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Top 5 Reasons People Fail on Keto

Why do most people who try keto fail? Carole breaks down the top reasons people aren’t successful, from inaccurate info, to not doing things correctly, to the top side effects that throw people off, you don’t want to miss this episode if you’ve been struggling!

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Hello there everyone. How’s your day going? I’m flying solo today and we’re live. We’re live. We’re live. Hey, have you tried keto and you didn’t get the results. The, you see everyone else getting, let me get my notes up here. Do you wonder what you’re doing wrong? Do you wonder if maybe it just won’t work for you?

You wonder how you can get better results? Guess what this episode is for you stick around and learn the top five reasons why people fail on keto. Welcome everyone. Keto chat live. I’m your host Carole Freeman. I have a master’s degree in nutrition and clinical health psychology. I’m also a board certified keto nutrition specialist.

I specialize in helping women 40 plus follow keto diet for sustainable weight, loss, and health, and the thing to make my lawyers happy. Lawyers like I’ve got lots of them. This show is meant for educational and entertainment purposes. Only. It is not medical advice nor intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any position, any condition position, either not going to cure any positions either.

If you have questions or concerns related to your specific medical condition, please contact a qualified health provider. Preferably an integrated functional medicine doctor. How y’all doing today? Welcome. Welcome to the show. Are all my fans gone? Cause it’s a draft day in the NFL. Oh my beloved Seahawks lost a Russell Wilson and let’s see what we get.

Instead, he went to Colorado. News about the podcast. A couple things really cool is that my Sally K Norton episode about oxalate toxicity was charting last week and then nutrition, charts and podcasts in Canada. So that’s really cool. And that’s the third time I’ve interviewed her. And every time I do, it’s one of the most popular episodes I’ve got way back when I just did YouTube interviews.

And now that I’ve got a podcast very popular also you may be watching this on Spotify. So Spotify just launched video podcasts on there. And so we’re going to start uploading all of those there. So you can watch me live Thursdays 4:00 PM Pacific on Facebook and YouTube. You can also listen and he plays, you listened to podcasts and you can also watch replay on Spotify as well.

Top 5 reasons people fail on keto

Top 5 reasons people fail on keto

So if you’re watching there, Hey, hello. Glad you’re with us. All right. Hey, let’s just get into the teachings today. I could rant about my day. Do you want to hear that? Is that funny? I actually may want to try this thing this life. I I heard this technique for writing comedy is that you take something that you think is bad and then you rant about it being good.

Or vice versa, something that you think is a good thing or people generally think is good. And then you rant about being bad. So maybe I could just try this about the water service that I had today. So out here in Phoenix you don’t drink the tap water just doesn’t taste good. It’s very hard water.

And so either go to store and buy water, have a service that delivers it. I’ve had a service, has been delivering it and there’s an issue. I needed updates. Credit card and their website just wouldn’t work. I kept trying to kept trying over the last few weeks and wouldn’t work. And so I tried calling their customer service number.

Literally the first time I called it said, no agents are available. Please call back later click. I was like what is this? Like 1992 or something? And so today, again, I’m trying to resolve this issue and. The chat box on their website doesn’t even work. I’m trying to update payment any which number of ways.

And so I’m like, how can I get ahold of these people so I can get some more water? I just said, oh, I’m gonna message him on Facebook. I finally got a real person on there. They told me, oh, here’s how you update it on the website. I said, I’ve tried that. And then they told me to call phone number. I call it.

First, I get a message that says your call did not go through. Then I call and it’s a busy signal. When is the last time you ever called anything? I get a busy signal. I called four times in a row.

so I’m telling this person whoever on Facebook and they’re like, oh wow. We should report this to our Texas. Yeah, how’s nobody let you know that in a month or more your phone doesn’t work. Like how the call center, people just sitting there going wow. Another slow day. Again, no phone calls coming in.

