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After doing Keto on my own for awhile I decided I really needed a coach. I found Keto Carole on line and was able to really delve into the Keto Lifestyle. I have worked as a Medical Massage Practitioner for many years and nutrition was always a passion as well.

So I found a way to handle my Diabetes with the Keto Eating Plan and dropped my A1c from 9 to 6 in three months; (this was in May of this year) and recently found out that my Cholesterol has come down from 278 to 215. I have lost overall about 20-25 pounds. It still fluctuates quite a bit.

The Keto Lifestyle is a ‘healing lifestyle’. And I firmly believe we need this! Thanks Carole for all your coaching hard work, and for being a great roll model, as well!


Hey. Welcome everyone. Thanks for watching. I am here today with [Sherry 00:00:22]. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Carole Freeman and I’m here with Sherry. She is a lady who’s gone through my program, experienced a transformation, and she is here to share her story with you today. Welcome, Sherry.

Thank you, so happy to be here.

Oh, I’m happy to have you. Can you just give a little background about you. Who are you?

Okay. Well, I’m an older gal. I was born in 1946.


I have lots of experiences, but as far as food goes, I remember as a child wanting to know more about why I was supposed to eat my vegetables.


It … Of course I was born right after World War II and things were kind of weird getting food, but I was fortunate with a great Uncle Jack, had a huge farm. We had home-churned milk … milk, home-churned butter, eggs, all kinds, all the different things. I think I was probably one of the healthiest toddlers around. I think that stayed in my brain all these years, that, “What is going on with … Why can’t we eat this? Why can’t we have fat? What is … What are you talking about as far as our cholesterol goes? Why can’t you just leave our food alone?” It’s just always been there with me and I’ve just always really had a passion for helping people with nutrition. As a massage therapist, 25 years now, I’ve always included food but I never pushed vegetables, per say. What I would talk about is mostly how bad sugar is for you.


Some things like that, ’cause it’s been around for a long time now that sugar’s really bad for you. That was sort of easy to do. I also always prescribe certain stretches and things. I wanted people to feel that they could be empowered to take care of themselves.

Your background is massage therapy, right?

It is for the last 25 years pretty much.


I’ve, of course, had others. I taught the classics in ballet and modern dance in New York. I worked with preschoolers in movement classes. That was really interesting. I actually made them report to me each week what veggies they ate during the week-


What orange ones, what green ones. Mom were ecstatic and they all did really well in school. I think that was a big part of it. Food has just always sort of been … I don’t know why I didn’t just go ahead and study nutrition. I am pretty much, and in fact I am, self-taught-


As far as that goes. I read a lot. I read constantly. I really enjoy that. When I moved to Oregon from Washington state, I don’t know how to say this. I don’t wanna hurt anybody’s feelings, but I don’t have a lot of respect for what’s considered healthcare here. It’s better in Washington. People listen to you. My doctor’s have always listened, have always asked my opinion on things ’cause they respected the work that I did. Here, they seem to have blinders on and be really stuck.

I couldn’t … I knew I wanted to do Keto. I was reading about it and trying to do it on my own. It wasn’t working. I couldn’t find anybody, no one. My doctor’s just wowed out of her head about my A1C coming down so well. I just couldn’t find help. I really feel … I feel lost here as far as healthcare goes. I did finally find a gal. She’s a nurse practitioner. She doesn’t argue with me anymore. She gives me a chance to do and say what I want and my A1C in January of this year was nine and in June it was six. I started with Keto somewhere around March-




I have to say, the first thing that really, really blew my mind was how many carbs are in veggies because the other programs out there, weight loss programs, tell you pretty much, “You can eat these or you can eat these. These are gonna have more sugar, but you can eat as much of them as you want to.” You can’t. You can’t and wanna feel good and wanna have … the way your body should be. I do, I feel really good. My energy’s up. I’ve got all kinds of ideas going on in my brain, which I think was totally fogged out for a while. Of course, I owe that to you. Your program was incredible. That was … To me, the program with you was really fine tuning, even though it was a basic fast-track. For me it was still fine tuning and that’s what I needed.

Wonderful. Yeah. You came to Keto. Your primary concern was reversing your Type II Diabetes, right?

Yes. It’s always been to be healthy. I was amazed when I was even diagnosed.

‘Cause you knew tons … You’ve been studying nutrition your whole life.

Yes. Yes. It is hereditary and times you can’t get away from it. My dad had a horrible time with it. Yeah. I was like, “What? Are you kidding me?”


“Let’s do this again.” Yet, I was diagnosed in Seattle just before we moved here three years ago to Oregon, and the docs sent me down. They put me with a gal who I thought was a really good nutritionist. She worked with me and the way I felt I wanted to eat. Keto wasn’t in the conversation at the time, for sure. Here, they just … she just … my doc just went ahead and authorized insulin. I took it for about three days, still reading about it. I can’t do this. I just … Insulin encourages you to gain weight and the more weight you gain, guess what? The more insulin you need. That’s not a good process for a program. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

You’re not on any insulin?

No. I’m not taking … Since she gave it to me in January I took it for those three days. I stopped completely.

And you-

I haven’t taken anything.

No insulin, no diabetes medications, and your A1C is down to normal.

Yeah, what the doctors consider normal.



Yeah. That’s just within a few months.

Right. Three.


Yeah. Somewhere around there.

Yeah. That’s … Good job, lady. Yeah. What was it like trying to figure out Keto on your own versus starting into working with me?

