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In this episode, Carole talks to stand up comedians about their successes (and failures) with a keto diet.


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Dexter Angry from Last Comic Standing Does Keto

Carole Freeman: [00:00:00] Hey everybody. Welcome to the show. We’re live. Are you all ready for a little keto success story inspiration today? Today I’m going to be chatting with the hilarious Dexter Angry semifinalists on last comic standing about his success on a keto diet. So if you could use some inspiration laughs

Carole Freeman: episode is for you. Stick around. I can see we’ve got people live, so go ahead and join the show type a comment in the chat box there and let us know you’re here. Let us know where you’re joining from. And this is an interactive show. And so we’re glad you’re here. Welcome to the show. And I am your host Carole Freeman master’s degree in nutrition and clinical health psychology.

Carole Freeman: I am a board certified ketogenic nutrition specialist and certified clinical hypnotherapist. Today, my special guest is Dexter angry comedian writer, actor, poet, and entertainer. You may know him from comedy clubs around the country. Comedy Central’s last laugh riots. I can say it correctly. NBC’s last comic standing [00:01:00] and stand up bird diversity.

Carole Freeman: I let’s say we got to plug in the medical disclaimer here, everyone, just because we want to make sure that we don’t get in trouble on these shows. We’re living in a world where you got to cover your butt on everything you do. The show is meant for educational entertainment purposes.

Carole Freeman: Only. It is not medical advice nor intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any condition. If you have any questions or concerns related to your specific medical condition, please contact. Personal health care professionals. Welcome to the lab

Dexter Angry: so I can help induce laughter a little bit, not a lot,

Carole Freeman: but not medically, not just medical

Dexter Angry: treatment, but I can say something and it might make you chuckle

Carole Freeman: a little bit.

Carole Freeman: They say laughter’s the best medicine. But I believe

Dexter Angry: that wholeheartedly

Carole Freeman: with all my soul. Not that we’re allowed to give any medic medicine, but if you find laughter therapeutic, as you watch the show that’s on you, we can’t take any responsibility for that. And Dexter. Welcome. Glad you’re [00:02:00] here.

Carole Freeman: What where are you? Where are you living? Where are you at these days?

Dexter Angry: I hail from South Florida and I happened to be in south Florida at the moment.

Carole Freeman: Yes. Yes, I am. I am in south Florida, close to Miami beach, very close to mine. I live

Dexter Angry: right outside. I live right outside of

Carole Freeman: Miami. Awesome. I that’s the one place I’ve been in Florida is Miami beach and.

Carole Freeman: Wait, there’s a place a little bit north of there on the east coast of Florida. No, it’s a little, oh man. It was, I went to a Keto conference there once and I can’t remember the name of it. It’s like a two word town. I want to say Boca Raton, west west Palm beach or something.

Carole Freeman: Very nice all over the, but

Dexter Angry: you know what? Once you come down to south Florida, From west Palm all the way down to the beach or the keys, all of it is really South Florida and we all claim the same thing. Everybody here is very

Carole Freeman: welcoming. I had a great time. [00:03:00] It was very fun.

Carole Freeman: I went in January and I was very disappointed that I had to wear a sweater. I’d never been to Florida before, but I lived in Seattle 27 years. So I can’t complain too much. So so-so

Dexter Angry: Seattle, you came down here and couldn’t take the one.

Carole Freeman: Yeah, it was too. I was disappointed. I thought I was going to be in the eighties, but it was only seventies.

Carole Freeman: I moved to Phoenix, Arizona though, actually about a year and a half ago,

Dexter Angry: okay. So you must’ve come that one week that we get the winner

Carole Freeman: here? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Cause we can only get winter like maybe two weeks tops. I had about like pants and a sweater on, and that was it for. I got a quiz for the audience here.

Carole Freeman: I just thought this would be fun if without Googling this, those of you watching, how many seasons have there been of last comic standing? So this is a. Again, this interactive show folks. So comment, let us know where you’re joining from. Are you Florida? Are you Arizona or are you someplace else? And we’ll keep the guesses going.

Carole Freeman: Don’t go Google it. Don’t cheat. Just guess and see if and actual, we’ll see if there’s any true fans. I don’t know. Don’t say the answer, but do you know the answer Dexter? [00:04:00]

Dexter Angry: I got a good idea. Okay. No, you stopped for this it. For the COVID. I’m a, I don’t know if you really count the COVID season.

Carole Freeman: I just Googled it before the show. I didn’t know. And I’m going to stick with whatever answer Google came up,

Dexter Angry: I’m confusing. I’m confusing. Last comic standing with America’s got talent, led them to last comic standing. I know in my mind, like when I did it in my mind, I said the COVID thing. I remember the last comic standing as a specific amount.

Dexter Angry: Yes,

Carole Freeman: it does. We’ll see if I we’ll see if Google’s right then.

Dexter Angry: I think Google knows everything,

Carole Freeman: supposedly. All right. Yeah. For those of you who are regulars of the show, just my little personal check in, I’m headed to Vegas for the weekend and going to do a little bit of comedy there, nothing big.

Carole Freeman: And I’m also going to go see Bruno Mars with my comedian friend from Seattle Cherie Hartman. For those of you that know her.

Dexter Angry: So let me ask you a question. When you perform in Vegas and you do your set in Vegas, does that mean you can’t do your set anywhere else? Cause what stays in Vegas?

Dexter Angry: What happens?

Carole Freeman: The biggest thing [00:05:00]

Dexter Angry: is that like a comedy wow.

Carole Freeman: comedy.

Dexter Angry: What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas so if you do a comedy routine, that means you got to leave your routines in Vegas.

Carole Freeman: I think it was a valid point. It’s a good point. Very good point. Dexter let’s get to know you a little bit more in your keto journey. So I’ve got, I want to talk to you. This is the first time we’re meeting in person.

Carole Freeman: I don’t know anything about your story. So I want to know about that. And I also, I just have a new news article that I want to share as well about some research that they did on people following keto, low carb for pre-diabetes. So I want to get to that too, but let’s tell us about you. How did you Yeah, I got wanna talk about keto comedy first.

Carole Freeman: What do you want to talk about?

