After the amazing health transformation I experienced by “going keto,” or adopting a very low carb, high fat diet, I’ve had many others reaching out to me to share their stories of healing.

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Sheena is a 30-something wife, mom of two, and a personal trainer that lives in the Seattle area.

After using a low carb, high fat diet to end migraines and chronic pain, Sheena can now get back to doing the things she loves, like spending time with family and hiking.

After using a low carb, high fat diet to reclaim her health, Sheena can now get back to doing the things she loves, like spending time with family and hiking.

Here is Sheena’s health transformation story:

For the past 12 years or so, I have struggled off and on (and ultimately daily) with severe, debilitating, chronic migraines and autoimmune joint and muscle pain. Additionally, as years passed, the number of food allergies and intolerances began to multiply to the point where I was literally afraid to eat anything and developed a severe eating disorder. I went from dietitian to dietitian who insisted all of the food intolerances were just a part of the eating disorder, leaving me discouraged and still feeling extremely unwell. My health became worse and worse, when according to all of the health practitioners, it should have been getting better. I knew all along that there was something else entirely going on, but I just needed someone to believe in me, to help me with what actually was going on, not what they wanted to treat. After working through the eating disorder issues with a dual certified nutritionist and therapist (who believed in me) for about a year, she suggested a ketogenic diet to help manage the pain that many traditional doctors had not been able to relieve.

At first, I just kind of shrugged it off, but sick of living in a daily hell of just trying to exist with the least amount of pain possible, I finally decided, what the hell! I want to live, not just exist.  And so, with the encouragement of my nutritionist and Naturopathic Doctor, I began my new journey with this “high fat diet.” To my surprise, it didn’t take more than a few days to see astounding results. The very first day I began to find relief from the digestive discomfort. Within a few days, my energy began to increase, body pain decreased and my migraines started having a start and end point (rather than permanently being a part of my existence). A few days turned into a few weeks, which turned into months. Suddenly I realized I wasn’t sick all of the time. I was enjoying life. Sure, I still had some bad days, but there was time between them, ever growing. Not only had my energy increased, but hope and happiness found their way into my heart again. Looking back a year later, I can clearly see my autoimmune issues, body pain, cold intolerance, digestive problems, anxiety, depression and fear around food have been completely eliminated. I have had a significant reduction in migraines, nausea, fatigue and mental fogginess. My weight has stabilized and been maintained. I have been able to exercise consistently enough to gain strength and stamina. And I have gotten off  almost all pharmaceuticals for all of the above. And with my health turning around so significantly, I have been able to start working again, which gives me a sense of purpose again and brings me joy.  LIFE IS GOOD.

Here is Sheena’s coconut oil challenge from October, 2015.

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How has a ketogenic diet improved your health?

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