Keto Chat Episode 33: Keto Cured my Allergies with PJ Glassey

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PJ Glassey is a remarkable guy! He’s developed his own highly efficient, highly effective exercise method that is getting people lean and fit in less time. Listen in as he shares his story of discovering the health benefits of a low carb, high fat diet and what it’s done for his clients.

Keto Chat Episode 31: How to Make CHOCOLATE Whipped Cream

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This by far is my MOST REQUESTED video! How I make my delicious, no sugar added, low carb, high fat, keto-style, chocolate whipped cream. It’s my favorite thing to add to my coffee. Ingredients: *2 cups heavy cream *2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder *2 tablespoons Swerve Confectioners Style *1 teaspoon vanilla extract Come do Keto with me!

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