Dexter Angry: We talked about keto because keto is fresh in my mind and I’ve always been like one of these people that grew up skinny. You know what I

Carole Freeman: mean? I was a skinny kid. I don’t know what you mean. I hear that [00:06:00]

Dexter Angry: I was a skinny kid. I was skinny in high school. I was skinny in my twenties and all of a sudden you get over 40 and then.

Dexter Angry: Overweight and it just sorta happened. You know what I mean? It just sorta happened one day I woke up and I was overweight, and it was more over, like at first, when you’re skinny and you gained a couple pounds, It’s cute.

Dexter Angry: What I mean? It’s like, when you’re skinny, you’re getting a couple of pounds okay.

Dexter Angry: I’m getting a little thicker, okay. All right. A little bit more, but then it gets to the point to where you’re like, okay, you know what? This is a, yeah, this is not good. And I’m not, I am not Mr. I am not Mr. Calorie counter. I am not the type of person who I love.

Dexter Angry: Like I don’t do drugs. I don’t abuse alcohol, but dammit cookies, cookies,

Carole Freeman: cakes, you can beat up some [00:07:00] cookies

Dexter Angry: and the worst part about it is it gets no respect. If I told you I’m addicted to cookies. Your response would

Carole Freeman: be, you want a cookie? Yeah. On this show we talked a lot about food addiction and things like that.

Carole Freeman: So you’ll get some respect here, but you’re right. Most of the world is just just don’t eat so many, portion control. Just exercise more. No.

Dexter Angry: So the point is I started the the keto diet and I’ve been on it for now. I think I just got two months and I lost 30, 30, 30, 3 pounds.

Dexter Angry: And the and that yes. And that in that short time span, and then it’s funny. Cause I just went to the comedy club last night, the local one here. And it’s funny when people haven’t seen you in a couple of days, cause you just don’t see people notice and they commented. So cause you don’t necessarily need.

Dexter Angry: Because you’re in your body all the time. So you don’t necessarily know if it’s working or if it’s not working, but when people come up and they say it makes you feel like, wow, it gives you the validation [00:08:00] and the push that you need. Cause we all need a little bit of a little bit of positive encouragement, and yeah.

Dexter Angry: It’s really, it felt really good for people to say, wow, you’re slimming down. And that that to me was very was very heartfelt. You know what I mean? And these are comedians and I know, comedians can be very mean people. So when a comedian says something nice to you, that’s genuine.

Dexter Angry: It makes you say,

Carole Freeman: whoa, must be real

Dexter Angry: nice words. And then you get the nice words. But you wait for a second for the punchline. And

Carole Freeman: there was no punchline. It was just, normally the only reason they’re looking at you is because they’re going to say, they’re going to say something bad about your appearance. Otherwise they don’t even notice.

Dexter Angry: Yes. But the last night it was an unsolicited. It was an unsolicited comment. It wasn’t like, I was just there and it was just nice. It really was.

Carole Freeman: It made me feel. Are you in

Dexter Angry: one of the lessons for tonight? Say something to someone,

Carole Freeman: [00:09:00] yeah. Man, especially the last two years of what everything’s been going on, I take a moment to say something nice to another human being is probably good advice. That’s just the summary of the show take. Yes. Are you tall guy? How tall are you Dexter? Six three okay. Typically what I see, people are doing things right.

Carole Freeman: They can lose, five to 10% of their body weight in the first month or two. I dunno what you started at, but that’s pretty good. You did a pretty good job then. Thank you. I’m

Dexter Angry: going to a better life in a second. I got to where I was. Sorry about that.

Carole Freeman: We are you’re you’re doing a puzzle room.

Carole Freeman: Is that where your,

Dexter Angry: I got to work my way downstairs and I forgot to turn the lights on in the other rooms,

Carole Freeman: but I’ll be here for a moment. Oh, good. Good. I told everybody about you, so I hope you stick around here for the Show. I was thinking,

Dexter Angry: I’m sticking around the whole sticking around the whole time.

Dexter Angry: I’m going to where you got me. [00:10:00] I’m here. I just had to, I just have to adjust myself. Let me sit down

Carole Freeman: real quick. So what was really like, your last straw that made you finally make a big dietary change? Did you have a medical diagnosis that scared you? Was there a number on the scale that you’re like enough is enough or was it something else?

Dexter Angry: With me. I am a cancer survivor. I have lymphoma a couple of years back, but now, thank God. I’ve been six years cancer. I’m cancer free. I do a joke about it and my set. I’m not gonna just do a joke about it in the set. Like I say, I’m six years cancer free, but I say, yeah, my ex-girlfriend her birthday was July 3rd and that cancer, but it’s a nice, it’s a nice twist of a bad situation.

Dexter Angry: So my point is I did. I gained weight before I had cancer, lost a bunch of weight. And then after I had, after I was clean, I thought I was too skinny and it was triggering me. So I gained a bunch of weight back on purpose, but not [00:11:00] really. And then it got to the point to where I ballooned way past where I was and it just got to the point to where I was like, look, I don’t want to end up with diabetes or get the cancer back again.

Last Comic Standing Semifinalist Dexter Angry Does Keto

Dexter Angry: So I wanted to do something. Lose weight and do something that work for me. So people I heard about the and buy it from other people that tried it and other guys is one guy I know, lost 70 pounds. Six months or whatever he was huge. And he was like, yo, actually got to try it out. You can eat chicken wings.

Dexter Angry: You can, jeez, you can eat all these foods that, that that aren’t diet foods, quote, unquote whatever that means you get all these foods and you don’t have to starve yourself. Cause to be honest with the dieting thing, it was very unwelcoming breakfast that. You got to eat the cardboard from

Carole Freeman: the box, [00:12:00]

Dexter Angry: the glass of water with two, two ice cubes and one squeeze up 11,

Carole Freeman: and then you don’t eat anything else

Dexter Angry: on this Monday, but you don’t eat anything else until Friday.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. And then you get one boiled chicken breast and one plain piece of. lettuce. And

Dexter Angry: no salt, no pepper, no nothing, but the chicken put it in water and we got to boil and you gotta eat it on your head.

Carole Freeman: Yes. And don’t drink the waters, throw that out of the boiled chicken. Cause that’s where all the fat is. And this is

Dexter Angry: going to make you cry.