This is school. Let’s just go chat in the break room. Can I rant about this being like a great thing? It’s so great that I couldn’t get any water service because most people drink too much anyways. And I’ve got a big pool here, actually two pools at my apartment complex. So what do I need to have people delivering water to me for?

I could just go old fashioned style with a bucket to the pool. Strain it through an old t-shirt or something like that. So it’s really good. It was a waste of money for me to have people bring it to me. Like I could have gone to the grocery store and carted five gallons at a time up and down the stairs.

Like I use some exercise that would have been good for me. What else is good about not being able to get the water? Oh, it actually, it stretched my brain. The normal routes of customer service didn’t work. And so I had to be resourceful. I had to think of another way to contact these companies.

And they’re also going to charge a $50 fee when I returned the water disappeared. And they’re like, it was in the contract you signed when you signed up, we charge a $50 refurbishing fee because we care about sanitation. And in these challenging times we need to thoroughly sanitize it before we send it out to somebody else.

And you knew that when you signed up, I was like, oh, so basically you’re charging me a $50 fee to cancel my service. Clever, very clever. Another reason not to like this company. Should I name them? Should I name this company? Is anybody want to know who it is? All right. We’ve got some people watching you, everyone watches from all over water services, only its thing in the south.

All right. Anyways, that was fun. Those are fun exercise to try to argue the opposite of how I feel about something. Yeah. Tell me your latest, fun customer service jury. See if you can argue for the positives of when something didn’t go, it’s it actually makes it fun. I grew up in a family where the way we told stories, we just vent about stuff and you know, complaining humorously.

And so I like this new challenge of. Twisting it into the positives of it. And I actually feel lighter about it. And we’re just coming off the retreat for my clients for this last weekend. And so my long-term membership, people call it the keto lifestyle crew and their crew members. And twice a year, we do a virtual retreat.

And so this last weekend, we’re just coming off of that and everyone loved it. We had such a great time. One of the exercises I had people do is it paired them up in twos and had them do a feelings, validation, exercise. And we talked about emotional intelligence and how often we don’t learn how to have feelings or acknowledge them well, or allow ourselves to have feelings, whether they’re good or bad.

And a lot of people end up learning to use food, to cope with life and to numb out their feelings. And so we did a short little exercise. Validating feelings for people. And w we did it a little breakout sessions on zoom. You can actually go and private little breakout sessions and then come back to the big session.

And I’ll say we had some tears after that, just being able to acknowledge feelings and have somebody witness and hear what it is. Acknowledge a feeling. And it was really powerful. It was really moving. And for a lot of the ladies that might’ve been one of the first times that they actually had somebody really just listen.

Cause we have a tendency when people are having an issue or a challenge or complaining venting about something we don’t like when people don’t feel comfortable. And so we often want to just fix it for them. Okay. Instead of actively listening, just listening, we, oh, did you try this? And how about that?

Should you try this and that actually feels invalidating. And so I challenge you it later today, tonight, whenever in the world time, it is for you that if you have somebody that’s telling you something, just listen, reflect back. Wow. That made you really frustrated. I hear you saying. That you were really sad.

I hear you saying that, that made you feel left out. Just repeat back, summarize what you heard and then just name a feeling forum who usually it moves things in a very surprising way. And often when we’re having those kinds of challenges or venting about something, we just need to be validated. We just need somebody to hear us and say, yes, you had that feeling and it’s okay that you have that feeling.

Of course you have that feeling. Try that with your partner next time. If they’re upset about something, just listen, validate the feeling don’t fix anything. Don’t suggest any fixes. Ah, it’s a challenge for yourself to be able to just sit with the feeling of somebody else’s well, without trying to fix it.

And it’s a good. That person feeling heard and validated, and it really goes a long way at removing the desire to use food, to numb out for something just by naming your own feelings and having your feelings validated in general. So a bonus little story tip there. All right. Our topic for today, I’m like, are we getting messages from our viewers?

