Scott Dikkers Life Changing Low Carb

How does a low-carb diet change his life with comedy writer Scott Dikkers?

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Keto for Mental Health After years of chronic pain and fatigue, licensed mental health therapist Nicole Laurent discovered the power of a ketogenic diet to get her off all her medications and free of chronic pain and gain boundless energy. And now she helps her...

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Keto Leads to Dietitian's Dilemma  What would you do if your health was restored by doing the opposite of everything you were taught? After years on a high carbohydrate diet, intense running sessions, struggling with an eating disorder, and feeling the throes of...

Why is Giving up Sugar So Hard? | KCL40

Why Is Giving up Sugar So Hard? Joel Byars is a comedian, podcaster and trophy husband with over ten years experience performing comedy suitable for everyone from the grandkids to grandparents and even granddogs! Not only has he toured the world doing stand-up, but he...

Skin Care Musts for Women 40+ | KCL43

Skin Care Musts for Women 40+ Episode Description:  What are skin care essentials for women 40+? Do we really need a separate eye cream? What are the scariest ingredients in skin care products? What are some drug store brand bargains? Join Carole as she learns all...

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