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Lose Weight Without Counting Calories on Keto Diet

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Do you hate counting calories and wish there were an easier way to lose weight? Learn the secrets behind how I coach my keto clients to lose up to 80 lbs in a year without counting a single calorie!

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[00:00:00] Hello there. Are you ready? Are you ready for the show? Thanks for being here so glad to see you. Welcome. Welcome to our show.

Are you tired of counting calories to lose weight? Do you want to know how you can easily. Lose weight on a keto diet without counting a single calorie. We’ll hang on. This show is for you. Stick around. I’ve got lots of stuff planned for you. I’m actually going to be sharing a big giveaway that’s happening as well.

So welcome. Welcome everyone. Keto chat live.

If you don’t know me, I’m your host Carole Freeman. I am a board certified keto nutrition specialist. I specialize in helping women 40 plus follow a keto diet for long-term sustainable weight loss. I also am a behavior change eating habit, change psychology expert as well. More importantly, I can teach you how to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories.

So glad you’re here. Let’s just get the legal disclaimer out of the way as well. So we don’t get in trouble. This show is meant for educational and entertainment purposes. Only. It is not medical advice nor intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any condition. If you have questions [00:01:00] or concerns related to your specific medical condition, please contact your professional healthcare provider.

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All right, check that box, everyone. Welcome. Welcome. I got a little quiz for you.

Can you guess the city that I’ll be speaking at in may? So I’ve got a conference I’m going to in may and let’s see if you can actually guess yes, let’s make this fun and interactive. So give me your best guesses as to where I’m going to be performing. I’ll tell you later in the show, so hang on, but I’d love to see you guessing.

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And announcements. I’m really excited to share with everybody I’ve been selected as a speaker for pod Fest. And again, I got the quiz going [00:02:00] on, so I’m not going to tell you where yet. Don’t cheat. Don’t look it up. Just try to guess where you think that pod Fest is going to be.

And again in may, so if you live in this city will be fun to come and see you out there. Glad you’re here, Melissa. Really excited be my first time attending pod Fest.

But I started this podcast March of 2021 and learned a lot along the way about live broadcasting a podcast. And so that’s what I’m going to be speaking about at the conference. So really excited. Melissa give me your best guess where do you think I’m going to be? Speaking what city in this fine world.

I’ll reveal it at the very end. The topic today, I’m going to be sharing with you how to lose weight without counting calories. The seven years that I’ve been doing this and helping thousands of women lose weight and keep it off not one single calorie has been counted that entire time.

So I’m going to share with you how it is. I teach my clients to do that and how I’ve done that myself as well. But before we get into the topic of the day, I just want to announce, okay. Maybe it doesn’t look like very much, but this isn’t, [00:03:00] this box is filled keynote. Ciao sent me all of these. I think there’s literally a hundred of these in here.

We’re partnering too for a giveaway. And this box of a hundred of these I’m, this has taken me a long time to consume all these. Have you guys ever tried keto chow? What’s your flavor? Favorite flavor? Look at all of these. Okay. I won’t be able to consume all of these. So what I’m going to do is for the ones that they sent me.

So the three ways that you can win one, in-person come and see me at one of my comedy shows. I will give you. Five. How about five? I’ll give you five of your choice of these. If you see me in person. So I’m in Phoenix. I actually have a show tonight at Tempe improv 8:00 PM. Hang out after the show, let me know that you saw me on live and I will bring these with me.

I’ll be handing them out. Also I will be passing these out in person. As long as I have some left. Any of my shows coming up as well, so come and see me there. [00:04:00] If you’re not in the Phoenix area you can’t make it out. You can actually win. You have to have a us address. So I’m giving away two different places, Instagram and on TikTok

I’m going to give 10 winners. So total of 20 winners are going to get 10 packets a piece. So 10 winners will be announced on Instagram and ten on TikTok. And just as a disclaimer Instagram, TikTok Facebook, are not sponsored this.

