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Carole Freeman

Comedian, Speaker, and Consultant

Carole Freeman is a Pacific Northwest native that channels the tragedy of near-death experiences into sarcastic delivery on stage. Audiences enjoy her titillating adventures of an “anything but a soccer mom” suburban existence and true-life tales of an unbelievably disappointing dating life. Her hobbies include swiping left on Bumble and staying up past her son’s bedtime to get some more of that sweet, sweet stage time with a mic.

Growing up Oregon, her family valued comedy and humorous story telling above all else. Family vacations consisted of sleeping in the woods in a not-waterproof tent while listening to cassette tapes of Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, and Steve Martin. She’s available for speaking and performing at shows and events where she combines her love of entertainment and passion for helping people obtain optimal health.


Stand-up Comedy Clips from Carole Freeman

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October 2022
November 2022
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    Carole Freeman with D.L. Hughley and two other comedians
    Carole Freeman, Brian Posehn, and two other comedians
    Carole Freeman at Comedy Works in Denver Colorado
    Carole Freeman with Michael Kosta
    Carole Freeman with Arj Barker

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