Dexter Angry: So you got to get a glass and captured the tears from your eyes, and that’s going to be

Carole Freeman: those liquids for the week, but boil it. So you don’t get the salt from your tears. And then just drink the evaporated tear juice. Yeah.

Dexter Angry: Diet, you can eat it, you can eat a meal

Carole Freeman: and really feel. Yeah, you

Dexter Angry: don’t like I’d sincerely don’t feel [00:13:00] like I thought I would miss rice. Cause I be eating rice with 95% of every meal I’ve ever eaten had rice 90 percent of every meal I’ve ever eaten has rice heck even cereal rice, crispy

Carole Freeman: treats.

Carole Freeman: Yeah.

Dexter Angry: So 95% of meals I’ve eaten have had rice. And yeah, and I thought that I would have a hard time, not within the rice and you know what, it’s really not, and it’s really not that miserable. And then you start eating, then you started finding the Keto… I used to make fun of the vegan people that eat the vegetables that tastes like beef or remind you of beef, but really makes you, it really gives you that rice sensation.

Carole Freeman: It

Dexter Angry: really, it really does because, cause I remember thinking the first couple of times I tried oh my this is bad. This is [00:14:00] going to be terrible, but I say, I’m going to try it. And I ate it and I was like, wow. It really does not feel like

Carole Freeman: cauliflower. Is it pretty easy to find a cauliflower rice down there in Florida?

Dexter Angry: Yes, they have it. Our main store is Publix. They have all the republics are, we have the whole foods where where if you get extra money, you can go get it from the whole foods. But the public section, and I’ve been noticing in the store now they have

Carole Freeman: more keto friendly stuff in the stores.

Dexter Angry: Now they really do.

Dexter Angry: They have their own keto. They even have Keto I was in Publix a couple of weeks ago. They have the key, excuse me, they have the keto macaroni and

Carole Freeman: cheese. I got to see that.

Dexter Angry: Macaroni and cheese. I should’ve took a picture. I I could’ve put the, I was astounded.

Carole Freeman: Wow. Right there in Publix.

Carole Freeman: Welcome to the show. Tara commented. She’s asking. I’d like to ask. Would it be sensible for me to start Keto again, after nearly dying for multiple [00:15:00] pulmonary embolisms in my lungs last month, I’m wondering if this is related. We want to not say the words about what’s going on in the world, because then all of a sudden our social media platforms won’t show this to anybody, but we’ll just leave it at that the stuff going on in the world.

Carole Freeman: Hopefully. So she’s on blood thinners now and desperately need to lose a lot of weight and have done this previously and did well.

Dexter Angry: I don’t know how their condition, I really don’t know. I don’t want to give up, I don’t know.

Carole Freeman: Yeah, Tara, I can’t, since I’m a credentialed healthcare provider, I’m legally not allowed to tell you what you should do or not, especially since you’ve got a known medical condition.

Carole Freeman: And I can tell you some things I know about what actually happens when you’re in ketosis and blood thinners. I can give you some information about that. Also I would recommend I’ve got a referral for you, so let me actually, I’ve got a banner here for it. I would recommend that you reach out to this guy.

Carole Freeman: Dr. Guillermo Ruiz is he works remotely. He’s a keto friendly doc, and this would be what I would recommend as somebody who could [00:16:00] supervise and let you know the medications you’re on whether that would be safe or not. So if you go to@gohealth.com, so you want to spell out the word at, so it’s 80 G.

Carole Freeman: Health.com. That’s where you can get a free 15 minute consult with him. Tell him that I sent you. I sent him a lot of people and he’s a wonderful guy. He’s a functional medicine doctor credentialed naturopathic doctor. And he works remotely with people all over the place. So that was, that’s what I would recommend for you just to.

Carole Freeman: Get an idea of if cause we want to make sure that you’re being supervised, especially with those medications. And so one of the things that happens is that when we’re in ketosis, our liver is actually working much more efficiently and it’s really good at detoxing things. We know that it upregulates certain enzymes in the liver that detox bad things, toxins, but also it upregulates the basically the detoxification medications.

Carole Freeman: And that.. You’re it may make that. So again, I’m not giving you any specific medical advice. I’m just talking about what I [00:17:00] know happens when you’re in ketosis and you’re taking blood thinners. Some of them actually mix it so that your body breaks down your medications faster. And so sometimes people will need a higher dose than they otherwise.

Carole Freeman: What, but again, the Dr. Ruiz, I recommended, therefore you. Check with him get some proper medical supervision. And I know that, in this day and age that it’s hard to find doctors that are keto friendly or knowledgeable. And so that’s why I really appreciate having Dr.

Carole Freeman: Ruiz to refer people to, because I know he’s gonna be the right person to answer those questions for you. And. Yeah. Okay. I won’t say this out loud. I kinda suspected, unfortunately, that’s probably what the pulmonary embolisms are from. I’m so sorry, Tara, that’s what’s going on.

Carole Freeman: Hopefully you understand why I’m not going to say this. Say out loud what you’ve typed there because anytime we’ve mentioned those things in the past immediately the social media platforms stop showing my videos live to people okay. You’re in the UK. And yeah, so he can work remotely.

Carole Freeman: He made, he. He does work, virtual consults and all that. And he may actually have a [00:18:00] referral of somebody over there in the UK. He’s very well connected. He speaks at conferences all over the place. And so recommend just starting there and seeing what he can recommend for you.

Carole Freeman: So everybody I sent to him absolutely loves him. He’s really compassionate and kind Yeah I’m glad you’re here, Tara. We get people from all over the country, so hang with us and keep us company here. And yeah, I was terrible. I really do.

Dexter Angry: I really do know it is.

Dexter Angry: I hope she pulls through now and I send her Godspeed, but is it me. Or whenever you see somebody from UK, does it make

Carole Freeman: you want

Dexter Angry: tea?

Carole Freeman: You more. Actually I don’t, this is green tea, I’m drinking and that’s not really a UK thingbut I want out to getet some lunch today and they have this fresh-made green tea and it tastes really delicious.

Carole Freeman: So that’s, I’m not drinking beer by the way. I’ve been on shows where people are like, what’s in your glass. It’s not beer. It’s

Dexter Angry: I know with new, with the keto diet, I stopped the alcohol. But let me tell you what you were saying about the enzymes and the alcohol and [00:19:00] stuff. When. Because I stopped drinking, but when you do drink, oh my Jesus.