They’re not involved. They’re not affiliated at all. So the way to enter is find my post. I just posted it on Instagram before we went live here and find it, posted it on January 27th, 2022. Winners will be announced in one week. So on February 3rd, 2022, we’ll announce the winners on both platforms.

Way to enter, I put the details on the post, on the Instagram post and I’ll be posting it on TikTok soon. But basically tag two friends in your post, you can do it on Instagram and or TikTok. So both places give you a better chance of winning and tag two friends. [00:05:00] Follow me on that platform that you’re tagging people on and then text me, oh, let me put my texting number up here.

For those of you watching this live text me a screenshot that you tagged your friends. So that’s where I’m going to see that you actually did it. So those of you watch listening audio only a text number is 6 0 2 7 0 4. 5 3 0 9. Your deadline for this is going to be February 3rd, 2020 2, 20 22. In the morning, I’ll announce the winners by the end of the day.

So that’s going to be your deadline. So actually let’s make the deadline the day before, just so that Deadline is February 2nd, 2022. There we go. So that yeah, so text me at 6 0 2 7 0 4 5 3 0 9. Send me screenshots that you’ve actually tag two friends on the platform and then that will be your entry into winning.

So again, Keto, chat giveaway, you guys. So many of these are really delicious. Sugar-free. High protein meal replacement shake in case you didn’t know what they are. So let me know if you’ve actually ever tried [00:06:00] these and can’t wait to give them all away. All right. Welcome to the show. Let me know if you’re joining us where you’re joining from.

I have a quiz going on for the whole show, which is what city can you guess? What city I’m actually going to be speaking at a conference in. May of this year, I will reveal it later. So place your bets now. What’s not bets, just guesses. All right. Y’all ready to hear now how I coach my clients to lose weight.

Let me give you some examples. So for example Karen, one of my clients she’s been with me for years. She’s lost over 70 pounds. Not counted a single calorie, a penny she’s lost 45 pounds and maintained it. Kept it off for four years. Also not counting a single calorie Rita in just over a year’s time has lost 76 pounds.

Notice the theme here, not a single calorie she’s counted. Annie reached her goal weight and has [00:07:00] maintained it for a year and also no calorie counting. And Cheryl another example just over a year, she’s lost over 70 pounds as well, 72 and also no calorie counting. Those are just a few examples of how I taught people to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories.

Some client, oh, I’ve got another note here, clients from this morning, for example Wendy’s new client. She in three weeks has lost 12 pounds and also not counting a single calorie. Yeah, so those are just some examples of the success that people have had without counting calories. So who wants to know how the heck do you do that? How to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories.

Because I know that most of the. Programs, keto coaches out there they’re having you count calories and telling you, you have to be hungry in order to lose weight. But these ladies, not only are they not counting calories, but also they’re not actually going hungry when they’re hungry, they get to eat and they eat a meal until they’re satisfied. They Lose Weight Without Counting Calories.

First of all. Why have we been told to count calories for so long? One it’s because we eat too much. And the last, what? 50, 60 years, we were told that if you need, if you’re going to lose calorie or you’re gonna lose calories, if you’re gonna lose weight, it’s [00:08:00] all about the calorie equation, right?

Like you have to eat less and exercise more. And so that you have a net calorie deficit. Okay. This is because we live in an environment where food is plentiful and it’s very tasty and food is designed to make us overeat it as much as possible. And so the truth is that I’m studying. The psychology of eating appetite, cravings behavior change.

I’ve studied that as long as I’ve studied nutrition, which, it goes back to my first diet when I was 19 years old, I’m fresh out of high school trying to figure out how to lose 10 pounds. And I’ve been studying all this. And I that’s the approach that I bring to my clients for keto is how to do this in a way where we’re actually working with the way that our brain is designed to eat and regulate our appetite without counting calories. Okay. So I always use the example of like wild animals, right?

