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Episode Description: 

Easy Rule #10: Avoid Craving Triggers


Carole Freeman:

I’m much tanner than you in person, so we’re live.

Simon Kaufman:

For the first time ever on Keto Chat Live, the two of us are in the same room-

Carole Freeman:

Or are we? Maybe this is some vision.

Simon Kaufman:

Without needing a therapist or a police officer to regulate.

Carole Freeman:

We’ve never had any kind of intervention professional or anything.

Simon Kaufman:

Well, we’re hopeful. It adds to the mystique.

Carole Freeman:

Hey, welcome everyone to our show. If you’re just joining us for the first time, this is Keto Chat Live and I’m your host Carole Freeman. Oh, wait, what am I supposed to say first here? Do you want to know super secret tricks for, I can’t read, minimizing carb cravings so that you can stay on Keto maximize your weight loss, well, stay tuned. That’s what our show is about today.

Simon Kaufman:

Okay. Carb cravings, ending carb cravings, maximizing weight loss. Good stuff. Well, everyone, my name is Simon Kaufman. It’s great to be here. We’re actually in the beautiful city of Las Vegas.


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