It’s really easy to find ketogenic diet weight loss success stories online. What gets me even more excited, though, are success stories about amazing health transformations. Like, stories where people were really sick, disabled, bedridden. Like, you know, people who have seen countless doctors, but no one can offer any hope of recovery. A story like mine (which you can catch up on here: Month 1, Month 2, Month 3, Month 4, Month 5, Month 6)

Last week, in my keto Facebook group, I asked members what things in their past, pre-keto, that they were happy to have in the past. One of the members, Beka, had a lot to share. And her health transformation is one of those success stories that gets me really excited about keto.

Beka's health had deteriorated to the point that she often needed a wheelchair to get around.

Beka’s health had deteriorated to the point that she often needed a wheelchair to get around.

Here is what Beka shared about her life before adopting a ketogenic diet:

Symptoms pre-keto: constant pain, digestive issues, extreme fatigue, hypoglycemic crashes, high blood pressure, high inflammation, constant lightheadedness, digestive issues, heartburn, migraines, and seizures. Also, emotional sensitivity, insane ringing in the ears, inability to focus/pay attention, and memory loss. I experienced such extreme weight fluctuations during the course of a day due to inflammation/swelling that I had 6 different sizes in my closet at once, and had to change multiple times a day to adjust for swelling. I was really depressed because despite going to multiple specialists, the docs couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. 

I was so sick at one point that I could hardly get out of bed. I stopped eating. Used a wheelchair when I was up and could barely remember my own name let alone anything else. I would wake up in the morning hearing my kids and didn’t know who’s kids they were until later in the day when a bit of my memory caught up with me. People just don’t get it but I’m never going back to that as long as I can do anything to help it.

This is all now in Beka’s past. She is alive and thriving, thanks to finding keto. Eating a low carb, high fat diet “cured” Beka. She now has her health back, and like she said, she’s never going back to her old way of eating.

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