Why are most wild animals not overrule? Why do [00:09:00] they not have not having somebody tell them how many, like deer don’t have a nutritionist that tell them you only get 27 leaves today and three blades of grass. Don’t go over that. Make sure you keep her calories low. Like the lions in the savannas are told that they can only have 5,000 calories a day of antelope meat.

Like this. Isn’t a natural state that we have to have limits. In order to have a healthy body weight. It’s only our food environment that we live in and a current diet. That’s a mismatch for the way that our body and brain have are designed that causes us to overeat and gain weight. I talked to ladies every day, that feels like there’s something wrong with them that they maybe have a binge eating disorder or they just can’t control themselves.

Or why is it that if I lose weight, I always gain it back. Like, why can’t I control myself? What’s wrong with me? The problem is that we’re living in a again, we’re all the food that’s available. 90% of the food that’s available as highly processed combinations that are designed to make us crave it and [00:10:00] overeat it and gain weight.

Continue to crave it and continue to overeat it and it’ll read it more. And so one of the secrets is just to go back and eat foods that are in alignment with how our appetite normally can be regulated eat foods that are designed, that we would enjoy them. We like them. They taste good. They’re satisfying satiating to us, but we don’t crave them.

So what if I told you that cravings are not a natural state of. Being craving is a sign that we’ve been eating addictive foods. Do CRA so think about things that are healthy for you. You maybe want to do them, you enjoy do them, but you don’t crave them so much that you’re obsessed about it and need to go.

Valerie’s here. Valerie says currently having trouble envisioning overweight lion. Think of all the wild animals out there that are living in the the environment that there is their native land, they don’t get overweight because they’re eating. That’s just [00:11:00] naturally wild available. That’s meant to be their food.

We don’t have overweight deer. We don’t have overweight lions. We don’t have overweight pelicans. How about penguins? I don’t know, flamingos, what else are crocodiles? They just eat, let’s see. CRA craving is not a natural state. If you’re struggling with cravings, it means that you convinced consuming foods that have an addictive quality to them.

If you’re new to the show, the podcast, you can go back and listen to episodes. One through 10, where I go over my 10 rules that I have my clients follow. When they follow those rules, they don’t have to count any calories. Today I’m going to, in this show, I’m going to give you more details about like, why is it that certain things help. What you need to do to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories.

Eat in a way that we can trust our hunger. We can trust our appetite and we’ll be able to stop eating when we’re actually full and satiated and be able to have a normal body weight. One of the, one of the big keys is that I teach my clients how to get adequate nutrition and we’re actually [00:12:00] eliminating the food.

That are very low in nutrition. So one of the things that helps us regulate our appetite naturally is when we get enough protein, when we get enough fat. And when we get enough vitamins and minerals, our bodies, actually that wise, if you’ve ever watched a deer, I’m from the Northwest originally. So I have lots of experience of watching deers nibbling on various things.

And if you’ve ever watched a deer in the wild. They go and chew on this leaf and they think about it and chew on it. Maybe we’ll have another one or maybe they’ll walk away and they’ll go eat some grass, but what’s going on is that their sensory taste buds, their mouth, all the things in their mouth are actually recognizing the nutrients and our bodies are so complex and wonderful.

You can actually tell Ooh, this is good for me. It tastes good because there’s nutrients in that I need something else may not taste good to that deer at that moment. And that’s that deer signal to go, oh, that doesn’t taste good. There’s something in there [00:13:00] either. That’s bad for me or. I don’t need there’s nutrients in there that I don’t need right now.

I’ve got plenty of those. Now, if we could peel back all of the processed foods and remove them from our world and just go back to the way that we ate we gotta go back a ways, but humans have been on this planet for 200,000 years. So if we could go back, let’s say a couple hundred years to the point where we didn’t have these processed refined foods.

