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I look forward to talking to you soon! You’ll receive an email from me within 2 days and if you’re a good match, I’ll invite you to schedule a VIDEO call with me. If you’re not a match, I’ll send you a referral to a keto provider that better matches your needs.

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While you’re awaiting your application approval, get started with the Keto Consult homework. These assignments are designed to set the stage for your success in us working together.

Number 1 helps you increase your motivation and will be a big part of what we talk about on your appointment.

Number 2 gives you a glimpse into my approach to keto and why it’s so different (and effective!).

Number 3 allows you to “meet” some of my clients and get a little excited (or maybe a lot) about what might be possible for you, too. 

NOTE: These assignments are REQUIRED before our video conference call. If you haven’t completed the homework before the call, I will ask you to reschedule for a later time to allow you to complete them.

Assignment #1

Make a list of WHY keto is so important to you. This list should include your weight goal and also all health and other symptoms you’d like to improve.

Why are these so important to you right now in your life?

What obstacles have stood in your way of achieving these goals?

Assignment #2

Watch this video of my talk at KetoCon, “The Secret Behind Cravings and the 10 Rules to Follow to Get Rid of Them.”

Write down the rule that you think will be the easiest and the rule that will be the hardest for you to follow.

Assignment #3

Choose at least one of the follow client success interviews to watch.

Write down at least 3 things you have in common with the person in the video.

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