Not yet. So I can see we’ve got people here live, go ahead and join the show. Like I love I’m here by myself. I don’t have a co-host today or a guest interview or anything. So join me, keep me company and let me know where you’re joining from. I can’t see who you are until you actually comment. If you’re on, I can see we’ve got a couple of people on YouTube watching.

And so join the conversation, let me know where you’re joining from and let’s get into my teaching segment for today. So the top five reasons that people fail on keto now coming up next month, may of 2022, it’s going to be my seven year anniversary of following keto of starting my keto journey. And I’m going to have a very special episode for.

Correlating for that. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet, but it’s going to be great. Just a couple of weeks, two or three weeks. I don’t know. And so I’ve worked with a lot of ladies, like I said, I specialize in helping people 40 plus follow keto for sustainable weight loss and optimal health. And I’ve learned so much along the way actually.

That’s what I’m going to talk about on my anniversary. I’m going to talk about the things that are different now than what I thought when I first started and things I’ve changed my mind on and things of that I’ve learned, surprising things I’ve learned along the way. That’s what’s going to be on my anniversary show in a few weeks.

All right. And so anyways, this top five reasons that people fail in keto is all the experience I’ve had. So I work a hundred percent of my practice is working with real people. And that’s all I’ve done is keto implementation. The last. Six and a half years that I’ve been doing this work. So I started keto myself.

Years ago. And it was about six months later than that. I started actually working six or eight months after that, that I started working with people and helping them implement it. So that’s why I say six and a half years of doing this and I’ve lost count, but probably somewhere around a thousand people that I’ve talked to and help support with this.

And so I’ve learned a lot along the way. So today I’m just going to give you the top five reasons. I see why people fail on keto. So I have people that reach out to me. I work with my clients by application only. I spend at least an hour with them on a zoom call, getting to know them, their challenges, their goals why it’s so important.

And I would say more than half of them have already tried keto on their own. They got some results, but it didn’t really work as well as they thought it should. Or maybe they got some results and then they started gaining the weight back. Some of the people I’m also working with have never tried keto on their own.

But they just get so overwhelmed. They’re spending a lot of time watching every video and they’ve got all the books and the cookbooks and try to read everything you can on the internet. And they’re just overwhelmed and confused about how to even get started. And there they’ve read some horror stories online, so they’re afraid to do it wrong.

And so today that’s what I’m going to share with you is what I’ve seen as the top five reasons why people fail on keto and by fail. Didn’t get it to work that they wanted the way they want it to. Okay.

Number 1 Reasons People Fail on Keto: Cravings

And these are in no particular order. I can’t say that one is more common than the other.

And typically when people fail, try and keto on their own, it’s multiple of these, all of these, probably not just one thing was their saboteur. So one of them is cravings, right? When you’re trying to go low carb, you’re trying to. Sugar and most high carb foods and starches cravings can be really overwhelming.

I work with a lot of people that are self-proclaimed sugar addicts and they think it’s impossible that they’ll never be free of those sugar cravings, but my approach gets some craving free. One of the ways the mistakes that people are making is that they’re going for sugar-free sweeteners.

They’re going for low calorie sweeteners, they’re keto friendly sweeteners, right? They think that’s how you cope with cravings. However, that is the wrong way to go about it, because if you crave sweet and then you have something sweet, you’ve actually just told your brain to reinforce the craving you craved, you gave it what it was.

And basically it’s like saying good job. Do that again and do it more. So I, I have the story. Some of you maybe have seen me. And when I do talks at conferences, I tell this story about raccoons. And this is a really good example of how cravings show up in our lives. So I approximately 10 years ago, or so I My first condo all by myself and I moved in and was enjoying the evening standing out on my balcony.

It was a two story building. I was on the top floor and I’m looking out on a shared courtyard among my neighbors and it’s dusk. And I see a pack of beady, little eyes running across the little shared grassy courtyard. That catches my attention. Oh no, what’s going on here? What did I get myself into? What wild animals are running loose down there.