Dexter Angry: I do not need nearly my jump. Six, three. And I’m a big guy. I’m well, over 200 pounds, so for, I will be able to drink and I’ll be able to drink, and I wouldn’t necessarily feel the effects of alcohol and certain drinks or whatever amount of drinks, but now I can drink one glass of anything.

Dexter Angry: And I’m like, oh my

Carole Freeman: God. Yeah. T so Tara, she can’t stand tea that’s hilarious. This is all I’m doing education for you Dexter so that’s actually something different. That’s going on. Has given us a real laughies. Another thing that happens in ketosis, our bodies have one enzyme that does double duty is called acid aldehyde dehydrogenase.

Carole Freeman: Whoever can spell that first gets a bonus points. But that enzyme actually detoxes alcohol. So the reason that we can drink alcohol and it doesn’t kill. Basically the enzyme takes alcohol and turns it into something that we don’t die from. But that same enzyme [00:20:00] also is necessary to burn, to turn. Get energy from fat and so on keto because you’re burning all your body fat and you’re eating.

Carole Freeman: Oftentimes people are eating a higher fat diet. You’re actually you’re most of that enzyme is being used up in burning fat. And so then when you drink alcohol, there’s not enough of that enzyme to do both. It’s not enough to detox, alcohol and keep burning the fat. And so that’s why you have such a lower tolerance for alcohol.

Carole Freeman: When you’re in ketosis, then you do otherwise. All kinds of fun facts. You’re going to learn here today.

Dexter Angry: I think I eat a fairly dirty keto, but I wanted to eat clean keto. Do you do clean

Carole Freeman: keto? The dirty clean it’s made up words, right? So it just depends on, there’s Cheeto, Keto and clean Keto and dirty Keto, and it just depends on people have all their own made up definitions.

Carole Freeman: What do you consider clean versus. I don’t, I

Dexter Angry: don’t know, but I think I’m. I don’t think I’m

Carole Freeman: See that’s what I mean is these are just made up terms. And the ultimate thing is that what gets [00:21:00] you into ketosis is keep your carbs low enough that you’re under, under your body’s tolerance and that forces you to go into ketosis. That’s the ultimate what ketosis is.

Carole Freeman: And that’s what a keto diet is. That’s the definition of it. And, just over. Six or seven years of this becoming more mainstream is that people made up all these terms, right? They’re like, oh, you got to do clean keto. You got to, you can’t do dirty, but you know what? There’s a movie out there. By Tom Notten, that’s called fat head that I don’t know if you have you seen this or heard it?

Carole Freeman: It was rebuttal. So remember the movie supersize me right by Morgan Spurlock. This was a rebuttal to that showing that you could eat. Nothing but fast food and lose weight. So basically it’s a keto version of fast food diet is what the guy goes on. Yeah. And he loses all this weight and changes all of his health markers and get super, super healthy.

Carole Freeman: So he’s, he did that as a way of showing. No, you can actually eat a hundred percent fast food. So basically oh, you [00:22:00] gotta do clean or dirty Keto it doesn’t matter like the health benefits come from the carbohydrate restriction. It doesn’t really matter what kind of carbohydrates they are. Now some carbohydrates process differently than others, right?

Carole Freeman: So for example, carbs from cauliflower are gonna process slower and digest slower and likely. Suppress ketosis, unless you eat four pounds of it. Versus if you had four teaspoons of sugar, that’s probably gonna affect it a lot more. Yeah, so it just depends on the definition. The first 10 episodes of my podcast, here I go over the 10 rules that I have my clients.

Carole Freeman: To get maximum results. And one of the things we talk about is that you have to wait now, usually at some point, people are going to have to weigh and track and measure all their food. If they want to get all the way to their weight loss goal. Although some people like you, I’m going to imagine Dexter.

Carole Freeman: I’m just going to guess that you didn’t weigh your food for your journey. That you’ve been on the last couple of months. Yeah. Depending on what people starting weight is or how much they have to lose, they can do a little, maybe a different definition of dirty to start with where you’re just [00:23:00] basically like I don’t eat those foods.

Carole Freeman: I only eat these foods now. That can also be some people use that as a dirty keto where you’re not actually being really specific. But again, sometimes people dirty keto means like processed foods and fast food and stuff like that too. And

Dexter Angry: it does work. Cause, cause that was cause I was using the keto tester and my wife was doing the the keto to.

Dexter Angry: And she would eat like cookies, a lot of cookies. She would have one cookie. She was about carbs. And I was like, Nope, I wasn’t doing clean keto, but I did not have any slips, no sugar, no nothing. But she, but her markers were deeper in ketosis than I was. And she’d just sit there and just

Carole Freeman: be all smirking.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. And it shows so the that’s part of what. keto is and why it’s so different for every person, right? There’s no one size fits all. And it’s why I have so much work to do. I keep so busy is that people are coming to me. They’re like I tried this keto thing that I saw online. Why didn’t it work for me?

Carole Freeman: And. That’s just, example of what you’re talking about between you and your wife is that [00:24:00] everybody’s, body’s a little bit different, your metabolic health, your metabolic rate, all those things affect like how fast you burn carbohydrates and how much they affect your health. And sometimes with your past history of cancer, too, some of the medications they give you for treating cancer.

Carole Freeman: Affect your liver function and it makes it so that you may be more sensitive to carbohydrates the rest of your life. Whereas your wife might have a higher tolerance than you and unfair, but it may be the truth. So it’s the same thing. I have clients that like, oh, my husband can eat whatever he wants.

Carole Freeman: It’s not fair. And then the wife is sensitive, but sometimes it’s the other way around, like you’re experiencing words. The way she did, because she’s

Dexter Angry: a lot smaller, I guess it’s nice to have a good support system.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. You’re right. That’s awesome that you have, because usually it’s the other way around where it’s just like the, if the spouse has an easier time with weight management, they’re like that’s a you thing.

Carole Freeman: Like I’m not gonna, I’m not going to quit eating my cookies in front of you. As we had Jim Kellner, he is a [00:25:00] hypnotist. Few weeks back. And he talked about how his wife it’s 90 pounds and just eats cookies and chocolate in front of him all the time. And I’m like, Ooh, that’s rough.

