidosis tends to be eight, nine, ten, twelve millimolars, so way higher than what your body’s going to get by any supplement, even any kind of coconut oil or MCT oil or anything like that. That is because your body wants to keep it from going too high and it actually releases insulin as a way of correcting ketones from going too high. Isn’t that interesting? I found that out because when I was doing my MCT oil experiment, I found that when I got a one point raise in my ketones, I got really, really hungry and it didn’t make any sense to me because higher ketones is supposed to be great appetite suppression, but what I found out was that that was too high of a bump in ketones for my body, my body knows that, it released insulin, which makes you hungry, and it kept my ketones from growing too high.

Beautiful thing, but what I learned was MCT oil for me is too powerful, I don’t need that much my body is really good at making enough ketones, the perfect amount on its own so adding MCT oil is overkill and it’s only going to make me hungrier. I know some of you have had that experience when you’ve had Bullet Proof Coffee. I find I put coconut oil is just enough in my coffee in the morning, gives me a nice little boost, but it doesn’t push it up too high. That all is background for you to compare what results I got with Kegenix.

The morning that I decided to try Kegenix, I got up and my ketone levels were 3.2. I’ve never had them that high in the morning, I was really surprised, but I was determined, I wanted to try this and so I wanted to see what would happen. I’ll tell you it mixes really, really easily in water, tasted super yummy, it reminded me of, so this flavor is, what do they call it? Fruit Melody. It’s reminded me of kind of a fruit flavored Tang, very tangy, plenty of sweetness, which comes from erythritol, and mixed very easily. It tasted absolutely delicious.

I noticed about two thirds of the way through the glass that I started to have a little bit of kind of a mild nausea feeling in my stomach, but for science I wanted to finish the entire packet, which I did. Then an hour later I measured my ketone levels again, it was 2.9, interesting that it went down, but I’ve found for me based on my experimenting with MCT oil that about three for me is about as high as my body wants my ketones to go and so it makes sense then. This was trying to push it higher, my body said, no we shouldn’t go that high and it corrected and actually brought my ketones down a little bit, but 2.9 is still very, very high. I can see for me when my levels are already fairly high, it doesn’t make any sense to take this, it’s not going to do any good.

I did not check my blood glucose on this, I just didn’t think about doing that when I took this one; however, different story when I got the Rx Blend. Can you see that? Mystery packet. I got up in the morning, I checked my blood glucose, which was 93, which is a little higher than I’d want it to be fasting in the morning, but that’s why I’ve been working on some intermittent fasting, whole other subject, right. So 93 was my fasting blood glucose in the morning. My ketone that morning were only .7, so 0.7 millimolars. I thought well that’s great because that gives me a lot bigger range that I could increase that. I was much more excited about trying it that day.

Mixed this up, same easy to mix formula, pretty much exactly same flavor, which is delicious. I got the same effect as about two thirds of the way through the glass I started to feel a really mild nausea feeling that went away very quickly. Again, finished the whole packet because I wanted to get the full effect. One hour later I checked my blood glucose and I checked my ketones.

Let’s talk about ketones first, it went from .7 to 1.1, which I thought that’s not very exciting, that’s about the same increase when I just take a tablespoon of coconut oil and it’s certainly a lot cheaper, but the part that was really shocking to me was that my blood glucose, in one hour, the only thing I’d had was this packet of powder mixed in water right, it went from 93 up to 111, that’s almost a 20 point glucose spike, so that was a big red flag to me that there’s something in here that my body reacted to that caused my blood glucose to rise, 20 points on a ketogenic diet is not ketogenic.

I do know that they put, their original formulation was maltodextrin in here, which is something it helps it mix, but it’s also a very easily digested carbohydrate. They told me they were changing the formulation on this to no longer have maltodextrin, but to use something called cyclodextrin instead, which is not digestible. I don’t know, this is not labeled with the ingredients on it, I don’t know if this is the old formula with maltodextrin and that’s what I reacted to or the other thing is the herbs that are in here, I don’t know how those effected. Perhaps it’s the herbs whatever their action in my body was that caused a rise in blood glucose or because they have a lot of carbohydrates in that herbal blend, perhaps that’s what caused a blood glucose rise. A regular Kegenix, I did not notice an increased hunger, I was really happy with that, but again I didn’t check blood glucose, so I have no idea. This one does have maltodextrin in it and I have no idea if this one spiked my blood glucose, but it did not make me hungry.

Now the really disappointing part for me is that this Rx Powder, it increased my hunger like crazy the rest of the day I was really, really hungry and craving. I haven’t had that in a really long time and it lasted for about two days, and on top of that the day after I took this packet, I gained two pounds, in one day. All of that together unfortunately not recommend this product at this time. This sounds like something that they’re still working on the formulation for though and I would be willing to try it again, although extremely cautiously because something that makes me really hungry and brings back a lot of carbohydrate cravings is not something I’m very excited about tasting or trying. Also, something that raising blood glucose almost 20 points as well is not a good ketogenic thing.

That being said, I do see that there is a possible, this thing I am still curious about, regular Kegenix formula in helping somebody who’s just starting out ketogenic diet is something that can help get through the carb flu the first week or two. I’m already keto adapted and I’ve been so for more than year, I can’t test that myself, so I would love to see that kind of testing to see comparing two groups of people that are starting out a ketogenic diet, half to them get to use this during their first week or two, the other half don’t, and just compare things and adaption and feelings of carb flu and all that kind of stuff. That’s what I’d love to [inaudible 00:10:20] for. I think that just using regular MCT oil or coconut oil, is at least for me the results that I got is just as effective and also not going to raise blood glucose at all either.

That is my review and again, they’re working on changing things, so that’s what my review is at this time. Things could change in the future, but that’s all I got for you right now about that. Thanks for watching, if you like this video, give me a thumbs up, subscribe, and we’ll see you later. Bye.

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