And then I noticed that my neighbor bill directly below me, slides her slider open and puts out two baking sheets full of what looks like cat food and packs. I don’t know. I’m probably 50, maybe a hundred raccoon. Raccoons. Is it raccoons? Come running. And it’s obvious, this is not the first time this has happened.

This lady didn’t just put out two trays of cat food one night. Cause she thought, it’d be fun just to see who comes and feeds. So I asked her, I’m like, what are you doing? Cause I know it’s crazy. It’s crazy to put out food and feed wild animals because they just tell their friends to come back.

I’m like, what are you doing? Crazy lady. And she told me, she says It’s one night, I was just really hungry raccoon scratching to my door, and I just felt so bad for it. So I put out some cat food for it. And the next day, at the same time it came back, but it brought a friend and the next day three more came.

And now you see what happens, how many come. I was like, what are you why you keep feeding them? And she says I tried to stop, but they scratched off. They literally scratched off my screen door and the scratch up the glass on my door. I have to feed them now because they will ruin my door if I don’t do it.

And I realized, this is the story of how cravings work. When you have a little tiny cream, just one little craving and you feed it, you give the craving what it was. It tells us it’s friends and they come back exactly the same time. But with reinforcements, this is how cravings work. This is why people get to the point where they’re sugar addicted is that they have a little sugar craving.

They have some sweet, and the thing is your brain. Can’t tell the difference between what’s real sugar and. Is fake sugar. Okay. So all it knows is I need sweet and then you give it sweet and it goes, yay. I’m going to tell my friends to come back tomorrow. That’s what cravings are. So the way out. Yeah. So Linda says, so you feed it, it will come back a hundred percent and worse.

Okay. So this is my cravings. Get out of control. Is that people think that I need to have a dessert. I need to have a keto dessert. I need to have diet soda. I need to have some kind of sweet thing I need to have treat. That’s how I cope with my cravings, but actually what they’re doing. What you’re doing is you’re reinforcing that craving.

You’re telling it to come back stronger and exactly at the same time. And so this is how people ended up being this, sugar addict. So the solution is don’t feed the raccoons. You have to go. I recommend at least 30 days, no sweeteners at all. So this is diet soda, anything you put in your coffee, that’s sweet.

This is Stevia or worth total. I don’t care how natural or anything. It is anything sweet needs to go. Bye-bye for at least 30 days. This is how you get rid of cravings. And again, I’ve worked with people so severe that they are self-proclaimed sugar addicts and they think they can never get over it because the cravings are so severe for them.

They are craving free. So my clients get the gift of no cravings. Okay. And so that’s one of the keys is no sweeteners. Now, just if you stop beating the pack of raccoons the first couple of days, they’re not going to be happy. They’re going to scratch at the door, but you have to stay strong, but up some buffers on your door and they will go away eventually.

A couple of days, two, three days is all that you have to get through. But we’ve got other strategies that I help people with that make it a lot easier. It’s a lot easier than they think it is. Because of what they’ve been doing is just reinforcing them. And so that’s number one, the other thing you want to do to avoid cravings is avoid sensory input.

So what do I mean by sensory input? Like you want to not look at sweet things. Don’t go spend all your days online, looking at Pinterest and YouTube videos of cooking, videos and recipes. Cause all that’s gonna do is make you crave. Don’t don’t think about your fantasize about your former Kirby foods that were your favorite.

Don’t mention them the sound of it, we’ll cue a craving in your brain as well. You don’t want to hear them. Some carby foods like have a sound, a specific sound with them. So you want to avoid that as well. And so do all you can to avoid queuing a craving. So sensory input is what, so you don’t want even just a taste of it.

So I’ve had some people that are like, oh, I just put it in my mouth and chew it up and spit it back out. No, the taste of it, cues the craving as well. So avoid all sensory input and don’t even go down the aisle of the grocery store. I still to this day, like if there’s the clearance section after the holiday of all the.