We mostly were either growing our own food or hunting for our food that we’re eating. We wouldn’t need to have to count calories. We wouldn’t need to have nutritionists. I would be out of a job because all the food would just be nutritious for us. And we wouldn’t need anybody to tell us how much of what we could eat. You’d just Lose Weight Without Counting Calories.

And so again, the need to count calories to lose weight is a sign that we’re eating foods that are not actually very nutritious for us. They’re out of alignment with how our bodies and appetite are designed same thing with craving. I hope you are all having aha, maybe your head is spinning around a little bit of just the concept of thinking that cravings aren’t normal.That eliminating cravings I essential for you to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

That’s a sign something’s out of whack. You overeating until you gain [00:14:00] weight is actually not normal either. That’s not the way that our body’s designed. It’s assigned, you’re eating foods that have been specifically designed to make you crave them and over eat them, not your fault, but once you have the information, then do something about it.

Okay. So first of all again, so how I help. Achieved normal body weights without counting calories is that we’re getting adequate nutrition. So number one, adequate protein. And I’ve found that for most of my clients, at least 80 grams of protein a day is ideal. More is often better. A lot of my clients, the ones that I’ve mentioned to Karen Rita, penny. They know how to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories.

They’ve all found that a hundred grams or more per day is actually better. I myself find that a hundred grams or more protein every single day helps with more satiety it eliminate. Cravings for sugars and carbs. And it also maintains a healthy metabolic rates. So things don’t slow down. Another another key, this adequate nutrition actually is that we need some fat. It may sound counterintuitive but fat is necessary to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories.

It turns out that we have a fat [00:15:00] appetite. We think we just have an appetite for food in general, but we actually have a need for a certain amount of fat. Now the amount of. Is debatable. When people are trying to lose a lot of body fat, they don’t necessarily need a lot of fat. But somewhere between, 60 to a hundred grams of fat per day is often amount that is will be satiating for people as well as provide the nutrients that are in fat.

So it turns out that not only is certain kinds of fat essential for our human existence on our health, but also there are four vitamins that we can. Only from fact. So vitamin a D E and K, guess what? They don’t exist in foods without any fat in them. So that’s part of why we also, why we have a fat appetite. That’s why they are needed when you want to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories.

Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

So remember that deer example about the deer chewing on the different leaves and the body is wise enough to know how much of each one it needs. It turns out that we have that as well, that we have a certain amount of fat that we need that our body can recognize. Now. Now this isn’t to say that you need lots and lots of fat, right? As with all things, too much of everything is bad especially when you want to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories.

We have a [00:16:00] Mount that is satiating. So this is part of, so if anybody’s listening and watching, that’s never followed keto. This is one of the blessings of Keto and that most people will find that they have a level of satiety from eating this way that they never experienced when they were eating a high carb diet. It’s that satiety that allows you to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories.

That’s because they’re getting adequate fat, the carbs aren’t stimulant overstimulating appetite with that. And the satiety that you get when you are. The right amount of fat for your body is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Another part as well of this adequate nutrition piece of the puzzle of I’m teaching my clients and probably a lot of them didn’t even know this might be news to them, but this is my the method to the madness that I teach my clients is what I’m teaching you here today. This is how to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories.

Keto diet the way that I teach it, especially we’re eating real whole foods as close as the way that they grow in nature as possible. We’re actually now next week’s episode, I’m going to be talking about the myths about how isn’t keto low in nutrients. Aren’t you missing a lot of things by cutting out lots of fruits and vegetables?

Here’s the condensed version of that right now [00:17:00] is that it turns out that when we follow keto, especially the way that I teach my clients. All we’re eliminating are the foods that are the lowest in vitamins and minerals. Does that sound like a shocking shock to you? I’ll say that again. The way that I teach my clients, when we’re following keto, low carb, keto, whole foods, diet, we’re eliminating the foods that have the lowest nutrients. Foods ith low nutrients should be avoided if you want to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories.