Carole Freeman: Right?

Carole Freeman: Why did I think of that?

Dexter Angry: That would be funny eventually that will, that would be a funniest thing. Like she’s married to a hypnotist, he hypnotizes her or not to eat the cookies, unless she realizes that he hypnotizes her and she’ll get mad though.

Carole Freeman: That would be great. Jim, we’re calling you out to comment. Have you tried to hypnotize your wife into not eating cookies in front of you actually knowing her? She’s probably hypnotized him. Oh, Terrance saying you can make keto friendly cookies. You can if I make them, I over eat them and then I keep guess regain weight.

Carole Freeman: But definitely yes, you [00:26:00] can keep them printing chocolate to. Yes. Yeah. For some people to that I


Dexter Angry: want, I don’t want to trigger myself, so I try to

Carole Freeman: stay away from it. Yeah. That’s one of the things I recommend for my clients is to minimize cravings is to avoid all sweet things for at least.

Carole Freeman: 30 days. And if you can do it for 60, it’s going to be even better results because actually your taste buds will actually rearrange your sweet ones, will reduce the number of them and you’ll grow more savory taste buds. So you’ll prefer more bacon bacon and eggs and less cookies and cream or oatmeal or whatever.

Carole Freeman: I know I was going so

Dexter Angry: well until Thanksgiving.

Carole Freeman: Are you back on track Now? I’m back

Dexter Angry: on track now. Okay. I’m back. I’m back. I’m back on track now, that w that one day then you started eating more stuff and then but no back back on


Carole Freeman: wagon. Yeah. Our bodies are programmed to love carbohydrates that’s for sure.

Carole Freeman: Tell me about your comedy. How’d you, how long have you been doing comedy? How’d you get started in that. I

Dexter Angry: started comedy in 1998 while I was in [00:27:00] college. Yeah. Started comedy in college. And its has been, it’s been a wild ride. It’s been very, it’s been very, if there’s nothing in the world, like it there’s nothing in the world like that.

Dexter Angry: I would highly recommend that to anybody because there’s no other place. Where you can think of absolute foolishness and have people give you a couple of dollars to say absolutely foolish things. And it is an issue. Like no other thing. And I know my name is Dexter angry, but I don’t know if you can tell him that I’m not really a very angry person, but it’s, but it looks nice at the comedy club.

Dexter Angry: People expect all these Louis Black, angry rant type of things. And there’s not, there is not a single angry rant in my show. Actually, if I had to actually, if I had to take a name that was [00:28:00] close to my acronym. It would be Dexter Silly.

Carole Freeman: Dexter Silly. Okay. Rather

Dexter Angry: than, rather than angry, but I don’t know. It’s just, it just seemed like, it just seemed I dunno, I like oxymoron and I like, I I like ironic type of humor.

Dexter Angry: I just think that’s. Yeah, but yeah, that’s what’s so I like to perform or get in front of people. I like talking, I like writing. I love the whole aspect of the performance, except the booking part. The booking part is that’s like the, that’s like the real job part where you actually have to make cold calls and you have to get on the phone and you have to grind.

Dexter Angry: You have to call the club more and you have to do it is I wish I might have told me that if you’re going to be a professional comedian is a real job because. To do a hundred percent real job and you get out of it. What you put into it, the more you put into it. Cause you have to call clubs, you have to send emails, you have to be happy.

Dexter Angry: You have to resist. It’s just the, it’s just the nature of the business. And I am not the best at doing that. I will not lie. I will not, I am not [00:29:00] the best, but I send it out. That’s why I rely on being. That’s why I have to do a good job at the show

Dexter Angry: Because of the other part. I’m not the

Carole Freeman: best at well, and it’s w it’s so much easier when you’ve just done a show and you’ve crushed to ask Hey, when can I come back? That’s so much easier than sending an email or a phone call or

Dexter Angry: Yes. Actually I was here. Yes. But today, a lot of business today.

Dexter Angry: Today’s my business. Cause I have a regular nine to five too, but they have to do all my,

Carole Freeman: okay. I used to do that. Long before comedy. Yep. Oh, what

Carole Freeman: is that going to be really hard right now with the car shortages and

Dexter Angry: it’s a double-edged sword because you’re selling more cars just left of less. The percentage of customers versus closed deals

Carole Freeman: are higher. Better. Okay.

Dexter Angry: Okay, because just because the cars that you have that we have, [00:30:00] we sell faster.

Dexter Angry: It’s just that if three people looking at the same car then you have to break a stick and let them fight in the showroom. Which is absolutely beautiful. Those are like the, like the gladiator

Carole Freeman: of carbide. So it’s probably knows more.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. So you get I’ll bet that the people that are coming on the lot are much more serious too. Whereas when I was selling cars, it was, back in the oh man, early two thousands. And it was just, most the people coming on were just kicking tires and it’s hard

Dexter Angry: to, it’s hard to wheel and deal on cars when you have one car and five people for that one.

Dexter Angry: So it’s like it’s supply and demand. I’ll give if I had five cars and only one buyer absolutely will be opening a deal. You do the best deal. But this one, it goes to the it’s like an auction every day.

Carole Freeman: Wow.

Dexter Angry: Most of the highest auction every day. It’s so it’s like in general, in [00:31:00] my opinion is what you make of it.

Dexter Angry: If you have a negative attitude and if you have a negative outlook of, everything’s not going to work out and maybe it’s you.

Carole Freeman: What are your tips? You’ve been doing this for a couple of months. What are some of your tips? Cause I know, I don’t know how much you’re forming or if you’re going on the road or anything right now, the last couple of months.

Carole Freeman: But one of the things that I know about do not

Dexter Angry: be afraid to be bad and embrace being terrible.

Dexter Angry: Embrace if you, if you just

Carole Freeman: started doing comedy. Oh, I meant I was going to ask, what are your tips for doing keto? What are your tips? Yeah. Sorry. What are your tips for staying keto when you’re away from home?

Carole Freeman: Cause I know that, as a comedian you’re at clubs all the time and that’s usually what I find that people think oh, it’s so hard being away from home. I find it easier actually. To go to restaurants or especially like club food and stuff like that. So what are your tips for people?