I don’t even, I don’t even look at that. Don’t look at that table. Those cravings can get turned back on at any time. That’s number one reason why people fail on keto is that they don’t know how to manage cravings. They don’t know how to get rid of cravings. They just know how to reinforce them.

Number 2 Reasons People Fail on Keto: Not Losing

Number two, again, these are in no particular order is that they aren’t losing weight. They eat. Don’t lose weight or they stop losing weight and then they lose their motivation. They be sad. It’s not worth it. And the truth is that keto is not a one size fits all diet. There’s no one approach that works for every single person and it’s not.

You just get your calorie limit online and the news follow that it needs to be individualized from the amount of protein and how, how much fat and how much salt, how much water and you need adjustments to those numbers along the way. There may be medications you have that need some support all kinds of things that make things different for every single person.

And so what I found for my clients is one thing is you need multiple measures of success everywhere. Got their eyes trained on the scale and all they want to see is the number go down every single week, every single day. And if it doesn’t, they give up really quickly and easily. So sometimes the scale does not go down every single week.

So you need to have multiple measures of success. What does that mean? I want to see some labs at the start and we’re going to check those again at the end, and we’re going to be able to see improvements on the inside of your body, your waist measurement, take photos, your skin may change and clear up it will.

Your face will get slimmer that you won’t even see them looking in the mirror every day. We want to measure all the other non-scale things as well. Your energy, your mental clarity got rid of headaches and aches and pains. Any number of other things that have issues gas and bloating and constipation and all kinds of things like that.

So you want to keep a journal of these things, keep track of them, measure all the things that are getting better, your blood pressure your blood glucose numbers, and on. And. One thing you need multiple measures of exp success. You also need to have an expert that has experienced in this and how to coach you through those times when the scale is not moving, how to adjust your macros.

A lot of people also under eat protein. This is something that we’ve learned that most of us got it wrong in the beginning. You don’t need to limit protein. In fact, most people I’m working with are grossly under eating protein and they have their whole life. You also want to avoid things that are easy to overeat.

So I teach an intuitive type of keto that you’re able to eat foods when you’re hungry and you can stop when you’re full and we don’t have to count calories. You can do that if you avoid things like recipes, because when you make a recipe. The food is tastier and you will eat more of it sweeteners again, like I said before, but also anything that has sweetener in it, you will eat more of it than if it had no sweetener in it desserts!

Always extra calories. Those are always things you’re going to eat more of and you won’t be able to have an off switch with those also avoid liquid calories. That’s another pitfall that people fall into is they do tons and tons of fat in their coffee or other liquids. And they think that fat is a free food.

So that’s actually a number. Number four is about fat. I’ll talk about that more in a moment. You really want to avoid liquid fats because it bypasses also tidy and you can get in thousands of calories in liquid form. So there’s lots of reasons why people aren’t losing those are some highlights snapshots of things that I’ve seen and recommendations that I have for my clients.

Number 3 Reasons People Fail on Keto: Side Effects

All right. Number three reason why people fail on keto is the side effects. Of doing it wrong. Okay. So people may be say like, oh, I tried keto and I had blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Happen. People get side effects when they don’t do it correctly. This is another reason why for people that have any symptoms that come up or any side effects that come up, you need an expert to guide you through that.

A lot of the side effects that people have on keto of doing keto wrong are because they’re not getting the salt. Episode. Let’s see, what episode do we talk about salt episode four. So if you’re new to the show, go back and listen to episode four that I talk all about salt, that whole episode, about why you need so much, how to know if you need.

And so on and so forth, but it’s something pretty much every single coaching call I have with my clients where talking about salts and most people need way more than they think they do or that they’re doing currently. And so again, most of the side effects that people are having are because they’re not getting the salt, right?

So constipation, muscle cramps, lightheaded, dizziness, sleep, disturbances, her palpitations, even all of those are going to. Things that are going to come up. If you’re under eating salt also hunger, not enough protein doing the wrong kind of fat. And, or not enough salt as well, people will feel hungry.

