On St. Patrick’s day, March 17, 2016, I had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Adam Nally in his Surprise, Arizona office and chat with him about his experience with ketogenic diets, both personally and clinical. Dr. Nally is a doctor of osteopathy (D.O.) and Board Certified in Family Practice Medicine and Medical Bariatric Medicine. He’s also “The Doc” of Keto Talk with Jimmy Moore and The Doc.

And oh my, did we have fun! Plus I learned a lot, too.

Dr. Nally in his Surprise, AZ officeCarole Freeman, Keto Nutritionist

Dr. Nally and Carole Freeman chatting about keto

Dr. Nally loves bacon!







Our Chat

Check out our chat where I ask Dr. Nally the following questions:

  • What lead you to become a doctor?
  • Why did you end up in the specialty you are in?
  • What’s up with the name “Doc Muscles”?
  • Do people following a ketogenic diet need to be on probiotics?
  • Do calories matter on a ketogenic diet?
  • What’s the deal with leptin? If low leptin makes us hungry, and leptin comes from our fat cells, why don’t we get really hungry after losing weight on a ketogenic diet?
  • And my favorite part was the appearance of Dr. Nally’s Cookie Monster/Yoda character voice.

No More Sunburns?

In addition to what was caught on video, Dr. Nally gave us an additional hour of his time where we talked about many things, including his observation that since being on keto, he doesn’t easily sunburn, even when outside for 4 or 5 hours without sunscreen. I had also observed this phenomenon last summer when I was experimenting with sun exposure as a way of increasing or maintaining adequate vitamin D levels. For example, summer solstice 2015, I spent 6 to 8 hours in full sun with only a tank top on, no sun screen, and did not burn. Dr. Nally shared a possible mechanism for this while following a keto diet is that ketone bodies are free radical scavengers, offering high levels of immediate protects for our cells, including our skin cells.

More From Dr. Nally

Want more info about or from Dr. Nally?

Here is Dr. Nally’s blog, and Family Practice website. You can also find him on periscope, twitter, facebook, and more under DocMuscles.

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