Well, I’ll be honest with you. I do not remember any of the articles that I read or books that I went through that really starred the fact that it’s veggies that you have to watch. I don’t remember that being something that was really outstanding in what I was reading. If it did, it … I don’t know. It just was combined in what you were supposed to eat. I was picking up … If you pick up a package of macaroons in the bakery at the grocery store, they’re very low carbs in them, but there’s still sugar in there. I can’t have that, even if it’s low carb. That’s what I was doing, saying, “Oh, look. That’s only …” It’s just … It can be low carb, but it’s not right. There you have that part. That’s … I was like, “Okay. That’s … I see now. That’s not good.”

Part of what my program taught you, then, was to actually learn and know where the carbohydrates are that may be worrisome that you-


Didn’t have any idea.

Right. I also didn’t know how to do macros. I didn’t know how to figure that part out very well. I didn’t … I tried to use a chronometer through [Mercola 00:09:09], Doctor Mercola. He has offered it, too. Until you could set that boundaries on that for me, I couldn’t see what was happening.


Now it’s a clearer picture.

The other thing you said earlier, too, was that my support helped you fine tune it and really-


Get it to work for you.



‘Cause I think we … I know that what we did was real basic, but I think as time goes on, people need to be told that it doesn’t just end there. You have to work sometimes to figure out what’s best for you.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

I tell people that’s the problem with medicine. You have a certain disease or a problem, you’re gonna get the same dosage of the same med, the same dosage as anybody else will. It’s not and we’re not one-size-fits-all. As Whoopi Goldberg pointed out one time in a lecture, we are not just small men. For years, all the testing on meds were all done on … for men … on men. I think it’s changed now. It was supposed to, since a woman came on board at the National Health whatever it is in D.C. That supposedly was gonna change.

Still in all, you’re gonna get the same. This allows you, and maybe it seems like a little more work, but I think it’s great, this allows you to really, again, bring it to you. Make it for your own benefit and find things. If you have a disease, if you have cancer, you can use this a different way. I mean, you find that out as you go along. If you’re someone who’s working out, heavy duty fitness, you can use Keto a little differently. Until you really know the basics, you can’t. You really know … You need to know all of how … where it comes from.

Yeah. Well, let’s talk about your results that you saw during my program working with me. Your A1C came down three points. What else did you experience?

I lost 12 pounds. I’m not a real heavy person. When I moved to Oregon I weighed 165. I think I was about 160 when I started with you. I’m staying at 147 right now.


I’d like to get down a little more.


But I’m not looking to be 120 pounds. I … It just makes me feel so much better.

Yeah. What else did-

And also … well, also I kind of like to work within a structure when doing some of these things. The basics of this gave me that. “Okay, let’s do three eggs here. Let’s …” Then, when you look at the whole picture, it’s like, “Oh. I see. Okay.” It comes together. The structure of it was really good … of your program and what to eat, when, and then how to come down to two meals a day and sometimes one. Then we brought in intermittent fasting, which I really enjoy actually. Yeah. I would say there was a lot, really.

Yeah. You mentioned, too, the mental clarity that you-

Yeah. That took me a little longer. I think if you’re … I mean, I’m still diabetic. I’m still gonna have that sugar thing going on. I think it took me longer to get passed that and to feel more clear-headed. The thing … The other thing I have read, and you’ve mentioned also, is that not everybody does it the same amount of time. You have to give your body really time to adjust.

Yeah. What would you say somebody considering … struggling trying to figure out Keto on their own and they’re considering working with us and our Keto program. What would you … What advice would you give them?

I’d tell them to look at what they’re doing and see if it’s working, ’cause I would have an idea it’s not, and that if you’re gonna do it, why not do it right?


Why not really get in there and learn the process. You’re not interested in learning it? You just wanna eat three eggs a day for the rest of your life and leave it at that? Think about what you’re doing.


Make a rule. You need to know how to do stuff.

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. I would say, “Please join us ’cause we’re so ready to explore and push the information around.” I saw a video yesterday with [Carrie 00:14:35]. Sorry, I don’t remember her last name. She has cookbooks out, ice cream, stuff like that. The fact that she has overcome her mental health, solid depression her whole life-


I was really impressed. Not that I don’t believe that can do it, I do. It’s just … I do. I believe that Keto is the healing way in our body. It’s the way that it’s gonna make … I say this when I do massage. I’m not really healing, I’m just making suggestions here with my hands. I think Keto really is healing and making your body realize the way it should be.


Getting rid of all the garbage. It’s like she said 135 people a week who jump off the bridge ’cause they’re so depressed. Well, that shouldn’t happen.


It just shouldn’t happen.


That was my latest video.

Yeah. Well, Sherry, thank you so much for sharing your transformation, inspiring others. Was there anything else that you were … that you wanna share with people about your journey or anything?

Well, I just wanna say that maybe people haven’t seen, and they may not until they become part of this program, but there are lots of videos and books and all kinds of things out there to help support what they’re doing, which is another thing I don’t think you’ll find on your own.


Doing it yourself.

So you mean as far as we can help direct people to-


The best, most efficient information-


Rather than having to try to read it all.

Right, exactly.

Yeah. Nice.

The other thing is I’m meeting people all the time. I went to a ballgame the other night. The guy next to me, huge person, very huge person, “Oh, by the way, I just started Keto.” I said, “Oh, really?” We talked. I ended up giving him some tips about the Swerve and Millie’s chocolate and some things like that. He was impressed.


We’ll see. I gave him my card. If he ever calls me, I’ll tell him about this-


And more information. Yes. Thank you very much for everything.

Yeah. Yeah. You’re welcome, Sherry. Thank you so much. I’m excited to get to continue on on this journey with you and see what else is in store for your future health. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s so powerful and creating waves and ripples of healing so many more people, too. Thank you so much for taking the time.

Definitely my pleasure. I really look forward to this.

Yeah. Wonderful. Thank you all for watching. We’ll see you soon. Bye.


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