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Want to know the super secret technique to supercharge your willpower so you can stay keto even in social situations? You don’t want to miss this episode!

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TikTok mom sparks controversy for putting her children on a keto diet


Carole Freeman:

I was listening to all the recordings of our past episodes and every one of them, we start out by going, “Hey, we’re live.”

Simon Kaufman:

Well, we are.

Carole Freeman:

We are.

Simon Kaufman:

Yeah, now.

Carole Freeman:

We’re alive. We didn’t die yet. That’s so great, isn’t it?

Simon Kaufman:

Right, go figure.

Carole Freeman:

What are we talking about?

Simon Kaufman:

What are we talking about? What do we got, Carole?

Carole Freeman:

All you listeners, out there, do you want to know the super technique to super charge your super willpower so that you can stay keto, even in social situations? Well, you don’t want to miss this episode. Simon, don’t miss this episode.


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