Enroll High Ticket Clients on Discovery Calls with Ease…

Even if you HATE Sales!

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Does This Sound Familiar?

You’re trying to make money with your coaching, but selling your services seems so hard.

You’re passionate about what you do, but struggle to achieve your sales goals each month.

It’s not for lack of research. You’ve spent hours, weeks, even years, studying out how to enroll clients with ease so that you can scale to 6 figures and beyond.

Plus you’ve devouring every webinar, book, blog, podcast, and YouTube video you can find on how to make sales easy… but you’re frustrated and overwhelmed with what to try next.

You may have even spent THOUSANDS of dollars on courses on how to package your services and sell high ticket programs, but it’s just not working for you.

Why does everyone else seem to be getting AMAZING sales results, but you’re stuck?

You’ve tried to figure this client enrollment via sales calls thing out… why is it so hard and frustrating?

You don’t want to feel like a slimy, sleazy used car salesman! You just want to help people transform their lives with your passion… why do sales make me feel so gross?

You’ve reworked your offer and changed your price a million times, trying to figure out the right combo. How do I package my services into an irresistible offer?

You’ve downloaded countless sales templates and cheat sheets, but they seem too time consuming to master. Isn’t there a way to sell that doesn’t make me feel like I want to die?

And you’ve spent hours listening to podcasts by “experts”. Why do they all say different things?

You’re in a hundred Facebook groups with thousands of members… but every time you ask a question, you get 100s of different answers and now you’re even more confused

You’re almost ready to give up. I’ve come so far, I don’t want give up!

So, you’re desperately trying to figure this out. How do I get sales on discovery calls?

Now, imagine enrolling clients with ease…

You feel amazing!

You look forward to checking your calendar every day because it’s filled with discovery calls that were booked automatically.

And you actually look forward to your discovery calls because you know they will be your ideal client.

You’re in control of your sales and are confident that nearly everyone you talk with will enroll with ease.

You no longer hate sales because instead of feeling anxious and worried, you now enroll clients with joy and authenticity.

You’re confident and a role model for success for your children and grandchildren.

You are a shining example of how to enroll high-ticket clients with ease

You’re proud of your bank account and monthly sales reports because they finally match your goals and dream lifestyle

You’re done searching for another sales program because you are confident that you’ve found the solution to scale to 6 and 7-figure years.

Carole at computer desk with pink chair happily enrolling clients
Carole Freeman of Keto Carole

Hi there, I’m Carole!

And I know your pain.

My whole adult life, I’ve been searching for the answers to optimal well being. I’ve longed to help women feel their best, mentally and physically. And that includes trying to figure out the permanent weight loss solution puzzle.

I’d yo-yo’d between 140 lbs at my lowest (first diet out of high school), up to 209 lbs AFTER the birth of my son (and later topping the scales at 220+ lbs… but I’ll tell you that story shortly…).

Dieting was hard! And I was really bad at it.

It was hard to stick with tiny portions, packaged tasteless foods, and feeling constantly hungry and craving! 

So, I became Carole Freeman, MS, CN, CHt, CKNS. I got a lot of letters (and the 6-figures in student loans to prove it! 😉 ) to try to solve the problem.

(If you’re curious, the letters breakdown to mean that I have a master’s degree in Nutrition and Clinical health Psychology from Bastyr University, am a Washington State Certified Nutritionist, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and board certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist.)

I also devoured any research, books, or blogs that explained the biochemistry of cravings, addiction, excessive appetite, and behavior change, and effective techniques to address them, as I KNEW these were essential to the solution I was seeking.

In my private practice, before keto, I taught my clients what I’d learned, which was to follow a whole foods diet, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, plenty of fat, and that all foods were OK, because restricting foods was what caused weight gain. I taught women the principles of Health at Every Size, mindful eating, and intuitive eating.

But it wasn’t working…


Even with a decade of sales training and experience, there was still something missing…

I was selling my course and teaching it live every 12 weeks. And although I’d leveraged my time by teaching it as a group program, I had to resort to slashing the price and having fire sales every month when rent was due. Although I knew the transformation my program provided was life changing, I felt like I had to practically beg people to join. 