They’re like, where is this magic keto, no appetite that people talk about. Oxalate detox can come up for some people as well. So go back and listen to my episode with Sally K Norton, if you want to know more about oxalates, but. keto for the most part for most foods is very low oxalate. And then the body starts doing a better job at detoxification.

And so sometimes when people have a buildup of oxalates in their body starts detoxing them and they can have some symptoms like kidney stones or maybe some back pain, which is the kid, the kidneys, trying to release oxalates, other random aches and pains and joints and other areas and tissues and things like that as well.

Some people need a little more support with oxalate detox if that’s happening. And if people are on any medications at all, there are going to be some adjustments needed. So you need to have a doctor that’s knowledgeable and can supervise and adjust medication. So you can have things like potential potentiation effects, meaning that the dose you had before just is too much.

Yeah. Also sometimes the other alternate happens too, because your liver actually up-regulates detoxification routes on keto. And so sometimes your medication gets detoxed like turns into the inactive form much faster. And so sometimes people need a higher dose than what they were on before.

How do you deal with this? For one, if you’re somebody that has tried keto and you are like, oh man, the side effects, I can’t even deal with it again. If you’ve got somebody who knows what they’re doing, you don’t have to have any of these issues. They should be non-issues, but you’re going to need an expert.

You don’t need somebody. Who’s had a lot of experience working with a lot of different people to know how to deal with this. Oh, the other one I’m going to add too, is that for some people they get lit Lim. Yeah. So some people, their lymphatic system is not very healthy and they may get some swelling as the body starts trying to move fluid and fats through the lymphatic system.

And that’s also something. Can I help my clients with, we do have them do self lymphatic massage, and then it’s no longer issue. But for some people that may cause like swelling in their neck and their head, they may have swelling in their hands and their feet. And so if you were somebody that tried keto and have that you don’t have to have that issue, but you’d need some support.

You need somebody who knows how to deal with that. I look at it as a good sign that your lymphatic systems finally getting fluids moving through it like it should, but the fact that it’s having a sluggishness and some swelling means that it needs some support. It’s not as healthy as it could be. And so having an expert that can support you with that too.

Top 5 reasons people fail on keto

Why do most people who try keto fail?

So adequate salt expert guide, having a doctor supervise any medications that. Those are the things you need to avoid any side effects. So that was number three.

Number 4 Reasons People Fail on Keto: Too Much Fat

And so number four reason that people fail on keto is too much fat. Now, back when I started this that, just a little sneak peek of my seven year anniversary show.

Where I’m going to talk about things that I’ve learned and changed my mind about is a, we didn’t think you could get too much fat. We thought that fat was free. We thought this was all about insulin. And as long as insulin was low, you could eat as much fat as you wanted. We thought you had to limit protein.

Fat was a free food and just limit. So it turns out that fat is not a free food. Our cells, your fat cells can easily take up fat. And in fact, when you consume a high fat meal, some of it gets burned immediately, but most of it just goes into your fat cells for storage until they need, it needs to come out and for you to burn it.

And despite what may many people. That is not a free food. It readily goes into your fat cells. And if there’s more of it going in than coming out, getting burnt that yields either no weight loss or weight gain, you literally can gain weight on a keto diet and some of the pitfalls of. Consuming too much fat is that they’re drinking liquid fat.

Like I talked about before, they’re putting, they’re doing like the the fatty coffees or the Bulletproof coffee, where you just put tons and tons of fat in your coffee. Again, liquid calories bypass all of her satiety cues. And so you literally can consume thousands of calories and not feel any difference in satiety from that.

So avoid liquid fat, avoid drinking your. You only need fat to fill. And by that, I that’s a phrase that Dr. Jeffrey Gerber uses that fat to fill is a couple of things. So one fat to fill your appetite. So a little bit of fat, the right kind of fat, especially saturated fat is going to activate satiety hormones.

