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Exogenous ketones, delicious keto snacks cookies cereal and white bread, and keto supplements abound everywhere we look today! Are they helpful? Are they really keto? How do we know? Join Carole today with guest co-host Cavin Eggleston, as they discuss the ins and outs of keto products.

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Carole Freeman:

But usually we just start out with some random chit chat until the people show up and then I always say, oh my gosh, we’re live! Everybody we’re live!

Cavin Eggleston:

I love when it’s you have to push a button to be live and they act shocked that it happened like, oh my gosh, why did this happen this way?

Carole Freeman:

Don’t spoil the surprise Cavin, this is the magic.

Cavin Eggleston:

I will pull back the curtain on Keto shows.

Carole Freeman:

Keto chat live.

Cavin Eggleston:

I just jump between them.

Carole Freeman:

Hey, everybody we’re live! Do you want to know what Keto products to avoid for max results on Keto? Oh, that’s redundant, who wrote this copy? Keto products to avoid to max your results on Keto, stick around because this shows for you. Hey welcome everyone, like I said, we’re live. This is Keto chat live. I’m your host, Carole Freeman. Oh gosh, I got some degrees and letters after my name and way too much debt to prove it, kind of know a thing or two about Keto. And welcome today we have a very special guest, co-host Cavin Eggleston, everyone.

Cavin Eggleston:

Yeah. I have none of those qualifications to talk about these things. So it’ll be good.

Carole Freeman:

Here’s your official clappy welcome.

Cavin Eggleston:

Yeah. Oh, I feel so… emojied. It’s always good.

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