Carole Freeman: So you’re at the car dealership all day long. I don’t

Dexter Angry: know if we can, I don’t know if we could plug different [00:32:00] places but but you asked me I’ll be honest.

Carole Freeman: Okay. A little such like a burrito bowl.

Dexter Angry: No, I don’t do the burrito.

Dexter Angry: Oh, I don’t want to get, I get a bowl, but I don’t get the corn, the wrap. I don’t get the wrap. I don’t get the wrap when I get the rice, but the Keto is and the, and then, or I’ll go and I’ll find a place that has a steak with a steak, with aspargus. That’s a good thing to do.

Dexter Angry: Steak with asparagus and things like that. I just go to places that if I have to, I’m just not. But when you’re home, it’s like you just do the meal preps and then eat what you can. But I do try to intermittent fast too. So maybe. Me. I think I gained the most weights because I performed mostly in the south and I traveled a lot in the south.

Dexter Angry: The house was like my, oh my

Carole Freeman: God, you’re making Tara hungry. I’ve never been in a waffle house. I’ve heard they’re terrible, but you love them. [00:33:00] That’s just the online, like the waffle house.

Dexter Angry: I’ll be honest with you. The waffle house is like a bad relationship. It’s, it’s not good for you, but there’s something good that you find a net bad.

Dexter Angry: It’s, what is the best way to explain it? Like it’s like telling you, it’s like seeing your friend or seeing your best friend in a terrible relationship. That person is no good for your friend and you want the best for your friend, but every day they go back. Why? Because there’s something in there.

Dexter Angry: Something. Yes. There’s something people park in the morning, two o’clock in the morning, two o’clock in the morning. You’ve had too much to drink and then, and down south, there’s always a waffle house next

Carole Freeman: to your hotel. Okay. There’s always, you can get an omelette anytime of the day. He can have an omelette, two

Dexter Angry: o’clock in the morning at the wild house and then walk away. And then you go to sleep in this. I’m not saying it’s healthy and I’m not saying it’s a good thing to do. I’m just saying it’s very it’s very like you [00:34:00] go home two o’clock in the morning after a show at 12 or midnight after a show and the waffle house.

Dexter Angry: Yeah. You want it,

Dexter Angry: You won’t eat blank. No, I’m just going to go to sleep. Okay. Come on. We’ll just

Carole Freeman: talk, talk, Tara. Tara says she’s a one meal a day when she was doing keto as well, too.

Dexter Angry: And because the meals really make you feel so full. When I wake up, I’d no longer have the urge to eat breakfasr.

Carole Freeman: Yeah,

Dexter Angry: and I drink a lot of water too. I build upon water. I drink a lot of what I drink. I drink a lot of water, a lot of them, a lot of water.

Carole Freeman: About the salt requirement.

Dexter Angry: They’re supposed to, I use the Himalayan salt, but Himalayan salt. And thank God for me. I didn’t, I never went through the keto flu. I didn’t have the keto flu. I would, in the beginning I did bacon and eggs in the morning when I started and I drink a tumble of water. And I find that I find, in my opinion, I don’t know that it worked for me.

Dexter Angry: I’m not giving medical advice, but for me, I found that [00:35:00] when I drank water, I was very hydrated and I didn’t feel. I didn’t feel sluggish or lack of . I think it’s, I think it’s because I might, it might be because of the water, but I didn’t notice that if you I was doing research and they always said that if you added salt to your diet and that’s what I did, I got the Himalayan salt and I will put it on the bacon and the eggs and I would drink the water and I would have the spinach with it.

Dexter Angry: And then

Carole Freeman: I was. Yeah, my episode four of this show, keto chat live, go back and watch, listen to episode four. That’s where I talk all about salt, how much you should get. It’s one of the, I’m glad you’re figuring it out because it’s one of the most commonly missed things that people get wrong on keto.

Carole Freeman: So I’m going to top symptoms of people have. Keto flu headache, muscle cramps, constipation. Those are all signs that you’re not getting enough salt for people that are watching. Yeah, Tara, the electrolyte tabs actually, usually they don’t have enough salt in them too. I find that most people don’t need any other electrolytes, but [00:36:00] if you get the salt you don’t need.

Carole Freeman: All the other ways

Dexter Angry: you find the electrical, like the, is it worth it to get the electrolyte

Carole Freeman: water or no? No, you don’t need that. And also the primary thing that we need is salt. So when we’re in ketosis, our kidneys are freely releasing a lot of sodium in our urine. And so sodium ends up being the one thing we need to replace.

Carole Freeman: And a lot of a lot of issues people have is because they think they need to take electrolytes. But actually the only reason you need electrolytes is cause you’re not getting enough salt. So Nancy. Welcome Nancy.

Dexter Angry: So let me ask you a question. Tap water is fine. Do you mix the mix like do you mix like lemon or do you mix, do you put like salt in your tap water or do you just think

Carole Freeman: of.

Carole Freeman: I live in Arizona now, so I don’t drink tap water here. It’s like trying to drink water in California, tastes terrible. I actually purified water, but yeah, if you have, I was, when I was living in Seattle, delicious tap water and just would use tap water and put salt in that. [00:37:00] Nancy’s mentioning element.

Carole Freeman: There’s a company out there called drink element L M N T. Rob Wolf and the keto gains, people started this company and their little salt packets with just a little bit of Stevia in there and a dash of magnesium. And so those are really handy, little salt thing as well too. So where did you go? All right.

Carole Freeman: It looks like Dexter walked into a space shuttle or something, some kind there oh, that’s right. Nancy. You moved away from Seattle too. Yeah. You missed Seattle water. One of the reasons I moved away from Seattle was all the water. Just jokes. Oh, there’s Dexter back. Sorry, Tara you’re in th e UK. You get a lot of water up there too.

Carole Freeman: I’ve never been in the UK, but I hear your weather’s very similar to Seattle. Hey, I wanted to talk about, I got this news article to talk about as well, too. So this is, I’m gonna put the link to it in The chat, sometimes Facebook doesn’t post what I post in the chat. So we’ll see if it lets me oh, it worked this time.

Carole Freeman: All right. It so if you want to follow along I’ve got [00:38:00] this. I like to most episodes, I like to bring up some kind of an article either. Random news article. This one’s actually a research article. And so the title of it is type two diabetes prevention focused on normalization of glycemia. So glycemia is a fancy word that just means blood sugar.