So we’re cutting out sugar. Nobody here would argue that sugar is low in nutrients. We’re also cutting. Grains are very high in starch. They’re actually very low in vitamins and minerals, especially when they’re refined, but even whole grains are very low in vitamins and minerals. We’re cutting a fruits.

Now, a lot of you might be like, oh, fruits are super healthy for you. Aren’t suits fruits full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and antioxidants. I got some bad news for you. Fruits really aren’t full of vitamins and minerals. Fruits. I haven’t been around really that long either. So in my lifetime, I remember that there were three kinds of [00:18:00] apples and none of them tasted that great fast forward, 50 years later.

And we’ve got these apples that are the size of a small child’s head and they’re super sweet. They taste really good. But did you know that 200 years ago, apples weren’t sweet. They were they were brought over from England. They were a little tiny crab. Who here has ever had a crab, apple, they taste terrible.

They’re Amelie. They’re not sweet. They’re very bitter. They’re very tart and. They were just grown as a crop as something that could be fermented and made a very low alcohol drink that you could have. That was a way of purifying water. They didn’t have water purification techniques back then. And so if you fermented some kind of fruit in the water, that was a way of actually killing all the bacteria that would otherwise be in there.

Apples okay. So they’re big now. They’re very sweet. They taste good. People love it. How did we get from little crab apples that didn’t taste good and work sweet to these big giant small child head size apples? We selectively bred them. We picked out the ones that [00:19:00] were bigger and sweeter, but no one, I didn’t say that nobody was slightly really breeding them for which ones had more vitamins and minerals in them.

All they did was they was sweeter. They tasted better and they were bigger. Is that’s it. I hate to burst your bubble, but fruit, apple is just one example I can walk you through, but it’s true of all the fruits that we have available right now. They’re giant size. They’re very sweet. They’ve been selectively bred to be higher in sugar, and nobody was looking at the vitamins and minerals in.

That was not of concern. Fruits are not full of vitamins and minerals. And so what the tracking software that I use with my clients for their food intake it actually is extremely accurate. It tracks vitamins and minerals. So we’re actually seeing this I create meal plans for my clients to use.

And in the process, I’m entering this all into this tracking software that shows me vitamins and minerals. And I’ll tell you that they meet the RDA of nutrients. And we’re not having any fruits at all. We’re not having any grains. We’re not having any [00:20:00] lagoons. Okay. So these are all things, again, that the line we’re drawing in the sand is that we’re eating the foods that are the most nutritious and also.

Ones that we can eat in amounts that align with the healthy body weight. It’s so freeing. It’s so freeing. All right. What else is in my notes here about how I help my clients lose weight without counting calories. Oh, we got to talk about, okay. So again, we’re cutting out refined grains and sugars.

Those don’t have any nutrients in them. We’re cutting all the processed and refined foods as well. Those are very low nutrients. Nobody on here is going to argue with me and say like that frozen pizza or those pop tarts are super healthy. We’re cutting out all of those foods that are not nutritious.

And then also we’re mindful of something that’s called. Highly palatable foods. So this is a combination. I learned this concept from Stephan DNA, a researcher up in the Seattle area. He studies what basically how people eat that makes them [00:21:00] gain weight and. Low old episode ago on my keto chat interview series on YouTube.

I interviewed him and really, I just learned so much from him, big influence on my life about how I teach my clients to eat in a way that’s not obesogenic. So obesogenic just means eating in a way that makes you gain weight. And Stephen co taught me this concept of a highly palatable food combination.

So here’s the short version of this is basically. Any food that has sweetness to it and fat that’s a combination that’s makes our brain go crazy for it. It makes us want to overeat. So anytime those things are combined together in one food. It bypasses that a nice natural amount of food regulation that we can eat without gaining weight.

And it actually moves into the category of stimulating appetite to the point where we will overeat and start to gain weight. So in nature, there [00:22:00] really aren’t, there’s only, I can only think of three examples of things that exist in nature that have fat and carbs together in them. So mother’s milk. And what is mother’s milk designed to do?