And then I went from $18k to 6-figures in one year with this one change…

I hired my first business coach in June of 2016 and she taught me the “Reverse Funnel” sales model. This one simple change, enrolling clients on “discovery calls” allowed me to increase my price and make $8k my first WEEK using this method (vs $4k for my best MONTH prior!). 

All of 2015, doing my best to sell my coaching services as discounted bundles or hours, I earned $18,000 for the WHOLE YEAR. Yeah, I had to work a part-time job to even make ends meet.

But by the end of 2016, using the new method of enrolling high ticket clients, I hit my first 6-figure year. I kept my eyes straight ahead and continued this model for the next 3 years.

But, I starting to get burned out…

How could this happen to me?

I’d spent 10 years of my life studying everything I could about diet, nutrition, cravings, appetite, and behavior change.

How could I be so extremely unhealthy, overweight, and bedridden?

It was time to put it all to the test.

Remember how I said I was terrible at dieting?

Well, I was so desperate to heal myself, to not be bedridden any more, that I knew it would take a kitchen sink approach to keto for me to succeed.

And as I put it all to the test, it turned out that I had all the pieces to solve the weight loss puzzle.

I used every trick I’d ever studied about how to conquer sugar and carb cravings, foster long-term habit change, and formulate a well-balanced ketogenic diet.

So, I kept working at it until I had a 3 part system to enroll 100% on my discovery calls.

With my “kitchen sink approach” to keto, I lost 18.5 pounds the first month. After 7 months, I was down a total of 61 pounds. Everything I’d ever studied was finally paying off, as I was less hungry and more satisfied than ever. The sugar cravings I’d fought my whole life were also completely gone.

Carole Freeman emerging from pastel colored balloons

Why is this sales process so successful?

The key to success on keto is doing it in a way that you can stick with forever.

You need something truly different.

A new, innovative approach to weight loss.

My clients:

  • Discover the step-by-step system to get started (and keep going) with ease AND why all the other diet plans you’ve tried (including keto) were designed to fail from the start.
  • Learn the CORRECT way to get rid of cravings and the secret pitfalls that GUARANTEE you’ll fall off the wagon over and over again if you don’t avoid them (and why most Instagram influencers are leading you astray).
  • Find out why all macro calculators are wrong and why everyone WRONGLY tells you a keto diet for weight loss has to be 80 or 90% fat. 
  • Get the must-have information you need that is relevant for where you are on your keto journey, so you understand what’s happening in YOUR body, week by week.
  • Learn simple emotional regulation skills so that you no longer succumb to emotional or stress eating.
  • And habit change techniques so that your keto weight loss is sustainable.
  • Get support from a real person (that is highly trained and experienced with real people!) every step of the way that’s custom tailored to your likes, personality, lifestyle, and unique biochemistry.
  • Learn the keto products that are the biggest money wasters (that nearly everyone on the internet recommends) and why they actually PREVENT fat loss.
  • Understand the number one nutrient that is absolutely necessary on keto (that you probably don’t even know about) and why if you’re not getting enough you’ll be constipated, have muscle cramps, and/or headaches.
  • Learn the SECRET ways the brain works to sabotage your success and the most powerful way to recharge your willpower (that you can do from the comfort of your home with zero practice or training).
  • So basically, everything you need to get started with ease for the fastest and best results with long-lasting results

Introducing the Listen and Love Them Sales Method

The number 1 reason why you get stuck on keto is that even though you’re trying to figure it out, you don’t get everything YOU need to succeed. All the other approaches out there only give you tidbits of what you really need.

Keto coaches or nutritionists may give you a meal plan or fresh new macros, but they don’t teach you how to put together simple meals that perfectly hit your macros WITHOUT hours of planning or food prep. 

And they certainly don’t know how to end cravings, stop emotional eating, or avoid falling back into old habits.