So we’ve got gut hormones that turn on are released when we have saturated fat in a meal. And that actually will slows down. Digestion. And it also turns off our appetite. It makes us feel completely satiated. So you only need as much as needed to get that. And also we’ve got nutrients that are, in fact, we’ve got four fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin A, D, E, and K that they exist in naturally occurring fats and food.

And then they also need to be digested, absorbed and transported in our body with fat there, along with it. So that’s the fat is too. Fill up our appetite satisfy our appetite and also nourish our body. But it’s not as much as you don’t need hundreds of grams of fat depending on how active you are or what your overall body mass is to start with.

But you don’t need as much as you think you do. And if you over consume fat, you will gain weight. You will not be losing weight. You can gain weight.

All right. How’s everybody doin?

Number 5 Reasons People Fail on Keto: No Mirror Neuron Support

Ready for number five. All right. Number five reason why see that people fail on keto is they don’t get their mirror neurons supported. What is this? So the truth is we live in an obesogenic world. What does that mean? That sounds terrible. It means that everything in the world, outside of what we carefully choose to put in her mouth, everything out there is conspiring to get us to eat as much as possible, buy as much food as possible to crave it, consume it uncontrollably, and to move as little as possible.

All the food manufacturers drive-throughs bending machines. Parties at work birthday parties and all kinds of events, restaurants that are convenient. All of that is designed to just get us to eat as much as possible gain as much weight as possible and not move and keep craving and eating more.

We’re designed to overeat, highly palatable foods. So highly palatable. Are things that have fat and carbs together in them. So they’re, they can be either sweet and fat or real carbs and fat. So that combination is accuse our brain to just eat it uncontrollably. So all snack foods, most junk food, fast food is this combination, all desserts and everything that we call comfort food.

All of that is that combo of fat and sweet or fat and carbs together. All of it. That’s why we feel like, oh my gosh, I can’t stop eating this. Almost all foods that Thanksgiving, American Thanksgiving, almost all those foods are that combo of fat and carbs together. Our brains are wired to crave that and overeat it.

And the interesting thing is that whatever the ingredients in those things are, if you separate them out and you had to eat them individually, you would not eat as much as the mixed together. Okay. So like plain potato. All by itself and a stick of butter. Okay. If you had to eat them separately, you had to eat the dry plain potato, and then you had to eat a stick of butter.

You wouldn’t eat very much of either of those, but when you bake that potato and then you lather it up with butter, turn it into mashed potatoes, or just a baked potato with a butter on it, then you eat the whole thing very easily, all of it. And when. So that’s an example of the highly palatable combination.

Again, just the same exact foods, separate eating one first and then eating the other. You won’t eat hardly very much of that at all, but when you mix them together, our brains go on the nom. I can’t stop. So we’re designed for that. We’re wired to eat that way. And we also, our brains are wired to mirror the behavior.

Anyone we hang out with, this is true of all animals on this planet. It’s what makes any like birds be able to fly in a V formation with other birds. They’re just there, the mirror neurons connect directly to our muscles. And we just copy, literally copy the behavior of the person that we’re looking at.

So this is the phenomenon. If you’ve ever been to like a Mexican restaurant and they bring the chips and stuff. And other people start to grab and eat it. And then you’re like, oh, I’m doing keto. I’m not going to have this. But every once in a while, you’ll notice that your arm just goes and reaches for it.

And you’re like, what am I doing? I’m not even consciously doing this, but I just, my arm just keeps doing it. That’s weird. This is the mirror neurons that are copying the behavior of the people around you. Food manufacturers know about mirror neurons, too. That’s why in food commercials, they show somebody eating or drinking.

The thing that they want you to. Because you see a human doing that and you instantly will want it as well. So back up to number one with the cravings avoiding sensory input is that if you’re watching a movie and they’ve got a scene like that, or they’ve got a commercial someplace video coming up, look away, turn turn the channel, go do something else.