It’s designed to make a human baby cow, baby. It’s high in carbs and in fat naturally. And it’s designed to make the baby consume as much as possible so they can gain weight and grow as much as possible. So this is where this wiring in our brain comes from is because we’re designed as a baby to consume as much as possible and grow as fast as possible.

Now. If you’ve ever had a baby that you fed them if they’ve had some mother’s milk or even formula has that fat and carbs in it together, and baby gets milk drunk, right? They consume as much as they can. And then they pass out from the the coma of the numbing feeling of the carbs and that together.

And speaking of numbing, feeling every comfort food that you ever have had, or you crave is also [00:23:00] this combination of fat and carbs. Okay, I’m sure you can think of your favorite car, your comfort food. It doesn’t exist in nature in that combo. So let me go back to this three things that exist in nature that are high in carbs and fat together.

Coconut as well as one of those it’s a little bit harder though, because it has so much fiber in it that it’s not it’s not the type of carbs are very low, so it’s very hard to overeat coconut especially. W raw, mature coconut that’s hard, but Rob Wolf was the one that pointed out to me that coconut is one of those that has fat and carbs together.

The other thing that exists in nature that has naturally has fat and carbs in it. And again, this is, it is nuts nuts and seeds and. But the way that nature prevents us from overeat, those is that they’re extremely hard to get to, and it takes a lot of work to cut off the husk and the shell and the whatever else is protecting that little tiny nut inside of there.

And so if you buy nuts in their original shell where you’ve got to pick them out and cut them out and chop them up yourself, [00:24:00] it’s really hard to overeat that. But how do we get them in? We go to Costco, we get a 10 pound bag and they’re roasted and salted. And oftentimes now they have added sugar on them on top of that.

So easy to overeat. So those are the only things in nature that exists that way.

Mother’s milk, we’re limited in when we consume that too, in our growing years the coconut, again, that’s not really an issue of over eating that because it’s, most of us don’t live in that climate and there’s so much fiber in the mature coconut that it’s really hard to overeat that.

And then the nuts, if we get them in the way that they’re grown in nature, it’s also extremely hard to overeat. But everything else, that’s a junk food, a snack food comfort food. We’ve as humans, we’ve engineered things to have the fat and the sugar together, and it doesn’t even need to be sugar per se, just high carbs.

So I don’t want to I’ll name a couple of examples, but also I don’t want to trigger the cravings for these, that some of you, it may trigger. Cause that’s one of the other things I’ll talk about here in just a moment is avoiding craving. Triggers for my [00:25:00] clients too. So highly palatable combo again is this high carb, high fat and the same thing, and it really doesn’t exist in nature.

And so these are so we’re for how I’m teaching my clients, how to eat again without having to count calories so they can lose weight is a we’re avoiding this combo. We’re avoiding fat and sweet fat and carbs together now by eating low carb that’s one way we’re already re removing.

The carbs. So we eliminate that issue. The other thing that can happen though, is that the sweet and fat together. Which if it’s artificial sweetener, if it’s no calorie sweetener, if it’s those keto friendly sweeteners out there, if you add that to fat, you still get that same combination that makes you crave it and overeat it.

So this is a pitfall that a lot of people fall into when they’re trying to do keto on their own is that they follow, they make keto. keto fat bombs that are sweet. They CA they try to keep the sweeteners into their life. And the problem with this [00:26:00] is that’s still stimulates your appetite above and beyond what would be conducive to a normal, healthy body.

This is a gift I give my clients. So a lot of them come to me. They’ve been trying to keep it on their own. Like, why am I not losing any weight? I’m keeping my carbs low, what’s wrong. And it’s because they’re actually there. They want to keep the sweeteners in. They think of a zero carbs. It must be okay, but they’re actually eating in a way that.