Self-study programs, videos, or masterclasses may teach you a few things, but they don’t tell you step-by-step how to get keto to specifically work for YOU… and they certainly don’t provide you with an expert guide, helping you every step of the way to fine-tune your approach to get the best, fastest, and longest-lasting results possible


Facebook post from blonde woman

Learn the 3-part system to scale your coaching business to 6 and then 7-figures, without burn out!

“I was a sugar addict needing to constantly eat. After 1 year following Carole’s keto program, I’ve lost 65 lbs, kicked my sugar addiction, lowered my blood pressure and blood glucose, and improved my cholesterol! Thank you Carole for your knowledge and expertise!” ~Carey

“6 months on Carole’s program and I’m down 30 lbs… more energy, less pain, and a host of other benefits. Carole was so knowledgeable and helpful every step of the way on my keto program. In retrospect, I can’t imagine embarking on a ketogenic diet without her expertise. It’s clear that it would have taken me so much more time and  frustrating research to get the answers I needed for the specific issues that came up for me. This is not a cheap program and it was WELL worth the price!” ~Mary

“Before I found Carole, I suffered with severe fatigue, a hereditary auto-immune skin disease, high blood pressure, hormone imbalance, and aches and pains. I spent thousands of dollars on tests and was told nothing could be done. After just 9 weeks on Carole’s program, my skin disease cleared up, my aches and pains went away, I was able to get off my hormone replacement medicine that I had used for thirty years. I also lost 14.6 pounds and 7.5 inches!! My energy has improved so much that I was able to have my young grandsons come and visit during spring break and I didn’t have to take a nap. All of this occurred in less than 9 weeks. Amazing!!” ~Judi

“After losing weight on a diet program that required me to eat processed, pre-packaged low-fat diet foods and protein powders, I knew I needed to find a sustainable way of eating so I could keep the weight off and not damage my metabolism. After talking to Carole about her program, I knew it was exactly what I needed. It wasn’t long until my expectation were far exceeded. She truly is an inspiration and has provided me some tools I can put to use immediately. The personalized support is what I have been looking for and I have found the people that can help me along my journey.” ~Pam

“Despite being an avid runner, I kept gaining weight. Then I developed plantar faciitis, and the pain was so bad that I could no longer run. I had seen Carole’s remarkable transformation on a keto diet, so I decided to join her program to learn how to do it the right way and get her expert guidance (basically, learning all the short-cuts!). The pain in my foot went away after about 6 weeks, and I’m now down more than 40 lbs. I actually weight what it says on my driver’s licence and look better than I have in 10 years.” ~Amy



But, can this really work for you, too?

You might be thinking…

“But Carole, will this work for ME if I…

Have a slow metabolism, have hypothyroidism, am menopausal? (YES! because when done correctly, keto SPEEDS UP a broken metabolism.)

Experience cravings for comfort foods, stress eating, emotional eating, that always derails my success? (YES! When done correctly, you can end cravings.)

Don’t have friends and family that are SUPPORTIVE? (YES! We have a ultra supportive sisterhood that is always there for you and cheering you on.)

Have TRIED keto and can’t seem to lose weight. (YES! 

Am too busy to plan, prep, and cook… (YES! My Fast & Easy Meal Formula is a cornerstone of quick results to start AND lasting success.)

Are you SURE you can get keto to work for ME??”


Create a Lifestyle You Love.

By enrolling high-ticket clients into my virtual group program, I’m able to travel and work from anywhere in the world, to create the lifestyle I love. I’m able to attend conferences and training seminars that keeps me connected to the top researchers, clinicians, product developers, and other influencers, so that I can deliver the most up-to-date, relevant, and effective information to my clients.

Keto Carole Freeman with Kristie Sullivan of Diet Doctor

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My keto coaching services are available by application only and space is limited because I work very closely with all my clients (which means I don’t have room for everyone). Simply click the button below to fill out an application to see if you’re a good fit.

I review each application personally, and if you are a good fit, I will invite you to schedule a one-on-one video appointment called a “Keto Consult“. The purpose of your Keto Consult is to recommend the exact solution for your unique needs and to get you started right away for quick results. 

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