Don’t watch that because that’s going to turn on cravings for you. Empower yourself. If we’re it in most of the people I’m working with, most of the people that are trying to do keto on their own, they’re the only person they know their family’s eating carbs. The rest of their friends are eating carbs and it won’t be long until they fall off the wagon and they’re eating what the rest of the people are.

And this is mostly due to mirror neurons. And so is it hopeless? Do we just give up now it turns out that we can. Fortify your willpower by creating a group of people that you hang out with that do follow keto. So your habits are the average of your five closest friends that you hang out with. So think about this.

This is true. Who do you spend the most time with? What lifestyle do they have? And I bet yours is very similar and you need to hang out with, you need to visibly see, right? Because your mirror neurons are what others that have the habits that you want. So that’s one of the things I’ve found in the six and a half years of doing this work with my clients.

Now, in the very beginning, I would work with people one-on-one like most nutritionists, right? Where, all right, good job today, Susie, I’ll see you next week for your appointment next week. And we’ll check in on your results. Th Susie would come. And tell me how she couldn’t stick with it. And she cheated and I’m too nice.

And I didn’t get mad. I was, but I felt so frustrated. I thought, what am I, how am I not helping her? How can I help her stay on track? If she could just do it, she’s going to feel so much better, but I can’t control what doesn’t happen when she’s not here and or what happens when she’s not here. And I found out I started having group coaching and then.

Such a big difference at that time, I called it positive peer pressure. So people show up, they report their results for the week and you don’t want to be the one person that’s going to say oh, I just didn’t stick with it. So you want to be belong. You want to be part of the group.

You want to also be able to report your success. We copy the behaviors of those people that were around. And so I noticed that the people that showed up. At least once a week for a group meeting, they were able to stay on track. So that, or something about that amount of time, it doesn’t take a ton of time for most people, but being able to hang out with the part of the group of people you belong.

So this is part of why my long-term membership is called the keto lifestyle crew. You’re a crew member hanging out with your crew of keto people four to five is your mirror neurons. I call it. Recharges or willpower battery. So if you struggle with staying on track because of the rest of the world, I feel like it’s conspiring against you with all the carbs and the obesogenic nature of it.

If you struggle with that, you’ve got to find an expert to work with that has that built into their program. That they’ve got a group of people that are very successful, that you can copy their behavior as well. So that’s my number five reason that people fail on. That was fun. It was that fun. All right.

Upcoming shows. Just little teasers for you. We’ve got a show coming up next. It’s going to be keto coaching for women talking about what women need. Maybe a little bit differently than what men need. And on May 12th, if you’re watching live, or if you’re just listening to the recordings, this will be coming out in a couple of episodes, but.

Join me live will be my special episode. My seven year keto anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been that long. And I’m going to share with you things that are different than when I started and what I’ve changed my mind about and what’s, what I see coming up in the future too. All right. So again, today’s episode, we talked about the top five reasons.

I’ve seen that people fail on keto, cravings, not losing weight. The side effects of doing it wrong too much fat and not supporting those mirror neurons. All right. So if you’re struggling with keto and you’re looking for that expert in your life to help you with this, I’m here to help. I work by application only with my clients.

So visit my website. Let me put that on the screen. We’ve got keto Carole.com. Carole is spelled the very, very fancy French spelling with an E on the end. So that’s K E T O. Carole is C a R O L e.com. Visit my website, read what’s there. If that resonates with you, fill out the application and we’ll see if it’s a match to work together and I can help you bypass all of these failure things.

Support the show. I’d love to see a review on one of the podcasts platforms. Make a comment below as well. If you’re watching on YouTube or on Facebook, leave a comment about what you enjoyed about the show and share with your friends. Remember help us grow the show and we’ll help you shrink. So that’s all for this time.

Thank you so much for being here, Stephanie. Glad you enjoyed it. All right, everyone have a wonderful rest of your day until next time. We’ll see you. Bye.

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