Over there overeating again, you add sweeteners to fact so you have cream in your coffee and you add some kind of a sweetener to it. How much of that cream can you consume? A fat bomb is something that is either butter or coconut oil and yet a sweet year to it. And those are so tastes.

Do you want to eat them all? Any kind of keto dessert as well, very tasty. It’s always going to be excess of calories than you would have eaten if you didn’t add that dessert in. So here’s a way again, of eating. That we’re not counting calories, but we’re eating. We’re avoiding excessive calories naturally because we’re eating in a way that aligns with our natural appetite and satiety.

So [00:27:00] avoiding highly palatable food combinations hyper palatable, maybe what you may think of them as well. S stop the sugar, stop the sweeteners. If you’re not losing weight, this is a way of, and again, this is the way we’re not counting calories. We’re cutting out a sweetener, even if it has no carbs and no calories in it.

And this will actually help you eat less. Another cue. This is the last part of this secret of how I teach my clients to. Eat in a way that they’re not having to counting calories and they can lose weight very easily is we’re avoiding cues that cause craving triggers. So you may have noticed that I, like I said, I’m going to avoid naming specific comfort foods and that’s because just me saying a certain word, a certain food that can be all that it takes to start to make your brain create.

You get an image of that thing in your brain, and then you can’t get it out and your brain ruminates on it and it, that card monster and your brain, it wants to eat those [00:28:00] carbs. It wants to overeat. It wants to find as much food as possible. That’s another way we’re designed is that because for most of human existence, food was pretty scarce.

And so we’re wired to eat as much as possible. If we can find it. And just thinking about a food, your brain is going to start to ruminate on it and crave it. So I recommend for our clients in the beginning that avoid recipes altogether. Now, this is something that people think is oh, I got to follow all these cookbooks and recipes to be on keto and be really successful.

But guess what happens? There’s many pitfalls with recipes in the beginning. I’m not saying you can never have a keto recipe ever, but let’s get you a clean slate to start with so that you can start to get in this fat burning mode without counting calories. And what are all the problems with bringing in recipes in the beginning?

One is that you’re going to spend all day on Pinterest and you’re going to be looking at pictures of food. And you’re going to actually stimulate your appetite. So looking at pictures of food makes you hungry, or you will eat more, having seen [00:29:00] videos and pictures and looking at recipes all day long.

Okay. So that’s one thing, a second thing. This isn’t an overriding thing, but it just makes it complicated. How many times have you tried to fit different recipes into your macros for the day? I feel like you want to pull your hair out. That’s another one. That’s not about appetite regulation, but that’s another reason why I have them avoid recipes in the beginning.

Another one, when you make a recipe, it’s a more complex flavors that will make you eat more calories than if you kept it really. A meat, a vegetable, and add some butter on it. You’re going to eat an amount that actually tastes good is satiating, but it’s not going to trigger overeating. So we get this clean slate of no recipes for the beginning, because again, all these multiple reasons why it triggers over eating.

Additionally, when you make a recipe, it takes more time than just a quick meal. All that time that you’re in the kitchens, let’s say 30, 40, 60 minutes that you’re cooking, preparing, chopping. You might be nibbling the whole time, which would be more food intake, but you’re also seeing the food and you’re [00:30:00] anticipating it.

And you’re just building up an appetite the entire time that you’re looking at that too. So you will end up eating more for that reason as well. So these are all the things that I’ve studied for a long time about how to actually help people. Eat in a way they don’t have to count calories and you can let the weight peel off.

Some of you might not admit this at the beginning, but I’ve got examples. Like Karen that’s been with me for four years has lost 70 pounds. Penny lost 45 pounds and she’s kept it off for four years. Annie has been with me for over a year. She’s reached her weight loss goal and been able to maintain it all these ladies without counting a single calorie.