Carole Freeman: And the two-year pilot study. This was published in March of this year in nutrients. And this is a startling fact, one in three adults. Has pre-diabetes and basically pre-diabetes just means you’re on the train headed straight towards type two diabetes. What’s Tara saying about the weather is yuck, but water is good.

Carole Freeman: I still drink bottles. Yeah, so historically for treatment of type two diabetes or just for weight loss in general, what’s the diet that every doctor’s told everybody to take. Low fat, low calorie exercise. More right. Eat less, move more. Yeah, Tara hopefully Dr.

Carole Freeman: Ruiz can give you some pointers and about. What to help you out with there. Yeah, so it, in the past, if somebody had [00:39:00] pre-diabetes, a doctor would just basically say, lose weight, eat low fat, reduce your calories, exercise more. And how well has that worked? I know Dexter you’re sharing the.

Carole Freeman: Weight loss for you as a new thing. So you don’t have a long track record with that, but I know that a lot of the listeners and viewers of the show basically have tried every diet out there and keto ends up being so different. Hey, Bruce’s here Mediterranean. I don’t know what that answer is for, but

Dexter Angry: I think it’s made a fan diet.

Carole Freeman: Yeah. Yeah. So this article is actually so the research in this was So while a typical approach has always been low fat, low calorie exercise, more metabolic remodeling with low carb diet actually is much more effective at normalizing blood sugar. And increasing ketone levels is becoming an accepted method for improving blood sugar and lowering, fasting, glucose and insulin, and also improving A1C, which is a measurement that doctors often look at to diagnose you with pre-diabetes and or diabetes.

Carole Freeman: Let’s see. Tara says oh, a spine [00:40:00] condition. It can’t move much. Okay. Yeah. So that’s one of the nice things about keto, low carb diet is that you can lose weight pretty easily without doing an exercise. So Dexter, did you go out and run marathons to lose 33 pounds in the last two months or a

Dexter Angry: I did.

Dexter Angry: I increased my walking. I did not. I did not. I did not become Rocky. I did walk. I did. I did increase the walk.

Carole Freeman: That’s

Dexter Angry: I walk in the morning. I would walk in the night. I would walk like a mile in the morning and a mile at night. That’s what I, that’s what I would do consistently.

Carole Freeman: The nice thing is that, exercise is good for our bodies, but it ends up being, not part of the weight loss equation. That’s very effective. So you’re doing something good for yourself, but you didn’t have to go go to the gym and burn 500 calories to lose your weight. Yeah,

Dexter Angry: I didn’t, I did not do.

Dexter Angry: I did not.

Carole Freeman: Yeah, Tara says I need to lose quickly so that I can improve my mobility. So what this study looked at basically this was a study looking at. [00:41:00] Remote continuous, basically they had remote keto coaching. So virtual coaching basically for implementing low-carb diet. So that’s what this what’s really cool is that’s what I do.

Carole Freeman: But this is research. I didn’t do the research, but it’s research looking at basically, validating that this is a really good way at reversing prediabetes, which basically is let’s turn the ship around before you crash. It let’s help you before you even get to diabetes. So they, the research found that patients were achieved normal blood sugar levels and maintained a 5% weight loss after two years.

Carole Freeman: And really that’s one of the hardest things of any dietary change is actually not only losing the weight, you just pick it off. Yeah, exactly.

Dexter Angry: Let me ask you again, since we’re on the topic, have you seen people that have diabetes, but thank god I’m not diabetic, but have you seen people have diabetes reverse it with the keto diet

Carole Freeman: or versus.

Carole Freeman: Absolutely. So I, the everyone that I’ve ever worked with that had diabetes when they started now, again, we’re working with their doctor, the doctor’s the one that can manage all their medications, but they’re able to get off all their [00:42:00] medications and reverse it and have normal blood sugar, normal A1C.

Carole Freeman: That’s one of the things that. Doctors actually, because of traditional methods, they can’t ever get blood sugar to come down to the normal level. So they give them like for diabetes, this is what we’ll let you have as an okay number basically. But my clients all get to normal blood sugar numbers, non-diabetic numbers.

Carole Freeman: And it’s a and so I know that the. A lot of the authors of this research that I’m talking about, actually they do. They do specifically work with people with diabetes. And so this is research that they did if this works really well for diabetes, does this work for people that don’t even have diabetes yet?

Carole Freeman: And we can prevent them from having that. So that’s what this research is looking at. And so this, the, one of the interesting things about this study, it was focused on increasing ketones and decreasing blood sugar, not on weight loss. So a lot of times doctors really focused on if you lose weight, that’s what fixes things, right?

Carole Freeman: They think that weight loss, the overweight is what causes all this stuff. But this study, they didn’t even tell [00:43:00] people they need to lose weight. They were just focused on let’s lower your blood sugar and increase your ketones. And they said that was probably one of the reasons why they had such high retention in this study.

Carole Freeman: Is it because weight can be a really sensitive issue. And I know everybody, I work with that they’ve been told for, decades of their life. They need to lose weight. And what a relief to have doctors helping you change your diet and not be telling you well, if you lost more weight, you’d feel better.

Carole Freeman: And then they also credited having the continuous access to the remote care. So basically virtual coaching support was another thing they credited with the high retention rate. And I found that as well as the people that I work with having ongoing long-term support options for coaching and other professional support really correlates highly with the people that are able to be successful.

Carole Freeman: Long-term and Yeah. So basically it was a success. Tara’s asking, what do you think of those magic ketone powders? People sell that really expensive? I think

Dexter Angry: question I was worried about myself really That’s a good question.

Carole Freeman: Tara. [00:44:00] Tara you’re asking good questions. The Dexter had too. So that there’s a misunderstanding that.

Carole Freeman: Being in ketosis equals losing weight. And they’re not the same thing. The study, I just went over, talked about, they were increasing ketones, but it wasn’t about weight loss. And so the origins of a ketogenic diet come from treating little kids with epilepsy and we didn’t want them losing weight.

Carole Freeman: We actually wanted them to gain weight and continue to grow. Keto diet is not weight loss. Now it is a way of eating that actually facilitates weight loss because it reduces your appetite. You’re able to lose weight a lot easier than typically. Most people find this easier to lose weight on keto than other diets, because you’re not hungry all the time.

