keto coaching for travel made keto easy for Janna here is her success story

Keto coaching for travel made weight loss easy for Janna despite her busy work schedule with the help of keto coach Carole Freeman.

Jana, a 36-year-old, had tried keto on her own about a year ago with some relative success. She was able to lose 20lbs over a three-month period but the problem was, she wasn’t able to sustain it

She had attempted it at the beginning of 2020 but was only able to stick with it for 90 days. 

Then the inevitable happened…

She gained it all back on again. 

With the stress of the holidays and everything she’d gone through, Jana was now at the highest weight of her entire life. 

She knew keto worked for her, but doing keto on her own didn’t

What Jana needed was guidance, regular check-ins, and advice from a trained professional. 

But what she really needed was accountability. Being left to her own devices, Jana knew that she would struggle and fall back into her old habits

So, we started working together, and to show the contrast…

It took Jana 12 weeks to lose 20lbs on her own but when she worked with Carole, she was able to lose 23lbs in just NINE weeks! 

It just goes to show you how much faster I’m able to get results for my clients compared to them doing it on their own. 

Although losing 20lbs on her own was a great result for Jana, working with me, she was able to do so more in a much shorter time and it was much easier for her to stick with it.

With me, keto results are faster, bigger, better, AND they are sustainable.

With my help, Jana was well on her way to reaching her goals.

She wanted to lose around 80lbs and since she was at her heaviest ever weight, she didn’t want to have to go shopping for larger clothes. 

She was also driven to lose the weight for her job as she’s carrying a lot of samples in and out and setting things up. She needed to be physically able to do her job better. It was becoming increasingly harder for her to have to carry her own extra weight plus all the heavy samples as well. 

Not only that, but Jana travels by airplane a lot too and she was finding it really uncomfortable at this heavier weight. 

Her primary goal was simply to be comfortable in her own body and fit into the world.

Jana already knew that doing keto greatly reduces her appetite but when she’s off of keto, she just feels hungry all the time and food-obsessed

So she wanted to get back to that place where she felt like she was in control of her food cravings, had a low appetite, and was able to make better choices that were more aligned with her goals. 

That was one of the biggest obstacles for Jana…figuring out how to do all of that for her own specific needs. 

She needed something that was easy to do while traveling

That was a huge consideration for Jana. 

With most dietary plans you’ve got to spend hours and hours meal prepping. You’ve got all of the shakes and products that are really difficult to be able to do while you’re traveling. 

My approach teaches people how to do keto in such an easy way that you can do it no matter where you’re at, whether you’re traveling, or whatever your job is. 

I like to tell my clients that my approach is about making keto fit their lifestyle, their likes, and tastes, and personality rather than a one size fits all approach. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of time planning and prepping. 

My keto approach is really easy to adapt to any lifestyle

That’s exactly what Jana discovered and one of the things she loved about my keto program.

The other thing she loved was being able to fit keto into her lifestyle. Jana’s a huge foodie and because of that, she didn’t want to get bored with the food. 

But she was also confused about the balance between protein and veggies. How much of each should she be eating? 

She thought that vegetables were really healthy (like we’ve been told for so long), but she was stuck wondering, “How do I make sure I get enough nutrients on keto, but keep my carbs low AND be able to meet my weight loss goals?”

That’s where I came in! I helped give her the knowledge and insight she needed to enjoy food, get what she needed from it, and hit her goals.

In just nine weeks, she was able to lose 23lbs and three inches from her waist. 

She was really happy because her clothes fit better and she didn’t have to buy larger sizes. In fact, she was able to go “closet shopping” meaning that she could go back through her own closet and pull out stuff she hadn’t been able to wear in a really long time. 

She said that my approach really helped her by making it so much easier to say no to foods she previously had craved and since she had a lot more energy she was also starting to exercise which makes her feel really great. 

Jana’s three main takeaways from the program were:

  • that she could easily fit keto into her life;
  • keto coaching for travel was ESSENTIAL to her success;
  • And, with the right guidance, she could get better results AND stick to it!

Jana added, “This program was definitely worth the investment. I got so much out of it. And much better results than me trying to do this on my own.”

If you’re like Jana, looking for a program that works with your lifestyle, your job, and gives you keto coaching for travel, then contact Carole today!

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