Cheryl has been with me for over a year and lost 72 pounds. Now, again, these are all examples of how you can be very successful on this, my secrets to helping them do this in a way that they get to eat. When they’re hungry, they feel satisfied and they’re not having to count calories and feel hungry. Yeah, Valerie says ain’t nobody got time to enter 46 ingredients into a tracker anyways. Yes. So true. It’s so much easier and faster this [00:31:00] way. Along the lines, more of this, avoiding craving cues, craving crews caving, craving cues. Say that three times fast. Also being mindful of what you’re watching.

I stopped watching all the cooking video shows that I used to watch. Avoiding certain sections of the grocery store too. You might avoid walking through the bakery or the sections of the store that have these highly palatable combos, the high-fat, the high carb foods. And the other thing you want to be mindful of too, some people struggle with certain places, events or feelings or times of the day that start to cause some craving triggers.

Again, I’ve got a master’s degree in clinic. Health psychology. And so this is something that I work with my clients on and helping them navigate these things too, because you may be doing all these other things correctly to minimize cravings, regulate your appetite, normally lose weight, but you might still struggle with these things of when I go to the movies, I always ate that one thing.

Or every day at five o’clock I always poured a glass of wine and had some nibbles or after dinner. I always sat down to have a bowl of XYZ. Those things can take a little bit [00:32:00] more time to unravel, but there, there are things that we at least become mindful of. And then we can create some new habits, new behaviors, new rituals that take the place of that former thing that you did before.

So that’s another part of how I can help people lose weight easily without. Counting any calories. So what questions you all have? If you’re just joining to the quiz I’m going to reveal here. I was challenging people to guess. I’m speaking at a podcasting conference in in may and I’ll give you a hint.

It’s in Florida. So see if you can guess which city that I’ll be in, in may speaking. I announced the big Keto chow giveaway as well too. So if you want to go back we’re nearing the end of my live stream here. And then if you want to go back and listen, I revealed how you can enter to win. One of 20 different giveaway packs of keto chow, either in person, Instagram, or on TikTok.

Next week, the episode is going to be about the myth about how people think that keto is unhealthy.

We got a glimpse of that today, but people always think that. [00:33:00] He knows unhealthy, cause we’re cutting out a whole food group. How could it be possibly healthy? So I’m going to dive into that a lot more next week’s episode. And literally Erica, thanks for being here. She’s always learned so much from you.

Yay. Oh, that makes me happy. I trying to get the, trying to get the word out, trying to get the right information out there. Oh, Nancy. Oh, actually wait. Yeah. Is that right? According to my going Nancy you’d guessed correctly. I’m speaking at PodFest, a conference conferences going to be in Orlando, Florida in may.

Nancy is such a good, she’s always got the right information. So thank you. Congratulations, Nancy. Go Nancy, go, if, go, find me on Instagram enter the the thing so that I can make you a, one of the winners. Give you this I want to give you one of the prizes that I’m giving away.

So Instagram I’m guessing is probably easier for you there. So, KetoCarole on Instagram is how you can find me and the most recent posts that I put on there. I’ve got all the details about how you can win. So Nancy I’m awarding you, one of them just because you guessed the quiz correctly today. The.

The [00:34:00] giveaway winners will be announced on February 3rd, 2022. So you’ve got a week to go enter. if you’re having any questions about how to enter, how to, anything like that, you can go ahead and comment on this stream as well. And yeah, so today we talked all about how I help my clients lose a ton of.

Keep it off, maintain their weight loss without counting any calories, not a single calorie. I’m so glad you’ve all been here. so if you’re struggling with keto, I’m here to help visit my website. If you’d like to know more about what it looks like to work with me.

It’s ketocarole.com. Carole has an E on the end. It’s the very fancy French spelling of Carole. And so go there to check out more about the work that I do and. if you’re listening on podcast app, if you’d give us a review, I’d really appreciate that helps me a lot help more people Erica said too, being able to get more of this right information out to the right people.

Thank you everyone for being here today.

Remember, help us grow the show and we’ll help you shrink and I’ll see you all next time, everyone.

Thanks for showing up. We’ll see you later. Bye.

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