Carole Freeman: However, you can be in ketosis and actually be gaining weight. So these ketone powder. I hope they’re becoming less, less popular. I don’t know. I’m out of touch with like how many people are doing this now, but I know. So I’ve been following keto myself for about six and a half years. I [00:45:00] know in the beginning of it, they were super popular.

Carole Freeman: They were, keto is synonymous with weight loss. And so they preyed on people’s ignorance, but also the people who were selling that stuff also were ignorant as well. They would say things like. Oh, you can cheat. You can eat carbs just drink this thing and you’re right back into ketosis. And basically they implied that erased your cheat, but it doesn’t work like that at all.

Carole Freeman: And also just being in ketosis doesn’t mean you’re losing weight. So losing weight, the reason we want our body making its own ketones a couple of things that these ketone powders. Is that some ketones in our blood is good and safe and healthy, but if ketones go too high or blood, that’s actually very dangerous thing.

Carole Freeman: And our body regulates it very quickly or very closely. And for example low carb, we’re burning our own body fat, our body is making its own ketones. It’s going to hum along in a nice little safe rate of ketone production, but if we drink something that boosts our ketones, what that does is that tells our body like, whoa, slow down and making your own ketones.

Carole Freeman: We don’t need [00:46:00] any more. Cause we got these, we got to deal with from this drink you just consumed. So what does that do? It actually. Signals your body stop burning your own fat stop, making your own ketones. So it’s actually the opposite of what you’re trying to do. Yeah. And again, this is all preying on, people want a quick fix.

Carole Freeman: They Americans love to drink or take pills, give me a powder or shake something. I don’t have to work hard out. Again, mostly the people that are selling these are preying on our. But also a lot of them don’t even understand how it works as well, too. Some people will say it curbs my appetite, but Dexter you and Tara notices as well.

Carole Freeman: It’s like when you’re in ketosis, that’s, what’s curbing your appetite. You don’t need these drinks to make you eat less. And she’s saying that I was asked to start selling these for over 80 P 800 pounds for a first few boxes. Oh yeah. They’re really expensive. Like five, like us dollars or faved $8 per serving.

Carole Freeman: So I dunno. I think pounds or twice. I don’t know the conversion, but anyways, it’s too much. It’s too much money and it doesn’t work. [00:47:00] Yeah, they were very. Notty told me to use a credit card. Luckily I’m not stupid. Yeah. Good job. You don’t need those. Now having said all of that, they aren’t congruent with people that want to lose weight optimize their weight.

Carole Freeman: There may be therapeutic applications though, for people, for example, like with epilepsy that need help, that don’t want to lose weight. I think they also could be beneficial for people with Alzheimer’s. Maybe Parkinson’s something like that, especially with Alzheimer’s when people. It’s really difficult with somebody with Alzheimer’s to change their diet.

Carole Freeman: They’re going to want to eat the things that are really familiar to them is going to be very hard to try to explain day after day meal, after meal, why they’re you’re changing the foods for them. And that may be something that could be beneficial. For people with something like that. So ketones on the brain has been shown to dramatically reduce Alzheimer’s symptoms and improve memory.

Carole Freeman: Also the fun fact about the, where those ketone powders were created, Tara is they were actually research-based for the Navy seals. They found that in [00:48:00] ketosis, it actually helped preserve the brain when they were doing those deep dives and reduce the risk of the. And so they were looking for an instantaneous way of getting these divers into ketosis.

Carole Freeman: So that’s the background on those? So they’re like very strategic, like military application is where these ketone powders were developed. Oh, from, she says they told her they were from space. Yeah, who knows the game of telephone when the. Story of where they came from gets passed down and it’s now they were made on Mars.

Carole Freeman: They’re made for astronauts. That was Tang. They were telling you about the story of your pursuit. Huh? If it’s all , I

Dexter Angry: will be able to let you have a lot of knowledge, which is awesome.

Carole Freeman: This is all that I, oh, go ahead.

Dexter Angry: No I’m saying I am so glad that I got to I got the juice with, because this has been very informative.

Dexter Angry: Cause I was saying, I wasn’t even thinking about that question today. And I saw the powders is in the past and because [00:49:00] I did not buy them, but I was always wondered if they worked, but if they were cheaper, I would have bought it, but because it cost so much, I was like,

Carole Freeman: yeah. Yeah. And that’s our natural instinct is is there a shortcut?

Carole Freeman: Is there something I can do that make this faster to speed it up? And the truth is they are just wasted money and they’re not going to speed things up. They’re actually counter to your goals. I think we should probably wrap this up. I’ve got I’ve actually got a keto product order.

Carole Freeman: I’ve got to go pick up. It’s a drive about 40 minutes away and I got to get there before they closed. But there’s so lucky out here in Phoenix, we’ve got some really great Keto product companies. There’s one that’s Keto confections and they make these little they’re like hot pockets, only Keto version made by their chef.

Carole Freeman: They’re so good. My mom got me a birthday gift card there, so I’m going to go out and pick them up and then go do something out there. My birthday was November 30th.

Carole Freeman: Thank you so much. Dexter, thank you so much for being here today. Really appreciate you. How can people find you? [00:50:00] Find out more information about upcoming shows,

Dexter Angry: Instagram. Or angry comedy, two different pages of extra angry anger comedy. I accept all friend requests. I’m just trying to make people smile and make the world a better place.

Dexter Angry: Thank you so much for having me. Thank you for being so educational and so informative and please don’t be a stranger in the comedy world. I’d love to see you on

Carole Freeman: the stage sometime for sure. Yeah. Tara, nice chatting. Your chair says nice chatting with both of you. So glad that you found us here, Tara, let me know, send me a message on you’re on Facebook.

Carole Freeman: Send me a message on Facebook. Let me know how things are going for you. Let me know your followup. If you’re connect with Dr. Ruiz there too. Yeah. Yeah. Wish you the best and Thanks everyone for being here for the show. Remember sharing is caring. Share this episode with a friend and help us grow the show and we’ll help you shrink.

Carole Freeman: Next week I’ve got actually more comedians that have done keto. So more success stories come back next week. And we’ll see you all again soon. Thanks for watching. See you later. [00:51:00] Dex. Goodbye!

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